15 Ideas on What to Do When a Girl Ignores You

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What to do when a girl ignores you after an argument comes in handy especially when she talks to others while ignoring me. A lot comes to mind;

  • Why is she ignoring me?
  • Is she going to break up with me?
  •  Will she ever call to apologize?
  • Did I say something wrong?
  • Should I call to apologize?
  • Should I send her a text?
  • Does she still love me?
  • How come she ignores my text?

These questions keep you restless for days until she finally calls, visits or texts. What if she never calls or texts? What if she ignores you after an argument? What if she ghosts you after you sent a message or called?

Why would a girl Ignore you?

There are many reasons why a girl will ignore you, they include;

  • She doesn’t like you
  • She is thinking of breaking up with you
  • She is seeing someone else
  • She had an argument with you.
  • She is going through a lot right now.

We will talk about this and more briefly with emphasis on when she ignores you after an argument;


You will need to be patient; I know She hasn’t called , it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t, and maybe it doesn’t mean she would either, but you don’t know that right now, do you? This is why you should be patient. When there is no contact after an argument, the best you can do is be patient and have hope that she will contact you as soon as she is ready.


Someone may expect I ask you to cry and worry; on the contrary, you should relax. When She goes silent on you, it could be for a lot of neutral and positive things like;

  • She is busy with other things

Yes, that you two fought or had a disagreement may not be the reason she is ignoring you; it may be because she is occupied with other matters and would reach out to you as soon as she can.

  • She is trying to understand what happened.

When she ghosts you even while talking to others, it could be because she is trying to think about what happened or she has a lot on her plate right now. Many bottled-up feelings are released during a heated argument; people say and do things they wouldn’t want to do on an average day. The scenario usually plays over in one’s mind as she reminisces over what you said and why you said so. This could be her reason for not reaching out yet.

  • She is disappointed and ashamed by what she did or said

This could be the reason you argued and she didn’t call,” have you thought of that? Maybe she is the cause of the argument, and she is ashamed of what she did and can’t face you right now.

  • She is still a bit shaken about everything going on.

When a woman ignores you, it doesn’t mean she is not concerned. She may be a bit troubled, stressed or depressed, plus she is trying to process other things. Allow her; she will soon come back. She may also be avoiding you if there was an argument, so she doesn’t worsen the situation.


When we had a fight, and she ignored me, I assessed the situation first and knew what it meant; our last war was so bad that we said nasty things to each other. I knew one of her reasons for ghosting met could be one of the following;

  • She wants a breakup

I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back to end the relationship. That’s if she would have the guts to talk about it, or she would send a text or voice note or a chat. I was prepared for this. However, she wants it; I may even end it before she does.

  • She is mad at me.

Okay, maybe she doesn’t want a breakup, but she is definitely mad at me. When my girlfriend ignores me, this is definitely what it is. I could wait it out until she is calm, or I could apologize; this will depend on who was wrong after all, ain’t apologizing if it was her fault in the first place.

  • She needs a break.

There is a difference between wanting to end the relationship (break up) and just wanting a break from the relationship. This happens most times when  my girlfriend ignores me but talks to others; she would return at some point, meaning she just wanted a break, not a breakup. So I chill and wait.

  • She is seeing someone else.

When she ignores me for no reason, she could be pulling away because she is with someone else now. Some girls use these tactics all the time. Instead of just ending the relationship and being with the other person, they need a reason to end the relationship, so they start a fight; after which she begins to avoid you. This could be the reason when a woman ignores you.


We had a disagreement, and she hadn’t called, so I concluded that she was done with the relationship and started dating Molly from the other street. Two weeks later, Jane was back; How do girls feel when ignored? she purposely ignored me and now I have been told “if she ignores you, ignore her back.”, well, the deed is done, I am with Molly now, although I really loved Jane.


When she avoids you, it may be your job to move her close by calling or chatting her up. You already know the kind of person she is; how to tell if a girl is ignoring you uis simple; she talks to everyone but ignores you, she ignores your text, she rejects your calls, she never calls, never texts or visits, she ignores you at work and is silent about her actions; why would a girl ignore you all of a sudden?


What to do when a girl ignores you is to apologize . for how long will a girl ignore you before you apologize? This may smear the relationship and even end it; do you want that? To quickly mend your relationship after a fight, you may need to apologize; via a call, chat, or even face-to-face discussion. An apology can resolve a whole lot of issues without stress.


She often tells her friend why she is ignoring you.; talking to them will give you a clue about what’s on her mind. Be sure to be on good terms with her friends; this is the only way they would be honest about how to make her regret ignoring you or how to stop her from ignoring you.


What if she blocked you after an argument? What to do when a girl ignores you after an argument and blocks you, is to block her too; this could be the first thing that comes to mind; should you or should you not? I think blocking your girlfriend on all social media platforms after an argument is quite extreme; what does this mean? That you shouldn’t try chatting her up? What if she barrs your calls too? Sometimes the easy way out is to block her.


This may be what to do when she finally calls after ignoring you; this will depends on;

  • how long she ignored you
  • Why did she ignore you?
  • What the fight was about

You may also decide to listen to her to hear what she has to say before you choose to ignore her. If she isn’t saying anything reasonable about why she didn’t call after the argument, ignore her!


Not just from the relationship, but everything; it’s time to change the environment and scenery; take a vacation to somewhere far from her, yes, somewhere she won’t find you. Take the break even if it’s for a week or more; absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder. When she pulls away after an argument, taking a break could be all you need to make her come back to you.


How long do you have to wait to talk after an argument? How long will a girl ignore you? 1day, 2days, 3days, one week? What if it is over a month and she hasn’t called or tried to contact you? So there was no contact all this time, you should be dying with worry. Do you want to keep dating yourself? It’s time to end the relationship because it’s already ended after all.

Below is a chart showing the statistics on how people end their relationship


Why do girls act as if nothing happened after a fight? Giving her space after an argument may or may not mend the relationship; try reminding her of your great times together. Good memories tend to help in situations like this; send her some pictures, a message telling her about it all, or leave a video or voice note, whatever works for you.


A gift can say it all;

  • I am sorry
  • Call me
  • I miss you
  • I love you
  • Stay safe

Whatever information you wish to send across, a gift can do this and more; you may also like these little surprises for your girlfriend to show her you love her or these official desk gifts for her.


There is no better way to settle a dispute when she goes silent after an argument than to see her  face to face. This may be by visiting her wherever she is; at work, home, etc. Seeing you should gladden her heart and calm her spirit; just seeing your lovely face should make her anger go away. If she is avoiding you for a long time, visiting her should fix it.


If we had a disagreement and she hasn’t called, the best option is to stay busy. I love doing this because it keeps my mind off things. Just focus on work and my friends, go somewhere, fix other dates or outings, or anything to keep me so busy that I don’t even remember why she is ignoring me after a fight. If you don’t want wrinkle lines forming on your face out of worry, then be like me; keep busy when a girl ignores you after an argument.


1. What do you do when a girl is ignoring you?

Be patient, stay busy, apologize, etc. this will all depend on the reason why she is ignoring you; this discussion on when a girl  ignores you should help you decide the best thing to do.

2. Do girls ignore you when they are hurt?

Some girls do. There may be many reasons why; maybe she is just overwhelmed by the hurt or in pain or does not wish to bother you; if she loves you, I think she ought to let you share in her pain.

3. How do you make her stop ignoring you?

You can start by calling, apologizing, sending her a gift, or visiting her. Any of this should work to make her talk to you.

4. Is it okay to ignore your partner after an argument?

This would depend on the reason for the argument. Some situations can be so messed up that silence is the best solution.





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