Valentine’s Gifts for Teen Boys whattogetmy

Valentine’s Gifts for Teen Boys

Teen years are probably one of the most challenging periods in life. Not for teenagers, of course, but for you as a parent! It’s like they make you question all your parenting methods and fear about the future. Have you gone terribly wrong somewhere on the way? No one can make you doubt yourself as much as teenagers, especially boys. Sometimes it seems like their secret mission is to test your parent super-hero abilities every single day. Even Superman would fail teen tests, that’s for sure!

Knowing all that you know and dealing with all that parenting stuff, shopping for teenagers seems like a specially hard task you have to complete. Whatever you buy, you’ll probably get a sophisticated eye-roll and “Am I going to return it or you?” brow lift. Things might even get worse for Valentine’s Day. It’s one thing for them to buy a gift for their crushes, but receiving gifts from parents? That’s a big nono.

Still, don’t let that discourage you. You have a good intention and showing teens the purpose of Valentine’s Day is what every parent should do. They should know that this day is about showing all the people you love how much you care about them. The best way to do it is to start a gift-giving tradition. Now, the real question is, what to get teenage guys for Valentine’s Day? Worry not, we got you covered! We made a list of the best Valentine’s gifts for teen boys that should increase your odds of being the cool parent. Don’t miss to check it out, because it might make your life way easier!

Before you make any decision regarding Valentine’s gifts for teenagers, consider some of the following things:

  • Teenage interests and hobbies shift a lot. They are likely to change their opinions about things rather quickly. Don’t opt for the things they liked one or two years ago, because they probably don’t want them now.
  • Avoid getting things you personally think they would like to get or use. We are talking about teens! They are not that much into practical and useful stuff.
  • Observe and listen carefully to what they say. You maybe don’t want to get your teenage son an expensive new computer he wants, but you can make a compromise and get him a tablet or something similar that’s within your budget.
  • Be ready to get things you don’t like. Your teenage son or relative might be interested just in those torn jeans you can’t stand to look at. If it’s any consolation to you, he’ll probably lose interest in them over time, just as with other things in teen years.

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Quick Overview: Valentine’s Gifts for Teen Boys

GNintendo Switch for Playing Games On the Go

Nintendo Switch will ensure you the status of the coolest parent ever! Your teen might even let you play with it, but that’s to be seen yet. One of the best things about this console is portability. It’s a compact device you can bring wherever you go. You can take it camping, hiking, or anywhere else, and enjoy your favorite games on the go. The second best thing is quality construction. The materials are sturdy and durable, and the screen is large and bright enough to ensure a great gaming experience. You also get to play many fabulous games and enjoy the new updates now and then.



If you're looking for gift ideas for men on Valentine’s Day, you can put the Nintendo Switch on the top of your list. Although we highly recommend it for teenagers, the console is perfect for adults too! You can give it to every gamer you know, actually, and make her/his Valentine's Day the best one ever!

Original BB-8 by Sphero To Make Life More Interesting

If you’re not sure what to get teenage guys for Valentine’s Day, you can always opt for toys! No, teens are not children anymore, but no one is too old for robotic toys, especially if it’s about BB-8!

The BB-8 droid is what everyone would love having around the house. It’s an app-operated device that provides hours of fun! All you need to do is to use Bluetooth to connect the device to your phone, tablet, or computer, and launch the app. It’s that simple!

The droid is sturdy and durable and has a waterproof polycarbonate shell. The battery runs up to 60 minutes, and the Bluetooth connection extends to 30m. All in all, it’s a powerful little droid that will make one teen very happy!



If you're worried about making the wrong choice and getting a teen boy something he won't like at all, BB-8 is there for you! There's no way a teenager won't enjoy playing with the droid. It's such a fun and cool toy to have around!

Stay Tuned with Adeave Wireless Bluetooth Beanie with Headphones

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine gift for a teenage boyfriend, friend, or relative, we have just the perfect thing for you. It’s a Bluetooth beanie! Yes, you heard that right. This beanie has a built-in wireless technology that allows you to connect to your smartphone, iPad, tablet, and more. It offers not only speakers but a mic too! You can use it to make hands-free phone calls or listen to your favorite songs when on the go.

