How to Run Away and Start a New Life With No Money: 11 Ways to Successfully Start Your Life Over

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Starting a new life can be a great way to get your life back on track and make decisions that benefit you and your future. How to start over in life with no money, on the other hand, although difficult is quite doable and very much accessible you just have to be meticulous with it

Starting a new life can be a great way to get your life back on track


The first step to deciding you want to start a new life with no money is to decide how you want to live your life. When people wish to leave their old lives behind, there is usually a reason behind it and whatever this reason is for you, you are desperate enough to want to abandon your current life without any financial backing whatsoever. However, just because you lack financial backing does not mean that you have to be clueless about the way you want to live. Write down in a journal why you want to leave your current life, what changes you want to make, where you want to go, what you want to bring with you, and so on. Make sure that you have a clear plan before you leave.


When you want to restart your life with no money, it is important to set clear intentions on why you want to start over. This will help you ascertain whether you want to start over out of sheer desire or if it is a necessity and whichever one it is, it can lead you to find out how to effectively start a new life with nothing.


When deciding to start over with no money, it is crucial that you make plans for your future. It is important to always plan when you want to start a new life somewhere else regardless of your circumstances and more so when you have no financial backing. Plan out how you are going to move there – are you hitchhiking? Taking the train? Driving there? And what happens when you get there? Be as specific with your planning as you possibly can.


When you decide to move away and start a new life, it is also important to decide who from your past/current life you will want to keep in contact with and whom you will want to cut off completely. If you are running away from an abusive situation, it is best to cut everyone out and make a clean break because you do not want anyone being the weakest link and giving you up when inevitably confronted by your abuser. Otherwise, if it is any other type of situation, that decision belongs to you and you alone. Keeping in mind that you are moving with no job, no money, and no place to live you might want to keep some people from your current life around just in case you need some financial assistance down the line.


When you want to successfully disappear with no money, you should make sure to set goals for yourself. What do you want to accomplish between now and the time you decide to move away? Make these goals small and attainable and relate to how you can start a new life from scratch. These goals will be your guide and map to your new life.


Starting a new life alone is hard under any circumstances, which is why it is very important to be gentle with yourself when you make the decision to leave your family and start a new life. Encourage yourself and affirm yourself that the decision you are making is good for you and it will be beneficial in the long run. If you are someone who struggles with self-affirmation and self-love, here is how you can start caring about yourself.


Even though you might be thinking about making the big move with no money and no job, it is important to start (re)building your financial life as soon as possible. This is because in order for you to begin a new life, you will need money at some point and you are better off if you have a little bit of money at your disposal than nothing at all. Be resourceful, and get your finances in order no matter how small, that money will come in handy when you need it the most.


Choosing the best place to start a new life with no money can be quite tasking because almost everywhere that you might want to go will most likely need you to have some money in order to begin your new life. This is why even though you cannot choose to completely move without money, you can move to areas where the living cost is cheaper and therefore more affordable. These places are usually dull and boring and there is often nothing to do but they are perfect for someone who does not have enough money or a source of income just yet. You can either move States or even move countries that are relatively cheaper to live in. Here are a few things you might need when you move to a new State.

Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa have some of the best countries to start a new life with no money.  As long as you have a means of getting there, you can get by relatively with very little money as compared to what you would have been spending in a big city in North America. Of course, not all countries in these continents will be cheaper to live in, so be sure to conduct some in-depth research before choosing what country you would like to move to.


When you are planning on starting a new life in a new city, you should know that it is not sustainable for you to be broke the entire time. You are going to need a job at some point after you have run away and start a new life with no money and the best way to acquire this is to find a job. You can either use your qualifications (academic or experience) to find yourself a job suitable for you in the city that you are in, or you can use your talents to make a living for yourself. These days, it is relatively easy to market your own being as a business entity with the presence of social media which has branched out into various marketing entities.


When starting over new, it is nice to have a backup plan, in case your plan A doesn’t work. Moving and starting a new life can already be stressful and more so when you have no money (or not enough of it) to start over. If you have good friends over wherever you are moving to, you might have to call them up and ask them if you could stay with them for a while as you get your life in order.

On the other hand, studies have found that sharing spaces is still quite popular amongst the middle working class, therefore worry not if you have no friends in the city you have chosen to move to. You can always bunk with a couple of strangers for as long or as short a period as you like. Shared living, also known as co-living has proven to lower the cost of living due to shared bills which would have otherwie been high.

Preference for Co-living Spaces

Source: Movebubble.com


And lastly, when you want to move away with no money or you are planning on starting a new life somewhere else but you do not have enough or any funds for it, it is okay to seek assistance from the government. You can start by looking into assistance programs near you and seeing if you qualify for any of them. Of course this is a temporary solution, however it is one that can see you through the rough patches and help you get back on your feet without having to drown in debt.


1. I want to move away and start a new life. How do I start my life over?

If you are planning on moving away and starting your life over, there are things you must consider. First, where do you want to go? Why are you leaving? Do you want to be in touch with the people you are leaving behind (including family and friends)? And many more (please refer to the article above for more questions you should consider when you think about uprooting your life). After you have figured out the answers to these questions, it is time to put everything into action and actually start moving. Stating over is hard but you can do it if you’re determined or if your circumstances demand it.

2. How much does a new life cost?

A new life costs a lot of money. The expenses start piling up from having to rent a living space, costs of living, and costs of settling in. however, there are ways to minimize these costs. You can live in a shared living space, cut down on some luxuries that you spend on such as manicures, pedicures, massages, and so on, start buying ingredients and making homemade meals as opposed to eating out or ordering in every day, clubbing, and other activities that require you to spend a lot of money. This way you end up saving money and your living cost is reduced by a substantial amount.

3. What do you do when you have no money?

There are a lot of things you can do if you have no money. You can stay home and binge-watch your favorite TV show, you can go out for a run, a walk, or a hike, you can spend time with your friends and/or family at their house, or yours just chilling. There are many meaningful experiences that can be had in the absence of money and these are worth holding onto. Money does not guarantee that you will have a good time. You can make your own fun while also being broke, all you have to do is plan out your day and have fun while doing anything you would like within your means.


In conclusion, if you have ever felt like “I need a new life” or thought to yourself “I want to move and start a new life” or asked yourself “how can I change my life with no money?” then this article has some answers for you. We hope that they are helpful and they can help you start planning out the next phase of your life. Moving away is never easy and doing so without any money is extreme but whatever your circumstances, it is a good thing to have more than one plan in case it falls through. We wish you the best as you rebuild your life, you are courageous and brave.





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