How to Ask For a Gift From Boyfriend

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My boyfriend never bought me a gift is a common sentence we hear these days. We don’t know why, but men have difficulties to just go to the store and buy a gift. It’s something about choosing the right one. They mostly think they won’t be able to pick the proper thing for the occasion, so they just give up and don’t get anything at all. If your boyfriend fits in this category, and you love giving and receiving gifts, that could become a big issue. You have to find a way to show or tell your boyfriend that you want for your two to exchange gifts every once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? To help you ask him in a proper way, so he doesn’t misunderstand your attentions, we composed this useful article. For more ideas, you can follow How To Get A Man To Buy You Things.

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A quick overview of this article:

Ask Him for Help

Ask Him for Help

The common issue with couples is that they are ashamed to ask the other one for help. For example, you might need a specific thing at the time, and your boyfriend could give you that as a gift. This would be a win-win situation, but you don’t know how to ask him to get you just the thing you want. Of course, he doesn’t even notice what you need and want, so he just buys something else. Boyfriends tend to overlook the things that are important for their girlfriends. It’s not that they don’t care, not at all! They just don’t have a sense of detail in the same way that girls have. Don’t judge your boyfriend too harsh because of it!

Our advice is: don’t be ashamed to ask your boyfriend for help! He’s your partner,  and he loves you. He’ll probably enjoy helping you with every problem you might have. Besides, if you tell him what gift you need, he might feel relieved. As we said already, men have difficulties with choosing and buying gifts. Most of them will be relieved to have hints and open suggestions about the things they should buy. You’ll save him from a lot of effort, and get the thing you need at the same time. Just be brave! He won’t think anything bad about you just because you asked him for help.

Understanding and mutual trust are an important part of every relationship!


Give Him Gifts All The Time

Give Him Gifts All The Time

Is it ok to ask your boyfriend to buy you something? Yes, it is. If you like giving and receiving gifts, and he doesn’t, that could be an issue. Still, you should be pretty straightforward about this. You two can always make a compromise. In the end, every relationship is composed of compromises. Tell him you enjoy surprises, that you are a romantic person and he’ll understand. You can meet halfway!

You can also try giving him gifts all the time. It doesn’t have to be something huge and expensive. Go with the little things, and show him that you think about him often. This way, he’ll probably understand the message and start doing the same thing for you.

There’s nothing wrong with being romantic and enjoying gifts and surprises. It’s not about expensive stuff, money, and other valuable stuff. It’s about the little things that show us love daily and make us feel special. Therefore, show your boyfriend how much you love him with little gifts every day. Of course, tell him how you feel and what you enjoy as well. He’ll definitely understand it and join you in the game of giving gifts!

Direct Approach

Direct Approach

Most guys prefer an honest and straightforward approach over clues and hints. They would even love to have an idea of what to buy, but they are probably too shy to ask. Some of them even think that their girlfriends always expect them to figure out these things all on their own. Therefore, you can maybe help your boyfriend by telling him what particular thing you want for your birthday or any other occasion.

Don’t be shy to express yourself. Of course, you won’t be asking him to give you something that’s way over his budget or do something impossible at the time. It’s totally fine to speak with him and tell him what you want specifically. Most boyfriends will actually appreciate the direct approach.



Keep in mind that your boyfriend might not be able to fulfill your every wish. You shouldn’t ask for something that exceeds his possibilities anyway. First and foremost, think about his budget. He might not be able to afford the expensive gifts you want. That shouldn’t be an issue for you. It’s important that he loves you and that he’s ready to show it.

If you want something badly and you know he can’t afford it, don’t get all greedy. Ask him to help you buy that thing, but don’t let him do it for you. Even if he wants to get you that particular gift, it wouldn’t be nice to let him starve until the next paycheck only because you wanted something way above his budget, right? Be kind and be selfless, and your relationship will last!

Appropriate Things

Appropriate Things

What to tell your boyfriend to get you for your birthday? It depends on what you want, need and prefer to have. You should be able to tell your boyfriend anything in the world, so it shouldn’t be a problem to express yourself in this simple situation. Consider what you don’t have and what you would like to receive, and then talk about it with your boyfriend. He’ll appreciate that you’re being honest and that you can speak up about your needs.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect too much from him. It’s not his obligation to buy you expensive stuff or anything similar. It’s okay to express your wishes and hopes, but you should also keep in mind his budget and general abilities. He’s just as human as you are, and you should be equal in the relationship. Even if you can afford to give him expensive gifts, there’s no reason why he should have to do it too!

