14 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care about You

Never feel bad or change or your attitude because of your friend’s bad behavior towards you. If your friend cared about you, they wouldn’t treat you wrong, but instead, they will care so much about you. There might be a sign that your best friend doesn’t respect you anymore, or your friend might stop talking to you, and all this happens because your friend doesn’t care about you or your opinion, unlike before.

Which of these statements about you and friendship do you agree with_

Below are the qualities a good friend must show; this graph was taken from statista. The stats express what your best friend must exhibit. But once a friend stopped caring about you, they won’t bother to show the characteristics of a good friend.


Communication is the best way friends can be together or express their feelings for each other, but this will stop the moment you noticed that your friend is never making an effort for you to be together. Ever wonder why do all my friends hate me? Or why do friends never ask about my life anymore, then read this article till the end?

1. They don’t respect you.

One of the main things that your friend should be doing is helping or respecting you. But if you noticed that your friend doesn’t respect you, then they are already showing you a sign that your friendship is no longer needed. Your friends who put you down subtly were never good friends to start with in the first place, and a good friend will never stop talking with you for no reason.

Do you ever wonder if your friend still cares for you? Respect is also one of the pillars of friendship, but if you are not given any form of respect in your friendship, that is a sign that your friend doesn’t care about you.

2. They don’t give you the chance to talk or express yourself.

There is no more annoying way than talking, and your friend doesn’t give you a chance to express yourself; no one wants to hang out with people who don’t acknowledge others or allow their friends to express themselves.

Your friend who cares about you should always give you a chance to talk when necessary, and on any occasion, you should not be cut short whenever you want to express yourself. Disrespect friends are not suitable for the health, and most times, they always don’t give others the chance of saying what is on their mind; this is a sign that your friend doesn’t care about you and be ready to make amendments or leave that circle of friends if this continues.

3. Your friend is never ready to stand up for you on any occasion.

A friend should be in the best position to defend you; however, if your friend cannot protect you when you are not present in a meeting, function, or hangout. This signifies that your friend can’t stand up for you to defend your honor, which shouldn’t be the case.

However, a friend who stands or witness when another abuse or say bad things about you, this type of friend is not a good person to keep or walk with. Your friend must always be ready to support you. But they do not, then your friend is already showing a sign that they don’t care about you.

4. They try to embarrass you in front of others and never apologize.

You must have witnessed this experience before. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment, and you count on your friend to save you or support your shame but instead, they were laughing at you?

Friends who embarrass you don’t care about how you feel, and they only care about themselves and other people’s opinions. If your friend often embarrasses or laughs at you because others are doing the same thing, then they don’t deserve to earn the title “friend” in the first place.

5. They spend time with gadgets more than you.

If your friend is always stuck with their phone or pc all day while you are with them, this is a sign that your presence doesn’t matter to them and they don’t care about you. Everyone has to be online to understand what is going on in the world, but at the same time, friends should always make time for other friends, even if they are busy with their phones.

It is very disrespectful if your friend gives attention to their phone or pc while you are with them. They are passing out any information that “their gadget is important” if you noticed this sign from any of your friends, then it is time for you to change your circle and align with a new friend. It would help if you were friends with people that appreciate your presence, time, and energy.

6. They never wish you good luck or celebrate your win.

As your success, be a source of motivation to your friend or as your friend ever stand by you whenever you are down or celebrate your win. If your friend is never happy about your success or wishes to celebrate you is a bad thing.

A friend who wishes you are down or bad things happen to you is not good to hang out with, and also, this is a sign that your friend doesn’t care about you and never wishes you well. If you notice this sign, you should leave that friend or change your circle.

7. They never encourage you to do more than your limit.

A good friend will always advise you to explore more than your limit. And they will push you to try new things, and if your friend never encourages you to do more than your capability, then they don’t care about you. This is a sign that your friend doesn’t wish you to progress or want you to stay at a point.

Be careful of friends that act nice to you, but they do not want you to progress at all along the way. A friend who exhibits these characteristics is not a good friend to start with.

8. They always negate your opinion without any reason.

Ever feel good about an event or achievement? And all of a sudden, your friend gave terrible advice on why you should not attend the event or how the achievement is not a great thing for you. Your friend should be your supporter and not your enemy.

