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Friendship should be a long term goal but if you know changes in your friend’s attitude, this is a sign you are losing them.

Friendship should be a long term goal but if you know changes in your friend's attitude, this is a sign you are losing them.

Statement about friendship

The graph is showing statements about friendship, Source statistica. Does your friend follow all the friendship statements shown in the graph, if not you might be losing your best friend?

Below is the list of 13 signs that you are growing apart from your best friends, also if you want to know all the red flags involve during the friendship and how to avoid it. Then read this article till the end.

1. Communication is not frequent – you and your best friend talk once in a while

Communication is one of the important keys in friendship, and if you and your best friend talk once in a while or rarely talk in a week, then you are already drifting away.

Many people categorize friends drifting away based on; location, new job, meeting new people, or mood changes, either way, are the listed categories might be one of the main reasons why your best friend stopped talking to you, but if you have strong communication. Nothing should stand in your way as a friend.

2. Late replies or social media ignore

Your friend who often replies within a second has changed to a week and more, and this is a sign that you are already losing your best friend. “No one is busy,” except they don’t want to make time for you.

If your best friend has met new people and their characteristics work hand in hand, then you will notice a sudden change in how they reply to your conversation, either in real-time or through the social media platform. Always be on the lookout for ignored conversations; people know what they are doing at any particular time, don’t be deceived. Watch out for this sign.

3. Losing interest in a conversation

You ever noticed if your conversation with your best friend seems less interesting to you? That is one of the red flags that you are losing your best friend. Best friends often have a long conversation, and each moment is memorable. If you and your best friend’s conversation has moved from long chat to small chat, then you guys are already drifting away.

No funny jokes during chat or no interesting topic are presented for discussion, and you are already losing your best friends, and one day you might stop talking with each other or forget all the glorious moments you have shared.

4. Zero efforts made on hanging out

Hanging out with your best friend is a way to create lasting memories even when you are not together. But if you are planning on going out with your best friend and all you can hear as a reply is “I am sorry can’t make it,” “I won’t be available,” “I have other plans.”

This is a red flag that your best friend has another plan which does not include you. If you noticed that you are the only one trying to fix things or make a schedule all the time without your best friend reciprocating or showing interest, you guys might not be as friends as you thought you are. Note, people only make time for who they love and who they think to deserve their time. Don’t waste your time and energy on someone who doesn’t appreciate your efforts.

5. You don’t vibe anymore.

Most friends do have a signature sign, which might include: handshake, waving, or dancing, but you noticed your best friend no longer wants to participate in this signature sign anymore, or you are not feeling the vibe again.

This happens a lot because your best friend might have met other people who have introduced a new signature sign to them, and yours might seem a little uninteresting to them anymore. Sometimes people want to experience a new vibe, and when that happens to your best friend, the best thing to do is let go and appreciate or enjoy the time spent together.

6. You feel okay whenever you guys don’t talk.

The moment you are comfortable not talking with your friends, and you planned not to reach out, your friendship is about to end, or you are already drifting apart. Closure is one of the main things that hold a friendship, and whenever this reduces, you are saying this to yourself; “I am not bothered about anyone, just myself alone.”

With this decision, you are already concluding that you have accepted that your best friend has drifted away and there is nothing you can do about it. If you notice that you are the only one supporting your friendship, kindly step back and find someone who appreciates your time and energy.

7. They choose a relationship over you.

Before they met their loved ones, you are part of their story, but now they have seen you as an obstacle or someone who doesn’t want their happiness. If your best friend chooses a relationship over you and assumes that you might destroy whatever happiness they are having with their new loved ones, you should withdraw and not force that friendship.

Because if you force the friendship, your best friend will someday blame whether you are the cause of the relationship downfall or not. Whenever you noticed that your best friend is picking a bae or boo over you, please step back and don’t force anything.

8. They rarely resolve an argument and fight more often than usual.

An argument doesn’t reach more than 5 minutes before resolving, but not it has taken a month or year, and you haven’t resolved it with your best friend. This is a sign that both of you are already drifting away from this friendship, and either one of you has met new people and believe resolving old fights won’t bring much to the table.

