Gift Ideas For Roommates

19 Roomie Gifts For New Roommates

  • Welcome your roommate with the new roommate welcome gifts we have listed to establish a connection with your new roommate. These are small, yet thoughtful gifts that are sure to put them at ease and warm them up to you.
  • Also give them gifts on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, to solidify the bond. We have also included the perfect gifts for their birthdays and Christmas.

You have a new roommate and you are wondering what to get them as they move into your flat. Whether your flat is big or small, we have just the perfect gifts for you to give your new roommate.


Buying a gift for a roommate is not easy. The usual constraint with buying gifts when you’re sharing a living space is always cost. We understand that you may be saving up for something else. And if you’re a student, there is also so much you can splash on a gift. But not to worry, there are affordable gift items that you can still buy your new roommate that would not break the bank and still look stunning and which they would love. 

Here is our list of the perfect roomie gifts for your new roommate that is both classy and inexpensive.


First things first, you need to give your new roommate a warm welcome to kick things off. This is after all the person you will be sharing your space and a great deal of time with. And you want to kick things off with them on a very good foot. Your new roommate is also probably anxious wondering about the type of people they will be sharing their space with. And if the scenario is college, their anxiety is all the more heightened because they are hoping that they would not have a nightmarish roommate to contend with. And a warm welcome is the antidote to put their mind at ease.

It will be nice to throw a little welcome to the crib party with the rest of your housemates. But you don’t need to have a lavish, elaborate party to make your new roommate feel welcome. A new roommate welcome gift will still do the trick and set them at ease.

New roommate welcome gifts should be thoughtful, small, and heartfelt gifts to tell them you are welcome to the crib. It shouldn’t be too hectic so that your roommate doesn’t feel uncomfortable or worry that you might be a bit too much. First impressions are very important when you are meeting your new roommate and welcoming them.

These small but thoughtful gifts make for good new roommate welcome gifts.

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Quick Overview: Gifts For Roommates

Gift Baskets.

Roommate gift baskets are sweet and thoughtful welcome gifts that would immediately endear your new roommate to you. Everyone loves sweet things and a gift basket with a selection of sweet goodies are a nice way to say welcome to your new place and our house. These gift basket selections will make for wonderful roommate gift baskets to say welcome.

1. Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket

This sweet basket comes beautifully packaged with beautifully designed 18 biscotti cookies arranged in a beautiful presentation. Watch your new roommate’s face light up when you surprise them with this as a welcome gift.


  • Most customers have said the contents are fresh.
  • It comes in a beautiful package.
  • The cookies are dipped in chocolate.
  • The contents are tasty.
  • It comes with a return policy.


  • Some customers have complained that the contents were not fresh.
  • Some customers also complained that it is overpriced.

Food baskets are always a gamble and risk with freshness. Given the multitude of positive reviews on this basket, it is difficult to say it is either a bad or good purchase. It would be best to buy it in advance of giving it to your housemate so that you can be sure of it first and return it quickly if you are not satisfied.

2. Vanilla Home Spa Gift Basket.

This one is sure to endear your roommate to you right away. This particular spa basket is for a female roommate because of the beautiful woven tote bag it comes with. With this welcome gift basket, you are making your female roommate’s first (or second) day at the house because she will be sure to soak into a nice hot bath after receiving it and saying multiple prayers for you while at it.


  • It comes in a beautiful woven tote bag.
  • The packaging and presentation are sublime.
  • It comes with 10 pieces of bath and spa treatment.
  • The contents smell great.


  • Two customers at the time of writing said the bag was smaller than they expected.

With the glowing positive reviews on this product, especially as a gift set, you won’t go wrong giving it to your roommate as a welcome gift. She would feel very welcome and will put pampering herself to a spa treatment as the number 1 thing to do in the new flat/room.

Small Thoughtful Gifts for their Room.

Since you’ve stayed there a little longer than they have, you will know the layout of the house and what sort of decorative small items could work for their room. Most rooms in flats and shared establishments are pretty standard in layout, so you could use the inside of your room as the standard to judge what works best.

These small thoughtful gifts for rooms would make for a nice thoughtful new roommate welcome gift.

