20 Tips on How to Get Sand Out of Your Hair

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How to get sand out of your head is more of a creative idea than just theoretical; you will need to try out the ideas I will be leaving here on how to get rid of sand from your hair; the method you will choose will depend on the following;

So you went to the beach and had so much fun that you had sand in your hair. Now you are uncomfortable because of the sand and are looking for a way to get rid of the sand in your hair; is this the case or close? Whatever the scenario must have been, what matters is that you need to get rid of the sand in your hair effectively.

Let’s first talk about your hairdo; this could give us a clue as to how you can get rid of the sand in your hair, and also if you can get rid of sand in your hair without washing it; is that even possible? Wait for it!

Here is a list of what you may need for the practical step of removing sand from your hair;

  • Water
  • Shampoo
  • Baby powder
  • Corn starch
  • Wide Toothed Comb
  • Hand hair dryer
  • Vacuum cleaner

Don’t worry if you don’t have all that is listed here; I know how much you care for your hair as every day is a good hair day; the type of hairdo you have on will determine the method and products you need to use and how you can get rid of sand in your hair; in fact, some hairdo do not need any of the listed items even, just read till the end to see for yourself;

I know how much you care for your hair, as everyday is a good hair day


Braids have been there even before you were born, they are as old as man itself, yet the styles keep evolving. New types of braids keep popping out; I won’t be surprised if you are wearing a braid right now. Oh yes, braids can fit into various occasions; office, beach, wedding, parties, etc.

There are different types of braids, and braiders keep bringing out new styles every day;

  • Box braid; fits afro-textured hairs. The hair is cut into squares, triangles, or circles and braided. They may take a long time to finish as extensions are often added to the hair. This helps to protect the natural hair and helps the braid last.
  • French braid; this is a perfect choice for every soft long healthy hair. It can be worn on every occasion. Give yourself that romantic look by wearing a French braid.
  • Braided Ponytail; just as it sounds, so it is; a braid that has been packed into a ponytail. It looks classy and brings out your facial features. It would be best if you tried it.
  • Dutch Braid or reversed French braid; This hairstyle stands out as it is also a three-strand braid and doesn’t lie so flat like other braids. It’s the classic braid style for your beach outing.
  • Crochet Braids; your hair is plaited into cornrows, and then an extension braid is added to each cornrow using crochet. This braid always looks great on everyone wearing it.
  • Fishtail braid; this is also called inverse braiding or inner braids, known for its unique look; this braid gives you a unique, clean look; it can be made with any hair type.
  • Braided Bun are made and packed on one side of the head, either as one or two buns. It is a beautiful style for a variety of occasions.
  • Waterfall braids; let your hair out of the braids as they dangle on each side of your head like a waterfall.

There are so many braids styles; as I said, I hope I have named the type you had on?, you may also like these gifts for hairstylists if your hairstylist is as great as mine.

How do you remove sand from your braided hair?

1. Shake head to remove sand from your hair

Shake the hair; yes, flip it up and down, in and out. Pat the hair with your hand like you, is trying to tap on it while you position your head towards the ground to let off the sand on the hair. Do this to get rid of the sand in your hair. Depending on the style of the braid, this could remove the sand if the braids are in single strands. If your braid is in a weaved pattern or bob, you may need to try a different method after shaking or patting it.

2. Wash Under running water to get rid of sand on your hair

The sand is sticking to your hair because of the presence of the sticky oils secreted by the skin on your head or because of the hair products you use. Let the running water run through the hair; watch as it washes the sand away; as long as the running water reaches deep into the root of your hair or scalp, it will carry the sand with it.

3. Use a Shampoo to remove sand from hair

Some sand on your hair might be difficult to get rid of; try using a shampoo for them. Remember that your hair is braided; as such, there may be limited space for your fingers to penetrate the hair. This makes it even more challenging to use a shampoo to remove the sand on your hair, except you decide to loosen the braids.

4. Loosen the Bun to remove sand like particles in hair

If you have a bun or your braid is weaved, you may need to loosen it I you want to get rid of all the sand on your hair; all the methods listed here could efficiently work once the braid is loosened; this way, your fingers can massage the entire hair and scalp, water could easily penetrate your single braids once the bun is loosened, and it will also penetrate your scalp if you loosen the bun and the weaving


These can come in many different styles and colors; you can even have a dual or mix of three colors on your long hair. Feathery short bang bobs lay on your neck and give you this elegant look; you can also try the long strand bob that all classy women love to wear. What about the wavy sexy hair? I am sure you are longing to try it on.

It’s pretty easy to remove sand from these hairstyles; follow the steps below to get a fast result;

5. Shake your hair to remove the sand

This could quickly get the sands out since your hair is in strands. Shake the hair, use your fingers to invade through your scalp, scratching and patting to get the sands out.

