Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas Present

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It can be a really tough challenge to find just the right kind of gift at Christmas time for everyone on your list. So you find yourself thinking of giving them money, especially for those people that are hard to buy for, but to make it a little more special you need to find creative ways to give cash as a gift.

You want to show all your recipients on your Christmas list that you care about them but just tossing some cash into a plain Christmas card is just so boring. Handing someone an envelope takes away the element of surprise that Christmas is meant to be all about because the very second someone sees an envelope with a card inside, an automatic reaction for this person is that there is some money inside.

At this moment you can feel and see the almost immediate signs of disappointment as then these people tend to feel that you don’t care enough about them. They feel that they were a last-minute thought and that it was a case of that you couldn’t turn up empty-handed so you just decided to shove some cash into an envelope with a Christmas card that you had just laying around and gave it to them.

Many people would not openly admit to it though, but they do actually love to receive money as a Christmas present. Receiving money at Christmas time gives them the freedom to spend it on something they actually want and it could become a lifesaver too for them especially after the holidays in the event that they overspend on their own Christmas list.

So if you are thinking about giving someone some money for Christmas, you can change the usual dull and boring way of giving it to them by coming up with clever ways to give money as a gift. This will definitely show your recipient of the gift that you have made an effort by putting some time and some thought into their gift to make it a little more special and perhaps very interesting.

Your question now is how do you find creative ways to give money for Christmas presents? The first thing that you can do is to decide whether you are looking for some cute ideas for giving money or are you looking for funny and fun ways to give money. Maybe you have a different kind of strange and unusual relationship with the person that you have in mind and want to find some annoying ways to give money.

Remember there is never a wrong way when it comes to giving cash for Christmas, as long as it is a little unique and creative. You can even mix and match the type of money present that you give to them, it can be cute, funny and creative all at the same time.

You can even use some of our favorite money gift ideas for Christmas to send to friends or family that may live far away and you are unable to get together at Christmas time. You could have a look at some cute things to send in the mail to your friends or family and always hide some money inside their gift.

Some ideas for the Christmas theme

If you are thinking of trying to stay with the theme of Christmas then think about all the things that make Christmas so special from the decorations, the tree, the presents under the tree right up to and including the traditional food that is usually served. Examples of these unique ways of giving money as a gift are as follows:

Christmas Stockings 

For this idea, you can create your own Christmas stocking either by using material, cardboard or paper and place the money inside the homemade Christmas stocking. You can also attach the money to form part of the decorations on the outside of the stocking, as an example make a bow or ribbon out of the money notes.


To make this cool idea all you will need is some string and a way to attach the money, then create the entire garland out of money in some shape or form that resembles Christmas and place it in a container or box to present it to the recipient of the gift.


You can fold and create ribbons or bows to be attached to a Christmas tree, Christmas stocking or even as decoration on a box, tin or jar that is made entirely out of money notes.

Christmas tree ornaments 

For this one, you can choose to make the colorful balls that go on a Christmas tree as decorations by purchasing clear glass or plastic ornaments from any local craft store, decorate them in a Christmas theme and then fill them up with the cash inside. Another idea is to create a pine cone made out of some money notes and some flexible soft wire.


To use Santa as a way to give money to someone, you can either focus on creating an entire Santa out of cardboard and tuck some money away inside him or you can create just an amazing Santa pillow box and stuff money inside his belly.

Another great idea is to take an empty soda bottle or Manson jar fill it up with a mixture of their favorite candy and the money that you want to give them. Then design or print a Christmas themed label of your choice and paste it to the outside of the jar or soda bottle, making it a lot harder for the recipient to see what is inside.

A Star

An amazing idea that I have seen and is one of many cute ideas for giving money is to create an origami money star as well as many other shapes. All you do is take some money notes and fold each note to form each point of the star. This can also be done by using a template that you have made yourself out of cardboard and fold the notes around the parts of the start. Making this idea a really wonderful creative way to give money for Christmas present.

A Money Christmas Tree

This is a clever way to stick to the Christmas theme and a great way to give someone cash as a gift. It does not take long to make and it is pretty easy. Build a tree with a dowel stick and some branches with some polystyrene foam by pinning your bills to the polystyrene to make its branches and place it in a small pot of your choice.

