5 Reasons When a Guy Ignores You After an Argument

5 Reasons When a Guy Ignores You After an Argument

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“What comes easy won’t last long, and what lasts long won’t come easy.”

Have you ever had an argument with your man? Now you feel apart from him because he ignores you after an argument. This may leave you to why your boyfriend ignores you for days after an argument by not replying to your chat or giving you a callback. Do you feel annoyed because you don’t understand why your guy will ignore you after an argument that can be solved easily?

Your guy ignoring you won’t definitely end a nasty argument you had but you can settle the argument in an amicable way without causing further trouble with each other. Even though it might seem like the guy has given up on the relationship or you don’t want to continue, all these thoughts will always come because no contact after arguments is very common in a relationship nowadays.

“why do guys act like nothing happened after a fight?” this happens because most guys don’t know how to express their feelings or they don’t want to escalate a fight, you might be wondering why he doesn’t make his feelings know or even what went wrong during the fight. Chances are, there is absolutely nothing going on in the guy’s mind but he only wants the fight tension to reduce before he can call or chat. Let us show you a bit more about what it means when a guy ignores you after an argument.


If you are being ignored by the person you really love so much can make you doubt if your current relationship can lead to marriage. Nothing, hurt more than silent treatment and this happens after a nasty argument. Seconds will feel like hours while days will feel like months. A few days of zero contact from your man can make you start thinking, “My boyfriend has started silent treatment with me and hasn’t talked to me after an argument. Why doesn’t he call or chat to see if am okay, does he even care about me? ”

Some guys find it difficult to talk most times, and their way of coping after an argument is to stonewall and stopped talking to their girlfriend. Which, most times, can involve a long fight or lead to a breakup. Moreover, it is always better for you and your boyfriend to take time to calm down after an argument to prevent showing extreme anger toward each other.

Most guys’ need for space always looks like they are ignoring you after a fight. He might not talk to you or reply to your chat easily after a fight. At first, he might after as if he is busy, but if this keeps on going for a while. You will be frustrated and find it hard to think if your boyfriend is over with you or doesn’t want to talk with you at all.

Do not always act on assumptions like, “he is going to break up with me after this fight” or “won’t he checks up on me after all these days?” you need to usher your mind and feel at peace before taking any further action. Have you ever have the thought that your boyfriend will leave you after a fight? He might be waiting for the right time to apologize for the argument and come back with love and gifts. It may seem bad to you right now that your boyfriend has decided to stop talking to you after a fight. You Gov show statistics of people who have ended a long-term relationship within a short time.

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There are often a lot of hateful words that might come from him during the fight but he might be avoiding saying something bad or awful. He could also be dealing with other things like work or emotions while trying to put everything together before reconciling back with you.

If your guy ignores you after an argument, then the guy might need time to process his feelings and sometimes he believes that silent treatment is the best solution. No, your guy won’t leave you after a fight, and also no, he is not cheating on you. A relationship fight is very normal to happen but it is up to you two to keep it cool and think of a way to make your relationship healthy. There is only one way to keep your relationship healthy and this involves the use of effective communication. 

5 Reasons A Guy Ignores You After A Fight

The moment you realize that it has been a long that your guy talked to you after a fight, you need to analyze the situation to see what went wrong. You might still be thinking like “why is my boyfriend still ignoring me after a fight?” “What can I do about it?” and “How can I save my relationship?”

At times, you might still be wondering if he has someone else except you, but all this could be your imagination. You need to understand the reason behind his silence and access it well before making a decision. To know how to how to get back to your guy after any argument or you want to know why a guy ignores you after an argument, read this;


You need the understand to access the time of the fight before the silent treatment started. It is very possible that your fight started during a job deadline or family commitment while your guy finds it difficult to create time to text you or put in a call to resolve the fight.

Whenever your guy goes silent after a fight, there are chances that he has other pressing commitments to attend to and also he might want to put a call through and check up on you but he might not have the time. All jokes aside, your guy might be trying to finish a job at hand before settling the fight between you two. 

