10 Useful Items for Leg Amputees

  • Having a limb taken away from you can be a traumatizing event and occurrence in someone’s life. Most often, people who undergo will experience grief akin to loss. Be patient and kind to them during the adjustment period.
  • Expect a lot to change in your household when your loved one gets their leg amputated. Make the necessary changes to accommodate their new needs.
  • When deciding to choose a gift for an amputee, consider items that will help improve their newly compromised life while also sustaining their independence.
  • This article has carefully selected items that leg amputees will find useful during their adjustment period and beyond.


The first thing you need to realize is that your friend or family member is likely going through a lot of emotions akin to grief. They have lost a part of themselves – literally – and accepting the fact might take time. They may harbor feelings of anger and resentment towards the world and sometimes towards you, they may feel unlucky and that life is unfair. Remember to be patient with them and speak to them in soft understanding tones, let them know you are there for them even though you may not fully understand what they are going through. 

Aside from the emotional turmoil, you should also expect a lot of things to change around the house in order to accommodate the compromised mobility of your loved one.


Since amputees struggle with mobility and getting used to doing things with one limbless, your gifts to them should be catered towards improving their day to day lives and making the activities that they do easier. Think of the simplest task and how easy it is for able-bodied people to do it; now imagine having to do the same thing without a leg. Ask yourself what kind of aid would you need if you were in their position that would ensure that you did not lose your independence? In that answer, lies the most useful items you can get for leg amputees. In this article, we asked ourselves this same question and came up with 10 useful items for leg amputees.

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1. Prosthetic Wipes:

These are a great gift for an amputee because they help with providing relief and preventing infections after a long walk or run especially on hot and humid days.


  • They are gentle on the skin 
  • They are hypoallergenic and made from natural ingredients 
  • They do not irritate sensitive skin


  • They are hard to pull from the packet 
  • They are infused with essential oils which some people aren’t fond of

These wipes are made from organic ingredients which make them safe to use on all skin types

2. Amputee Essentials Prosthetic Moisturizer:

This is a considerate amputee gift because keeping the skin hydrated helps in fighting skin abrasions which make wearing prosthetics a bit more comfortable.


  • It keeps skin hydrated for hours 
  • It provides relief on irritated skin 
  • It has a light pleasant smell


  • This product has no discernible cons, however it may be important to note that some amputees already have a lotion brand that they use and they would like to stick to.

This moisturizer lotion is great for treating stump rushes. It is soothing and provides comfort.

3. Towel Warmer:

This is an essential gift for people who have just had an amputation and are yet to get a prosthesis and also people who are experiencing phantom pain. Warm towels help alleviate the pain and having a towel warmer handy can be quite helpful.


  • It is spacious, it holds up to 60 small towels or 30 medium-sized ones
  • It is rust-resistant 
  • It is easy to use 
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • It has a set temperature of 145̊ which may not be optimal for some people
  • the size may be considered too small for some people

This towel warmer is versatile in its usage and has a warranty of two years.

4. Shower Grab Bars:

A helpful leg amputee gift that acts as an aide when getting in and out of the shower or bathtub.


  • It is easy to install
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It can be removed after use 
  • It works on non-porous surfaces


  • The bars are not durable and may fall off after a while

These shower grab bars let you know when they are safely secured. They have a strong grip and can latch onto any flat surface.

5. Bathtub Transfer Bench:

Another product that will help amputees get in and out of the shower safely and comfortably in the bath bench. This can be used to take a bath or shower while sitting down which is a more comfortable position.


  • It is sturdy and stable 
  • It is easy to assemble and install
  • It is safe to use 
  • It is lightweight 
  • It is adjustable


  • It does not have a return policy 
  • The suction cups may come off due to soap and other bathing products. It is recommended that only one set of the legs is inserted in the bath and the other pair should stay on the dry ground outside the tub/shower.

This bathtub transfer bench is made from plastic and aluminum which makes it very light and easy to carry around.


6. Prosthetic Sock:

Prosthetic socks are a great gift for amputees because they provide protection for the friction between the stump and the prosthesis. This provides relief and comfort to the amputee.


  • It fits snuggly while also allowing blood flow
  • It is durable 
  • It is comfortable to wear 
  • It reduces swelling and stump irritation


  • The sizes for the sock do not cater to big-bodied individuals

This prosthetic sock is made from stretchy nylon which makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time without cutting blood supply.


