19 Of The Best Return Gift Ideas for Birthday Party

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If your birthday is coming up and you need to know some of the best return gift ideas for a birthday party, then you have come to the right place. But first, you may be wondering if it is necessary to give a return gift. 

Is a return gift mandatory? It certainly isn’t but can be a very good way of showing appreciation to those who celebrated your special day with you. It also allows them to remember your birthday whenever they see the gift and further reminds them of your hospitality. 

To help you give that perfect return gift, we have some ideas that will be categorized as:

Best Return Gift Ideas for Birthday Party

10 Best Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids

 Fidget spinners are immensely popular amongst kids and teenagers alike, so including them in a return gift package will be a big hit. This particular package comes with 12 fidget spinners in varying colors, which means that you can send them to multiple people.


  • Comes with LED lights to make for an amazing display when spun. 
  • Cost-effective if you plan on sending return gifts to many people.
  • Great for kids with ADHD and anxiety, making it appealing to a wide range of people.
  • Very durable. 


  • Two customers complained that some LEDs didn’t light up.

 Product summary and our recommendation

Most reviews for this product were positive and added to the toy’s popularity; we believe it would be a great addition to a return gift package.

Sunglasses are cool, fun, and fashionable, making them a great return gift to give. They are great for several occasions, such as going to the beach, the mall, or other birthday parties. This pack comes with 24 Neon sunglasses, perfect for a return gift package.


  • Multiple colors are available to make for more unique gifts to several people.
  • Offers UV protection to protect young eyes from the sun. 
  • Size made to fit a wide range of people from ages 3+.


  • Some customers complained that they couldn’t see clearly with the glasses. 
  • Some customers also complained about product durability. 

Product summary and our recommendation

Overall the product received very good reviews, and so we recommend it for a birthday return gift package for children.

Kids love toys, and kids love the Transformers franchise. Put that together, and you get a great gift idea for a return gift. This toy takes transforming to a new level because it can be used as-is, transformed into a spinning toy, or can even take the form of a useful gadget for holding your phone.


  • Comes in a 6 pack which means you can buy several of them and distribute to a lot of kids. 
  • Quite cost-effective.
  • Comes in different colors. 


  • No negative reviews at the time of this review which isn’t surprising considering how good the product is.

Product summary and our recommendation

The product sells itself. Kids will love playing with it, proven by the positive reviews. We, therefore, recommend this product.

Puzzles are usually a hit with kids, so a Puzzle cube should fit right in. Kids and teenagers alike will have a fun time trying to solve the Puzzle Cube, which also doubles up as a stress reliever. It comes in a 20 pack, which means it will be a great addition to a return gift goody bag.


  • Comes in a large quantity to allow for it to be distributed to several kids. 
  • Cheap enough that you can buy several of them depending on the number of people who came to the party. 
  • It is a brain teaser type of puzzle that helps with the mental development of children.
  • Made with recyclable material.


  • Several customers complained that it was too small.
  • A couple of customers complained about product durability. 

 Product summary and our recommendation

Overall, the product has very strong ratings from a large number of customers, which is why we recommend them for your kid’s birthday party as a return gift.

 In this crazy hectic world, kids get stressed too. Especially with the plethora of school activities, they have to go through these days. Do them a solid and relieve some of that stress by giving out these stress balls as birthday return gifts.


  • Comes as a mega pack of 25, which makes them perfect for distributing to many kids.
  • Shaped as balls from different sports to appeal to a wide range of kids. 
  • Made of high-quality foam to withstand constant squeezing.


  • Several customers complained of durability problems. 
  • Some customers noted that the products were not very squishy. 

 Product summary and our recommendation

This would be a great product if you plan to give out return gift goody bags. It also has a high number of good reviews, so it gets a green light from us.

When it comes to birthday return gift goody bags, you simply cannot forget notepads. Because they are very useful, the receiver will always remember the birthday party they received the notepad at with fondness.


  • Come with video game design which makes them appealing to kids. 
  • There are 24 pieces available for a large birthday gathering. 
  • Appealing to kids of all ages. 
  • The design makes them convenient to use and carry around.


There were no negative reviews at the time of this review. 

 Product summary and our recommendation

The fact that all customers gave this product either a 4 or 5 stars leads us to believe that this is a great product, so we recommend it.

If you are planning on giving return gift packages to the kids who come to the party, you will need a goody bag. This is what makes this one of the best return gifts ideas for a birthday party. You can get several small gifts like the ones listed above and then put them into this bag, and voila, perfect birthday return gift for kids.