Common Questions

Common Questions

We received a lot of questions about the topic how to ask for a gift from your boyfriend. Therefore, we included the most common ones and some answers that should help you out:

Why doesn’t my boyfriend buy me things?

Most of the time, guys just don’t think about that stuff. It’s a common thing for all men. They don’t pay attention to gifts, surprises, and other little things that women enjoy. We don’t know why it is exactly. It probably has something to do with the fact that they are told how that is a “girly” thing, so they try to avoid it at any cost. With that in mind, don’t be too harsh on your boyfriend. Let him know that you don’t expect mountains and that you just enjoy the little things. Once he figures it out, he’ll be more relaxed and probably enjoy giving and receiving gifts just as much as you do!

No Christmas gift from boyfriend, what should I do?

Ask him why he doesn’t like giving gifts, and why he doesn’t want to celebrate it with you. Also, tell him honestly that you like exchanging Christmas gifts. If he has a good reason, consider making a compromise. If there’s no special reason, tell him that you like buying him gifts and that you would like to receive some too. Explain that you don’t expect anything special, that it’s all about the timing, the atmosphere, and feeling the love on a special occasion. He’ll understand, of course, it’s just important to be straightforward about the issue!

How to ask for gifts?

The best way to ask for gifts is to be completely open with that particular person. There’s no reason to be shy or feel awkward about it, as long as you keep in mind the other peoples’ possibilities. Whether you’re asking your boyfriend, parents, or other people, you should be completely honest with them. Tell them what you need and want for your birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion. In most cases, they’ll be thrilled with having the information, so they can spend less time thinking over the things they should or shouldn’t buy for you.

For more ideas, you can follow our article about How to Give Hints About a Gift.

Other Things to Consider

There are some additional things you might want to consider before you ask your boyfriend for a gift. Here’s what we have in mind:

His Personality

Have you ever considered that he’s maybe not giving you gifts because he’s too shy? Maybe he thinks that you won’t like those things he has in mind, so he just gave up. It might seem a little bit silly but just think about it. Men are told that they have to act in certain ways to be perceived as “real” men. It’s hard for them to change those things overnight.

We’re going to repeat the same thing, but it’s truly important for you to talk to your boyfriend. You can’t know what’s inside his head before you ask him! If he’s too shy, encourage him. Tell him what you want and what you need. Tell him it’s okay to give you gifts and that he can’t go wrong. You’ll see a change in no time!

Your Choice of Gifts

Have you ever thought about the reasons why your boyfriend is not giving you the gifts you want? Maybe he doesn’t know which one to get? If you are an artist, and he’s not, he probably thinks he’ll get everything wrong. How should he know which paint brushes to buy? If this is the case, there’s nothing wrong with telling him what exactly you would want as a gift.

Also, when choosing a gift, have some of the following things in mind:

  • Budget. Consider your boyfriend’s budget. You should be able to know by now how much he can spend on a gift. By choosing the one that meets his budget, you’ll make him less uncomfortable.
  • Time. If you want a huge surprise and you’re about to ask your boyfriend for it, make sure he has time to pull it off. If he’s working a lot, it might be too needy from you to ask him for a huge party or something similar. It’s important for both of you to be excited over gifts and surprises, right?
  • Effort. Appreciate the effort that your boyfriend is showing, even if the result is not exactly the one you wanted. Keep in mind that he’s doing his best and that he’s doing it because he loves you. With time, he’ll probably get a lot better in all those stuff of giving and receiving gifts!

The Relationship Type

In the end, not all men are the same, just as not all women are the same. We are all different, and you should never forget it. Some men are romantic and they enjoy giving gifts, organizing surprises, parties, and so on. Others are not, and they have a hard time with all that stuff. While you can always tell your soulmate that you would like for him to change some things, be realistic and think about his preferences too. As we already mentioned, make compromises for a successful relationship! Your boyfriend will appreciate it, and you’ll both be more satisfied with the outcome.

We hope our article helped you and that you have some more confidence about talking to your boyfriend about gifts. Remember, when thinking about how to ask for a gift from boyfriend, you should always consider both of your personalities!





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