13 Tips On How To Look Good In A Bikini If You Are Chubby

13 Tips On How To Look Good In A Bikini If You Are Chubby

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How To Look Good In A Bikini If You Are Chubby

Thanks to increased awareness of the fashion needs of all body sizes, asking how to look good in a bikini if you are chubby is no longer a weird question to ask because it is totally possible.

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Research by Statista shows that the plus-size women’s apparel market will be worth around $211.31 billion in 2023. This is an increase of more than $30 billion from 2019.

This means that while there were limited alternatives for chubby women in the past, the plus-sized swimsuit market is growing in popularity and changing this. These new styles and suits aim to flatter the figures of our chubbier queens to make them feel confident while looking absolutely gorgeous.

So you don’t have to worry about if it is possible to look good in a bikini even if you are chubby because it is totally doable, and we will show you how.

In this article, we will discuss styles you can wear to look good in bikinis and tips you can incorporate when rocking your swimwear to ensure that you not only look good but feel good too.

  1. Wear what flatters your body type 

There are five general body types that most women fall under: hourglass, rectangle, round, triangle, and inverted triangle. The key to looking good in a bikini is understanding your body type.

When you know which body type you fall under, you will be more aware of sensitive areas that tend to be troublesome when wearing a bikini. For instance, a round lady might be worried about her tummy in a bikini.

You will also be aware of the areas you are most proud to show off. Combining these two means you can wear a bikini that conceals the problematic areas but showcases the proud ones. 

  • Wear darker shades 

Tips for looking good in a bikini if you are chubby cannot be complete without talking about darker shades. Dark colors have been known to have a slimming effect on people for a long time. It also helps that they are quite fashionable too. 

Navy blue and black, in particular, tend to grab attention to whichever body part they are worn on. This makes you more confident because they divert attention from sensitive areas to places you want to show off.

  • Minimalistic prints are best 

Wearing large prints when you are chubby can make you look bigger. For instance, large floral patterns and shapes can give the impression that you fill them out.

Our advice on looking good in a bikini, even if you are chubby, is to avoid big prints and stick with smaller ones like polka dots and multiple little shapes. But, if you like big print designs, go with your preference because your comfort is most important.

 Check out this polka dot swimsuit and this Two piece swimwear

  •  Expose your neck 

Have you noticed that when people wear clothing that exposes their necks, they generally look better than when they don’t? That’s why celebrities and models love to reveal their necks in shoots and shows.

Exposing the neck makes the body look leaner, which only makes you look gorgeous, so you should consider it when you wear your next bikini. The main way to achieve this is by wearing your hair up, and you can also consider shoulderless swimsuits.

  1. Swimsuits with lines 

Another lesson on how to look good in a bikini if you are chubby – lines, lines, and more lines. Wearing swimsuits with lines can flatter your shape and curves when worn appropriately to give you a flattering look. 

There is a common misconception that horizontal lines on swimsuits make you look bigger, but this isn’t true. Indeed, vertical lines are the ones that have this effect when they are drawn thickly on bikinis.

The trick is to wear thinner lines so that they highlight your curves in the best way. For instance, you could wear lines that make your stomach look smaller or a solid color as a top and a lined bottom. 

  • Wide-brimmed hats are a plus 

The heavens must have been in a good mood when wide-brimmed hats were first made. They are quite useful and are a great answer to making a chubby person look good in a bikini.

Why? Because they have several uses, such as giving you a trendy appearance while protecting you from the sun. And there is also the important advantage of them taking away attention from sensitive areas.

This wide-brim sun hat is a great option, but if you want something larger, you can go with this fashionable oversized hat.  

  • Consider getting a tan

Tanning is a big thing to models – plus-size models included – because it accentuates muscles and provides for a toned and lean look. 

If it can work for them, it can work for you too. Consider faux tans to get the right tan and cellulite creams, which make muscles look tighter to stand out and make you look good.

  •  Plunging neckline swimsuits 

When it comes to how to look good if you are chubby, it is important to divert attention from places you aren’t too proud of – sensitive areas – to places you feel make you look great. 

For instance, if you’re worried about arm and shoulder fat, bikinis and swimsuits such as tankinis with plunging necklines are your friends. The plunge will push attention to the middle, which means people won’t be looking at the arms. Deeper plunges make this more effective.

