11 Fun Bets to Make With Friends

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“A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned.”

Best bets to make with friends

Over time, there has been a lot of funs bet that you can practice with your friends. Betting with people often seems illegal, depending on the type of bet and how it was achieved. Having a fun bet among friends is not a bad thing to do as long as the bet is safe and filled with fun, you are good to go. Research on arland shows the number of sports betting market share all over the world. If you are looking for the best things to do with friends on a rainy day, try fun bets.

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1. You can try a physical bet

This is one of the common and manly bets that can be done with friends. Physical bet is among good bets between friends. The whole bets are based on physical activities and can be seen as an exercise to help friends keep fit. Below are the examples of bets that friends can be involved in physical activities:

  • You or your friends can use a certain number of pull-ups as a bet
  • Running for a certain amount of time
  • Using a bike to perform jumps or tricks
  • Pushups between friends
  • Holding a wood for a particular time
  • Completing a certain lift or weight exercise at the gym

All the above bets can be exhibited among friends, losing physical bets can stings while on the other hand can be a source of motivation for your friends to work more on their fitness. This type of bet is fun because all the parties involved are added more to their fitness exercise and help those who have stopped going to the gym or engaging in any fitness activities.

2. Sports betting is also fun

One of the most common sports among men is football, but in some cases, it might vary. There are a lot of sporting bets that are fun and also easy to play among friends. The bets could be on various activities that occur in sports, where the winner might be given a reward, and the loser gets punished for saying the wrong answer. Sports betting among friends has existed for the past few years and is still in vogue today. Nothing is wrong in predicting the scores of a football or basketball match, the winner of UFC, or who will be the last man standing in wrestling. All these activities can go on among friends for a very long period and might not change due to all the excitement of winning sports bets.

3. You can bet on other people with your friends

You or your friends can pick several random known people and place different types of bets on them. Most times, this bet can be long or short depending on the type you wish to make with your friends, this type of bet include:

  • Betting if someone will come to work if they stay out late at night
  • Betting on who will be the first person to pick up their call
  • Betting on how long someone relationship will last
  • Betting on who will pay after dinner or hangout

This type of bet idea can often humiliate your friends or random people, and if what you are betting on can’t be redeemable, it might put them in trouble forever.

4. You can make a bet on food

Food-based bets are one of the most common bets among friends. You can ask your friends to eat chili food or drink a beer to their limit to see how much they can hold their beer. There is no much greater bet than using man’s favorite food or drinks as a medium. These are types of bets you can make will your friends based on food;

  • Betting on who can eat a load of pizza
  • Betting on who can drink a hot chili drink
  • Betting on who will finish ice without having a brain freeze

Creating a food challenge among friends can be a way for you to know the limit of their strength and also understand whether their bragging worth it or not. The best way to know if your friends are really what they say and also prove it. Creating a fun bet can be the best way to get back at them without feeling bad about it.

5. You can bet on getting someone’s number

 One of the best ways to get your friends out of their shells is to create a daring challenge or bet. You all might be in a hangout or a party, and one of you is dared to “ask a lady for her number.” This bet will only be more fun if the shyest person in your group is always nervous to talk to the other sex. You can build their confidence in this way. It might seem funny at first, but if your friend is embarrassed, you might make it hard to return to their normal sense. Before creating a challenge or bet among friends, always make sure that your friend or the participant’s morale is very high, and there won’t be any side effects after the whole bet has been done.

6. “End of the night bet”

This type of bet most times is issued out to a daring person in your group. If you have a friend who you know will always do a certain thing at the end of the night and the action will be daring or unforgettable, you can make a fun bet with such a friend and have fun all night while they break all the rules.

Such end of the night bet include:

  • Puking
  • Calling your ex
  • Fighting
  • Falling at sleep in a party

There are other end-of-the-night bets you can make with your friends which are daring, and if most of it is not included here. You can add yours to it or create a new one. There is so much fun during the end of the night bet, and this can only be enjoyed with friends that are up to task or daring.

