How to Win the Heart of a Virgo Woman

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  • When you are interested in a Virgo woman, it is important to understand her behavioral patterns based on her zodiac sign.
  • Once you have understood who she is, her likes and dislikes, you can proceed to courting and winning her over.
  • Always be honest about your intentions with a Virgo woman. Do not lie to her about what you want from the relationship you are pursuing with her.
  • Be respectful and humble when you approach her.



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A Virgo woman is a woman whose birthday is between August 22 – September 22. She is known as a Virgo woman because her star sign is Virgo which is symbolic of the Virgin maiden. Her Zodiac element is Earth and she is ruled by Mercury. All of these determine how she interacts with the universe and people of other astrological signs.

Before you start pursuing a Virgo woman, it is important to know and understand who she is, and her character traits in relation to her zodiac sign so that you know what to do and say that will make her fall in love with you.

First of all, Virgo women are kind and gentle. This is important to learn because as someone who gives generously and wholly to others, a Virgo woman will expect the same treatment from another person especially someone they are romantically linked to. Virgo women want a partner that reflects their kindness and gentleness when handling life. If you are a gentle and kind soul, you are likely to get very far with a Virgo woman.

Being an earth sign, a Virgo woman believes in stability. Therefore, if your intentions with a Virgo woman are not long-term, you should probably not pursue her any further. Have pure intentions when approaching a Virgo woman and you will have her falling in love with you in no time.

Virgo women are into romance – the whole nine yards! Love letters, love poems, declarations of love at sunlight, dinner dates, and romantic getaways. Courtship, therefore, is imperative to your quest of trying to entice a Virgo woman.


1. Make her laugh:

Studies have shown that women find men with a great sense of humor more attractive than men who don’t. If you can make a Virgo woman laugh, you are halfway to winning her heart because Virgo women appreciate a good sense of humor and are more especially drawn to dry and dark humor. Tap into your inner Seinfeld and make her feel attracted to you one joke at a time.

2. Take her out on romantic dates:

Because Virgo women are romantics at heart taking her out on romantic dates will make her feel special and she will like you more for the gesture of it alone. Try to be as creative as possible with your date ideas, do not stick to the traditional dinner and a movie. Try out some of these ideas for a first date for an amazing out of the ordinary date. 

3. Don’t talk about how much money you make:

Virgo women do not like boastful guys especially those who boast about how much money they make. Do not do it. Unless you are willing to risk your chances with this woman you are clearly in pursuit of. Humility goes a long way with a Virgo woman, she needs to know that money isn’t the only valuable thing you bring to the relationship. You need to prove yourself to her that you are someone she would enjoy spending her time with and you boasting about your money will only tell her that you have nothing else to offer and are pretty boring outside of your money. 

4. Be clear about your intentions:

Virgo women love honest communication. Let her know from the beginning what your intentions with her are; if you want a long term relationship with her, tell her. If you are only looking for a hook-up, let her know before she invests too much into the relationship. Chances are if she wants the same thing as you when you propose it, you will have the best version of your defined relationship but if you are not clear and are deceptive about why you really want her in your life –well then, hell hath no fury like a Virgo scorned.

If the Virgo woman you are pursuing is someone you work with, check out this article to help you further on how to attract a female coworker.


Virgos are very artistic by nature; you can tap into this to make a Virgo woman happy.

  • Take her to see plays, art exhibitions, movies, dance studios. Chances are she will 100% love these trips and you will be golden in her books. Additionally, if she is an artist, which many Virgo’s tend to be, showing up for them during their art shows and promoting their craft can take you a long way. It will show a Virgo woman that you are supportive of their dreams and that you think their craft is valid.
  • Doing things that she enjoys and showing her support is the fastest way to get a Virgo woman to fall in love with you. She will love that you support her and have a zest for life similar to hers.
  • However, be careful not to lose your identity in trying to impress her, as much as you want to do activities that she finds interesting, it is also important that you show her the things that make you happy and that you enjoy. Finding a good balance between the two will for sure make her fall in love with you because you will also be able to take her out of her comfort zone and introduce her to new activities that she wouldn’t have tried on her own.


In your quest to impress this formidable woman, you will find yourself looking for signs that a Virgo woman is into you. Here are some of the things to look out for to confirm if all the work you have been putting in is paying off or if you need to cut your losses and leave it alone.

