23 Things to Talk About on Facetime With Your Boyfriend

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There are several things to talk about on facetime with your boyfriend ranging from funny topics to serious topics and everything in-between. Talking to your boyfriend used to be more complicated as you had to be with them in person for certain conversations but Facetime has made this process so much easier which is why it is so popular according to data from Statista.

Most Popular Chat Apps in the U.S.

There is a chance that you are here because you’ve grown bored of the normal things to talk about with your boyfriend and you might feel as though your relationship has hit a snag; this isn’t true. It is perfectly normal for chats with your boyfriend to get drier as time goes on because you would have told each other a lot about yourselves in the initial stages.

The beautiful thing, however, is that because humans are so complex, it is simply impossible to run out of things to talk about because not only can you experience new things, you can talk also about things you’ve already talked about but from a different perspective because you would have grown more.

There is also the fact that you can now have deeper and more meaningful conversations because there would be more trust. This is not to say that conversations won’t be fun anymore – they still will be – it just means that you will now get to know each other on a deeper level.

To help you out with this, we have compiled some good topics to talk about with your boyfriend that we believe you will both enjoy.

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4 Current events to talk about

1. How his day went

You can start with the very simple things such as what he got up to that day. Indeed this is more of a conversation starter on facetime that can then be followed by other topics but when something really interesting happened that day, you could find that this is a great conversational topic with your boyfriend.

2. What he is up to at that moment

What is a conversation between a boyfriend and girlfriend without them finding out what they are currently doing? This is a bit of a no-brainer to include but it is important regardless because as much as it is a ‘normal’ topic that you might be tired of, it is still an important one. Think of this as a rite of passage before the more interesting topics to talk about with your boyfriend.

3. Talk about your day

You can’t very well find out how your boyfriend’s day went without talking about yours as well as that would make the conversation one-sided. This is why a good facetime topic is telling your boyfriend how your day went but do be careful not to spend too much time talking about it if you have other topics you want to talk about.

4. Interesting current affairs events

Still on the subject of current things to talk about on facetime with your boyfriend, is general current affairs. You could discuss news you heard about that day ranging from local, international, political, celebrity, sports, technology, or whatever else rocks your boat. You could analyze the news and learn more about each other and the way you both look at things.

8 Personal topics to converse about

5. Dreams and aspirations

Getting to the more serious conversations to have with your boyfriend, you can try to learn more about what he hopes to accomplish in the future. You can ask questions related to what his dream job is, what an ideal career looks like to him, where he would like to be in 5 – 10 years, and what the one thing he would like to accomplish in life is.

Be sure to tell your boyfriend about your dreams as well as this would be a most wonderful thing to tell your boyfriend about yourself.

6. Hobbies and passions

You probably know your boyfriend’s hobbies and passions or at least some of them but it is still a great topic to talk about on facetime. You can use the opportunity to either find out other hobbies or learn more about his hobbies and passions such as why he has such hobbies and passions.

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7. Family

Your boyfriend’s family is most probably one of the most important aspects of his life which is why it can be a great conversation to have with your boyfriend. Showing interest in such an important area is also sure to score some points with him. You can find out his family structure, history, siblings, and any other family-related topic he is not uncomfortable sharing with you.

8. Upbringing and past

Romantic chatting with your boyfriend doesn’t always have to be about how you love him or he loves you, it can also be about finding out more about yourselves. A great subject to talk about with your boyfriend, therefore, is his upbringing.

You can talk about how he was raised, the notable events in his past, funny stories he has about things he has been through, and events that he feels made him who he currently is. This topic will be very hard to exhaust, which means that you can keep coming back to it every now and then.

You can talk about how he was raised, the notable events in his past

9. Finances

If you are comfortable enough in your relationship, one of the things to talk about on facetime with your boyfriend is your finances. You don’t have to go too deep by saying how much you earn if you don’t want to, but you could talk about other things such as monthly budgets.

Other interesting financial things to discuss with your boyfriend include investments, business ideas, and how to improve your credit score.

10. Friends

Almost as important as finding out more about your boyfriend’s family, is finding out more about his friends. Guys are usually quite close to their friends so being interested in that part of his life can allow you to learn more about him as well as build a deeper bond.

If you need something to talk about with your boyfriend, therefore, ask him about his friends. You can find out how they met, who his best friends are, what crazy things they have been up to, and the like. You can even suggest ideas for him to hang out with his friends.

11. Pet peeves/ dislikes

People will always have things they like and other things that they don’t. Knowing which is which can be very important to the success of your relationship. This means that some interesting stuff to talk about with your boyfriend is what gets on his nerves.

He might not know off the top of his head so you can lead him by asking if there are any particular foods or animals he doesn’t like as well as the types of people he avoids.

12. Political and Religious views

This can be a deep conversation to have with your boyfriend as you might find that he does not support some things that you do.

