4 Creative Ways to Give Birthday Presents You Wish You Thought Off

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Looking for creative ways to give birthday presents? You’re in luck because we have four unique ways to give that special person a present on their birthday. While a gift goes a long way in making a birthday memorable, the way you give it makes the birthday all the more special.

Birthdays are filled with tons of memorable moments. It’s a jam-packed day with lots of fun things to do and people to meet.

There are piñatas to be broken, apple bobbing to be done, chocolate games to be played, and if you’re old enough you might end up downing a bottle of vodka while coming up with excuses for slacking off at work the next day.

The point is, there are tons of things that happen during a birthday that in all likelihood, the way you give someone a gift might not make it to the top 10 list of the most memorable moments. You need to work hard if you’re going to outdo the apple bobbing or the head-pounding hangover guaranteed to make the whole birthday a blurry memory.

But coming up with a creative way to give birthday presents is hard. Only the most out-of-the-box thinkers can genuinely claim to be able to come with a creative and novel way that won’t suck. The rest of us are stuck with ideas like having a piñata made that looks like the birthday girl or boy and stuff it with presents.

Before we lose the plot and discuss the pros and cons of why a piñata that looks like your friend stuffed with presents (unbreakable ones, of course) might be the most creative way to give birthday presents, let’s look at why it’s so hard to be creative with gift-giving.

Yes, we’re going to the root of the problem, because that’s how humankind makes scientific breakthroughs – by identifying a problem and accidentally finding the solution.

Why Is It Hard To Come Up With Creative Ways to Give Birthday Presents?

Let’s state our problem first – why, for the lives of us, can’t we come up with creative ways to give birthday presents or even creative ways to give money? Can’t we just add a twist to how we normally give presents? Like, if we normally give wrapped presents, wouldn’t it be a bit more creative to give an unwrapped one? Or even one wrapped in money?

All jokes aside, the reason why it’s so hard to come up with creative ways to give birthday presents is simple. You’re simply weighing too many options.

Reason #1: You Are Experiencing Information Overload

Science found that when we’re presented with too many options, our brain gets paralyzed into indecision and inaction.

Seems odd, doesn’t it? One would think that having a boatload of information about something makes it easier to make decisions, right? After all, that’s what taking exams taught us. When we know a lot about something, we’re supposed to be better at it.

It turns out that’s not how our brains work, and also, it turns out we know very little about our brains. Too many choices are bad for our decision-making and creative processes. If you don’t believe it, take a young child to an ice cream parlor. The child would have to choose whether chocolate chip cookie ice cream is better than stracciatella. He’ll hate that because he fears whatever he chooses, the other option would have been better.

That’s what happens to you when you hop on your favorite search engine and search for creative ways to give birthday presents and open a website with 50 plus of creative gift giving. The information overload paralyzes your brain that you end up going with the regular wrapped birthday gift or worse, you borrow from each of the ways listed, and you convince everyone to make piñata filled with birthday gifts. You become that kid in the ice cream parlor.

Reason #2: Herd Mentality Is Stifling Your Creative Juices

Have you ever come across a group of people looking up and for some unexplainable reason, you also tilted your head up? Sure, anyone will be curious to know why a bunch of unrelated people are peering at the sky. Maybe there’s a dragon flying about or even cooler, maybe a giant Chitauri spaceship is about to breach our atmosphere revealing the Avengers is based on a true story after all.

Herd mentality, or pack mentality, is one of those things that kept us from going extinct. Long ago, when we lived in caves, copying others could mean the difference between life and death. When you came across a bunch of your tribe people running with arms flailing in the air, you better do the same thing. Failure would often mean a saber tooth tiger somewhere would be chowing on your tasty bits.

But we no longer live in caves and saber-toothed death machines are long extinct. There’s no need to follow the herd, and it’s even rewarding to do things differently than others. When it comes to gift-giving, you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing.

That’s the only way you’re going to get creative. When everyone else ordering for birthday gifts on Amazon, following a different path not only helps you find awesome birthday presents, but you also find it easier to come up with creative gift-giving ways or even that elusive 50th birthday dress up themes you’ve struggled with.

To be creative, be willing to step out on your own and make your own path. Master the courage to be a trailblazer, and you’ll never struggle with creative ways to give a gift to anyone on their birthday

Reason #3: The “It’s Not Going to Work” Excuse

Have you ever had a great idea, and immediately your brain threw hundreds of objections on why you shouldn’t follow through with the idea? Like when you thought of starting a local carpet cleaning business, and your brain went, “You don’t have the right equipment.” “You don’t have the money for advertisement.” “You don’t have any experience running a business.”

