13 Ideas: What Do Couples Do on Their Honeymoon

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Weddings aren’t about you. But honeymoons are.

As a winter act of kindness

We have put together ways for you to enjoy your honeymoon has a couple. You might find it hard to pick the right honeymoon place or create honeymoon activities on your wedding day. Hopefully, this article can help both rich and poor on how they can enjoy their honeymoon or know honey moon to do list.

Research from luggagehero has shown honeymoon destination statistics that people visit yearly.

Honeymoon destinations

So, we think it is about time for couples who are lost or complaining about things to do on honeymoon night. All the right honeymoon stuff, you need to know are already listed in this article.

Kindly, read to the end on how to enjoy your honey moon.

1. Carry your woman over the threshold

Most groom often consider it is best for to carry their bride from the hotel reception straight to their hotel room. This is sometimes consider as an awkward moment for most couples because people already know what they are up to once they are in their hotel room. It will be best for the groom to pick up his wife only at the entrance of the hotel room to prevent all eyes on them before they can have a private moment for themselves.

2. Gloating

Getting married can be an exciting things to do and gloating about it sometimes might be annoying or not great among others who are not doing well. Most of your friends might not be doing well in their relationship, but either way it is your wedding and we all know how important the day is to you, but instead of gloating in front of others on how your honeymoon is going on. You can actually discuss this with either your wife or husband and talk about all the experience involved before your wedding hold, this can be done in private but not in front of your friends.

3. Talking loudly about their plans

One of the honeymoon activities that newly couples often think make sense to everyone is saying out their plan loudly to everyone. But in the world now, only people who are getting married are always happy about honeymoon plans, it will be great to keep your plans only to yourself. Except, you are planning to have a surprise party for family and friends only this can be talk loudly with friends in a secluded area. Anything apart from this won’t be a great activities for couples to do on their honeymoon.

4. Let your man carry the luggage

The best way for a man to be supportive on their wedding day. One of honey moon activities a man can be involved in is to help his bride to carry the luggage, this might seems like a lot of work but instead it is a sign of love from the man to the woman. The only way a man can express his fully feelings that he married the right one is through affection and helping her married wife out. To most people, this might seems awkward to them because when a man is seen helping out his wife on their honey moon. This could be seen as if the wife has turned the man to her helper, which is either way.

5. Relax and decompress

Planning a wedding can be stressful and all the tension that comes with it. You need a time to rest with your bride or groom to save energy from the planning of wedding. You can go for an early morning jog or yoga to help you get back all the energy lost. You are married now, it is time for you to process the emotion while you enjoy your first morning walk with the love of your life.

6. Always plan ahead

Talk to each other about how you want to spend your honeymoon. You are both going to become one body, so it will be advisable to plan your honeymoon with activities you will like to engage in, such as picking reservation at a specific restaurant, or an excursion. Either way, plan your honeymoon activities together as a couple to avoid problem that might come while picking the right place to have fun. Relax, it is honeymoon where all memories created will last forever. All this can be enjoy as a couple if you plan it all well.

7. Plan an adventure

Whatever adventure might mean to both of you now will be different from when you are both single. Honeymoon activities to enjoy as a couple can include diving or surfing, which one you prefer can be one of your adventure and the memory can last forever. Adventure sounds like ups and downs, and we know that marriage often comes in adventure mood. This is a time for couples to bond and learn to live together.

8. Enjoy and save

Since you are starting a new life together, you can send on fancy and luxurious things. Because you have spent much on your wedding, going out to an expensive restaurant or hotel to have your honeymoon is not a bad thing to do. As long as you are within your budget, you can plan your honeymoon activities and enjoy the best of it as a couple.

9. Make out or don’t

Don’t see this as a sexual post, but the couple needs to understand those honeymoon activities are not yet completed without making out. It doesn’t mean that making out should occur immediately after your wedding. There are better ways to enjoy your privacy together as a couple, whether making out on the boat or cuddling each other at the beach. Do what you see as fun during your honeymoon.

10. Go solo often helps

Before getting married, everyone was already used to a particular way of life. If you think that during your honeymoon can be an avenue for anyone oo explore life while exploring honeymoon activities is a way to bond, don’t hesitate to explore it. Nothing feels like enjoying your privacy alone for a moment while thinking about what to do next in life.