  • Design is video game-inspired, which appeals to kids.
  • Can be used for other purposes by those who receive it. 
  • Comes in a set of 24, which makes it cost-effective.
  • Made with high-quality material.


  • A few customers complained about the durability. 

Product summary and our recommendation

Many parents gave positive reviews on how kids loved this product at their child’s birthday party, and we think the attendees at your kid’s parties will love it too. It’s a yes from us.

Still in the direction of birthday return gift bags, this would be a wonderful addition to such a package. The keychains have a video game design and are 36 in number. What makes them so appealing is that even if the kids don’t use them, their parents can.


  • Cost-effective for the number of keychains it comes with.
  • Can be used as a keychain or as a fashion statement on bags and other items. 
  • Material is lightweight and non-toxic. 


  • There were no negative reviews at the time of this review. 

 Product summary and our recommendation

This would be a great addition to any birthday return gift, and from the reviews, many people think so too. We, therefore, recommend it for your kid’s birthday.

Show me a kid who doesn’t fancy themselves some sort of artist, and I’ll show you a pink unicorn in a suit. Point it, a lot of kids love drawing, which makes this a great return gift. This item comes with several pencils, sketch sticks, a sharpener, and different erasers, which makes it perfect for a budding artist.


  • Cheap enough that you can order multiple times for several kids. 
  • Comes with a variety of drawing materials. 
  • Can be used by both kids and their parents. 


  • Several customers complained of durability issues. 
  • There were also complaints about the materials used in the pencils. 

Product summary and our recommendation

We think this would be a great return gift for kids because it would encourage them to go into art at a small cost to you. 

  1.  Folding chessboard 

There’s never a bad time to get into chess. It comes with many confirmed benefits, such as improved memory, increased creativity, and improved analytical decision-making. For these and many other reasons, it would be a great return gift if you plan to give only a couple of kids.


  • Improves the mental abilities of the recipient if they play it. 
  • Design makes it quite easy to carry around.
  • Made from quality lightweight materials.
  • Pieces are magnetic, which makes playing with them comfortable.


  • Several customers complained that the board was damaged on arrival. 
  • There were also several complaints that the pieces were not magnetic. 

 Product summary and our recommendation

Most customers loved this product, and it is also cheap enough that you can order multiple copies for a special set of kids. This magnetic chess board, therefore, has our blessing.

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8 Best return gift ideas for a birthday party for Adults

Mason Jars are increasing in popularity due to their decorative designs and versatility. You could use a mason jar for anything from drinking cocktails to storing meals and food items. You can send this item as a set or include the mason jars in a return gift package. 


  • Made of quality glass that is safe for food. 
  • Comes with airtight and leakproof protection that will keep food naturally preserved. 
  • It can be used for various things, from preservation to storage.


  • Someone complained that the jars broke when used in a freezer. 
  • There were also some complaints about the size of the jars being too small. 

 Product summary and our recommendation 

Most people who bought this product had only good things to say, and we think your birthday party guests will too.

If you want an alternative with more jars, check out this product.

  1. Leather Bracelets 

You could also opt for a fashionable return gift with this natural leather bracelet for both men and women. It is stylish yet cheap, which means that you can afford to send it to several friends as part of a birthday return gift set.


  • It can be worn on any type of occasion.
  • Feels comfortable to wear. 
  • Made from durable and handcrafted leather material.


  • There were several complaints about the product’s quality. 

Product summary and our recommendation

While it is quite stylish and aesthetically pleasing, you might want to try it on after purchase to be sure of the quality. Apart from that, it is a great return gift as most people seem to like it.

 You can also go for this stylish bangle for women or this five-element prosperity bracelet.  

If there was a list of what should be given as a return gift, chocolates have earned an eternal right to be there. Why? Because they are chocolates. Gifts really don’t get better than chocolates, and with this collection, you can spread the love to several people by including about four or five pieces in each return gift package.


  • They are chocolates. 
  • There are 48 pieces of chocolate available which allows you to gift several people.
  • Most reviews are positive. 


  • Some customers complained about the packaging and the state of the chocolates upon arrival. 

 Product summary and our recommendation 

Most people loved it, and we did too. We, therefore, recommend this product as a good birthday return gift.