Your mind may immediately process it that your boyfriend is ignoring you because you caused the fight and this might not be the case. You have to need to be very patient and give him time to think before jumping to conclusions because all this will definitely upset you if he has to explain why he couldn’t reply or put a call through.

2. He needs time to process and observe the situation

After the argument, you and your guy will be angry at each other and things might escalate from normal to abnormal if you both are not careful. To avoid nastiness or unnecessary fight, your boyfriend or husband might think the best way to cool down the fight is to ignore you until they feel better to call or chat. At some point, the no contact might work but in some cases might lead to breaking up.

The tactic of using no contact after an argument should only be used for a few periods of time and also your boyfriend or husband should make time for calling or text even if they are busy.


When two people come together to date or get married, they are together to share their flaws. There will always be differences amongst couples and this might lead you to dislike your partner’s behavior. Wondering, “We had a disagreement and he hasn’t called” “my boyfriend ghosted me after a fight”, what should you do? You need to take a step back and access the whole situation before and after the argument.

The issue that cause the argument between you two might be a common relationship problem, or you have unknowingly hurt his ego which triggered his insecurities. People in relationships are most times sensitive to things that might be overlooked by their partners, you need to be very careful of your partner’s feelings during an argument. When a man’s insecurities are triggered, it hurts him more and he will prefer to bottle it up without opening up this happens because men are not very used to expressing their feelings.

Instead, they try to suppress or ignore it. By saying something that his insecurities and can trigger him.  All this might have happened because you heard bad advice from a friend or you have a feeling that he might be cheating on you.


Women are often more attentive and sensitive to things than men and it is possible that your guys don’t even have an idea that the argument is as serious as you think. Or he might believe that the argument is a little play that could be brushed off anytime and therefore he decided to ignore the fight totally.

But since the fight won’t end on its own, you need to call your guy and explain the implication of what he has done and why he has been ignoring you.  So give your man the space he wanted to access the situation and make sure you knock sense into him and made him understand that “silent treatment” is not the best way to way to settle an argument.

In most cases, this happens because some guys don’t have prior experience on what to do after a fight has occurred. They are always anxious and curious about who to make the first move or wait till their partner brings the matter up. 


The moment you noticed that your guy has ignored you after an argument, this might happened because he is afraid of making things worse or he is afraid of breaking up. He might have a soft spot and has no experience on how to resolve a conflict, and with the hopes of not turning everything upside down, he could be looking for the best time to cool off before texting you.

He might also think that the best time to resolve the argument is when you and he are ready to talk amicably. He might be very afraid of losing you by messing up with words or saying things that might hurt you which is why he chose silent treatment over opening up to you.

Hence, “he won’t talk to me after a fight or no contact after argument” is not the end of the world. He has the reason for not talking, doesn’t he? Only when you and your partner are calmed and able to deal with the situation. Your guy will open up to you and end the fight without any issue.


1. What to do when he ignores you after an argument?

It will be best to let him understand how important you are in this life and also the impact of him being your partner.  Create time to have an honest conversation with your boyfriend or husband after the whole fight heat has reduced, if you can apologize, no problem. You can try to prepare his favorite meal or go out on a date.

2. Will no contact make him miss me?

The only way the no contact work is after a break-up but during an argument, it won’t work.  If you are not in touch with your partner for some time, you will miss him and realize what you could have done better.

3. How do you make him feel guilty for ignoring you?

If you cry, sulk or make him reflect on his actions then he would feel guilty. But if you plan on using manipulative behavior to get what you want from him, it might not end well.

4. What do you do when your boyfriend purposely ignores you?

When he pulls away after a fight, you need to find out why. Maybe your boyfriend or husband has too much on his mind or doesn’t have the energy to have a confrontation with you. It is important to find out the reason why he ignores you after an argument and deal with it accordingly.





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