How to Study Late at Night and Wake up Early­?

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If you want to know how to study late at night and wake up early, we’ve got some advice for you. Time management is crucial for tackling all obstacles in front of you. We’re going to give you ideas that are useful for a lot of people, so be sure to keep scrolling. You’ll surely find something that inspires you and boosts your productivity.

Let’s start by saying you need to have enough sleep to achieve all your goals. You can’t stay up late and expect to wake up at 5 AM like nothing has happened. Surely you can do this for a couple of days, but at some point, your body will refuse to cooperate. It just isn’t possible to function normally with insufficient sleep. You need to reorganize and make a daily plan that includes enough sleep hours. This means you’ll most likely have to choose between staying up late or waking up early. See what suits your personality type and adapt your study patterns accordingly.

Before we continue with this topic we’d like to mention a few things:

  • You might have problems with motivation and that’s why you stay up late to study.  A lot of people experience this and it’s completely normal. Check out our article for advice on motivating yourself to study.
  • You can’t study, work, and achieve your goals is you’re not taking care of yourself. Learning to love yourself is crucial for any aspect of life.

Organizing your time

Planning your days, study sessions, and sleep patterns will make you more productive and efficient. Organizing your time properly will also help you learn how to make a habit of waking up early. You want to form a sleeping pattern so that you wake up early enough to finish tasks without being sleepy and tired. Having a routine will help you keep going even if things get tough. It might take some time to form habits but keep making daily plans and we’re sure you’ll succeed.

Try to plan everything in precise detail. When you have a specific schedule, it’s more likely you’ll stick to it. You should make plans in the afternoons, so you have a better perspective about what you wish to accomplish the next day. Ask yourself how much you want to finish and compare that with how much you can finish in one day. Instead of setting unrealistic goals, make a checklist of small reachable goals. Reaching the next milestone in your progress will give you a morale boost to carry on.

If you continue with pre-planning your day (especially your mornings), over time things will get easier. Even incorporating simple improvements in your plans can be very effective. For example, prepare your clothes for tomorrow and put them within arms reach, so you immediately get dressed. Not only does this “save time” but it speeds up your process of waking up. It feels nice to have everything ready! You could take a few minutes in the evening to set up your study area, plan a breakfast meal, and other things that can make your mornings easier.

Getting enough hours of sleep

You can learn how to wake up early for school with little sleep but that wouldn’t be good for you in the long run. Instead, try getting enough sleep every day to stay healthy. Sleep builds memory and you’ll have a better chance to pass your exams when you’re properly rested. Losing sleep has negative effects on your cognitive abilities, so try to avoid all-night study sessions. They’re not effective and also damage your health and your academic performance.

When planning the daily schedule consider this. People usually need 7-8 hours of sleep but if you’re in a very difficult spot you could settle for 6 hours of sleep. Everything less can just do you more harm. You’re in charge of your time, so set the alarm to fit the basic needs for proper sleep.

Study in the morning vs staying late to study

Don’t try to do both because, as we already said, you’ll quickly experience body burnout. Instead of thinking about how to wake up early in the morning and study, consider whether you’re a morning person at all. Some students have more concentration in the morning while others perform the best at night. Take turns in trying both studying in the morning and in the evening. Then, compare the results. You might be surprised with your findings.

Studying at night might make you feel more comfortable because there isn’t any distracting noise around. You can fully concentrate on a particular topic but you might need more time to fully comprehend the study material. Due to having a long day behind you, there are a lot of different things roaming in your mind. On the contrary, in the morning your mind is empty and fresh, so you can absorb the study material more quickly.

Although morning freshness can give you a big boost to study, not everyone is a morning person. If you feel tired and groggy when you wake up, you might not have the most productive study session. There are some ways you can learn how to not be tired when you wake up early, but the tips and tricks don’t work for anyone.

To conclude, there isn’t that much difference between studying in the morning and late studying. Either can be good for academic success because everything depends on what suits you better. You should follow your preferences and form long-lasting habits that can help you study more efficiently.

Increase productivity, not time spent studying

Have you considered the reasons why you need to study late and wake up early? Do you really need that much time to study? It is known that long study hours aren’t that productive. After more than 6 hours of studying, you’ll feel less concentrated, so you’ll have more difficulties memorizing the study materials.

