How to get girl to stop liking you?

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How to get a girl to stop liking me?

In an ideal world, we would only like those who like us. That way, the whole awkwardness of having to reject someone is avoided. But this is just a pipe dream because, in reality, we are sometimes forced to reject people who like us. In your case, you need to know how to get a girl to stop liking you, and that can be quite difficult if you aren’t trying to be a jerk.

Before you try to get a girl to stop liking you, it’s absolutely important to confirm that she actually likes you. Just imagine the awkwardness that would follow if you told a girl who doesn’t have feelings for you that you aren’t interested in her. Good luck living that down. 

To be sure that the female in question likes you, here are some signs to look out for:

There are several other signs a girl likes you, but these are the top-tier ones that, when noticed, are a good indication that you weren’t wrong about her feelings. 

Once you’ve confirmed that the girl likes you, it’s time to engage in “Operation Make Her Stop Liking Me.” To this end, we have prepared the below strategies that you can employ to make a girl lose feelings for you.

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1. Talk to her and tell her the truth 

If a girl likes you but you don’t like her, the most effective way to wean her off her feelings is to talk to her about how you feel. This can be a very difficult situation for both of you – her more than you – so you need to be empathetic and gentle in your speech.

There is also no need to be brutally honest if the reason why you don’t like her is something that can be quite hurtful. For instance, if a boring girl likes you and you don’t want her, there’s no need to tell her that you don’t have feelings because you find her boring. 

It is also very important that you don’t leave room for hope by making it seem like you’re going through a phase that could pass. That means you should avoid phrases like, “I’m just going through stuff at the moment” or “I’m still moving on from my ex.” She could misconstrue this to mean that she could still have a chance with you once you heal.

In cases where you may have already been intimate, and you want her to stop liking you, gently apologize to her and tell her that you don’t have romantic feelings for her. It’s best to do this sooner rather than later. 

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2. Give her space 

After you’ve had the talk explaining that you don’t like the girl, the next step in how to make her stop liking you is to give her some time to heal and move on. If you weren’t close with her in the first place, this is easy, but this can be slightly complicated in the case of someone you knew prior.

Whatever the case, trying to comfort the girl afterward can send her the wrong message that you care for her romantically even if you don’t. This can delay her healing process, and so is a definite no-no.

If you’re really worried about her mental state, you can reach out to her friends or family to help. Keep your involvement a secret from her, though, to avoid mixed signals.

3. Have a follow-up talk 

What can you do when a girl likes you but you don’t want her to like you and you’ve already spoken to her? You can have a follow-up talk.

This time you should be firmer and less gentle to communicate with her how seriously you feel about the issue. Tell her that her feelings make you uncomfortable because you know you can’t reciprocate them or something along those lines. 

It is better to do this in person, but a call or text could suffice if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

4. Offer to find someone else for her 

So one girl likes you, and you hate it. That doesn’t mean others will. If you haven’t spoken to the girl about your lack of interest, offering to find her someone will be an effective yet subtle way to let her know your feelings.

If you decide to go this route, it cannot be an empty promise as this can further complicate things. It would also be best if the person you recommended for her had similarities to you and wouldn’t mind dating her.

5. Talk to her about other girls you like 

If you don’t want a girl to like you, then subtly make this known to her by talking about your other love interests. Do this as often as you can by sprinkling it into every conversation you have with her.

You get bonus points if you ask her for pointers on how you can impress the other girls you like. Unless the girl is super persistent, she should be turned off by this gesture. In the interest of not depreciating the girl’s confidence, this strategy should only be used if she hasn’t told you of her feelings or if she has and you’ve had a talk about how you don’t reciprocate her feelings.

6. Talk about your ex 

No one wants to be with someone who is still hung up on their ex, so you could use this to your advantage. If there’s a girl who keeps throwing you vibes and you don’t want her to like you, making her think you still want to be with your ex can send her running for the hills. 