11. Get back to the culture

The famous saying says, “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. You can ask the locals what people do for fun at your honeymoon place; it might not be a big thing, but as long as it is fun, why don’t you contribute your part to the culture. There is nothing more enjoyable than giving back to the community and having fun while doing it.

12. Be flexible

It is your honeymoon; lose any problem or stress you might have before creating your honeymoon activities. The best memories that last a long time after a wedding are created during a honeymoon. You have to remember the laughs, jokes, past events and all that happens during your honeymoon night, and no one parties hard like a new couple. This is a one-time chance, don’t waste it instead enjoy the whole activities.

13. Talk about the future

No honeymoon is ever completed without future talk. You need to assure your partner that they are the right person for you, and it is time to think about the future. Introducing children to marriage might be traumatic to people who are newly married. Talking about how you want your future to be and how you wish to run your family can be done during your honeymoon.

How to make a honeymoon special for him/her

Do you want to create a honeymoon special for him/her and make them feel better? There are a lot of ways to make a honeymoon special for anyone, and this include;

Arrange a Private Picnic: You can surprise him/her by arranging a private picnic at a quiet place with all the necessary items needed for an excellent picnic to hold. It is not necessarily for the picnic to be a big one; you can ask the hotel manager or anyone responsible for hosting picnic in that area. Tell them how you want your surprise picnic to be and where you want to host it.

Candlelit Dinner: There is no best way to enjoy a honeymoon without a surprise candlelit dinner, with the sound of music playing in the atmosphere and a love feeling in the air. You can plan a surprise honeymoon special candlelit dinner for him or her. It doesn’t have to be a big dinner, but as long as it is filled with love.

Spend the Day in Bed: You can surprise him/ her by spending the day in bed together. Bonding has to occur during the honeymoon, and this can be done when two people are ready to become one. You can either wear your best cloth or put some roses on the bed while adding candlelight that has a great fragrance to the room. After all, it is a surprise day in bed; you are the planner of the day.

Couples Massage:  Massage and Yoga help to soothe pains and stress. You can plan a surprise honeymoon massage for him/her. There is nothing wrong with couples looking out for each other and preparing for a massage together.

Give Daily Presents: Sending different presents to him/her during honeymoon surprise is a way for your future partner to know that you cherish them. You will always be present with gifts to appreciate any day., no matter the event.

You can try other evening ideas for married couples to see the one that fit your honeymoon surprise.

Where to go on my honeymoon

There are over 50 honeymoon destinations for couples, and we have only listed the top ones for you. Below are the lists of honeymoon destinations you can visit as a couple;

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Austin, Texas
  • Australia
  • Baja California, Mexico
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Bhutan
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Cartagena, Colombia
  • Colorado
  • Copenhagen
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Cyclades, Greece

You might wish to try best undiscovered honeymoon location, if that is your fantasy. 

What to wear on honeymoon night

You choose to wear whatever dress you want on your wedding night. But you need to understand that it will be advisable to wear thongs or see-through clothes only when you are with him in the room as a bride. At the same time, the groom has to wear befitting cloth for the night. In general, as a couple, both of you need to understand the type of clothes to wear on your honeymoon night.

In conclusion, your honeymoon night should be one of the best nights for you as a couple. You can engage in a series of activities and create memories while doing so. Don’t be shy to enjoy your honeymoon; whatever honeymoon activities you plan must all be completed.


1. What should you do on honeymoon night?

If you wonder what to do on your honeymoon night, read this article from the beginning until the end. It is a guide for couples who wants to know what to do on their honeymoon night. Plan your honeymoon night activities and stick to them.

2. How to make a honeymoon special for him/her

Do you want to create a honeymoon special for him/her and make them feel better? There are a lot of ways to make a honeymoon special for anyone, and this include;

  • Arrange a Private Picnic
  • Candlelit Dinner

3. What do couples do together on honeymoon night?

There are many things you can do as a couple on your honeymoon night apart from sex. You can decide to be involved in things like:

  • Game night
  • Movie night





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