If your friend always looks unhappy or makes you feel bad whenever you announced great news, then that is a sign that your friend doesn’t care about you.

9. They never wish to help you, or they often refuse to help even if you ask.

A good friend will always be ready to help you out whether you ask for help or not, but on the other hand, a friend who doesn’t care about you will feel reluctant to help you and look for excuses to cover up their mistakes.

Your friend will never abandon you, or will they ever leave you alone to handle things on your own. A friendship symbolizes strength, which means whenever you are weak to handle a matter or issue, your friend should help you out.

10. They don’t keep up to appointments or promises.

Has your friend cancelled an appointment? Or they promise to show up to any event, but in the end, they ghosted. A true friend always honour promises and appointments, only a lousy friend will promise and fail. If you noticed any sudden change in your friend when it comes to appointments or commitments, this has happened over time, and they did not change for good.

Then it would help if you changed your circle because they might not care about you anybody. To avoid imposing or forcing anyone to keep up with you, try looking for another friend who honors promises and appointments.

11. They don’t say sorry to apologize or end an argument early.

 A good friend always knows when to say “sorry” or apologize whenever they are wrong, but a lousy friend won’t say sorry or end an argument early. If your best friend stopped talking to you because of any dispute and you have tried to reconcile, but in the end, it was futile, then your friend doesn’t care about you; instead, they care only about themselves.

An apology between friends should come with ease, not imposed or forced on each other if you notice that your friend doesn’t wish to apologize despite being wrong. This is a red flag that your friendship is biased, and you are the only one putting effort into it.

12. Your friend never asks about your life.

Only a bad friend won’t be curious to ask if there is any new thing occurring in your life. A good friend will always ask if they notice anything unique about your life. They will be up to date with every activity occurring and always want to help you advance to the next level.

A sign that your friend doesn’t care about you is when they leave you alone and never check up on you to see whether you are doing well or not.


13. No one wants to hang out with you anymore.

When your friend starts dodging or refuses to hang out with you, this could be that they are not ready to be friends with you or they don’t care about you anymore. Your friend should always be eager to hang out or meet you, but if you notice any sudden changes from your friend towards you. They might have changed their circle, or they don’t care enough like before.

You can always notice or see red flags whenever no one wants to hang out with you as a sign that most of your friends have stopped caring about you.

14. Your best friend doesn’t respect your feelings.

Whenever your best friend doesn’t care or respect your feeling, this is a sign that your friend doesn’t care about you. If you ever express your feelings over a discussion or any event, but your best friend doesn’t see any reason to acknowledge or respect it. Then, your best friend doesn’t care about you.

A best friend should be someone ready to sacrifice anything for their friend, and at the same thing, your best friend should always be the pillar of support any time or day. 

What can you do in this situation?

After going through this article, do you notice if your friend ever exhibits any of these signs? If your answer is “yes,” then don’t decide yet whether to change your friend or fight with them.

You don’t know this; your friend might be going through a problem or challenging time. Also, your friend can act as if they don’t care, and they might not have any idea about what they are doing. If you notice any of this, please be gentle with your friend and have a better conversation to understand them better. But, if they did not change their behaviour along the way and still act as if they don’t care. It is time for you to change your circle and choose new friends.

Humans often change with time. If you are not careful enough, you might hurt your friend while finding out if they care about you or not. Most people often hide their feelings and won’t express them until time due. It will be advisable to take it easy on your friend and, at the same time, make sure they exhibit at 6 of the signs listed above before taking any proper action.


1. How do you know if your friends don’t care about you?

There are signs or red flags to watch out for to know if your friend doesn’t care about you; this article has complied 14 signs to know if you ever wonder why your friend doesn’t care about you.

2. How do you know if your best friend doesn’t like you?

If your best friend’s behaviour changed towards you or they started acting out like they don’t care about you, accept that their likeness towards you has reduced, and they might not be your friend again.

3. Signs you are losing your best friend?

Try reading the article from the beginning to understand more about signs that you are losing your best friend and how to get them back.

4. When do you give up on friendship?

You only give up on friendship whenever you felt like you are the only one putting in the actual effort.





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