11 Helpful Tips on What to Do When Wife Leads the Marriage

11 Helpful Tips on What to Do When Wife Leads the Marriage

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Helpful Tips on What to Do When Wife Leads the Marriage

The fact that you are interested in reading an article on what to do when a wife leads the marriage proves that times have changed. Of course, women have always had a say in their marriages, with men encouraged to leave the running of the household to her. But this was not a true partnership because the husband had the final say at the end of the day.

However, thanks to more acceptance of women’s rights, and the fact that women can now earn their own incomes, marriages are more equal. In some cases, wives are even more equal than their husbands. When this happens, a wife-led marriage ensues.

There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with a wife-led marriage unless it is being forced on the husband. And if this is the case, this article contains some advice on how to turn that ship around. 

But like most things with critics, there are those who are in support of wife-led marriages. If you are one such husband and you crave advice on how to be a better partner in such a situation, we also have you covered. 

Before we continue, however, let’s ensure that you are indeed in a wife-led marriage by looking at the characteristics of such a relationship.

6 Characteristics of wife-led marriages

  • Wife earns more than her husband

Usually, when a wife leads the marriage, she earns more than the husband. As money traditionally tends to give one authority, it isn’t too far-fetched that a wife who makes more than her husband will lead the family.

percentage of wives earning more than their husbands in US

With Statista showing that wives earning more than their husbands are the minority, it makes sense that wife-led marriages are the minority as well. 

  • Wife has complete control over intimacy 

Your wife is leading your marriage if she has complete control over the times you can be intimate and, more importantly, how you can be intimate.

An equal marriage calls for both spouses to have a say in such matters, but if you don’t have much say when you can get freaky, she leads the marriage. This becomes even worse when she dangles intimacy as a reward to get you to do what she wants.

  • Wife makes the most important decisions

The leader of the marriage is the one that has the final word on important issues concerning the family.

A wife-led marriage will see the wife having final decision-making authority on things like the family budget, where the family lives, and even how the kids should be raised. She’ll also control if you can get a Playstation or not, even if you can afford it.

  • Wife decides on family-related activities

As the family’s leader, she will also decide on issues surrounding the family, including how the family relates with relatives and nonrelatives alike.

There will also be family vacations, holidays, and even how the family is entertained. This is not to say that you won’t have any input, but your wife will make the final decision after taking your opinion into account.

  1. Husband does more chores 

A wife-led marriage will also see the husband doing more household chores. There’s nothing toxic about this; it’s just that the wife will have more responsibilities to handle and so will have to delegate things like chores to her husband.

Therefore, seeing the husband do things like cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping will be commonplace.

  • Wife has unequal knowledge of the husband’s finances

To lead the marriage as best as she can, the wife will require knowledge of the resources that both spouses have. This will allow her to make adequate budgets and spending plans for the family’s good.

As a result, the wife must know what her husband earns and how he spends it. But, because she is the one making financial decisions, she doesn’t always have to disclose her own finances like her husband will.

5  Things to do when you support your wife-led marriage.

  • Think about how you can help her 

As the leading partner in the marriage, your wife will have several responsibilities to juggle, which might overwhelm her.

You can support her by taking time to look at these responsibilities and then deciding where you can help her based on your capabilities and talents. Helping her out will reduce the burden and stress, which can only serve to make her a better spouse.

  • Show gratitude to her 

Wondering what to do when your wife leads the marriage? You don’t have to consider only physical things; emotional contributions also count.

Let your wife know how much you appreciate her and what she does. Thinking about these things and saying some of them specifically will make the gesture seem more genuine. 

An appreciated wife will work harder to make your marriage stronger and more fruitful. 

  • Shower her with love 

As much as you appreciate her, you should also make your wife feel loved. This is a world where it’s still a bit weird to have a female-led marriage, so she might need reassurances of your support every now and then.

Study your wife, find out her love languages and those things she appreciates. Do them as often as possible and to the best of your ability and comfort. Those little things you do will keep her smiling and make your marriage stronger.

  • Consider her opinions 

Being in a wife-led marriage doesn’t mean a husband won’t have a say. His opinions will still count for something, and if he doesn’t like a decision taken by his wife, it will be hard to implement it.

