31 Best Tips on How to Start a Conversation After a Fight Over a Text

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Some couples don’t know How to start a conversation after a fight over a text; this makes settling conflict difficult. When conflicts are allowed to linger for long periods, they tend to cause a severe drift between those involved, leading to the end of the relationship. In this article, you will learn;

Every relationship always has its course of conflict; what makes a relationship succeed is your ability to resolve disputes amicably. That you and your spouse had a severe disagreement doesn’t mean it’s the end of the relationship. How to start a conversation after a fight over a text will help you resolve your differences and get back together quickly.

It is said that half of all marriages end in divorce. This 50 percent projection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is not far off the mark, at least for the country as a whole. The CDC tracks marriage and divorce rates nationally and by the state as part of its National Vital Statistics System. In 2014, almost 46% of marriages in the United States ended in divorce. The statistics don’t look good; you may also like what to do after a breakup. The CDC reports all marriage and divorce statistics as per 1,000 people. Arizona had the country’s highest divorce rate in 2014. You can read more about the graph here

You can agree with me that the divorce rates are high; sometimes, divorce can result from an unresolved conflict. Let’s say you and your spouse had a huge fight, and you do not know how to start a conversation towards a resolution of the conflict; you can use these tips;


Among the things to text your boyfriend after a fight is the apologetic text message below;this is how to say “I am sorry” to your boyfriend after a fight.

1. “Hey babe, I wanted to apologize for last night; I am sorry.”; this works as it doesn’t get to blame or give reasons for your actions. Just a straight-up apology.

2. “I’m sorry for disagreeing with you last night while you were attempting to explain what occurred. I should’ve paid attention to you.”; this is an apology with a clear statement of why; it is an excellent text after a big fight.

3. “I am sorry I lost my temper last night; please forgive me.” This is a heartfelt apology for an action you are not proud of. Others are;

4. “I don’t know what happened in there; I can’t explain why I acted the way I did; I am sorry.”

5. “There are no specified words for disagreements; I don’t have a rule book on how to express myself to you; I just wanted to say I am sorry .”

6. “I didn’t aim to hurt your sentiments; I was simply expressing my own.” But I hurt you, which I didn’t intend to do. Please accept my apologies.”


Despite the fight, show him that you still care about him by sending him a text; these are part of things to say after a fight;

7.  “Hey, how are you? I hope you are safe? Have a nice day.” That you disagreed with your partner doesn’t mean you wish them bad. Starting with a caring text will show them that you are ready to resolve the issue.

8.  “Haven’t heard from you all day; I am worried about you; please respond.” This doesn’t show if you are angry or happy with him, but it shows that you care about him. This could start a conversation that could lead to a peaceful resolution.

9. “I fight because I care too much about you and our relationship; I want the best for us.” I hope you understand. I’ll do my best to see things from your point of view.”

10. “I understand that conflicts and disagreements are inevitable in any relationship. But I want you to know that losing an argument is far preferable to losing you.”


This works all the time. Don’t come too hard to avoid being desperate; the kind of fight you had would determine what debt of emotional message to husband after a fight to begin the conversation;

11. “I love you.” you have no idea what these simple three words can do. It can turn things around in a moment or trigger a cascade of deep feelings and memories that can help you resolve your conflict without stress.

12. “I don’t care what happened, I love you, and I don’t want to fight anymore.” This is deep, and it paves the way for a resolution. Your ability to express that you love someone unconditionally could help them realize the conflict is smaller than the love you two have for each other.

13. “I hate it when we fight; could we not fight anymore? I love you, Dave.” this is personal; you need to add his name to show it is for him alone. The touchy emotional outburst in the message shows how much you value your partner and how you hate that you two are fighting. That is enough to get them wanting to reconcile.

14. “Fights aren’t always terrible as long as we can bury the hatchet and move on.” We will, I’m sure, because I adore you, darling.” This clarifies how you feel about the fight; it’s not a bad thing as long as you two can easily discuss how to resolve whatever it is, it ends with a passionate pronouncement.

15. “I’m still angry from our fight today, but that won’t stop you from being the last thing on my mind when I go to bed and the first thing on my mind when I wake up.” oh, I am in love right now, can you read that again?

i love you


In this type of conversation, you will need to make a promise that may arise from whatever the conflict is. It is a commitment not to do it or say it again or never fight again. What to say to a boyfriend or girlfriend after a fight could, in many ways, depend on the kind of fight or reason for the fight.

16. “I understand now; I promise it won’t happen again.” When you make a promise, it goes a long way to show how much you value the relationship and are willing to work to make things right; this is one step towards a healthy conflict resolution.

