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9 Amazing Gifts for Someone with Back Pain

Gifts for someone with back pain should be carefully picked. You need to find something helpful that can also be personal enough. Take into account the personality of the person you’re shopping for. What does he/she like? Preferences and style matter when you’re choosing a gift, even if you’re looking for something useful.

Try to find something that will complement your loved one’s personality and lifestyle. For example, if you’re buying a gift for your mom that works in the office you might want to get her a quiet small massager she can use at work for quick relief. Keep this in mind while going through our list.

Before we get to our list of recommendations, we’d just like to mention a few things.

  • If you want to find something really helpful for your loved one’s medical problem, you might want to consider spending a few extra bucks for a quality gift.
  • Massages are often used to get relief from back pain, so we chose gifts that take into consideration the healing potential of massage.

Gifts like weighted or electric blankets are good for people with back pain because both heat and cold can be effective in the battle against back pain. These are also great gifts for those people who are always cold.

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Gifts for Someone with Back Pain

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JC Home Drammen Massaging Leather Recliner and Ottoman

One of the best gifts for back pain sufferers is a quality massage recliner. Being able to get pain relief any time you want is something priceless. Even if you’re at home, or you’re in the office, this recliner can give you vibrating messages of different intensity.

This leather recliner can provide massages for your back, lumbar area, thighs, or legs. You can set the preferred speed and intensity with ease. Just push the button and choose one of 9 different massage modes and 5 intensity levels. There’s also a timer built-in that allows you to fully relax and drift to sleep.



A nice recliner is just what you need as a gift for dad with a bad back. We all need to relax at the end of the day but those with chronic back pain need a bit more than just relaxing. This vibrating recliner will provide much-needed pain relief and your loved one will love it.

Lnchett Massage Gun

Have you ever used a massage gun? It does wonders with pain relief. Place it on the problematic body areas and choose a speed (20 different modes) and you’re good to go. It’s very light and has an ergonomic design, so it’s very handy and easy to use.

Lnchett massage gun has a motor that can deliver 3500 percussion per minute. Some people say that it’s more intense than foam rolling or massage therapy. With a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery, it’s definitely worth the price and it can be a great gift for chronic pain sufferers.



Massage gun is the best movable tool for pain relief you can think of. It’s lightweight and very easy to use – just move it around the aching area.

Comfier Massage Mat with Heat-Back Massage Chair Pad

One more product for relieving back pain that makes a great gift is this massage mat. Chances are that your loved one already has a shiatsu massager for back pain, so it’s great to have additional methods available. This vibrating massager can relieve muscle pain, cramps, and also improve sleep quality.

Comfier massager uses heat therapy to relax muscle soreness and improve blood circulation. The mat is made of super comfortable and soft plush material. It also has an overheat protection system with auto shut-off option, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep while getting a massage. You can enjoy a full body massage wherever you want (lying on the bed, sitting on the sofa).



Comfier massager has 3 intensity levels and 5 massage modes available, so anyone can use it. Adjust it to your individual needs and customize it to get the best massage for specific areas: shoulders, back, lumbar area, legs, etc.

Home Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Everyone needs a quality chair for working. You’ll be sitting for eight or more hours, so naturally, you need to ease the back pain, so you can get the job done. This chair provides comfort that other office chairs fail to deliver.

This office chair has an ergonomic construction. It provides lumbar support and comfort even when sitting for a long time because it’s padded with high-density sponge. Well built and sturdy, this chair can hold up to 250 pounds.



Office chair like this one has a slight vibration built-in, so you get through those long hours of work with ease. For someone with chronic back pain, there isn’t a better gift.

SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion

If you need a gift for people with bad backs that’s not a huge hit on the budget, you should consider getting a quality seat cushion. It might seem pricey at first but it’s definitely worth the pain relief. Due to anatomic shape and quality memory foam, SOFTaCARE cushion is ultra-comfortable, so you can sit for longer periods without lower back pain!