7. Funny T-shirt:

This is a good gift for an amputee you are close with and who shares your sense of humor.


  • It has lighthearted humor 
  • It is comfortable to wear 
  • It is lightweight 
  • It is made from good quality material


  • The joke might be considered insensitive depending on how soon after the amputation you decide to give it and to whom you give it. Timing is everything with this gift, tread carefully.

The T-shirt reads “It’s official, I’m on my last leg” (ha-ha!) is made from cotton and comes in five solid colors to choose from.

8. Grabber Tool:

This is a great gift for amputees because it helps them reach for things in hard to reach places where they cannot reach anymore or reach for things easily while sitting down especially during the first few weeks of recovery after surgery.


  • It is lightweight 
  • It is easy to use 
  • It has an inbuilt magnet that picks up a metal object


  • Some customers complained that the weight of the grabber was “too heavy” and required much strength to operate it.

This grabber is great for reaching in both high and low places because of its length.

9. Air Compression Leg Massager:

This product helps in blood circulation therapy and works effectively when recovering from surgery. It enhances quick recovery.


  • It helps relax muscles 
  • It is adjustable and can fit any leg/thigh size 
  • It automatically shuts down after 20 minutes 
  • It has four heat massage intensities


  • It is not built to last

This leg massager is built to improve blood circulation to your legs and strengthen your muscles. It is excellent for people recovering from surgery who are at risk of getting blood clots.

10. Leg Cast Protector:

This is a great accessory for amputees especially for going to the beach. This is an option they can have to not take off their prostheses but rather cover it so it does not get wet.


  • It is waterproof 
  • It is reusable
  • It is easy to use, and take care of


  • Some customers complained that the opening was too small to fit their feet in.

This cast protector is great for keeping the prosthetic leg dry on a day out on the beach or a rainy day.


When you are deciding to buy amputee gifts that relate to clothing, you should keep in mind that loose is better. The flowier the clothing item is, the better. This is because tight clothes tend to cut or limit blood circulation and for amputees, circulation is very important for muscle relaxation and tissue healing. For men, consider buying them baggy or loose-fitting trousers and sweatpants. For women, dresses are the easiest solution. However, some women might be self-conscious about showing their prosthetic leg. For this, the solution would be getting for them pants that are made from a material that stretches because it will not cut circulation. Essentially, if the person you are planning on gifting has been an amputee for a while, you might just want to take a look at their style and what they wear to get an idea of what kind of clothing to get for them.


Getting prosthetic shoes is no different than getting any other kind of shoes. However, you will have to know what kind of prostheses the person you are planning on getting this gift for has. For men, most of their prosthetic legs are “one size fits all” when it comes to shoes. For women, however, there are different prostheses for flat shoes and high-heeled shoes.

Whatever shoe you decide to get, just make sure you get the sizing right and also consider the comfortability of the shoe. Depending on the person you are planning on gifting, you might want to consider how fashionable and stylish the shoe should be.


These are accessories that personalize the style of the amputee. It makes the process of choosing a prostheses feel a little less mechanical and a little more personal and intimate. Accessories such as Prosthetic Covers do not only help personalize the prosthetic leg, but they also provide protection for the leg which makes it more durable and comfortable to wear. Personalizing it gives the leg an identity that the amputee can relate to and thus removes the feeling that it is a foreign body attached to their limb.

Another prosthetic leg accessory is the Carbon Fiber Running Prostheses. This is a great accessory for amputees who are athletic and like to jog, run, or sprint. These are specially made for such activities and they improve the capacity of these activities as well as the comfortability while doing so.


Do amputees get free stuff from the government?

No, amputees do not get any free stuff from the government unless the amputee can show or prove that their amputation has prevented them from finding or keeping a job, then they can apply for disability benefits. However, with this, they have to meet certain qualities to qualify and be eligible for disability benefits.


You should expect a lot of drastic changes to occur when a member of your family finds themselves with an amputated leg. There are going to be emotional adjustments as they go through a mourning period for their leg, and so will you because they may end up deflecting and projecting their anger out on you. The other thing that is going to change is the structure of the house, you will need to purchase a few items and make a few changes around the house so that it can accommodate the amputee. We hope that the list we have given you will help you find items you need to make these transitions in your home.







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