 You can also check out this alternative variety bag filled with Snicker bars, Twix and M&Ms

Get your birthday guests something to remember you by with this gorgeous canvas wall art that can be hung anywhere in the house. Whether in the bathroom, sitting room, or bedroom, those who receive this item as a return gift will always have you in mind when they gaze upon its beauty.


  • Designed to go along with the theme of just about any room. 
  • Small enough to conveniently fit in several locations. 
  • There are several types of paintings to choose from, allowing for more unique gifts for your guests. 


  • No negative reviews at the time of this review. 

 Product summary and our recommendation

This lovely product ensures that those you give it to will always remember your hospitality.

Also, check out this decorative wooden plaque with positive messages for an alternative. 

Watermarks are some of the most annoying things to get rid of from surfaces, and this is a struggle shared by most adults. Provide a solution to this source of vexation by gifting out these rustic ceramic coasters that are great to look at and see with your own eyes the importance of return gifts when your guests express gratitude for saving their surfaces. 


  • Material is super absorbent to ensure that no liquid escapes. 
  • Wide enough to fit most cups. 
  • There are positive messages written on them. 
  • Comes in a set of 8 for gifting to multiple people. 


  • A customer complained of a screeching sound when the item was used.

 Product summary and our recommendation

We think it would be a great return gift that can either be given as a set or included in a return gift goodie bag. 

If your recipients are known to appreciate foul-mouthed messages, then you should check these alternative coasters with funny swear words on them. 

Coffee, tea, juice, and cocktails; everybody gotta drink something, which is what makes mugs such good return gifts. But instead of giving just any mug, you should gift these wonderfully crafted mugs that have been tried and tested by thousands of people. They are made from materials with a reflective glaze which gives each mug a unique design.


  • Elegant design that communicates to the recipient that you have taste. 
  • Made from highly durable materials.
  • Relatively few negative reviews compared to the positives. 


  • Several customers complained about the durability of the mugs, with some pointing out that they get chipped easily.

Product summary and our recommendation 

Of the thousands that have used this product, the overwhelming majority are happy with the product. We recommend it because we think your guests will be satisfied too.

Check out this alternative good morning mug for friends who don’t mind a little profanity. 

Why do we give return gifts? So we can get the chance to get our friends some fashionable things like scarves. This plum feathered scarf would be perfect as a return gift, and with the various designs it comes with, you could easily gift each of your guests a uniquely designed scarf.


  • It can be used by persons of any gender.
  • Has a soft cashmere-like feel. 
  • Several designs are available to pick from.


  • Several customers complained that it did not come as it appeared in photos. 
  • Other customers complained of the quality. 

Product summary and our recommendation

Regardless of the negative reviews, most customers liked the product, which leads us to believe that it would be a good product to gift as a birthday return gift.

If you need an alternative design, you can check out these unisex winter scarves. 

If you are unsure of what to get as a birthday return gift, just get an Amazon gift card for the person you want to give the gift to. They can then pick what they would like from the Amazon website. You can get a gift card from as low as $1, which makes this a cost-effective item.


  • Allows recipients to pick what they really want.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Comes with a customizable design.


  • Several customers reported technical issues when purchasing the card. 

Product summary and our recommendation

The idea of allowing people to pick what they want sounds alluring enough for us to recommend this item for a birthday return gift. 

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 If you need a way to customize your return gifts to include your pictures or that of your kid, or any message you’d like, this would be perfect for you. This DIY Sticker Printer allows you to print photos, notes, and characters that you can paste on your return gifts to remind the recipient of who the gift is from.


  • Allows for printing to be done in various types of colors. 
  • Bluetooth compatible. 
  • Compact and easy to carry around. 


  • A couple of customers noted that the print quality was poor. 

 Product summary and our recommendation

Apart from marking your gifts, you can use this product for many other things, such as food labeling. The versatility that this product comes with is one of the main reasons we recommend it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What can we give for a return gift?

The items listed in this article, such as the mason jars and coasters, would be great return gifts for a birthday party. 

What is a return gift called?

A return gift really has no other name than what it is already called because the term “return gift” already properly defines it.

Is it rude to not bring a gift to a birthday party?

Birthday parties are usually quite pricey to throw, so if you’re invited to one, bringing a gift shows that you appreciate the effort and expenses put into the party. It is, therefore, a bit rude to not bring a gift to a birthday party.

In conclusion…

While it isn’t necessary to give a return gift, it is a nice sentiment to appreciate the people celebrating such a special day with you, which is why we believe that the items listed above will be cherished by your guests if you decide to give them out as gifts.

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