Mini Christmas Crackers

This is a fun and easy way to give someone money, all you need is an empty toilet roll or kitchen towel roll, some wrapping paper and two small pieces of ribbon for each end. To make this very simple gift:

  • Cut the wrapping paper to the size of the roll, making sure that it is longer on each side to make the flares of the cracker
  • Place the money inside the toilet roll
  • Wrap the roll with the wrapping paper
  • Make the flares on each side by tying a bow with each piece of ribbon

Creative ways to give money for christmas present

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Ideas to suit the person’s interests

To help you decide on some cash gift ideas that will suit the recipient’s interest likes or wants, the simplest way is to think about the actual person themselves and if you don’t know them that well then find out some important things about, like for instances things they like and don’t like to eat or do.

An example would be if the person loves clothes and is expecting some form of clothing, you can give them a shirt in a box made out of dollar bills. Other examples of creative ways to give money as a gift in this category are as follows:

A Moneybox with a pull tab

This type of gift would be for the type of person that always seems to run out of money or wants to save money. Take all the notes that you want to give, then take a long strip of paper or as many notes as there are bills, they should be the same width as a bill and attach each bill to the paper. Make sure that you leave a piece at the end of it where you can put a “pull” tab, roll it up and put it into a closed box with a slit cut that is wide enough for the bills and leave just the tab sticking out. You could label the box with something funny like “ Use ONLY in an emergency”.

A chocolate or cookie box

Buy a box of chocolates or cookies and empty only half of one side of the contents inside. Then replace the empty side with the money notes that have been neatly folded and maybe some coins in each compartment where the chocolate or cookie would have gone. Close the box neatly so that it still looks brand new and unopened and give it to the person that it is intended for.

A can of money

With this one, it can be presented in one of two ways. The first being, if the recipient has a certain type of canned food that they really dislike, you can loosen part of the label on the outside, and then hide the money behind the label and then re-attach the label. They would probably be really annoyed by the fact that they are receiving a gift of something they do not like.

The second way is a little more fun for them, which is to take an empty can with a re-attachable lid and decorate it. You can either choose Christmas decorations or something cute that they will like and place the money inside the tin.

Some creative ways to give money for Christmas present for Kids

If the intended Christmas present is for young kids, there are many fun ways that you give them money, including the ones mentioned above, for example:

Homemade toys with cash inside

An example of this is to make some Christmas finger puppets or some homemade sock toys and hide the cash inside them. For the sock toys, you would need to leave a secret opening that creates a pocket to easily slide the money in and out of it. Once done, you can then place the finger puppet puppets or sock toys into a small box that you then wrap. Just thinking about it, you can almost see the excitement on their little faces when they open the gift to find a fun toy as well as some hidden money inside.

A box filled with balloons

For this type of present, all you need is a cardboard box that has a little depth to it, a packet of medium-sized colorful balloons. Roll up each individual money note and place them inside each balloon, then blow up the balloons just enough so that you can tie them. Place all the balloons inside the box, you can write a great Christmas message on the inside of the lid of the box then close it and then either decorate or wrap the box itself.

Money in a Jar gift

This creative way to give money is so easy and so much fun to make.  With this, you will be able to trick the child or adult into thinking that all they got for Christmas is a jar with some candy in it. All you need to make this gift in a jar, an empty toilet roll or kitchen towel roll, depending on the size of your jar, some candy and a small piece of wrapping paper.

First, take the empty toilet roll, wrap it on the outside with the wrapping paper then place it in the center of the jar. Pour the candy all around it on the outside of the toilet roll, place the money inside the toilet roll and then close the jar. Watch the recipient of the gift face light up when they open the jar and they realize that there is a surprise inside.

Ideas for annoying ways to give money

If you are looking for a few ideas to give someone a gift that is a little annoying, then it would be a gift that they would have to put in some work of their own to actually be able to receive the money that you have given. Some ideas would be to place money inside a cube of ice or inside a bar of soap, they would either have to use the soap to get the money or melt the cube of ice.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age is it more appropriate to give someone money for Christmas?

Usually,the older the person who you are giving a gift to is, the more appropriate it is to give money. That is because a grownup is more likely to need money than an actual gift in general whereas a child tends to be more sentimental so would prefer a gift from you that they can keep.

Is it okay to just give the money in an envelope?

It depends on the person you are giving it to. If they are adults and they know you have a very busy schedule, they should not mind money in an envelope as a gift. At the end, the value and purpose of the money won’t change if it is in an envelope or another creative gift.


There are many creative ways to give money for Christmas present. All you need to do is decide whether you want your money gift to be cute, fun or something annoying. Then decide if you want to stay within the theme of Christmas or present their gift in a way that suits the recipient’s interests or likes.





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