When you talk about your ex, mention the qualities you liked about her that this current girl doesn’t have. Also, mention the qualities you didn’t like yet are found in the current girl. This kills two birds with one stone because the girl will think you’re still hung up on your ex and that she has qualities you don’t really like.

7. Don’t talk to her more than you need to 

Communication is key to moving from a crush to full-blown feelings, so a lesson on how to get a girl to stop liking you is to limit communication with her. 

Try to limit your conversations to a basic nature depending on your relationship with her. For instance, if it is a work colleague, stick to topics about work and relevant issues only. Also, avoid situations where you have to talk to her for extended periods.

It would also help if you didn’t take her calls or reply to her texts unless important. If you feel this is too mean, you could consistently delay your replies instead of not responding.

8. Find out why she likes you and tone it down 

There must be reasons why the girl in question has developed feelings for you. Maybe you are funnier than Chris Rock or have more game than Charlie Sheen. Finding out those alluring qualities that you have can be the keep to getting this girl to stop liking you.

Once you figure out why she likes you, the next step would be to tone these down around her. If you’re a funny guy, become a bore-fest around her. If you’re the kind to flirt with ease, act awkward around her. If you don’t want a girl to like you, taking away her reason for doing so can be very effective. 

9. Avoid spending time with her alone 

How to make someone not like you anymore 101 – turn down any chance of spending time alone with them. Spending time with a person you like usually amplifies that emotion, so you need to shut down as many opportunities as you can to be alone with her.

For those times when you have to spend time with her, don’t do it alone. Invite your friends – especially the females – to come and then engage with those friends more than you talk to her. 

10. Flirt with others in front of her  

When it comes to how to make someone not like you, giving others the attention that they crave can be quite effective. 

A girl who likes you would want you to flirt with her, so capitalize on this by instead flirting with other females in her presence. Be as charming and flirtatious with them as possible, and then be completely dry with her. This is best when you’ve already spoken to her about your lack of feelings, as it would drive the point further.

Piece of advice – only flirt with girls you actually like to avoid creating the very situation you’re trying to get out of with another girl.

11. Act stingy around her 


People still in their romantic relationships due to their financial situation

Research by Intrum shows that money is an important factor in relationships, with many staying with their current partners because of the financial stability offered. While this doesn’t apply to everyone, it underscores the importance of money in relationships.

If one girl likes you, but you don’t want her, you can exploit the above fact by acting stingy around her. When you go on dates, insist on separate bills. Get her cheap presents on her birthday or valentines day, and always talk about how broke you are. 

Make this even more effective by spending on yourself and flaunting it to her. Buy yourself some nice clothes, and eat some good food on dates. That way, she knows that you’re not broke; you just don’t want to spend on her.

Women hate stingy partners, and she will likely take to her heels when she realizes that you might just be such a person.

12. Mispronounce her name/ call her the wrong name 

Get a girl to move on from you by constantly calling her by the wrong name or mispronouncing her name even after she corrects you. Don’t even act apologetic about it afterward. It would show that you don’t have much interest in her, and any self-respecting girl will take this as a sign to abandon her feelings for you.

13. Threaten to report her to relevant authorities 

It isn’t very common, but it could happen that the girl continues to make romantic overtures to you despite your repeated rejections of her. If this becomes unbearable, you might have to take some serious action as a last resort.

First, start by telling her that if she continues, you will report her to a relevant authority such as the HR department at work, the school authorities at school, or the police.

If she still can’t take a hint, you will have to follow through on your threat by reporting her. Ensure you have relevant evidence to back you up if this is the case.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you get someone that likes you to stop liking you?

How do you lay off a girl?

How do I tell a girl without hurting her feelings?

The first thing to do is be empathetic with her by thinking about how you would feel if someone was rejecting you. Think about what you would like them to say to you so you aren’t hurt. Then when you eventually tell her, keep the following in mind:

All in all…

No law says that people have to develop feelings for girls who like them. If you decide to, then kudos to you. However, if you aren’t interested in pursuing a relationship with the girl, try telling her that, and if this doesn’t work, we hope these other methods discussed will help you help her move on from you.

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