The beanie offers a 10 hours playtime and recharges within 2 hours. That should be long enough to cover all outside activities a teen might indulge in. The 3-button control panel makes it easy to use, and the high-quality materials ensure simple maintenance. Additionally, the beanie is very comfortable, and it will keep the user warm during winter.



If you’re not sure what to get teenage guys for Valentine’s Day, go for the wireless beanie. It’s a unique gift that will make days more enjoyable for teens and allow them to listen to their favorite songs when on the go. Oh, and it will keep them warm and comfy during winter!

Nike Hoodie for Sporty Teens

Let’s get back to some basics. What do you buy a boy for Valentine’s Day? Clothes! Teens are all about fashion and looking good in every situation, mostly because they worry about what their crushes might think, or they might want to snap a photo for Instagram now and then. You can’t post a story in which you’re wearing some old clothes, right?

If you want to complement your son’s wardrobe for Valentine’s Day, we recommend the Nike hoodie. It’s a stylish piece of clothing that comes in many sizes and colors. The hoodie is made from cotton and polyester, which makes it super soft and comfortable. It’s a relax-fit model with an adjustable hood, so it will fit every body type. Also, we like the hem and cuff design that makes the hoodie look classy and suitable for different outfits.



There's no way a teen boy can resist this hoodie! Nike is a reliable brand that never fails in producing stylish and high-quality clothing. You can't go wrong with picking something from its shelves.

For more similar ideas, you can take a look at our article about Best Gifts For Athletic Teenage Guys. It will give you more ideas on what clothes and accessories to buy for a teen boy, and you can use them all for Valentine’s too.

Nike Air Force Sneakers Because Teens Are All About Sneakers

Boy, do teenagers love sneakers! It’s like, you can get them a pile of sneakers, and they’ll still want that brand new model that came out last month. Who knows why is that? Maybe it’s some young trend we’re missing out.

Whatever it is, you can make a teen boy happy quite simple – get him a pair of these Nike sneakers. We are talking about a casual model one can wear with every outfit, from daily to a more elegant one. The sneakers come in many colors and sizes. You even get to pick some design variations. Each one of them is made from high-quality and durable materials. They are all incredibly comfortable and convenient for all-day wear.



A pair of sneakers is one of the most popular gifts for teenage guys. As we mentioned earlier, they love clothes and everything fashion-related, so you can't go wrong with picking a Valentine's Day gift within the category.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Square Sunglasses for Serious Fashion Freaks

In Teenage Interests and Hobbies, we mentioned how teens are interested in clothes and fashion-related items. So, when buying gifts, you can always choose a product within the category (and play safe). We have just a perfect accessory to recommend, the product that makes one of the best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him.

Yes, we are talking about Ray-Ban sunglasses, and yes, we know that they are a little bit expensive. Still, these sunglasses are one of the best items you can buy for someone who is into fashion. So, if you have a few extra bucks to spend, we say go for it!

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are one of the most popular models on the market. They look incredible! However, that’s not the only good thing about them. These sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and well built, durable frames. They can be used with prescription lenses too, but if not, the built-in ones are of excellent quality too. You even get to choose between many frame designs and lens colors.



Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s gifts for a teenage son, brother, friend or boyfriend, Ray-Ban is a good way to go. The chances you’ll make a wrong gift choice relying on such huge brands are almost equal to zero. So, if you have some extra money to spend and you know a teenage boy that could use beautiful and quality sunglasses, the Clubmaster ones are an excellent choice!

Final Thoughts

Did we give you an answer to the big question of what do teenage guys like for Valentine’s Day? We hope so! The truth is, no one can really know what would they like to get. Most of the time, they don’t know it themselves. One day it’s a new guitar because they want to be just like Shawn Mendes, and another day is something else. Don’t stress too much about it. The main purpose of gifts on Valentine’s Day is to show love and appreciation. You want to teach your child how important is to show people in his life he cares about them. That’s all that matters. Besides, if you follow our guide on Valentine’s gifts for teen boys, the chances to make mistakes are equal to zero. We included only the best and most universal products that every teen guy would like. Each one of them will gain you the status of the coolest parent ever!







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Valentine’s Gifts for Teen Boys

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