How To Get A Man To Buy You Things

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Women all have their own special way of getting a man to do what they want them to do. Which many times would include them buying them the things that they want. Some women would go as far as demanding it from them. Other women would try to manipulate him into doing exactly what they want him to do. Then there is the woman that plays the “feel sorry for me card”. 

All these are terrible ways of getting what you want from a man in their life. 

If you want to know how to get a man to do anything for you and buy you things there are much better ways of going about it. 

To get a man’s attention would be to take the time to get to know him better. This would be important to your relationship especially if you are looking for a long term one with him. You should get to know him by figuring out the type of person he is, his likes, dislikes and his interests.


You will need to dig down deep and ask him all the right questions.

Because most men aren’t generally very forthcoming when it comes to talking about their emotions. You will need to find out the things he likes about and what he is looking for from a woman and from the relationship. 

It will also depend on what stage of the relationship you are in. Whether your relationship is brand new, if you have been dating for a long time or if the man is your husband. Certain stages of a relationship may need a little more work on your part that so he falls head over heels in love with you. When this happens, he will adore you so much that he will want to buy you things to keep you happy.

For a brand new relationship

If your relationship is brand new and you are at the beginning stage. You are still taking the time to get to know each other better by trying to figure out what type of person each of you is. 

A man will take the things that he has learned about you and make a decision whether he wants to continue with the relationship with you.

If you like the man you are with and would like your relationship to continue. Then this is your time to shine to be the best that you can be. 

But be careful not to overdo it.

He will take notice and when he does, he will want to spoil you by buying you nice things. One thing every woman knows about a man is that when a man starts spending money on a girl that he is dating, it means that he likes her. It is his way of expressing his feelings for her. Here are some ideas on how to get a man to spoil you:

Being the total package that he is looking for

Looks are the first thing that attracts a man to a woman. A man will notice the way she looks, the way she presents herself by the way she dresses does her hair and makeup. 

Men love a woman who spends time on themselves by always trying to look their best. They find that when a woman is happy with the way she looks and feels, then she is generally a happy person.

Another important quality that stands out to a man is her confidence. If you are a confident person and stand behind your own beliefs and standards. You are showing a man that you have things figured out and you know what you want in life. Confidence shows a man that you are able to handle anything that comes your way.

Show him that you can take care of yourself

This idea would work great if you already have a job. Show him that you can take care of yourself by buying yourself some things. You can either buy something when he is with you at the shops. You can talk about the things that you have bought for yourself when you see him. You can even show him by wearing the brand new outfit when you go out on a date with him. 

This will tell him that you are an independent person and can take care of yourself financially. You don’t need his money because have a great life of your own without him. 

This will then make an effort to listen to the things you say, especially when you mention things that you want to buy. Once he has an idea or two he will then want to run out and buy you something that you may have mentioned to impress you.

Let him take the lead once in a while

Let him take the lead once in a while

When you go out on a date with, there is nothing wrong with offering to pay for your share of the bill.  But if he insists to pay, give him the opportunity to be the perfect gentleman and let him pay.

This action usually lets a man know, although you are willing and able to pay for yourself while with him. You are also willing to allow him to take the lead and spoil you whenever he wishes. This makes him feel good that he has done something nice for you. It can often lead to him wanting to buy you other things as well as he knows that you will accept it.

By letting a man do certain small things for you. Like for instance, helping you fix something in your own home or on your car. Or something like a small gesture of opening a door for you always makes him feel needed and wanted. 

When a man feels that he also has something to offer to the relationship that he is in. He will then be willing to continue the relationship with you. So if he offers, let him take the lead and do a couple of small things for you.

Be generous yourself

Be generous yourself

Being generous yourself is always a good sign to a man of how financially secure you are. It shows him that you are interested in him and your relationship. So it is a good idea to spoil your boyfriend by paying for something like tickets to the game or surprise him with a couple of cute sentimental gifts of your own from time to time. 

Being generous to a man does not always mean that you have to buy him things. It can also be in the way you show your affection for him in the way you talk to him, look at him and smile at him. 

Be kind and loving towards him and he will have no problem with spoiling you by buying you things.