3. 3-Piece Succulents.

Succulent flower pots make for beautiful nice decorative pieces. And even if your new roommate has some already, there’s never too many succulents. She will definitely love these. They come in a beautiful white vase that would light up any part of her room where she puts them.


  • They are small and compact.
  • They are artificial but look natural.
  • They are a beautiful decorative piece.
  • They come in a set of 3 pot plants.
  • They come in beautiful packaging ready to be gifted.


  • This product has not received any negative reviews as yet at the time of writing. Only one customer wished it was slightly bigger.

The artificial nature of this plant is what makes it perfect because it means your roommate doesn’t have to worry about having to care for a plant and she can have it for as long as she wants to have it.

If you’re a fan of aloe vera plants, you can check out this chic Aloe Plant in a Pot instead. She’ll also love it.

4. Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp.

Your new roommate will love this quaint looking and ingenious decorative piece that warms scented candles to bring out their lovely fragrance. The idea behind the lamp is rather brilliant. Rather than light up a candle and deal with the smoke that it comes with, put the candle under the light and it melts the candle releasing a burst of fragrance. Whether your roommate is male or female, they would love this gift because who does not like a beautifully fragranced room. And another reason why a male roommate will love this is because it does not look feminine at all in its aesthetics and would appeal to a man.


  • It does not take up space.
  • It takes care of the hazard of forgetting a lit candle. 
  • It works well.
  • It can take most candle sizes.
  • It looks beautiful.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Some customers complained that it does not bring out the scent in the candle.
  • Some customers also complained that it burns the candles up to a point and then stops working.

A good number of customers at the time of writing were pleased with this product. One male reviewer found it masculine enough for him and was happy with how it wrapped up his room with a beautiful fragrance.

5. Insulated Beer Can with Cooler and Opener.

We’ve been talking more about female gifts here. This one would be loved by your male roommate. Don’t be surprised if you both settle down to having drinks of beer thereafter. And how would that be for getting quickly familiarised with your new roomie.


  • It keeps drinks cold for a long time.
  • It fits standard bottles.
  • It comes with a cover for the drinks.


  • The bottle opener is not the best.
  • It may not fit all bottle sizes.

This will make a great new roommate welcome gift for your male roommate. And be prepared to become his new best friend and drinking buddy afterward. Sounds like a perfect win-win situation.

6. Good Morning Coffee Mug with Lid and Stirrer.

This beautiful coffee mug with the beautiful good morning message comes with a cover shaped in the form of a crown, a fitting cover that says royalty drinks with this cup. This mug with its design already passes the message to your roommate that you see them as royalty. The stirrer is also made out of gold plating, adding to the already classy finish. The pink color may however make it more suited for a female roommate although there is no reason why a male roommate would not appreciate it.


  • The printing and finishing are beautiful and classy.
  • The handle is comfortable.
  • It is microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • It has a cover and comes with a stirrer.


  • There have been no negative reviews of this product at the time of writing.

This coffee mug is perfect because the message on it is very neutral and laid back especially since you are meeting your roommate for the first time and not sure what kind of coffee mug messages they are into.



Birthdays provide the perfect avenue and excuse to buy your new roommate a gift. By this time you would have spent some time with them and know what they may have or not have in terms of furnishings or decor items. At this point, you are now both comfortable with each other and have a rapport.

They will love any of these small thoughtful and useful gift items as birthday gifts and would always want to hang out with you.

7. Faux Fur Throw Blanket.

Everyone loves faux fur blankets because of just how plush and cozy they are to the feel and how warm they keep you. Whether your new roommate is male or female, they will love this bundle of softness and warmness. You can choose the dark blue color instead, for your male roommate.


  • It is plush and cozy.
  • It is warm.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is machine washable.
  • You have the option to personalize it with a gift message.


  • It sheds lint after considerable prolonged use.
  • Some customers found it too light.
  • Some customers also complained that the quality was not the best.

At the time of writing, there were more than a thousand positive reviews of this product and one consistent theme is the super softness of this blanket. Your roommate will also love it. Don’t forget to personalize it with a thoughtful birthday message for her/him.

