11 Thoughtful Reasons Why A Husband Should Buy His Wife A Mother’s Day Gift

11 Thoughtful Reasons Why A Husband Should Buy His Wife A Mother’s Day Gift

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11 Thoughtful Reasons Why A Husband Should Buy His Wife A Mother’s Day Gift

Should a husband buy his wife a mother’s day gift? There’s an ongoing debate about this. Most men are likely to say, “well, she’s not my mother, so why should I get her a gift?” But a growing number of husbands seem to believe it’s only fair to gift their wives on mother’s day.

Judging by the title, you can tell that we have already picked a side. But we don’t plan on forcing you into another annual gift-giving ritual; we’re instead hoping to gently prod you into adding mother’s day to the days you appreciate your woman.

Motherhood is considered a full-time job because a good mother engages in the most challenging job of all – shaping the young mind. It’s important to show our gratitude for this every now and then; perhaps that is why two major mother’s days are celebrated annually, with the British having theirs earlier.

Countries worldwide that have British and American influences celebrate Mother’s day twice. This is one example showing the premium placed on celebrating mother’s day.

Another example is best noted by comedian Ali Siddiq, who indicated that Mother’s Day is the second most celebrated holiday in the world, after Christmas. While this may or may not be accurate, it most likely isn’t far from the truth.

Having said that, we still haven’t touched on the issue at hand: “should you buy a mother’s day gift for your wife?” Welp, no more digressing; here are some reasons why we believe your wife is deserving of a mother’s day gift from you:

  1. Shows how much you appreciate her mothering 

Sure, you appreciate your woman as a wife, but what about as a mother? And if you do, how often do you let her know?

Giving your wife a mother’s day gift is an excellent example of actions speaking louder than words. It shows her that you appreciate the good work she is doing with the kids and the hard work she puts in daily.

This is even more important if your marriage dynamic is such that your wife is either a housewife or has more responsibilities relating to the children, such as preparing them for school and cooking for the family. A gift would go a long way to encourage her to keep up the great work.

  • Being a role model to the Kids 

Kids are very impressionable, which is why they are a product of their environment. Much of their behavior is picked up from their parents and the way their parents relate with each other.

If you want your kids to observe mother’s day right, you’ll have to take the lead in showing them the way. Giving your wife a mother’s day gift shows them that mother’s day is a day for appreciating their mother.

Also, the effort you put into getting a gift is essential as it sets the tone for the amount of effort your kids will put into theirs. This is why gestures aren’t often enough and are best complimented by adding a gift.

Here’s advice on things to do for your wife on mother’s day

  • Might be her love language 

Is it okay to buy a gift for your wife on mother’s day? It is, especially if your wife’s love language is receiving gifts. 

While this graph from The Loupe shows that only 10.5% of women have received gifts as a love language, that’s still 1 in 10 women. If your wife is one of those women, she’ll definitely appreciate receiving a gift from her loving husband every chance she gets.

If you’re unsure of gifts being something your wife looks forward to, think about previous instances when you gave her a gift. If she was genuinely happy, then be assured that a gift from you on mother’s day would make her feel extra special and further convince her of your love.

  • Kids may be too young 

Your kids are why your wife became a mother, so they should celebrate her on mother’s day. But what happens if they are too young? We can’t very well expect a child of fewer than 5 years to understand the implications of mother’s day.

So if your wife only became a mother in the current year, she’ll have to wait about 4 – 5 years before she is appreciated with macaroni gifts? That doesn’t sound right, but you can fix it by stepping in to fill the void till your kids take over.

Allowing your wife to be celebrated as a mother even before the kids come of age is a great reason why a husband should buy his wife a mother’s day gift.

  • Kids might suck at gifts 

There’s an episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Malcolm’s mom gives her three sons some money to buy her a gift. They went ahead to spend most of the money on themselves while spending a minute amount on their mother.

They did this because they are kids; what do they know? We cannot expect kids younger than a certain age to fully grasp the significance of celebrating their mother. 

While a mother will appreciate all gifts she gets from her children, some gifts are definitely better than others. So, is it okay to buy a mother’s day gift for your wife? It most certainly is if your children are going to mess it up. 

  • You made her a mother 

When you think about it, your wife only became a mother because of you. She carried your children for 9 months and is now raising them. 

Yes, they are her kids too. But you gotta admit, she did much of the heavy lifting to bring them into the world. She risked her health, physical aesthetics, and the emotional turmoil pregnancy brings. Surely she deserves to be celebrated on the day set aside to commemorate her sacrifice.

If you think about it that way, there is only one answer to the question, “should a husband buy his wife a mother’s day gift?” To dispel any doubt, that answer is yes. 

Don’t forget to celebrate your own mother. Here are Things to do for Your Mom on Mother’s day. Also check out Nice Things to Say to Your Mom on Mother’s Day.

