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Why does it matter to answe the question “why do students dislike teachers?” As a matter of fact, it is because being disliked by a student or students causes your work as a teacher to be more difficult than it already is. It makes classroom management difficult, students don’t listen to you, and students become insurbodinate in many other ways. This is why it is important to recognize why your students do not like you and try to rectify it, if you can, so you and your students can have a better teaching and learning experience. In order to recognize your patterns, you must know some of the reasons why students dislike teachers, and we have compiled 7 reasons why below: 


If you ever find yourself wondering why did the student dislike the average teacher? It may be because you are inconsistent as a teacher. What does inconsistency look like? Well, if you play favoritism with your rules – meaning that the same rules don’t apply to all students (your favorite students get off when they do something wrong) – you will create an animosity between the students and a toxic learning environment which will lead to the students you do not favor to resent you. This will most likely stem from the fact that your word cannot be trusted and you will not protect them if they are not your favorite student. While it is okay to have favorite students, it is not okay to show favoritism amongst your students. Equal praise and equal punishment should go to those who deserve it when they deserve it. Be consistent with the way you run your classes despite who is in it. 


Another reason to answer the question why do students dislike teachers? Is being disorganized. If, as a teacher, you look disorganized your students will assume you are not someone worth leading them and therefore they will not take you seriously and this will lead to insurbodination because they do not respect you. When your students do not respect you, you will become unlikable. The solution, therefore is to present yourself as well kept together as you can; make sure you dress well, your hair is kept, you desk is clear, and your speech and thoughts are organized. Your students will respect you if they think you are someone who is put together because they will look up to you and trust you. 


Another answer to the question “why do teacher gets disliked by students?” is if the teacher is ambiguous. This can be in the form of the way you present your lessons or the way you run your classroom. If you have no routine, you have no stability and children do not respond well to instability. When you are unclear, students do not look at you as someone who can guide them and as such will become disrespectful or act up towards you.

To avoid this, make sure you are clear and concise about your lessons and how you run a classroom to give your students a sense of stability – this way they know what to expect each time they step into your classroom. 


Another reason for conflict between students and teachers is when one group talks too much or talks over the other. As a teacher, talking too much affects you in a way that the more you talk, the more you tend to be repetitive and this may make you come across as unprepared and only looking to kill off time. 

To remedy this, make sure that you limit the amout of time that you spend talking to your students during a lessson, this may also be a good time to introduce dialogue with your students with things such as classroom questions and answers, quizes, and discussions to make sure that your students also get time to articulate back to you what you have been teaching them. This is a helpful technique because it lets you know how much information has been absorbed in the classroom and what approach is best for future classes so that your students can get more out of the lesson. Do not monopolize classroom conversations. 


One thing that teachers forget is that teaching is more than just regurgitating knowledge to your students. When you thik of a school, you should think of it as a place where you build your students knowledge in all capacities; mental, emotional, physical, and in some cases religious. Students, on average, spend 6 hours in school which is equivalent to 1,000 hours per year. 


This means that you are going to have to teach them more than the curriculum and if/when a student comes to you for help with a personal matter, you are going to have to help them to the best of your ability. 

However, in the same breath, as a teacher you should know your boundaries and not offer unsolicited advice to your students, only do so when approached and asked for advice. When the matter seems or feels too big for you, you can always report it to bigger authorities and let them handle it – for example, matters of abuse should be reported to authorities who can incite criminal charges against your students abuser. 

It is a delicate balance, but one you must try to keep at all times, without coming off as too dismissive or overeager. 


The way that you deliver your lessons matter when it comes to teaching people in middleschool, highschool, or even college. The way that your lesson is structure, instructed, and delivered should be constant across all boarders and should take into account the mental growht and capacity of the people that you are teaching. For example, you cannot prepare a lesson for a middleschooler the same way you prepare a lesson for a high schooler. Make sure your lesson plan and delivery are appropriate to age group and class. 

  • MOODY 

Teachers are people too and sometimes, when life gets hard, they may come into school a little moody – and that is okay, occasionally. However, when being moody is your whole identity as a teacher, it can leave a lot less to be desired and your students will resent being close to you, taking your classes, or even passing your by in the hallways because your moods are unpredictable and they do not know whether you will yell at them or congratulate them for a job well done. 

One way you can remedy this is by letting your students know when you are having a bad day and apologize for any unlikely behavior that you may exhibit during the day. Children are understanding and this technique will go a long way than switching up moods whenever you feel like it. 

As an option, you may want to seek professional help if you have anger issues and stop dumping your unregulated emotions on the children you are supposed to be teaching. 


  • Why student and teacher don’t get along well?

One of the reasons why students and teachers don’t get along is because there is a clash of generations. It is quite obvious in todays world that the tactics used to discipline children back in the late 1990s and early 2000s do not work quite as well with children in 2010s and 2020s. This generational difference can be a source of conflict because where one group believes that discipline should be gentle and constructive, the other believes in totalitarianism and the teacher being in full control of the classroom with the students following blindly. As teachers, it is your job to adjust with the teaching techniques as time goes by, you ay not always agree with the new techniques, but do not be so stuck in your old ways you forget how to connect with your students in todays age. 

  • How can teacher get disliked by the student?

It is very easy for teacher to get disliked by student especially with the reasons we have given above. If you feel like you are not liked very much by your students, it is time to look within yourself and see whcich of the above listed relates best to you and start working on it to start gaining respect, and therefore favor, from your students. You may see the difference in how they treat you once you become more organized and overall compassionate towards your students. 

  • I hate my teacher, how can I stop? 

Hating your teacher can be caused by several factors, some of which have been listed above. When you hate a teacher, it will become hard for you to concentrate in their subject which may lead you to failing the class. Ask yourself what it is about that teacher that you do not like because it is only when you come to an answer that you will be able to remedy your situatuion. It is important to always remember that teachers are humans, too, and as such you should extend them a little bit of grace and not expect them to be perfect all the time. Here are some nice things you can say to your teacher to let them know you appreciate them. 

  • Why do people hate teachers?

Most people hate teachers because most people do not like authority figures and teachers represent authority. Teenagers dislike teachers because they are going through a rebelious phase and they are generally not listening to anyone who tells them what to do. And parents hate teachers when they differ in parenting/discipline styles. There are many reasons why people don’t like teachers but the above are the most prominent ones. 

  • What types of students do teachers hate?

Just like students don’t like some type of teachers, some teachers have a type of student that they hate. Some of these types include; the rebelious student, the lazy student, the preppy student, the dramatic student, the cheating student, and the student who doesn’tcare about anything because they come from a background of privilege and therefore do not understand the value of anything. On the other hand, teachers also have favorite types of students, and these types include; the obviously intelligent ones, the polite ones, the ones who try, and the teachers pets. Although teachers may not show outright favoritism, there are enough instances and examples to know for sure what kind of students teachers prefer over the other. 

  • Why do most students hate school? 

Students hate school because school it too much work, and it takes the whole day. Learning is hard and there are mean people in schools. Going to school takes a lot of mental toil on students’ lives and it is for this reason that many students find going to school tiresome and may even hate going to school – talk to your children about why they may hate going to school and help them navigate ways to find positive and more exciting ways to attend school. 


In conclusion, this article has given you 7 reasons why students dislike the average teacher. We hope this article has given you insight either as a teacher or student and as thus, has inspired you to be better and do better by each other to create a conducive teaching and learning environment. 











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