7. Fantasy league bets

From premier league fantasy league to MLS. There has been a lot of league bets that most people often engage themselves in with their friends. Many excitements are attached to league bet right from who will become the leader of the tournament or loser. Arguments always follow in fantasy league will make it more entertaining for everyone who participated.

Making a couple of money from a fantasy league should not be a problem; it can be a head-to-head bet or through whoever has the highest point. There is no limit to a fun fantasy bet, and all your friends can participate at once with you in it.

8. The loser will take out the winner

Everyone loves shopping. You can organize a shopping bet with your friends, and the loser will take out the winner. If you know that one of your friends doesn’t love to shop and you wish to make them come with you for shopping, this can be done through a fun bet. You can organize a shopping bet competition whereby the loser will take out the winner.

Most of your friends might not comply with this competition because they recognize their strengths and weakness.

9. Loser has to tell the most embarrassing story

If you think your friend has an embarrassing story that they are hiding and want them to reveal it. You can create a friendly bet and make them reveal the story among other friends that are around. For example, if a friend of yours is caught singing but hates singing outside, you can create a friendly bet and make them reveal their embarrassing story.

Always be careful not to go through the boundary, not all embarrassing stories can be shared.

10. Loser has to clean the entire place bet

One of the bets you can make with your friends is a cleaning bet, where the loser has to clean the entire place. You can pick a dirty place and create a challenge whereby the loser has to clean the place without any argument. Most of your friends might not accept this type of bet because of the stress behind it. You can make a bet simple for your friends to enjoy whenever they are performing the task.

11. Loser makes dinner

Suppose you know that your friends are always afraid of cooking or they are very poor at cooking. You can look for a way to make them cook dinner for everyone through a bet. Be very particular about the type of dinner to be cooked, which will save your friend and you from an embarrassing moment. This type of bet is always very interesting and exciting. Don’t wait for your friend to make this type of bet on you before pulling the trigger on them.

Fun bet that you can participate with your friends that are not money related

To enjoy betting with your friends, it is not necessarily for money to be involved. There are a lot of bets that you can create, which include;

  • Changing squad name
  • Organizing a cooking competition
  • Use of gift card
  • Charity donations to people who need it

Funny punishments for losing a bet

Below is the type of funny punishments that can be given out to someone for losing a bet:

  • The loser has to eat something.
  • The loser has to drink something.
  • Loser has to cook a meal for everyone.
  • The loser has to clean the house.
  • The loser has to do the dishes.
  • The loser has to mow the lawn.
  • Loser has to the naked mile.
  • Lose has to eat something spicy.
  • Loser has to ask someone to dance (if you’re out at a bar)
  • Loser has to tell their most embarrassing story.
  • Loser has to buy everyone around.
  • The loser has to take a shot.
  • The loser has to sing a song.
  • Loser has to notch their eyebrow.
  • The loser gets a five-star (basically a slap on the back.)
  • Loser has to adopt a new facial hairstyle for a week (it can be silly.)
  • Loser buys a six-pack of beer.
  • The loser has to be the butler for the day.
  • The loser gets pelted with a tennis ball or other ball.
  • The loser has to buy the other person lunch.

In conclusion, you can have a fun bet with friends in an easy way. It is unnecessary to use money as a bet or stake higher things between you and your friends. The best way to organize fun bet and enjoy is with friends.


1. How to know a good bet to play with friends?

If you are looking for the best fun bets to play with friends, you can read this article to know more. These are the types of fun bets you can play with friends;

  • You can try a physical bet
  • Sports betting is also fun
  • You can bet on other people with your friends
  • You can make a bet on food
  • You can bet on getting someone’s number
  • “End of the night bet”

2. Fun bets with friends are called what?

Fun bets with friends are types of bets that can be enjoyed without losing money or valuable things, and it is merely a bet between friends for fun’s sake.

3. How to play fun bets with friends?

If you are wondering how to play fun bets with friends. Try and do this:

  • Make a list of the type of fun bets available
  • Present the rules and regulations for the bets
  • The winner or loser must follow the rule
  • No one must be injured or hurt during the bet





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