  • Bragging rights 

Women talk. You know it. They know you know it. And you know that they know that you know it. Even when they don’t mean to – and that’s rare – they will compare their men when they engage in girl talk. 

Most men out there don’t give their wives mother’s day gifts, so if you do it, your wife automatically gets bragging rights when she brings it up in conversation. Her friends will envy her and worship you. In their eyes, you’ll be “Husband of the Year.”

Such bragging rights will only make her love and appreciate you more. And remember, the better the gifts, the greater the bragging rights. 

  1. Reminds her that she is the mother 

The world is on a continuously liberal trend which means that familial roles are no longer strictly defined by gender and, as such, are getting dulled. Indeed, if you somehow time-traveled to the past and told men from the 50’s some of the roles you’ve taken on as a husband, they would probably send you to an asylum.

While the reduced burden on your wife might make her feel grateful, it might also make her feel out of place sometimes, especially if she was raised in a conservative setting.

Giving her a gift would go a long way to remind her that she is the mother and her role as the glue that keeps the family together has not been phased out. Pardon my French, but she’s the singular person in the family who everyone has either come out of or gone into. Her influence in the household is unparalleled, and she should be appreciated for it.

  • Encouragement for father’s day 

As Dave Chapelle would say, “modern problems require more solutions.” You have an issue on your hands; father’s day comes after mother’s day, and you’d probably want a gift or two. Your solution is simple, up the game on mother’s day.

When you present your wife with a mother’s day gift that is really nice, she’ll know that the pressure is on. You’ve set the bar, and she needs to at least try to reach it by getting you something just as lovely.

This might be a sneaky move, but it is a “modern solution.” If you don’t want socks and deodorant for father’s day, do what you must do.

  • You might enjoy it  

In researching this article, we found some interviews of men who never miss the opportunity to give their wives a mother’s day gift. We learned something remarkable; some men indulge in the practice because they enjoy doing it.

They spoke of how the smiles on their wife’s faces made them feel good when they showed her just a little bit of how much they appreciated her hard work as a mother. Who knows, you might feel the same way. 

Just imagine it; you feel great from making your wife feel great. That’s a marital win-win situation right there. 

  1. Opportunity to remind her that she’s still your woman  

When women become mothers, society demands that their primary interest shifts to their kids to ensure they are well taken care of. With this in mind, “How to Surprise Your Wife on Mother’s day 101” suggests that you give her a gift. 

Get her something romantic that shows that the kids are only secondary and that you are her primary interest. She is your wife, not theirs. You need to spoil her every chance you get. This would remind her that you are attracted to her as a mother and a woman you were so in love with that you put a ring on her finger.

For the other women in your life, might we suggest you check out:

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should husbands do for their wives on Mother’s day?

  • Get her a gift to show appreciation. 
  • Let her sleep in so she can get some much-needed rest.
  • Carry out chores she’d normally do. 
  • Organize the kids to make a special presentation such as a song or drama. 
  • Organize a day trip to somewhere close but nice. 
  • Take her out on a date. Concerts and sporting events (if she’s interested) are also great alternatives. 
  • Do that thing that your wife likes.
  • Satisfy her love language, be it gifts, spending quality time, or words of affirmation.


Should I buy my wife a Mother’s day gift?

There are several reasons you should consider getting a gift for your wife on mother’s day, including:

  • To be a role model to your kids and show them how to treat their mothers.
  • Your kids might be too young to give a good enough gift. 
  • To give her bragging rights among her friends. 
  • You would enjoy seeing your wife happy and feeling appreciated. 
  • As encouragement for your wife to get you something on father’s day. 
  • Receiving gifts might be her love language.


What is a husband’s role on Mother’s day?

A husband is meant to make his wife feel appreciated for being a mother on mother’s day, and there are several ways he can get this done, including:

  • Doing the chores she would typically do so that she could sleep for longer.
  • Get the kids to do something special for her, such as making breakfast or coming up with a song.
  • Taking her out on a date. You could go to a restaurant, the movies, or the mall.
  • Setting up a nice bath and self-care routine for her. 
  • Taking the kids out to give her some quality time alone (if that’s something she’d like).
  • Perform her love language.

In conclusion…

Mother’s day for a husband is a chance to say “thank you” to the woman who made you a father and appreciate her sacrifices in childbearing and nurturing.

You don’t have to give a gift if you’re not comfortable, but we strongly advise it. However, there are husbands out there who don’t give mother’s day gifts because they have an understanding with their wives. This is a route you can take to ensure that there is no misunderstanding.

Regardless of your gift-giving status, spoiling your wife – if she’s a mother – on mother’s day is important. You could help her with some chores she usually does or give her breakfast in bed. The goal is to make her feel special for being a mother on a day reserved for mothers. 





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