These objections, while necessary to ensure you cover all your bases before jumping headfirst into a new venture, can smother what could turn out to be world-changing ideas. Imagine if Thomas Edison, after failing for the 700th time to invent the light bulb, said, “To heck with it! Who needs a lightening powered source of light anyway?” Or if Intel when it realized it would be making more useless microprocessors than usable ones, it opted to get into the fast-food industry.

The point is, a lot of great things we’re used to wouldn’t exist today if we allowed our excuses to stand in the way. If you come up with a really great idea of how to surprise someone on their birthday, don’t linger too long on why the idea wouldn’t work. Instead, think of what you should do to make the idea work.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re looking for creative ways to give a ring to your fiancé, and you settle on asking the concierge of the hotel you’ll be having dinner for some help in plotting the surprise. You shouldn’t immediately start making all sorts of excuses as to why the idea won’t work. Instead, think of solutions to every problem your brain throws at you. That way, you’re one step closer to coming up with an inspired surprise that will make the occasion all the more memorable.

Those three things are precisely why you’re unable to come up with creative ways to give birthday presents or ideas of how to surprise someone with a gift.

That said, let’s look at four creative ways to give birthday presents. Why four, you ask? Wouldn’t that lead to some type of information overload, as we talked about? Well, it turns out that the average human brain can hold three or four things at once. Also, we tend to remember things that resonate with us.

So, out of the 4 creative ways of gift-giving we’ll cover here, you should be able to remember at least four that resonate with you. Let’s get into it, shall we?

105. Infographic 4 Creative Ways to Give Birthday Presents You Wish You Thought Off-min

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Work An Inside Joke Into Your Gift

If you’ve shared hilarious moments with someone, find a way of giving them a birthday gift that reminds them of one of those moments.

Why does this work, and how is it a creative way of giving birthday presents?

To answer your first question, experiences tend to be unique to people. Your experience at a movie might be different from the experience of another person watching the same movie at the same movie theatre.

But you can share the same experience with someone. And shared experiences are how we form bonds with people around us.

So, when you present a birthday gift in a way that reminds the giftee of a particularly funny moment you shared, you’re cementing your bond to that person. The gift takes on a personal nature, even if it doesn’t appear personal at first glimpse.

Throwing in some humor, of the good kind, further cements the bond you have with that person.

So, when your friend at work has a birthday coming up – the one who thought she’d only emailed you a copy of your boss’s unflattering picture only to find out she’d cc’d the whole office – include a card with your gift. Make sure at the end of the card’s message, you write “CC EVERYONE.” She’ll get the joke, and that gift will mean a lot to her.

There’re tons of ways to add an inside joke to your delivery. It can be something you whisper in their eye while giving them the gift. It can be the place where you unveil the gift. It can even be who presents the gift on your behalf. You have unlimited choices with this method.

 Use a Pet to Deliver the Present

No one ever expects their pet dog to give them a birthday gift. That’s why this method always works. You don’t need to train the dog to walk on two legs while carrying a boxed present.

Although if you did, that would be the best present ever!

You can simply tie a card to the dog’s collar with instructions on where to find the present and have the dog go to the birthday girl or boy. They’ll notice the card, and everything else will fall into place.

It is so unexpected to get directions to your birthday present from the family pet that this is one of the best creative ways to give birthday presents. But, like tea bags, once you’ve used this brilliant tactic, you can never use it.

The Misleading Package

The misleading package is one of the creative ways to give birthday presents that never grows old when done right.

All you need to do is pack your gift in packaging that doesn’t reveal what’s inside. For instance, jewelry is really easy to spot, especially if it’s in wrapping paper. When you hide inside a well-sealed box empty box of cereals, the giftee won’t know what to make of it, or you, until they open the box. You can have fun with this method by having the fake packaging delivered by an improbable person, or leave the package lying in plain sight waiting for the giftee to discover it.

Surprise Timing

Another creative way to give a birthday present is changing the timing. They already know you’ll be getting a present on their birthday. Change that timing to throw the giftee off and catch them by surprise. You could take pictures of the gift and send it to the giftee as a clue to the location of the gift. Just make they don’t get the gift when they expect it.

So there you have it – four creative ways to give birthday presents that actually work. There’s no need to read through tons of ideas only to realize none of them will work for you. With these four simple suggestions, you can throw in a twist and come up with even more creative ways to give gifts on birthdays by your self.





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