6. Try using a baby powder to get rid of sand in hair

To dry out the hair strands so that the sands can fall off, try applying talcum or baby powder to the hair; ensure not to apply too much. Now continue to shake and pat the hair so that the sands can fall out.

7. Use a wide-toothed comb to remove sand like particles

Bob hairs, unlike braids, can be combed. You will see the sands fall as you search the hair; you can place face down, so the hair is looking at the ground, then part the hair in sections and comb each parting from root to tip; this is how to remove sand from hair bobs.


Any hair could be made into a ponytail as long as it’s long enough. If your hair is short and you want a ponytail, you may need to add an extension or wear a ponytail wig. To get rid of sand on ponytail styled hair;

8. Undo the Ponytail when you want to remove sand from your hair

 Styling your braid in a ponytail manner makes it hard to get rid of the sand quickly from hair, which is why you need to loosen the Ponytail so you can access the hair strands, the hair root, and the hair scalp.

9. Shake the hair again to remove more sand from hair

 Shake it and pat it with your hand to remove the sand on your hair.

10. Use the wide-toothed comb to remove sand on braided hair

comb through the hair, ensure you comb from the root.

11. Apply cornstarch or talcum powder to remove sand from hair

They help dry out the hair and make the sand easily fall off.

12. Shampoo the hair to remove sand from braided hair

This will help you to easily slide your fingers through the hair to remove all sands as you wash.

13. Use an air dryer to remove sand like particles from hair

This works as the air gushing out of it is directed to the hair, and the pressure pushes the sand out of the hair. You can comb the hair and dry it in sections to give room for the air to work through each hair strand.

14. Vacuum cleaner can remove sand from hair

Some people have talked about how vacuum cleaners are used to get rid of sand on the hair, but this is dangerous and not advisable. I am sure the listed methods would already remove the sand on your hair.


This may look like braids, but it’s not. It requires specialized skill to lock a hair, although some persons are born with locked hair. Dreadlock can be made on any hair type, and some women prefer locked hair to any other hairstyle. So let’s say you went to the beach wearing a dreadlock hairstyle or maybe some high school prank got your hair dense in the sand, and now you need to know how to remove sand from dreadlock hair? Remember, it’s not like every other hair and should be treated in its particular way;

15. Shake off the sand

This will be easy if it’s an acquired lock. The parting should divide the dread from each other; natural locks may be challenging here, and shaking it off may not remove all the sand since the partings are usually not apparent in natural dreads.

16. Use a toothed comb

This doesn’t work well on natural dreads as there is no parting to target the comb tooth. Do not use the comb on the dreads; do not comb the hair as dreads cannot be combed; instead, the job here is to pierce the tooth of the comb into the root of each dread to force any leftover sand out.

17. Wash the Dread

Acquired dreads may not like water; if you decide to wash them, get ready to go for some dread maintenance soon. On the other hand, natural dread could be washed and dried too; try washing the dread to get rid of any remaining sand on your hair, use an air dryer to dry the hair. Do not use talcum powder or cornstarch on dreads; although it may help for some hair types, it may make your dread worse as the debris may clog your dread and make it look nasty and unkempt.


This falls into all categories of low-cut hairstyles. Removing sand from low cut hair can be easy; try these steps;

18. Use hands

To shake the sand off your hair, you will see and feel it falling out.

19. Allow water to run through the hair

Very easy; the running water will run off the sand efficiently.

Some persons may argue about women wearing low cut hairstyles, this is not true as some women prefer this According to a survey done in the UK, female visit to the salon is shown in the chart below

This survey looks at the frequency of female visits to salons for haircuts in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2012 to 2017

20. Try using shampoo to remove sand from low cut hair

If there are still sands left on your hair. This will remove the rest of the sand as you scrub, wash and rinse.

There are many reasons why you should never leave the sand on your hair; check out the infographic below to see why;

why you need to get rid of sand on your hair

Source Link: https://whattogetmy.com/how-to-get-sand-out-of-your-hair/

Next time you have sand on your hair, worry not; these steps I have given you are all you need to know how to remove sand from your hair.


How do I get sand out of my hair without washing?

This will depend on the kind of hairdo you have on; generally, try shaking the hair and use a wide-toothed comb.

How do I get sand out of baby hair?

You will need to be gentle as you part the hair, using a wide-toothed comb, remove the sand stuck on the scalp or hair strands, part by part.

How do I clean sand on braids without washing?

Work on each braid strand, working from the root upwards, remove the sand with the help of a wide-toothed comb after patting it or shaking the hair.


Getting sand out of your hair involves simple steps that you can do with or without water. You may also need some home products to help you get rid of the sand on your hair. Do not worry anymore about how to get sand out of your hair, as the steps listed here are efficient.





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