3 Solid Tips on How to Ask Bridesmaids to Pay for Their Dresses

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I have decided not to think about it; how to ask my bridesmaids to pay for their dresses. Do you pay for your bridesmaid dresses, or is the bride supposed to pay for bridesmaid dresses? This is the situation I have found myself in.

My day is almost here, the day I have been waiting for. All my life, I dreamed of this day, the very day I got to take my vows with the love of my life. My dad can’t wait to walk me down the aisle. Mum is excited too, for her, it feels like she is getting married again. I have informed my friends and other relatives and everyone promised to be there to witness at last as I get taken by the love of my life. Uncle Ben pledged to arrive from Michigan, and Uncle Ted would be here a day or two before the date from Naples. I have always planned this day over and over in my head;

  • The page boy will have a little bridesmaid leading him, and both would be dressed just like Mike and me.
  • Twelve groomsmen dressed like Mike, with a black tux on a white shirt.
  • Twelve bridesmaids walked side by side with the groomsmen, wearing lilac-colored silk gowns that swept the floor as they cat walked on.

This was exactly how I planned it from childhood. After I witnessed Aunt Lila’s wedding, it was so beautiful, and at the time, I never thought about who pays for the bridesmaid dresses. All that has changed now is the bridesmaid’s dress color; I am still trying to decide between lilac and peach while still brooding over buying bridesmaid dresses.

Everything was going as planned, or so I thought until I remembered it would be 12 bridesmaid dresses just like in my fantasy wedding. Mike and I are on a budget, and we are already thinned out, but I need to have my fantasy wedding; this will make me very happy, for without the bridesmaid dresses, how can I have bridesmaids?.

I talked to Ella, Patricia, and Smithra, they told me it was bad luck not to have my fantasy wedding. Since I had planned to have 12 bridesmaids at my wedding, I would need to find a way to make it happen; buying 12 bridesmaid dresses may not be easy, yet we still need to be sure they wear quality bridesmaid dresses to the wedding. I already had a list of the kind of girls I needed as bridesmaids, each of them would have a varying shade of skin color; this was already taken care of as I had many friends in school of varying nationality. I had made a list of their names, too; they would need luxury bridesmaid dresses that fit; this way, they would look just as gorgeous as I would be on that day.

Animated Grey White Peach Wedding Bridesmaids Your Story

Smithra said  husbands pay for bridesmaid dresses, for that was how it was at her own wedding, her bridesmaids were his cousins from both sides of his lineage and few of her friends; she also gave me a list of best websites for bridesmaid dresses.

Ella and Patricia didn’t think it was wise to spend so much since Mike and I were on a budget and couldn’t even afford it even if we wanted to; Ella gave ideas of how her aunt got her friends to pay for their bridesmaid dresses, and they all did. Patricia advised that it was a better option as it would help cut costs and give me the fantasy wedding I had hoped for, but how do you tell the bridesmaids  to pay for their dresses?.

My three friends and I decided to put together a list on how to ask bridesmaids to pay for their dresses. We did a thorough research about others who had been in the same situation as me. Online we got a lot of responses from many women, and they shared ideas on how to get your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses you may also like this tips on how to ask someone to walk you down the aisle; these same tips are what I will be sharing with you in this article;


First of all, you will need to call them together for a slight hang out or gathering or even meet, whatever you name it. You could also do this remotely using a remote communication app like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Discord, Teams, etc. You form groups consisting of just your bridesmaids.

This tactic involves letting the girls decide for themselves or giving room for suggestions. You should have a sample of the kinds of bridesmaid dresses you would want them to wear on that day. Show them several examples and designs of bridesmaid dresses, as well as the linked pricing for each gown, and then ask the question; this question can take many forms, but what counts is that it is constructed in such a manner that it is nice and elicits a positive or at least honest reaction from the bridesmaids. Here are some examples of possible questions to ask:

  • “Do you girls think this bridesmaid dress would be too expensive for you?”

This question is pretty straightforward and clear; it lets them know that they are paying, and you are giving them a chance to decide if it’s within their budget. Their reply will help clear the air about who is buying the bridesmaid dress by throwing this question.

  • “What kind of bridesmaid dress would you be buying for my wedding?”.

Throw this friendly question to your friends and hear what they have to say about their plans for the wedding. They could be aware that they are paying for the bridesmaid dresses. Who knows, they may even have decided on their own the exquisite bridesmaid dress they wanted and the best website to buy the bridesmaid dresses they had picked. Asking this question is like telling them to share their plans for the wedding with you.

  • “What is your budget for the bridesmaid dress?”

Asking about their budget for the bridesmaid dress is a sure way to pass the message that bridesmaids buy their dresses. This question will prompt them to open up as to how much they can spare for the bridesmaid dress and, as such, make plans to purchase a dress that fits the budget.