This memory foam cushion has a non-slip bottom that can keep you in place. It’s very easy to carry, so you take it from your office to your home with ease. With a washable cover, there aren’t any problems with cleaning too. It even has a side pocket for your phone, iPad, or any other gadget.



SOFTaCARE is a soft anatomically shaped cushion that can help you sit comfortably anywhere you want. It will give you lumbar support and help you get through the workday without additional back pain.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

A quality shiatsu massager will always be one of the best gifts for chronic back pain. You should probably check whether your loved one already has one massager. If he/she doesn’t have it or has a very old one, definitely consider getting him/her Comfier Shiatsu massager.

This massager uses rolling, air compression, vibrations, and heat to provide the best massage experience. It has 4 rotation nodes that create 2D or 3D finger pressure shiatsu massage. You can adjust the intensity according to your needs. Try massage for the whole back or concentrate on only one area for pin-point relaxation.



If you’re looking for a deep kneading massager, Comfier shiatsu massager is just the thing. You can enjoy the whole back and neck massages anywhere you want (couch, recliner, office chair)!

Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress

People with chronic back pain need a good night’s sleep more than anything. If you want to get the best gifts for back pain sufferers, try looking for something unusual such as this mattress. This memory foam mattress is perfect for support and proper spinal alignment. You won’t constantly wake up with back pain with the help of pressure-relieving gel memory foam.

Classic Brands mattress is made of breathable products. It’s resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. On top of this it’s very sturdy and durable, so you can be sure it will last for a long time. Just make sure to pick the right size and you’ll have a perfect gift.



Don't wake up with sore backs anymore and sleep better with Classic Brands mattress. It’s made of pressure-relieving gel memory foam that provides the best support relief for chronic back pain.

Hemp Cream 195,000 Blend

A cooling healing cream can be a wonderful gift (that’s also not hard on the wallet). If you’re looking for something practical and handy for everyday use, try something simple such as creams and oils for pain relief.

This hemp cream is great for relieving the hip, shoulder, feet, hand, neck, and back pain. It’s made of natural ingredients and has a strong formula ready to combat back pain. The skin absorbs the cream easily, so there isn’t any stickiness left after usage. Above else, this cream isn’t only great for relieving pain but it helps with relaxing nerves.



Hemp cream is an amazing gift for mom with back pain (and everyone else actually). It provides quick pain relief which is more than welcomed for anyone with chronic back pain.

Relief Arnica Massage Oil

What’s a better gift for people with back pain than a massage. You can get your loved one this massage oil and help him/her with relieving the pain. Even better, hire a professional massage therapist that can utilize this oil even better.

Relief Arnica massage oil is made with all-natural ingredients! A great mix of essential oils can provide amazing pain relief in just a few minutes of deep tissue massage. This oil enables the masseuse’s hands to glide smoothly. Afterward, the skin won’t be sticky or greasy. It will feel soft and refreshed!



This massage oil really improves massage therapy. It has a pump so it’s very easy to apply without worrying about stains and stickiness. Your muscles (and skin) will thank you for this relief massage oil.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best solution for back pain?

You should always ask your doctor for advice but in the meantime try therapy massages and using heat/cold for pain relief.

How can I alleviate lower back pain?

Besides getting enough sleep try to find specific exercises that strengthen your core. Once your muscles become stronger, you’ll experience less pain. Massages are always helpful, so check your local massage parlors.

How do you know if back pain is muscular?

It’s advised to get a doctor’s advice on this matter because symptoms vary from person to person. Some of the typical symptoms of muscular back pain are stronger pain while moving, muscle cramps or spasms, troubles with walking or bending, difficulty standing straight, etc.


We hoped you found the perfect gift for someone with back pain in our list. Remember that you should always choose a gift that fits someone’s personality and lifestyle. If someone is sitting the entire day, he/she could use a chair, cushion, or a massage mat but if someone is on his/her feet most of the time, try getting a hemp cream or a massage gun.

You might not get the perfect gift but it’s the thought and effort you put into searching that counts. If all else fails, get a product or two for relieving back pain and make a good gift basket.







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