  • She is interested in you if she makes time for you and prioritizes you. If she wants to hang out with you after work or on the weekends, or wants to prolong your meetings and dates, she is definitely falling for you. She likes your company and wants to spend time with you.
  • She asks about your day. This is because she is interested to hear what you have been up to, how the day has treated you, and how you are handling it mentally. This is important for a Virgo woman to know because she cares about your wellbeing. If she asks you how your day was, don’t just say “it was good” tell her instead what about it made it good, what you did and how it made you feel.
  • She is into you if she laughs at your jokes (unless you are a particularly funny person then this one might be misleading for you, haha). Honestly, if a Virgo woman finds you humorous, you have won half the battle with her. Virgo women find other people with a similar sense of humor as themselves very trustworthy and easy going.
  • She will become more soft and feminine around you. Virgo women don’t always let other people in and they often are seen to have a “hard exterior.” When a Virgo woman is falling in love with you, she will begin to show you softer parts of herself as a way of becoming vulnerable with you. This could be emotional vulnerability or mental vulnerability. When this happens, just know that the Virgo woman you are chasing now trusts you and is allowing you to see her the way she sees herself and not the way she is perceived by everyone else.


1. Honesty:

Always be truthful. Keep your word and promises as you make them and if for some reason should you fail to come through for her let her know before it becomes a disappointment. Virgo women are very understanding but do not like to be lied to.

2. Stylish:

A Virgo woman wants a man who has style. Now that’s not to say you have to look like a GQ model, no. But you have to have a sense of style in the way you dress and present yourself to the world. Virgo women are very organized and well put together, they look for the same traits in their partners.

3. Goal-oriented:

Because Virgo women are driven, you must have goals for a Virgo woman to want you. Have career goals, life goals, short term goals, and long term goals. This will show your Virgo woman that you have plans about your life and you are not comfortable being an average Joe.

4. Good hygiene:

Just like she wants her man to have a sense of style, the Virgo woman also wants her man to have good hygiene. This is an indication that a man who takes care of himself will definitely take care of her too. Have nice clean nails, smell nice, get a nice haircut, and trim your beard to make it look clean. This is very important to a Virgo woman.

5. Confidence:

Above all else be confident. There is nothing sexier for a Virgo woman than a confident man. You don’t have to be the best looking guy around but if you can confidently walk up to her and talk your game, she will most likely gravitate towards you. A confident man is a man who is sure of himself and it is that self-assurance that a Virgo woman is interested in.


1. Be her friend:

A Virgo woman will feel more comfortable around you when she trusts you and what better way to gain her trust than by becoming her friend. Get to know her on a personal level before pursuing her romantically because when you get to know the person she is, courting her will come easy because you will know what she likes and doesn’t like and how to make her happy when she’s feeling a little weighed down. Most relationships that start out as friendships last longer and are more fulfilling because the people in it have a deeper understanding of each other’s wants and needs.

2. Be nice to her:

This should go without saying but if you want her to be attracted to you, you should be nice to her. Do not call her degrading names or gaslight her, do not be a grade-A douchebag to her, do not call her crazy, or try to intimidate her. If you do any of these things (which are major RED FLAGS, btw) she will not even look your way or acknowledge your existence and who could blame her. After all, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, right?

3. Respect her boundaries:

A Virgo woman will have set boundaries for herself especially in the beginning stages of the relationship when she is still trying to figure you out and hasn’t completely let you in. Whatever those boundaries are, when she lets you know you cannot do something, respect her, and don’t do it. For example, if she says do not call her after 8 pm then by all means do not call her after 8 pm. Respecting her boundaries will show her that you respect her as a human being and regard her needs as valid.

4. Hold intelligent conversations:

Conversations that stimulate the mind are essential when you are trying to get a Virgo woman’s attention. Show her that you are well-read, traveled, educated etc. by the way that you carry a conversation. She needs to know that you can talk about deep issues and give proper analyses on current affairs and share your views about the world’s pressing issues. An intelligent man is a very attractive man.


1. How can you make a Virgo woman jealous?

First thing you have to know is that you can only make a Virgo woman jealous if she is already into you. With that said, you will for sure make a Virgo woman jealous by ignoring her – because when Virgo women like you they will want to spend time with you, be around you, and talk to you. To make them jealous, take away the attention you were giving her and direct it to somebody else. This will drive them crazy and you will have succeeded in making them jealous.

2. How can I flirt with a Virgo woman?

When you are flirting with a Virgo woman you should always come off as assertive and confident. Whatever else you do does not matter as long as you are sure of yourself. Remember to not be cocky and come off as boastful, Virgo women prefer partners who are humble and

3. Is there any validation to astrology?

Astrology has been around since the early 1970s and it is considered a “Pseudoscience” this means that it entails things that have not been proven by science but at the same time have not been disproven either. The universe is vast and there are things humanity hasn’t discovered and doesn’t fully understand. Just because something doesn’t align with your personal beliefs does not discredit its validity. We are constantly learning about our universe. According to a survey conducted in October 2018, 29% of American Adults believe in Astrology.

All U.S. Adults

Source: www.pewresearch.org


When pursuing a Virgo woman, make sure that above all you have pure intentions. Winning the heart of a Virgo woman is easy when you are confident and sure of yourself, supportive of her dreams, and have a gentle heart and soul.





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