Show your appreciation

Show your appreciation

Most men love it when they are given respect and recognition. They love to feel valued and appreciated for the things that they do for you. Next time, when your boyfriend does something nice for you, no matter how big or small. Show him your appreciation by expressing your delight. He will want to give you anything and everything your heart desires.

Get intimate

Get intimate

This one is one for when you know each other a little better. All men love affection, to know that they too are desired by you. If you give him some love and affection by being intimate with him, it will leave him feeling good and happy. This then often leads to him going out and buying you just because I love you gifts for her.

For a relationship of a couple of months or longer

If you have been in a relationship for a couple of months, longer or maybe you are married. You both have got to know each other a lot better now and you are trying to find out how to get a man to do what you want without nagging? Here are some of the best ways to get a man to buy you things is to:

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Treat him with Respect

Treat him with Respect

If you show the man in your life some respect, you are also showing him how much you love him too. When he feels loved and wanted by you, then he will feel the need to do something special for you by going out and getting gifts every girl wants from her boyfriend or husband.

Try not to be over critical when you aren’t happy with something that he may have done or said that you don’t like. It is sometimes difficult especially when you are in the middle of a heated argument but it is always a good thing to try to consider his feelings.  

For an idea, think if you would like to be treated the same way that you are treating him.

Praise and compliment him

Praise and compliment him

Men love to receive compliments and praise from the woman they are in a relationship with. It helps boost their confidence and self-esteem, making them feel good about life as well as themselves. It lets him know that you appreciate and admire the things that he does for you as well as your relationship.

There are many things that you could praise or compliment him for like, jobs that he has done around the house for you or at work. Even the smallest things count like if he makes you a cup of coffee unexpectedly, you could say something like, “Thanks so much, You are the best”. 

You can compliment on how good he looks in maybe a new shirt or pair of pants that he has recently bought. You can praise him for any other contribution that he has made to the life you share together as a couple.

It always means so much more to him if the praise or compliments comes from you as his girlfriend or wife because he loves being recognized and appreciated for the things that he does. Often a man needs to be told that you are proud of him and that you think he is the best. He will want to keep receiving these wonderful praises, compliments and hearing how great he is, so he will keep on doing those little things that he does in order to receive them from you.

Fun moments

Fun moments

Every man wants to have fun with his girlfriend or wife because having fun in a relationship brings a lot of laughter and happiness. This helps build good memories and a stronger and healthier relationship with each other. 

Having many fun moments together opens the doors for inside jokes with each other which could lead to gifts inspired by these moments and create even more fun moments. So it does not matter the type of fun you enjoy having together whether it is experiencing an adventure together or joking and playing around, there should always be at least a couple of these moments.

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively

 Although many women seem to think that because they have been in a relationship with the same man for a long time, they can read their minds or automatically should know what they are thinking. But if you do not communicate with them effectively, how will he know if he has done something wrong? 

Talk to him and explain as calmly as you possibly can or ask him or discuss with him when you want something done but don’t nag because nagging never works but compliments and praises do.

Give him some romance 

give him some romance

Men love to receive a little romance too, sometimes just as much as women do but in a slightly different way, for example, a romantic text or an unexpected kiss or cuddle from you will put a smile on his face.

For many men to be romantic is to be affectionate and intimate with each other. They want to feel close to you, feel your touch which does not always have to be in bed but could also include holding hands, hugging or cuddling up to each other while watching a movie.

Men enjoy feeling needed by the woman that they love. It gives them a sense of purpose in some sort of odd way. They love feeling like they are your hero, your night in shiny armor and hear things like your life would be terrible without them.

Buy him things 

Spoil your boyfriend or husband by buying him things that he may want whether it is something to help take his hobby to the next level or an expensive gift that he has been talking about. When a man sees that you care enough about him to spoil him by buying him a gift then he will want to buy you things as well.

So when it comes to figuring out how to get a man to buy you things, it all boils down to the way you make him feel about himself and your relationship. If you treat him well and show him that you care about him, tell him how much you need him in your life and occasionally buy him things, he will buy you things too because he will want to impress you and keep you happy.





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