It is therefore important to approach this subject with an open mind whilst encouraging him to do the same so that neither of you feels judged as you learn about this very important aspect of yourselves.

5 Relationship subjects to talk about

13. Love language

We all have our love languages and what we prefer to be done to us in relationships. This could therefore be part of romantic topics to talk with your boyfriend about as it could strengthen your relationship with him with both of you knowing what soft spots to stimulate to make the other person happier.

14. Relationship appraisal

You can also have a relationship talk with your boyfriend where you both appraise your relationship. This is important as it can give insight on what has been going well in the relationship, what needs improvement if the improvement is actually needed, and where you have both been successful.

This is a good thing to talk about with your boyfriend because it can strengthen your relationship. In order not to make it something hostile, therefore, you should both approach this with a demeanor that allows for calm and accepting conversation.

15. Sexual Dos and Don’ts

If you and your boyfriend are already sexual or are planning to be, it would not hurt to know each other’s preferences in bed so as not to make things weird when you get freaky. It doesn’t have to be a serious conversation and indeed it shouldn’t be. Throw in humor where you can and make this as comfortable for both of you as possible.

While this can be an awkward thing to talk about on the phone with your boyfriend, it is very doable on facetime thanks to face-to-face technology.

16. Sexual fantasies

If you keep wondering ‘what’s something to talk about with your boyfriend’ and you are already sexual with him, become adventurous and talk about your sexual fantasies. Feel free to talk about the weirdest places you would like to have sex, your roleplay ideas, and any other thing you would like to do.

We do recommend of course, that you tailor your fantasies to the stage you are in the relationship. It would be a bit weird if you talked to your boyfriend about how you would like to have sex at Walmart barely two weeks into the relationship.

17. Intimate reminiscing

This is a very interesting thing to talk about on facetime with a guy because it can inspire a closer connection for the both of you. This is simply because talking about your favorite intimate moments in the relationship serves the purpose of letting your boyfriend know what type of intimacy you prefer as well as letting him know that he is doing such a good job of pleasing your ‘needs’ that you committed it to memory.

3 Fun things to talk about

18. Memes and jokes

Conversations with your boyfriend ought to be fun for the most part and what’s more fun than exchanging jokes and funny memes? This is one of the best topics to talk about with your boyfriend over text and facetime because it brings laughter and laughter is life.

Feel free to talk about the best jokes you’ve ever heard, the best comedian you know and some of their jokes, and even jokes and memes you saw recently.

19. Embarrassing memories

Here is a random topic to talk about with your boyfriend – your most embarrassing moments. These of course should be moments that you both don’t mind sharing, can laugh at, and have gotten over.

20. Bucket lists

Talking about bucket lists is definitely a great random conversation to have with your boyfriend that is both fun and informative. Find out some of the most exciting things that you both would like to do and who knows, there might be one or two things you would both like to do and can do together.

3 Interesting conversations to have.

21. History

While not a typical thing to talk about while on facetime, talking about historical topics can broaden your horizon and give you both newfound appreciation of each other based on your respective knowledge.

Talking about history isn’t for everyone though so do keep in mind that your boyfriend might not be interested in such.

22. Books to read

If you are an avid reader or one with some sort of interest in literary works, a great question to ask your lover when chatting would be what kind of books they are interested in. You could both recommend books to each other along those lines and end up forming a book club just for the two of you. Believe it or not, this is quite romantic.

23. Travel

Advice on what to talk about with your boyfriend when you’re bored? – travel.

Most of us have dream places we would like to go to and cultures we would like to experience. Use this opportunity to tell your boyfriend yours whilst finding out his. You could talk about music festivals you would like to go to, activities you would like to engage in, and foods you would like to try in other countries. How else do you think the idea of a baecation is formed?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I talk about with my boyfriend over call?

Some topics you can talk about over the phone with your boyfriend include:

  • How your days went
  • What you are both currently up to
  • Jokes you find funny
  • Friends
  • Current affairs
  • Family
  • Hobbies and passions

2. How can I entertain my boyfriend over the phone?

  • You can talk about movies and shows that you found interesting
  • You can ask him about his dreams and aspirations
  • You can ask him about his political and religious views
  • You can talk about sexual fantasies
  • You can talk about jokes you found funny
  • You can ask him what his ideal vacation destination is

3. What can you and your boyfriend talk about when you’re bored?

Some things you can talk about with your boyfriend when boredom sets in include:

  • Embarrassing moments when growing up
  • Memes and jokes
  • Favorite television shows and movies
  • Hobbies and passions
  • Pet peeves and things you both don’t like
  • Bucket lists

In Conclusion …

We sincerely hope that these topics help your communication with your boyfriend. We would also like to advise that you pay attention to his responses to find out any red flags that you don’t think you can live with.





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