8. Decorative Swing Top Dustbin with Dazzling Glitter Design.

Even if your roommate has a waste bin already, you can be sure they will discard it immediately for this dazzling piece. Don’t be surprised if they never actually throw anything inside because of just how pretty it looks. Like the name, it dazzles anyone who receives it.


  • It is very beautiful.
  • It comes with a swing top.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It comes with a dazzling glittering wrap on the body.


  • It is small.

The size of this bin is perfect for your new roommate’s room or bathroom and they will definitely love it. It’s a beautiful birthday gift to give to them.

9. Customized Moon Lamp.

By now you and your roommate have some level of closeness. This customized moon lamp will seal the closeness and friendship between both of you. Find a beautiful picture of the both of you and have it customized into this lamp with a beautiful message. It is a literal “I love you to the moon and back” gift and you can be sure it will bring a tear or two to their eyes.


  • It can be customized with a picture.
  • The battery is long-lasting.
  • It comes with a stand.
  • It can be touch-controlled.
  • It comes with several light options.
  • The picture is 3D printed inside the glass.


  • It is very fragile and delicate.
  • Some customers said it did not work when it arrived. They however pointed out that customer service was great and they got a replacement or a refund.
  • Some customers also complained that it arrived broken in some places.

Given that this product is fragile, breaking is always a risk to contend with. The customer service has been said to be great. Be sure to order in advance of your roommate’s birthday so that if you need to return it and get a new one there is sufficient time to do so.

10. God Sent Me a Roommate Poster.

The beautiful heartwarming message on this poster will melt your roommate’s insides they may even end up crying. Be sure to have a box of Kleenex handy in case that happens. But the message is really sweet and heartwarming. They will hang it prominently for all to see.


  • It is printed on high-quality gloss paper.
  • The message is inspirational.
  • The size is perfect for a room.


  • It is not framed.
  • It is not colorful.

This gift tells your roommate just how much you value them because of the inspiring heartwarming message on it. It is a gift that cements the bond of friendship between roommates.

11. Wall Mounted Magazine Holder.

Your roommate will love this sturdy magazine holder for keeping their magazines organized in one place rather than having it littered in their room.


  • It is sturdy and solid.
  • It can carry the weight of a lot of magazines.
  • It is easy to mount.
  • It is suitable for any space.
  • It looks vintage and chic.


  • Two customers complained that the quality was not as expected.

Your roommate would love this as a birthday present.

12. Plush Shaggy Rug.

This plush soft to the feet rug is an absolute must-have for both you and your roommate. Granted that it may be too big but it can certainly cover up almost all of your room and that would even be better. Your roommate will thank you for this plush softie.


  • It is very soft.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is relatively easy to clean.
  • The size is perfect.
  • It is sturdy and does not move around.


  • It may be too big for a small room. However, this can be a positive because it will cover the entire space and leave an awesome feeling.
  • It is not machine washable.
  • Some customers have said the quality is not the best.

This rug is very soft and is a good value for the money. There are many positive reviews on its softness and quality.

13. Minimalist Rustic Wood Wall Clock.

This chic and retro-looking wall clock will be loved by your roommate. It brings life to the place where it is hung and it will make your roommate’s room sparkle. They will love it.


  • It keeps time well.
  • It is made of quality wood.
  • It has a second hand (contrary to what the picture suggests).


  • It does not come with batteries.

This minimalist yet classy wall clock is what your roommate’s room needs. Give him/her this as a birthday present and watch their face light up.

14. 2-Piece Woven Storage Basket.

These beautiful storage baskets can be used for whatever your roommate wants to use them for. From using it as a laundry basket to using it to store blankets or just to sit as a nice decorative piece, this multipurpose storage basket is a favorite.


  • It is roomy.
  • It can be used for any storage purpose.
  • It is a beautiful decorative piece.


  • It can get wet because of the material it is made out of.
  • The thread/rope is susceptible to run.

The perfect storage gift to give your roommate.

15. Vanity Mirror with Lights.

Your female roommate will be over the moon with this vanity mirror that lights up while playing music at the same time.


