10 Signs Someone Doesn't Want You to Succeed

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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Most of us find it really difficult why people want us to fail instead of wishing us to succeed. Nothing is more annoying if the feeling comes from someone close to you, like friends and family.

No one knows how much hard work you put in before you get to where you are today, but instead of them being proud of your achievements, people still want to see you fail without any cause.

Unless someone walks up to you and tells you the reason why they don’t want you to succeed, you might find it hard to know if such a person really feels this way or not.

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If you noticed that people are you don’t want you to succeed, here are the signs to watch out for;


Someone who understands and knows how much hard work you put in will definitely want to see you succeed, will be happy for you, and also celebrate your accomplishments. Someone who doesn’t appreciate this accomplishment won’t be happy for you and will find it hard to celebrate it.

There are many ways people could belittle your accomplishments. They will change the topic of the conversation so brush off the good news while they feel great about it.  They will make comments on how little achievement you just achieved, or they might completely ignore it without any comments or reason.

A person who wants you to succeed or who wants to see you achieve more accomplishment will always motivate you to keep going, not because your accomplishment means nothing to them but they appreciate all the efforts and hard work you applied.


Another who doesn’t want you to succeed will always find a way to control you. They might even go to an extreme end to change your mind about great decisions that will help you improve or progress, they might tell you that trying a new idea is bad and you won’t be able to do it.

This is a toxic trait for anyone to have especially friends and family, they might try to exploit you or use your weakness against you from moving forward in life.

Anyone who plans to control you is an unhealthy and toxic person, and if you believe that the person close to you is trying one way or another to control your actions and thoughts, it will be best for you to part ways with them and rethink your relationship.


Most toxic people will always try to hide their jealousy, but no matter how they hide it the bad feeling will always come out. If there is someone who is jealous of your success or they don’t like how you are progressing in life, they might look for a way to stop you from succeeding.

To know if someone is not really happy with your accomplishment, try and tell them any good news, their reaction will always tell you how they feel but once you know that they always react badly whenever you share the good news with them. It will be best if you can stop telling them about your achievements.

They would not be happy with your achievements and all they would hope for is how they can bring you down before you can reach another milestone.

Jealousy is a powerful force and sometimes it can hinder progress, some people will definitely stop you from succeeding in life mainly because they cannot control their jealousy and also they can’t be happy for your achievements.


No one helps you to achieve your success but only through hard work and dedication, you have every right to relish how far you have come and what else you have to accomplish. A sign that someone is not happy about your success is when they talk about themselves while you are celebrating your own success.

Most cases happen when a partner will turn good news of your success into a bad review and use it to manipulate you, how they deal with your achievements might boost or lower your morale, always be mindful of who you share your success with and how you react after telling them.

These types of people often love to praise themselves only, while they look down on others without appreciating their efforts.

5. They Talk Behind Your Back

A toxic person will always find a way to talk behind your back while bad-mouthing your achievements to others, simply because they hate your success.

They will also look for a way to get other people to hate you while they speak ill of you, this might even hinder your way of progressing with others in case of partnership.

Have you checked the life of people who gossip about others? Their only aim in life is to bring other people down and they might be doing the same thing to you whenever you share your accomplishment with them. They don’t have your best interest, instead, they only want to know how you are progressing and while they bring you down.


People who want you to fail will always look out for the negatives in your success and rub it in your face.

They will always look for a way to complain about everything, such as you work too much, your job is always too serious and tasking, you are too focused on your job while you can do other things, whatever they laid their hands on is what they will use against you.

The only way to make themselves feel better about not having the success as you is to say negative things about you, all these are done to make you feel bad about your achievements and success.

They might even go to extreme lengths to make you feel like you have no chance at succeeding or you are not good enough to reach your goals.


Someone who hates to see you succeed will always find a way to discourage you from reaching your goals or how to move forward in life. They will always look for a way to tell you that you are not good enough, you might not be successful or you should settle for less.

You might find it difficult to disregard any form of discouragement, especially if it comes from family and friends. You must always be ready to accept any form of discouragement and move ahead in life, don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goals. The one way to show your haters that you are doing better in life is to continue winning every day without their opinion.


One of the reasons why people don’t want you to succeed is because they have tried hard to reach their dreams but only fall short, oftentimes they blame others for their failures. There are chances that people who don’t want you to succeed have one way or the other undergo what it is like to be belittled. Simply because they have undergone the abuse they believe that others should witness it too.

The only difference is, they allow other people’s negative opinions to get to them which led them to stop chasing their dreams, or they did not believe in their dreams to accomplish great things. Most times, if they see you succeeding on the things they tried out and did not work, it makes them reflect on what to do better.


Some people who want you to fail actually recognize all the hard times which you have endured in the past – to get to the stage you are in right now. They also understand that it came with enduring sacrifices –the type of sacrifices they were not willing to make. A part of them will be angry for not doing everything that they could have done while you have done that and overcome all obstacles.

They know that if only if they had a little more perseverance and courage, they could have also become successful but instead they could not wait. Typically, people like this will definitely be angry at your success and will always look for a way to bring you down while they wallow in their own downfall.


Only you understand that it was all your hard work that actually pays off over time. However, if other people have been working longer than you or they work almost as hard as you but their result is slow – they will start to question other areas of their lives about what went wrong and how you are doing better than them. These thoughts will often come in times of crisis when the soul is down and depression has set in. 

Sharing your personal achievements with people is not the wrong thing to do but everyone will not be happy with your success.

Most times, it has nothing to do with you or your success, it might be because of emotions or what they are passing through at that moment.


Why do you think that someone doesn’t want you to succeed? It might feel like the whole family or the whole world is against you while all you chase after are things that can make you happy amidst this people still envy your success.

Why? Shouldn’t people be happy about your achievements? The truth is that not everyone will be happy for you and as long as you think that you want to live based on people’s expectations, you will only hurt yourself while doing so. 

Many of us do believe that people’s opinions most times do matters but what you don’t know is that not everyone will be happy about your achievements.  We often follow the words of other people, give up on our dreams, give up easily –all because someone fails to acknowledge our success.



Well, your family might see you as a threat if you are doing better than them, and for them to bring you down the best way for them to do it will be through hating and belittling your achievements. Don’t let anyone speak ill about your success, you deserve every wins that comes your way, your family member should always be singing on this praise “I want you to succeed” anytime you are doing something great.


The main reason why people succeed and others don’t is because they understand their core strengths. They rarely waste their precious time while trying to fix their weaknesses. Too much of everything at the same time will only cause setbacks and you won’t be able to achieve your goal. The moment you are able to identify your strength and skillsets then you will be unstoppable.


The main reason why we get jealous of other people is that they are doing better than us, even if we try to follow in their footsteps we might not be able to achieve half of what they have. If you think someone is jealous of your success, this is because they believe you are doing something better than them.





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