Our bustier queens might want to try plunging swimsuits with breast support for a fuller and flattering view. 

  • Good cover-ups = Confidence

A good cover-up is worth its weight in gold because it will expose the parts of your body that you want to flaunt while concealing the sensitive areas that you may not be so confident about.

The result – you get to look both fashionable and feel confident. 

Might we recommend this crochet cover-up which would be perfect for going to the beach, and this Pull-on closure which would be great for pool parties

  • Wedges over flip flops 

Heels and other high shoewear types give ladies that extra height that makes it seem as though they are leaner than they are. 

That can work for you too, but we’re not about to recommend wearing heels at the beach. That’s how accidents happen, and ankles get twisted.

The best alternative would therefore be wedges. They are high and fashionable, suitable for beaches, and give you that heel height with none of the dangers that come with it.

Take these wedge sandals, for example. They are easy to slip on and give you a good enough height with their 2.75″ heels. 

  •  Deal with back fat 

One chubby people problem that is constantly mentioned is that of back fat. It’s totally fine if you want to flaunt it, but if you want to downplay it a bit, there are some ways to do so.

One way is to make sure that you buy your swimsuit size and avoid bikinis with too many straps. These can create flesh folds that give the impression of more back fat than there is.

Wearing your size will reduce the appearance of back fat while keeping you comfortable, which is the most important thing.

  • Eat light before going out 

When a person asks, “Can I look good in a bikini even if I am chubby?” one of the main concerns is tummy fat.

Bloating makes tummy fat seem worse than it is, which is why minimizing it is important. You can accomplish this by avoiding heavy meals before you head off to the beach or pool party.

Seeing as you still need to eat something before going out, consider lighter servings of proteins and fiber-rich foods because these can make you feel fuller even in lower quantities. Carbs, sugar, and processed foods are the enemy so avoid them for the day.

Also, it is important that you minimize food intake when you’re out because you could end up bloated and ruining your look.

  • Stomach exercises 

Another tip on fighting the troublesomeness that can be the tummy is to hit a couple of stomach exercises before you head out.

Activities like crunches and planks can help tighten your abs – and your tummy by extension – giving you a more confident look as you step out to enjoy the sun.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you be fat and wear a bikini?

Of course you can. Swimwear companies have realized that the plus-size market can be very lucrative and have expanded into it. While this might be a tad selfish on their part, it means that chubby and plus-size ladies now have alternatives to look drop-dead gorgeous in swimwear.

Apart from wearing a great bikini, you also need confidence. The mere fact that there are bikinis for plus-size women means that you can wear bikinis and not have to feel ashamed in any way. So rock those bikinis and have all the fun you want. 


Can chubby people look good in bikini?

These days looking good in bikinis has less to do with body types and more to do with fashion styles. This means that chubby people can look good in bikinis; they just have to pick the right ones.

And this has been made easier by the fact that swimwear companies now offer many alternatives to the plus-size market. So you don’t have to worry about your being chubby stopping you from looking good on the beach or at pool parties, you just need the right styles, and you’ll be set.


How should fat people pose on the beach?

Some tips for posing for photos at the beach include:

  • Take pictures before breakfast and heavy meals to look less bloated in photos. 
  • Utilize natural light as best as possible, with sunrise and sunset providing excellent lighting opportunities.
  • Check social media networks for poses that you like the most. Instagram is the best option for this. 
  • Pick poses that focus on the parts of your body you are most proud of. 
  • Practice the poses you want in front of a mirror before you take them. There’s nothing wrong with a little vanity if you get the perfect picture out of it. 
  • Avoid taking pictures next to skinny people unless you must. 


In conclusion…

If anybody tells you that chubby people can’t look good in bikinis, they are stone-cold liars and myth pushers who don’t deserve a second thought. With our society going more liberal every day, chubby people are now well represented across all types of clothing in the fashion scene, swimwear included.

There are many alternatives for you to consider when shopping for bikinis that will make you look like a million bucks. And there are also accessories such as hats and cover-ups to complement these swimsuits. 

Regardless of what you wear, however, the key is to be confident. Anxiety and self-doubt should be thrown out the window if you are to have some fun. So step into summer like you own it and have all the fun you want; life’s too short not to. 





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