Cheap teacher gifts in bulk that teachers actually want whattogetmy

Cheap teacher gifts in bulk that teachers actually want

Are you looking for the perfect cheap teacher gifts in bulk? You’ve come to the right place because we have a list of 10 bulk gift items for teachers that they will love. But here’s a little known fact – being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. They spend long days with little bundles of energy and send them back to us with their minds filled with new knowledge and experiences. All the while, they ask nothing in return.

Teachers are like substitute parents. They smother our kids with love all day. They teach our kids new skills and nurture them into mature human beings. The least we can do is showing them some gratitude.

And since we these hardworking educators have cabinets filled with artwork and mugs, you’ll need to think outside the box to come up with thoughtful bulk teacher gift ideas.

After all, you don’t want to come off as one of those parents who thinks the profs they leave their special little humans with is only worth a crayon stick painting, do you?

That’s why we’ve curated a list of thoughtful cheap teacher gifts in bulk you can get right now. Even for the most frugal parents, there’s no denying that items on this list are nothing short of affordable.

Sometimes We Don’t Treat Teachers with the Dignity They Deserve

But before we get to that though, we thought this could double up as the perfect opportunity to shine a light on why teachers are so important. As much as every one of us likes to think educators shouldn’t be taken for granted, we often fall victim to that under-rating the importance of teachers.

Take this incident as an example. A school counselor had to deal with an incessant parent who kept calling the school accusing them of turning her son gay. Little did the parent know that her son was the school’s Casanova. The furious calls stopped when he got a classmate pregnant.

And that’s just a single incident. Some parents – and students – torture their teachers. But most teachers take in their stride and try to do right by the kids.

That’s why we’ll be looking at reasons why teaching is perhaps the most important vocation in the world. At the same time, it is one of the jobs worthy of a never-ending stream of accolades.

If it were up to us, there would be a Grammy Awards for teachers. But since the world doesn’t work that way, here are a couple of reasons why you and the little Tyke should be showering teachers with presents at any given opportunity.

Why Teachers Deserve Our Love (Or Why You Should Be Shopping for Cheap Teacher Appreciation Gifts in Bulk)

1. Kids Spend More Hours with Teachers Than They Do With Parents

It might be hard to believe, but your kids might be spending more time with their teachers than they do with you.

Let’s do some elementary mathematics. A day has 24 hours, so that gives us a total of 8,760 hours in a single year. Now let’s suppose your child goes to school for 7 hours for 5 days a week. That means he or she spends 35 hours a week at school. Over the entire school calendar, your child spends about 9 months at school. That comes to about they spend about 6,480 hours in a learning institution. While they won’t be spending all those hours with their teachers – schools have breaks, they’re not prison institutions – it is safe to assume they spend a quarter of this time with their teachers. That’s roughly 1,000 hours kids spend with teachers.

When they come home, you might be at work, so you get to see them at around 6 pm to 10 pm. Then throw in the hours you spend together each weekend – 16 hours over Saturday and Sunday.

That means you spend 36 hours with your child every week. Factor in the school holidays over summer and winter and you get a total of 1,200 hours a year that you get to spend with your child. Truth be told, your son or daughter doesn’t shadow you every time you’re at home. So it’s safe to assume you might be spending less than 1,000 hours together each year.

Compare the more than 1,000 hours kids spend with teachers with the less than 1,000 hours they spend with their parents. Teachers aren’t just educators. They’re authentic second parents to our kids.

So, when little Johnny comes home, and he can tie his shoes perfectly, it might not be because you’ve been showing how to do it every morning. It might be that his teacher shows him how to do it all day long.

But before you fire up your search engine and look for how to surprise someone with a gift, here’s another reason why you should appreciate teachers.

2. Teachers Are Perhaps the Most Hard Working People You Know

Teaching involves superhuman effort, and it takes a lot of time. Think about it. If you were a teacher, you’d have to:

  • Make time to prepare lesson plans
  • Help out students having trouble in class and even at home
  • Design quizzes and exams
  • Teach
  • Grade dozens of assignments each week
  • Be a friend to all your students

You’ll probably be doing this every semester, and even in the summers and winters too, and all those activities are time-consuming. There are few professions with those many demands. While most of us are working 40 hour weeks, a typical teacher works an average of 54 hours every week – 43 hours at school and 11 hours at home.

Don’t you think small gifts for teachers are in order given the level of commitment needed to be a teacher? You don’t need to spend as much as you would when buying gifts for classic car owners, but you have to admit it; teachers deserve more than a pat on the back.

