How does a girl feel when ignored: 5 ways to know she is hurting

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How does a girl feel when ignored


If you are wondering “How does a girl feel when ignored?” you don’t have to wonder long. Imagine you love chocolate-flavored ice cream, and your mother knows that this is your favorite flavor and she always gives you a cupful every day as a treat. However, when you do something that she disagrees with, your mother withholds the ice cream to punish you for doing something she does not agree with or condone – how would that make you feel? Frustrated? Neglected? Angry? And your feelings would be justified, wouldn’t they? This is exactly how a girl you care for and have shown affection to in previous moments feels when you ignore her because she has done something that has upset you. 

Giving someone the silent treatment in a relationship is a form of emotional abuse and emotional abuse is one of the most prevalent forms of abuse in relationships with 13.1% of women having reported being emotionally abused in their relationship, according to this study.

Prevelance of emotional, sexual and physical abuse in relationships

Below is how ignoring a girl will make her feel. 


The first thing that you have to think of when you ask yourself “How does a girl feel when ignored?” is “how will I ignoring her affect her self worth” because as humans we rely on one another for emotional validation and support. When you ignore a girl, you are basically telling her that she is not worthy of your time and therefore not worthy at all. As much as it may sound shallow that some people think this, it is something that is extremely common and it can spiral a person into the dark depths of despair and confusion especially when the ignoring comes from someone they trust. If you don’t know what it means to have low self esteem issues, here is an article that will help you understand why you should not play with people’s emotions for your amusement. And if you want to help someone with self-esteem issues, here is how to do it. 


What happens to a girl’s feelings when she’s being ignored? Well, when you decide to not talk to her without communicating with her about what is bothering you or what is that she did wrong, you will eventually end up with someone who no longer trusts you. This is because you are no longer trustworthy and you are showing her that you can not be depended on. Do not be the reason your girl develops trust issues, if there is anything wrong, talk to her – communication is key in every relationship and you have to work on becoming a better partner by communicating your needs and grievances with your partner as opposed to ignoring her. 


When your girl gets to the point where she has to say to herself “I feel bad because I am ignored.” you are about to lose her. This is because these are words of helplessness coming from someone who thought she was secure in her relationship. Insecurity in relationships is usually a result of one partner treating another badly and therefore resulting in the mistreated partner having reservations about their partner and/or the relationship in general. You do not want to deal with an insecure person in a relationship because they will only make things worse for everyone else. 


Jealousy can be a direct effect of insecurity and low self-esteem. When your girl thinks “He ignores me and I feel bad.” she is well on her way to developing self-esteem and trust issues which will inevitably lead her to become a jealous person because she will assume that if you are not giving her the attention she deserves, then you are giving it to someone else and this will drive her insane especially if she cares about you. She will be insecure about you talking to other girls and she will start to exhibit signs of jealousy even if she was never like that before or at the beginning of the relationship. 


There is only one correct answer to the question how does she feel when being ignored? And that answer is she feels disrespected. When you ignore a girl, you are essentially communicating with her that you do not respect her enough to award her the common decency of letting her know what is wrong with you and instead deciding to treat her like a child and shutting her out completely. This has the potential to backfire on you because once a woman loses respect for you, she never sees you the same way and she will be out of the door sooner than you can start giving her the attention and communication she deserves in the relationship. 


It is important to note that being ignored can cause all the things that have been discussed above, and as such, there is a high chance of this tactic backfiring on you when your woman decides to up and leave you because she doesn’t feel valued and loved in the relationship. We should note at this point that ignoring a woman only works if she already has feelings or is attached to you, ignoring a woman you barely know as a tactic used to get her will not work. 

When you ignore a girl, you should expect her to react to the situation. Here is how she may react to getting ignored by you: 


The one thing that a girl might do when she notices that you have been ignoring her is to ignore you right back. She will leave you on read while being active on her social media, she will view your stories and not engage, she will ignore your calls if you try to reach out, and she may even block your number so you aren’t able to get through to her. When a girl does this she is either looking to show you how to feel when you are ignored because you made her feel that way and she wants to make you feel how you made her feel. Or she is done with you and she genuinely doesn’t want anything to do with you. Women have choices when it comes to relationships and the people they choose to be in them with, do not be fooled into thinking she is going to stay just because you have gotten away with it before – as the old saying goes “you teach someone to live without you, they will eventually learn.” 


Backing up point number one is the fact that when you hurt a girl’s feelings when she’s being ignored, she will eventually decide to leave you alone because you have shown her time and again that you do not need or want her in your life. Ignoring someone or giving them the silent treatment will eventually drain them because they will constantly feel on edge and not be able to be comfortable around you, and eventually, they will decide they are better off on their own than walking around on eggshells with you. 


And last but not least, when a girl thinks to herself “I feel bad because I am ignored” for such a long time, there is a very short window before she leaves you and moves on to find another person who will love and appreciate her the way she knows she deserves. No girl will sit around waiting for you to decide to come back and give her the time of day when she can easily pull other people who are willing to be there for her, communicate their feelings, and give her the love and attention she wants. Don’t lose a good woman trying to prove a point. Communicate your feelings with her and watch the relationship flourish or if you no longer wish to be in a relationship with her, let her know so she can move on with her life, too. 

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  1. Does a girl feel bad when she is ignored?

This article has detailed how a girl might feel when she is being ignored by her boyfriend or a partner that she has been in or is in a relationship with. To answer briefly, yes, a girl feels bad when she is ignored especially by someone that she loves and cares for. Being ignored in a relationship wears down the woman and drains her of her energy. It is a form of emotional abuse and it is often used by manipulative abusers to get a reaction or behavior that they deem appropriate from their victim. It is a way of controlling someone because the abuser knows what being ignored does to a person’s psyche. 

2. Does ignoring a girl work? 

Generally speaking, no ignoring a girl does not work. Sure, she may be heartbroken and desolate for a moment. However, the longer the ghosting or silent treatment goes on, the more comfortable she becomes with the idea of you not being in her life anymore. If you want to get a girl’s attention, you have better chances if you give her attention and treat her like a human being as opposed to a pawn in a silly game. Be straightforward with what you want with her. 

3. What happens when a boy ignores a girl?

When a boy ignores a girl, for whatever reason they may have, it is highly likely that the girl will be hurt especially if she liked the boy. However, time will pass by and the girl will start to learn how to live without the boy and she will move on. She may develop some psychological issues such as trust and self-esteem issues, however, these can be overcome through time and also therapy. 

Being ignored is one of the hardest things a person can go through, but just as everything in life is that’s hard, girls will get over being ignored and ghosted by boys. It will take time, but it is going to happen. 

4. How do you ignore a girl? 

How you choose to ignore a girl depends entirely on your motives for wanting to ignore the said girl. You may simply choose to stop answering her texts or phone calls, block her on social media, stop seeing her in person, or not talk to her when you see her in person. 


In conclusion, this article has answered the question how does a girl feel when ignored? When you ignore a girl she will lose her sense of self-worth and become a jealous person. She will become unrecognizable because ignoring someone in a relationship is constituted as emotional abuse. Eventually, she will know her worth and she will move on from that relationship to healthier, more fulfilling relationships. 

We hope that this article has shown you a thing or two about why ignoring someone you are in a relationship with is a bad idea and why you should opt to communicate your feelings in a healthy manner instead. 

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