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Gifts for Lazy Dads

Trying to find the best gifts for lazy dads can be a struggle, it can be difficult to come up with great gift ideas for lazy men. Sometimes, it even may seem like an impossible task. Because when your dad is asked, there is never anything that he wants.

Your mom often struggles with finding items to buy your dad too. She doesn’t seem to have any ideas herself because she is always saying that your father is a lazy dad. He never pulls his weight around the house or spends enough time with you and your siblings. He spends most of his free time sitting on the couch watching TV and is always too tired to go anywhere or do anything.

In your mind, all that you want to do is give your dad a gift that he will be excited about and love. You don’t want to give him something that is general because it is so boring like a t-shirt or some more socks. You are looking for something different, something that might even get him up and out of his armchair.

But you think to yourself, will you ever find gifts for a dad who wants nothing? He says that he has everything that he needs, except for some peace and quiet so that he can relax.

So what to get a man who wants nothing?

Yes finding him the perfect gift would be a little easier if you knew certain things about your dad. The type of things that he likes that makes him who he is as a person. These would be the types of activities or hobbies that he likes to do, like playing golf, hiking, cycling. He might be the type of person who loves different types of gadgets. Your dad could have different skills that he would enjoy using like carpentry to build things like a treehouse in your back garden.

But even with a small amount of knowledge that you may have about the type of things your dad might like. There are so many options out there to choose from. It can become a little overwhelming and feel like a lost cause. So much so that you feel like giving up finding him a great gift. But don’t worry, you can and will find your dad the perfect gift because we have a couple of suggestions for you that can help.

So take a deep breath and make an easy decision between the following two ideas:

  • Gifts that will help dad get up out of his chair and spend some more time with you, or
  • Useful gifts that he will love while he is relaxing in his chair while he is watching TV

It is as easy as that. Make a choice if you want to get your dad to spend some more time with you and your siblings, or if you would rather prefer to leave him to relax on his couch.

Some ideas that will help get lazy dads to spend more time with you

If you are feeling neglected by your dad and you are looking for ways to get your dad to spend some more time with you. Here are some ideas

  • Go to your dad and tell him how you feel and that you would like to spend some more time with him
  • Ask your dad for some advice on something, dads love giving advice
  • If he is watching a game, sit and watch it with him. Ask him some questions to get him talking about it
  • Ask him to help you with something like homework
  • Ask him to teach you to do something
  • Offer to do things for him like wash his car, mow the lawn, or anything around the house that he considers to be work
  • Buy him gifts that the two of you can enjoy together, like riding a bike together, building a treehouse, or toy buildings sets

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Quick Overview: Gifts For Lazy Dads

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WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

This one is great for a lazy dad with young kids. He can simply attach it to the rear end of his own bike. Together you can have some fun and enjoy the experience of riding a bike while your dad teaches you or your younger siblings how to pedal while keeping your balance.



The majority of customers that have purchased this WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer love it. They find it to be so much fun to ride with their child on the trailer. It is great for teaching a child how to balance and to pedal.

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Treehouses

This is the perfect gift for a lazy dad who enjoys building things. Dad will get to spend some valuable time with you and you will get a treehouse in your backyard to use as a great hideaway. You and your dad can design and build some amazing treehouses together with the easy to follow step by step instructions and important information that is given in this book.



Those customers that have already purchased this Complete Guide to building Treehouses find it to be a great book. It includes many detailed diagrams plans and has good information for building different treehouses.

PLAYMOBIL Ski Lodge Building Set

This is a great detailed building set for someone who loves snow and winter. It’s actually designed for children, but we all know how dads can be big kids, right? With that in mind, the set can be a handy gift for lazy dads because they’ll get to play with their kids without putting in too much effort. The set includes many little pieces that ensure having fun for hours. There are five figures, skis, chairs, shovels, mittens, and much more. It’s a perfect set for all snow lovers, regardless of the age.



Many customers that have purchased this PLAYMOBIL Ski Lodge Building Set love how realistic and fun to play it proves to be. With so many pieces to assemble, the fun is guaranteed!

If your dad is already spending a lot of time with you, so you don’t need any specific set that will make him engage in your activities, even more, we have some alternative ideas for you. There are a lot of thoughtful gifts for dad you can find to help him feel more relaxed and make him happy. Keep reading to find out our suggestions!

Some ideas that lazy dads will love

Your dad may seem lazy because he is retired with no hobbies but all he wants to do is just relax and enjoy life a little. An idea would be to find gifts for retired dad with no hobbies.

Maybe your dad just feels tired all the time because he works long hard hours all day and every day and when he gets home he just wants to relax. For him, his way of relaxing is sitting in front of the TV watching some sort of sports or a movie.

Whatever the reason is, it still leaves you totally clueless about what gift to give him. For some ideas of useful gifts for dad that he will love and that will make his life easier are maybe an organizer for his armchair to keep all his necessary items close by, maybe a wireless remote to turn the lights on and off, or a universal remote that controls 4 devices at once.

Couch Armchair Caddy

If your lazy dad enjoys spending a lot of his time when at home on the couch in front of the TV. Then this armchair organizer would make the perfect gift for him. It will make him incredibly happy to sit on the couch and have everything that he needs at arm’s reach. It has pockets for remotes, eyeglasses, cell phones, magazines, or anything else that is small that he would like to keep close. It even comes with a tray on top to hold his drinks and snacks.



Many customers that have purchased this Arm Chair Organizer find that it works perfectly for them. It stays in place well and holds many items that they may want at their fingertips while sitting on the couch.

Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switch for Lights

When you sit down on the couch, you are ready to watch a sports game or movie but realize the lights are all still on. Getting up to turn them off requires some work and effort which can be so inconvenient too. These easy to use remote control light switches make great useful gifts for dad, with a press of a button he can turn the lights on or off when he wishes without getting off of the couch.



Customers who have purchased this Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switch love how convenient it is as they no longer have to go around a room turning individual lighting devices on and off. They press a button and the light either all goes off or all goes on.

Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote

Your dad will be able to control everything much easier with the help of this universal remote. It can easily be programmed by using a code that is compatible with up to four different devices. He will then be able to control them all by using only one remote. How convenient is that?



Customers that have purchased this Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Remote find that it is a great product to have if you want to control 4 or fewer devices. It is easy to program, fully backlit, easy to use, and comfortable to hold.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does the couch armchair caddy remain stable even in the recliner of the chair?

Yes, it does, you just have to use a couple of twist pins to hold it together.

2. Is the Ski Lodge Building Set appropriate for people of any age?

No, it is suitable to play this game with children above the age of 4 only.


To make it easier for you to find gifts for lazy dads, decide if you are looking for a gift that will get your dad to spend some more time with you and your siblings or if you would rather like to get him a gift that will help him relax even more.







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