3. Teachers Shape Young Minds

When a brilliant mind like Einstein’s comes along, you can bet there’s a teacher somewhere who made him realize his potential. In that sense, teachers have shaped our futures by unlocking the potential in millions of students.

They start at kindergarten, where they open new minds to the world of learning. In middle school, teachers take up the arduous task of instilling academic rigors in young minds that are distracted by millions of things. In high school and college, teachers are tasked with imparting detailed intellectual and technical content to show students the limitless possibilities of the universe.

Teaching is no easy undertaking. It requires patience, persistence, and strong will – all virtues deserving a thank you gift.

4. They Are Underrated Heroes

If you’ve ever had to stand in front of a crowd to give a presentation, you might appreciate the courage teachers have. Children are the toughest crowd. They’re impatient, easily distracted, and not keen on pretending to like something they don’t. It takes a special person to muster the courage to tame such a crowd for little reward.

Those are some of the reasons why we should always appreciate teachers. And since hugs don’t really count as gifts, here’s a list of inexpensive bulk gifts to help you celebrate the silent superheroes of the world.

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Quick Overview: Inexpensive Teacher Gifts

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6 Pieces Makeup Pouch Cosmetic Bag Travel Toiletry Case for Teacher

This multifunction set of six pouches is a perfect companion for that female teacher who made an impact in your child’s life. The pink pouches make for thoughtful bulk teacher appreciation gifts because of the “Best Teacher Ever” graffiti on the bag.

There are other reasons why these bags are the perfect teacher’s gift:

The zippers on the pouches work perfectly, so you can bet the teacher will use the pouch for a long time to come.

Thanks For Best Teacher Ever, Gift for Teacher

Teachers might have a whole cabinet filled with ceramic mug gifts, but you shouldn’t pass up on this mug from ALIDEAL. The stainless steel blue mug with a capacity of 12oz is just what a teacher needs to keep a glass of tea or wine frosty as while working from home. The best thing about this stainless steel wine glass is, you can’t find it in a store. Your son’s or daughter’s favorite teacher won’t find anyone else with this mug.

The refined goblet shape of the mug makes it comfortable to hold, and it doesn’t take up too much space on a desk. It is a thoughtful gift for teachers who’ve touched the lives of so many minds.

iJuqi Teacher Appreciation Bracelets

If you are looking for cute presents for teachers on teacher’s Day, graduation ceremonies, or proms, y iJuqi 3 piece appreciation brackets would be a great gift idea. The stainless steel bracelets all come with engraved messages to let the role model who shaped you know how important they are to you. The bracelets come with an adjustable bangle that holds the pendant, making it suitable for wrists of all sizes.

Other features that make these bracelets considerate cheap teacher gifts in bulk option are:

You can have the pendants on the bracelets engraved with the name of the teacher to make them even more personal. The silver-toned on the bracelets also matches with most outfits, which is a big plus.

XGAKWD – Thanks for Making a Difference in My Life Gifts for Teachers

We had to include another pendant in the list because they’re so easy to customize. This unisex key chain from XGAKWD adds a small twist to pendant gifts for teachers. It comes with a mini ruler. Nothing like a ruler to remind your favorite math teacher, you loved those geometry classes even if your eyes looked glazed in most of them.

There are a couple of things that make the key chain one of the more popular personalized teacher gifts in bulk:

This keychain is simple yet elegant. It works with just about any occasion, even if it is your teacher’s birthday.

Owl Stainless Steel Bottle

It’s not every time that a gift comes along that lets a teacher know how much a parent appreciates them. This blue stainless steel bottle does precisely that. It’s the perfect gift you can give your little one’s teacher at the end of the semester, year, or when they’re about to retire. The bottle comes with a matching box wrapping that lets your kid’s favorite teacher know just how much you value their effort. 

Some other features that will endear this stainless steel bottle to teachers include:

The picture of an owl teaching a little owl further personalizes this small token of appreciation. If you have that special teacher in mind, this will make up for a beautiful present.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you give gift cards to your students’ teachers too as a gift?

Yes of course! This article is all about gifts that teachers actually want and will use. So, a gift card would be a great gift idea especially if it is of a coffee shop or a library that is close to the school your children’s teachers work at.

2. Are handmade gifts a good idea for teachers?

If you are tight on budget or you don’t have the time to do gift shopping you can bake delicious treats for the teachers and send it along with a nice thank you card. 


You can never go wrong with these four cheap teacher appreciation gifts in bulk options. Most of them can be personalized to make them especially memorable and meaningful to the person who shaped you or your little bundle of joy. Whichever gift you decide to go for, remember they are simple tokens of appreciation for the people who dedicate their lives to shaping our collective futures. Show them how much you value them because no one else is going to.

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