What you can do when your wife leads the marriage, therefore, is to properly consider any opinion she has before you dismiss it if you don’t like it.

Think about things from her perspective, and you might find that she has a point. But, if, after careful consideration, you find that she’s being unreasonable, then feel free to veto it. 

  • Go with the flow 

Even when you support your wife-led marriage, society might cause you to question your decision every now and then. 

Friends and family might even give you advice on what to do when your wife leads the marriage to enable you to “take back control.” If you’ve given your marriage dynamics enough thought and decided that the current dynamic is best,  then don’t let them sway you. 

Simply take a deep breath, thank them for their unfounded concerns, and go with the flow. 


6 Things to do when you don’t support your wife leading the marriage.

  • Talk to your wife 

You might have already tried this before, but if you haven’t, you should. It is always the first step. Communication is important in marriage, and your wife needs to be aware that you are not comfortable with her leading the marriage.

Before you initiate the conversation, be sure to think about what you will say. List the specific times you were uncomfortable with her actions because this will make denial harder. Also, give her reasons why you should be more equal in the marriage.

  • Come up with boundaries 

You don’t like how your wife is leading your marriage, what can you do? Set boundaries around behavior you won’t tolerate and talk to her about them. For instance, limits on how she talks about your family or controls your movements.

If she violates these boundaries, you can implement consequences that do not involve violence, like walking away. Enforcing these consequences over time might lead to improvement in her behavior. 

  • Become more decisive 

There is a chance that your wife leads the marriage because you didn’t step up to do so in the past, or maybe you avoided taking responsibility in certain aspects of the marriage. 

Get past this by telling her to include you in more decisions and then making well-thought-out contributions when she does. Also, take more responsibility without her saying it. This is how to become a marriage leader 101.

  • Don’t beat yourself up 

Sometimes the wife is only the leader in the marriage because she is toxic and puts her husband down every chance she gets. If this describes your wife, you must try not to let it get to you.

Don’t internalize the things she says. You, as a person, deserve good things in life and not the horrible way she treats you. You deserve to be loved and an equal partner in the marriage. Remind yourself of this fact as often as you can.

  1. Go for counseling 

Marriage counselors will not only provide you with expert advice on what to do when your wife leads the marriage but also relevant advice. They will look at your specific circumstances and give you advice based on your marriage.

Feel free to go alone to allow yourself to express your feelings with greater comfort and less guilt. But you should know that marriage experts recommend couples therapy because it helps both spouses work through things together. 

If you’re worried about the cost of counseling, online therapy is now a thing, and it is easier on the wallet. 

  • Consider leaving 

If you have tried your best to get your wife to understand that you are quite uncomfortable with the current dynamics, and she doesn’t budge, you might need to leave the marriage.

This decision should not be made lightly and should only be considered if the marriage turns toxic. If it has, you should not be afraid to leave. You have one life, and you shouldn’t have to live it with discomfort when you have the power to change things.

Frequently Asked Questions 

 What is a wife’s role in marriage?

The roles of a wife which need to be reciprocated include:

  • To love her husband. 
  • To respect her husband. 
  • To help her husband. 
  • To make decisions with her husband for the family’s good. 
  • To support her husband where she can. 
  • Take care of her husband’s needs. 

 How do I lead my husband?

  • While delegating duties to him, help out as well.
  • Make important decisions with input from your husband. 
  • Pay attention to him and what he has to say. 
  • Appreciate the things he does for the family. 
  • Talk to elders and read books on how to be a good leading spouse.
  • Take the initiative in coming up with family activities and making family decisions.


How a wife should treat her husband?

  • Love and respect him. 
  • Support him and his dreams.
  • Be his best friend and confidant. 
  • Make him her first priority
  • Figure out his love language and speak it. 
  • Give him time and space to be himself and with friends. 
  • Talk to him and find out what’s going on with him. 

All in all…

Wife-led marriages are not bad, and surveys have shown that some husbands actually prefer to be led by their wives. This must mean that there are advantages to it. So before you dismiss it, consider the benefits and disadvantages and make a decision that will best suit your marriage.

If you feel so strongly about not being led by your wife, talk to her about it and come up with a way forward together. You shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable in marriage, so do what you can to ensure it isn’t the case.





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