Human tends to change when they feel bored in friendship or when they notice that nothing new will happen if they continue as a friend if you noticed this red flag. Don’t panic; just understand that you and your friend might not be as close as ever.

9. They don’t take special occasions seriously like before

Your friend’s birthday was yesterday, or yours was in the previous month, but both parties made no effort to celebrate this special occasion. A birthday or friendship anniversary is one of the major ways friends celebrate each other and talk more about themselves. Still, if you and your friends are feeling reluctant to send a message or celebrate each other on a special occasion, then you are already getting separated, and it might be hard to get close again.

10. A new group of friends has surfaced, and you are not included in the group.

You noticed that your best friend now walk or chat with a new set of people without you in the picture means they don’t need your friends anymore. The chances that your best friend won’t want to hang with you anymore is high because people tend to introduces their friend to others as a sign of friendship sake, but if you noticed that you are not invited to join their join, then your friend has a new “best friend” from the set of people they just met.

11. They don’t want to meet or see you.

Whenever your friend sees you in public, they either hide their face or eyes from coming in contact with yours. This is a red flag that your friend doesn’t see you as that special person anymore, or they are afraid of telling you that your friendship is over, but they feel bad about how to say it. Either way, if you noticed this sign that your best friend doesn’t want to meet or see you. You can act as a gentleman and honor their decision since they were your best friend before now.


12. Act with kindness

When you feel like you and your best friend are no longer in the right talking term, you might feel like you don’t wish to continue that friendship, which is unnecessary. You might not know the main reason why your best friend decided to stop talking. That is why you need to act with kindness towards them until the reason why they stopped being friends with you is uncovered.

Nobody is a bad person just that we are all victims of circumstance, your best friend might be going through a lot, and you might not understand whatever the issue might be. If you find yourself in that situation to help your friend and cement your friendship back, you need to show love and kindness toward them till the phase passes over.

13. Be honest with each other.

No friendship is perfect. And the secret to a lifetime friendship is honesty if you noticed any new or bad thing that your best friend might be doing and you don’t like it. Having an open discussion is the best solution to this problem. The moment you and your friend start hiding a problem from each other that is the day you guys will start to drift apart. An honest conversation can save a lifetime friendship and show friends wherever they are lacking and how they can improve with time.


1. How to know when your best friend is losing interest?

If you noticed that your friend is exhibiting any of the 13 signs listed above, your friend is losing interest in being friends with you. You can either tell your friend about your opinion if you wish to be friends with them, and if you are uncomfortable with being friends with them, it is better to let go.

2. What to do if you are not in a good term with your best friend?

Whenever you notice that you are not in a good term with your best friend, the best thing to do is to discuss with your friend and ask why the sudden change and drifting apart.

You can introduce your friends to your group or share any things you might have to learn. Also, you can remake old memories or tend to apologize to each other in any best way possible.

3. How do I know if my best friend still wants to be my best friend?

Your friend is still acting the normal way they acted, probably before a fight or before they meet new people, your best friend might still want to be your best friend but doesn’t know how to express their feelings.

4. How do I make my friend come back and fix our drifting friendship?

Put yourself in your friend’s shoe or give them space if you noticed that they are drifting from friendship. If you are chanced to have a conversation with your friend, please don’t be defensive or shout at them; instead, listen attentively and look for a way to resolve the issue.


A best friend means someone you can rely on or someone who can be there for you whenever you are down. Still, there are possibilities that you might lose your friendship or got separated from your friend probably because of some factors, or your best friend might exhibit any of the 13 signs, and if you can notice this. It will be best that you try and tell your friend how you feel about the friendship, but if you noticed that there are no changes in due time, try and walk away.

If you ever wonder if your best friend is still the same person you know before but has been exhibit some signs, try and read this article again to understand which sign and how to curb it before you lose your friend forever.





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