In this instance, you will need the help of one or two of the bridesmaids to help you inform the other bridesmaids to pay for their dresses. She could either go to them privately or discuss it in a group with them. She could also relate to them why you could not afford to buy the bridesmaid dresses at the time. Another way to do this is to allow a friend or two to take up the project entirely of picking out bridesmaids for your wedding; you can, of course, give them tips on the persons you may prefer as your bridesmaids. This individual will now be charged with informing the bridesmaids as well as picking out sample bridesmaid dresses and also letting the bridesmaids know they are paying for the dresses


It is not uncommon to see brides who give one or more treats to the bridesmaids. Manicure, pedicure, hair styling, makeup, giving jewelry, and so on are examples of such delights, this can help you to further decide on what you can buy for your bridesmaid. If you plan to provide any of this, you can easily list what you are offering them; indicate what you can offer and what you cannot offer. This will show them how much effort you have put in to ensure that they attend the wedding, and it will encourage them to do something for you as well. You can then have the bridesmaids pay for their dresses.

When Sonya was planning her wedding, the girls were encouraged to fully participate and support the wedding in any way they could; paying for the bridesmaid dress was the least they could do; they even suggested it themselves; all she had to do was show them her plan for a spectacular bridal shower; the location was stunning, as was the decoration, food, and drinks, all planned by Sonya’s family. The planned activities will give room for a lot of fun that the girls could not afford to miss. So it wasn’t a surprise when they all agreed to pay for the bridesmaid dresses even without Sonya asking.

In a bid to decide which bridesmaid dress was best for you, you may need to consider certain factors, which include;

  • Cost; the cost of the dress is a factor to consider as it could help determine if the bridesmaids can afford it or not.
  • Shape; the shape of the bridesmaids should be considered when deciding which bridesmaid dress to buy. For my twelve bridesmaids, it was hard to conclude which dress design would be best for all of them. I am glad they finally made that decision.
  • Comfort; while some may decide that a strapless bridesmaid dress would fit more, others may want a short bridesmaid dress, while others may prefer a long bridesmaid dress. Whatever  decision is to be made, ensure all the bridesmaids are comfortable with it.
  • Colors; the variety of available colors of bridesmaid dresses can be confusing when choosing a bridesmaid dress. To avoid this confusion, look out for colors that match your wedding theme and colors that fit your bridesmaids.

And that brings us to the question; Who picks the wedding dress?


The chart above explains the result of a survey by Ultimate bridesmaids survey on who picks the bridesmaids dresses; 4.2% said the bridesmaids pick the bridesmaid dresses, 22.9% said the bride and bridesmaids, 49% said the brides,15.6% said the brides chose the color while 8.3% said the bride gave the guidelines on what dress to choose. Who do you think picks the bridesmaid dresses? You can read more here

Ella and Patricia narrated to me how they created a group in one of the digital apps and added my list of friends who would be the bridesmaids at my wedding. Ella said at first, some of them felt it was rude to ask bridesmaids to pay for their dresses. Still, when Patricia explained how I had gone out of my way to ensure they had their skincare and hairdo at my expense, they all felt it was only right they supported the wedding by paying for their bridesmaid dresses. They became more responsive as everyone actively brought suggestions that made picking the design, color, and style more accessible. After which, they checked out the best websites for bridesmaid dresses that Smithra had listed.

Are you planning a wedding soon? Would you like to know how to ask your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses? Many young brides have used the above steps to get their friends to pay for their bridesmaid dresses, and they have proven to work; you should try them out.and leave feedback afterward on the outcome.


1. Who usually pays for bridesmaids’ dresses?

The bride, groom, and even the bridesmaids can pay for their dresses. You should consider your budget and plan accordingly.

2. Is it rude to ask Bridesmaids to pay for their dresses?

This will depend on your tone and how the information is passed. Read these tips on how to get bridesmaids to pay for their dresses; it got all the information you need to help you ask your bridesmaids to pay for their dresses without being rude.

3. Should the bride pay for bridesmaid dresses?

If the bride can afford it, why not? It is her wedding; after all, this way, you can decide on over-the-top bridesmaid dresses irrespective of the cost; after all, you deserve to have your fantasy wedding.

4. Is $200 too much for bridesmaids dresses?

You will need to talk to your bridesmaids about that, their budget and income will decide if $200 is too much or too small.


Do bridesmaids pay for their dresses in the US?. It is not odd to see brides expecting bridesmaids to pay for their dresses; most brides do not know how to communicate this to their bridesmaids. It is important that such expectations be communicated to the concerned parties earlier so they can budget and plan towards it. The tips in this articles on how to ask bridesmaids to pay for their dresses will help you pass the information without much ado, or even get bridesmaids to pay for their dresses without saying it.





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