17. “I feel awful leaving things the way we did; I promise never to go to sleep angry with you….” This is close to a resolution and makes it easier for the other person to respond positively towards a friend.

18. “I see now that I shouldn’t have acted in that manner. It’ll never happen again, I promise.” you analyze the conflict and resolve it, never to let it happen again; this will in many ways show your partner how concerned you are about your union.

19. “Nothing irritates me more than these pointless quarrels that are tearing us apart.” From now on, let us aim to create more happy moments.” you show your anger towards the whole act; this in many ways helps your spouse understand how you feel about the conflicts.

20. “I know you’re angry with me right now, but I guarantee we’ll look back on these disagreements and laugh at how ridiculous they were.” An acceptance and positive declaration of a better future even after you just fought; shows that you are optimistic of a better outcome.


Every relationship thrives on what works; what works for Mike and Bella may differ from what works for Joel and Ethel. Although there are similar rules like; talking to each other with respect, communicating regularly, being kind, etc., which everyone uses, each relationship has specific rules they need to hold on to if the relationship will work. Emotional message for a husband after a fight can bear a new rule you created due to the conflict;

21. “I think we should spend more time together if this is going to work.” Some relationships thrive on distance, while some would crumble with space; you set the right rule that works for you.

22. “We should both join the same club and get to know each other’s friends to prevent this from happening again.” The idea here is to solve the problem by creating a new rule.

23. “Hey babe, I think we should avoid going to Mars from now on; I hate that they make us fight all the time.”


In this scenario, your conversation should depict a way of resolving whatever problem caused the conflict. Here, you may not create a rule, but you are sending a text conversation about resolving the conflict. This is a good tip on how to start a conversation after a fight over a text; let’s take some examples;

24. “I am sorry, John, I will cancel everything scheduled for this week so we can be together if that’s okay with you.” In this scenario, John had complained of Ethel being too busy that she hardly had time for him, this led to a huge fight, and now Ethel is sending John a message using the “correct the mistake” style of conversation after a fight over text. I believe when John sees the step Ethel is willing to take to resolve their conflict, he will respond positively.


I have always loved letters. In the days of pen-pals, letters saved a lot of relationships, and it still does to date. Here you need to write a text letter to your spouse. A love letter; in this letter, you would remind them of the time you spent together, referencing memorable moments. Then talk about the conflict, do not go into placing blame, mention it and say something about not letting it destroy what you two share. Be sure to end the letter with the appropriate love message. Letters can contain cute things to say to a boyfriend after a fight;

25. Hello George

I thought deeply about our fight, and I was not too fond of what happened. I am sorry things got out of hand. I remember when ….

I love you, George, I always will…

Yours forever,



Yes, you can write a poem if your spouse loves one. Ensure the lyrics flow with your thoughts. The poem should express how you feel about the conflict and how much you want it to end so you can have your spouse back. Emotional text messages for a spouse after a fight can come in the form of a poem; after reading a well-crafted poem that expresses your thoughts towards the issue, he should be able to come around seeing how much work you put in to create a poem for him.


Funny, huh, but emojis express feelings. Drop your favorite emoji, and I will tell you what they mean.


Send him an audio or video music that depicts or expresses how you feel; if you two have a favorite song or “your song,” it’s time to send it to him; this will serve as a message to remind him of how much you love him.


Here, you need to send the message in a question form to elicit a response so the conversation can flow; this is a great tip on how to start a conversation after a fight over a text.

26. “Hey, I miss you, can we meet?” His answer will help you realize what the next step is.”

27. “Can we talk tonight|? It’s important.”

28. “Wanted to check up on you, had to make sure you are okay with that, are you?”


Something must have triggered the conflict between you and your spouse. It’s time you take responsibility if you wish to resolve this conflict via text. You might as well take responsibility for the part you played; such conversations after a fight with your boyfriend should go this way;

29. “I was wrong, I shouldn’t have ….”

30. “I am so ashamed of myself, Billy, I shouldn’t have…. I am so sorry.”

31. “It’s all my fault, what have I done?”…


1. How do you start a conversation after a fight?

Fix a time, visit him, send him a text message, or give him a call. Be sure to have the right words to use.

2. Should I text first after a fight?

It doesn’t matter who sends a text first; what matters is the tone and content of the text. If you are to send the text first, do it right.

3. How do you talk to a guy after a fight?

Apologize, take responsibility, send him a text, or an “I am sorry gift.”

4. What do you text after a fight?

Apologize, take responsibility, send him a text or an “I am sorry gift.


Cute things to say after a fight with your boyfriend can come in handy. These text messages can take on varying forms; apology, a show of care, a show of love, taking responsibility, etc. this is why this article on How to start a conversation after a fight over text is a must-read for all.





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