You don’t need long study sessions to pass your exams. Instead, study for shorter periods but with full focus. Studying by understanding the subject completely will bring you better results than pulling all-nighters. Get more things done by using time management study methods like the Pomodoro technique. There are lots of variations of this technique but the point is to mix study sessions with breaks.

Putting your 100% into something also means getting rid of distractions. Silence your phone and close all unrelated tabs on your computer. Find a quiet study place or put on some relaxing music to mute the background noise. For more tips on productive studying, check out the video about the Pomodoro technique:

Falling asleep

You might want to know how to wake up early when you go to sleep late because you can’t fall asleep easily. Going to bed early can be hard. Someone with racing thoughts might experience different levels of insomnia. If anxiety keeps you awake, you might want to consult with a therapist for more advice. Although some things can help you stop thinking when you’re trying to fall asleep.


Firstly, you need to create a soothing and relaxing sleep environment. Dim the lights and remove all electronics from your bedroom. Secondly, prepare your body and mind to sleep with relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga, reading, journaling, etc. The most important thing is establishing a bedtime routine. When you get used to a certain biorhythm, you won’t have much trouble falling asleep and you can wake up early to study.

Waking up early

It’s not impossible to learn how to discipline yourself to wake up early. A lot of people taught themselves to become early risers. Slowly shifting your sleep schedule is crucial when trying to wake up early. You can just start cold turkey, but it will be healthier for you to gradually improve your sleep patterns.

Most common advice

The most common tips to wake up early in the morning are actually quite effective. It’s often recommended having a consistent sleep schedule (even on weekends), going to bed early, giving up on electronics, etc. The most important tip is keeping your alarm clock out of reach. If your alarm is far away, you can’t hit that snooze button. You would need to get out of the bed to turn it off and there’s a high chance you won’t go back.

Although jumping out of bed works for a lot of people, it might not be for everyone. After all, you’re in your home, not in the military. You could maybe try a different approach, like the inverted snooze. You’ll still hit that button to turn off the alarm but instead of sleeping for 10 more minutes, you’ll put the effort in trying to stay awake for 10 minutes. Just keep repeating yourself “it’s just ten minutes, then I can sleep again”. There’s a big chance you’ll completely wake up and lose the desire to sleep in.

Morning pleasures

The best way to wake up early is having something to look forward to. You should make the start of your day pleasurable. Don’t hit the books as soon as you wake up. Take the time to do something you enjoy. You can have a cup of coffee at your local café, walk your dog, have breakfast while watching a fun show, etc.

You’ll be surprised that one small activity can be a huge motive. Think about hot coffee and fresh air the next time you wake up. You’re more likely to get out of the bed when you think about enjoyable activities instead of a pile of textbooks.

Make sure you have a strong reason to get up early. Why do you need to become an early riser? Do you want to improve your health besides studying more, have more time for the things you enjoy, or spend extra time with family? Changing habits is hard, so you need a good reason to keep you motivated.

Go outside

Force yourself to get dressed and go outside as soon as you get out of the bed. The fresh air will wake you up and you’ll feel more refreshed and energized. Nature can take care of your morning grogginess, so you can commit to your studying when you get back home. Some light outdoor exercise can also help you feel better. All those morning joggers think they’ve found the best way to kickstart the day! Maybe you should check what that’s all about.

Frequently asked questions

Is it better to sleep late or wake up early to study?

If you go to bed late, get a few extra hours of sleep in the morning. Vice versa, if you go to bed early, rise early. The most important thing is getting enough hours of rest.

Do we really need 8 hours of sleep?

Research shows that getting seven to eight hours of sleep regularly is crucial for leading a healthy lifestyle. Any less (or more) can be damaging to your health.

How do I train myself to wake up early?

To summarize the tips for becoming an early riser:

  • Slowly adapt your sleep schedule
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Put your alarm clock far from your bed
  • Have a big reason for getting up early
  • Find something enjoyable to do in the mornings


You don’t need to learn how to study late at night and wake up early because that would be less productive for your exams. Instead, find out whether you’re an early bird or a night owl and reorganize your sleep schedule. Make sure you have enough sleep and we’re sure you’ll successfully tackle all academic challenges in front of you.

When you pass all your exams, celebrate with doing fun activities. Check out these cool things you can do if you’re single or these fun home activities for couples.





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