  • It comes with Bluetooth for pairing with the phone.
  • The light is not too bright.
  • It is portable and easy to carry.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is rechargeable.


  • It is fragile.
  • Some customers have complained about the quality and durability.

For the price it is sold at, this product is good value for money and an absolute delight to have. Your roommate would love it as a birthday gift.


Christmas is another perfect occasion to buy your new housemate a gift. And since Christmas is not too far off, you can start early to begin to save up to buy your roommate that Christmas present that will make them cry. And here is our list of such Christmas presents for you to choose from.

16. Decorative Multipurpose Vases.

These beautiful vases were originally designed as candle holders but they look too pretty to be just candle holders. The big vase looks perfect for a large bouquet. They can be used for literally anything and they would make any space they sit in very beautiful. They come with long handles making it easy to carry. Your female roommate will absolutely love these.


  • They can be used for any decorative purpose.
  • They are a beautiful decorative piece.
  • They are sturdy.
  • They are durable.


  • The big vase may be slightly too big for some.
  • Some customers did not like the colors very much.
  • They are pricey but worth the purchase.

These vases would make your female roommate very happy to receive them as Christmas presents. The subjective color preferences of a few customers should not be a reason not to buy these quaint and classy pieces.

17. JBL Flip 5 Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker.

Wow your male roommate this Christmas with these amazing JBL Bluetooth speakers and he will be very happy.


  • The sound quality is great.
  • It is small and portable.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It can play music for a long time.
  • It is durable.


  • It cannot be used as a speakerphone.
  • The skip button is the same as the play button.

Your male roommate will love this Christmas present very much.

18. Floor Length Mirror with Storage Rack.

Who doesn’t love a floor-length mirror. Okay, maybe your female roommate would go gaga over this more than your male roommate. So why not blow her mind with this great Christmas gift. And even better, it comes with a rung/ladder behind it for hanging things.


  • It is sturdy and stands firmly on the ground.
  • The size and length are perfect for any room.
  • The mirror can also be hanged.
  • It is made of quality materials.


  • It is fragile as with any mirror.
  • It is pricey but worth the purchase.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best roommate?” And the mirror replies to say “The roommate that got this for her/his roommate as a Christmas present.”

19. Beetlejuice Candy Bowl Holder.

If you’re looking to buy a funny gift for your new roommate for Christmas then this is the gift for you. But be sure your roommate does not creep out easily otherwise they may end up being creeped out by this Joker looking candy bowl holder.


  • It is funny looking.
  • It is sturdy and stands well.
  • It holds candies pretty well.
  • It comes with a bowl.


  • It does not have back support.
  • Some customers have complained about the quality.

If you are looking to creep your roommate out and have a good laugh at the same time with your roommate, this is the perfect funny Christmas gift for you.


What Christmas gift for college roommates can you recommend?

You can give them any of the gifts listed in the Christmas gift category. You can also give them more college-themed gifts. These college-themed presents would be appreciated –

HP All-In-One Printer

College work needs printing and having one’s printer handy is always the preferred option. Your college roommate would love this. And you both can use it; a win-win for both of you.

Adjustable Table Reading Lamp
A reading lamp is always welcome by a college student. And this lamp comes with a USB charging port for charging the phone while using it.

Cork Board Bulletin Board

This board will help them pin up important notices that they need to stay reminded about. Every college student loves having one of these in their rooms especially if their accommodation is outside the school premises.

Moon Shaped Clock and Alarm

This beautiful looking clock shaped like a moon also works like an alarm. It is a beautiful decorative piece too. Overall, the best clock and alarm to give a college student who needs to wake up every morning to an alarm.

Check out this college article for more gift ideas – College graduation gifts from parents.


The first thing to do when you have a new roommate is to give them a warm welcome to establish a connection with them because you will be spending a great deal of time with them. A good welcome gift will do the trick of easing up any tension and making them feel welcome. The selection of gifts in that category will be sure to get them relaxed.

Also, look for occasions such as their birthdays and Christmas to give them gifts to cement your budding friendship. Any of the presents in those categories will make them happy.







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