21 Fun Things to Do in the Shower

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There are several fun things to do in the shower, especially when you’re alone as shower time becomes personal time and allows you to engage in certain activities that you usually wouldn’t engage in were someone else to be there.

This is not to say that you can’t have fun in the shower with someone else because that’s totally possible as well. Regardless of whether you’re alone or with someone, showering when you’re not in a hurry can be the break you need to just relax, unwind, and engage in some fun.

Water usage in the daily life of American

However, I would like to add that in view of being kinder to the environment, spending time in the shower should not mean running water the whole time. According to the above graph from the EPA, showering is one of the largest avenues of water usage in the household and reducing this usage could go a long way in saving the planet.

We therefore advise that while you engage in some of these activities, you turn the water down for good ol’ mama nature.

Without further ado, here are some fun things to do in the shower.

1. Karaoke

Sing your heart out to your favorite tunes by getting down with some karaoke while you shower. A little-known fact is that showerheads weren’t only made to dispense water but also to act as a mic for you to sing as you shower. There is also the bonus fact that singing is good for our health.

Feel free to share the fun because as much as singing is a fun thing to do in the shower alone, it can be even more fun when you’re singing a duet with someone else.

2. Showerhead massage

Speaking of showerheads, it is a wonderful thing to use in the shower for your relaxation and pleasure. Depending on the showerhead you have, you can get some massaging done by rubbing it on your skin while water comes out and experience the bliss that comes with loose muscles.

3. Act out some favorite scenes

You know those moments in series, movies, and even music videos that you can’t get out of your mind? A shower is the perfect time to reenact them. For instance, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve said, “I know it was you, Fredo, you broke my heart. You broke my heart.” or “House Atreides accepts” while showering.

This is such a cool thing to do in the shower because you can also do it with someone with whom you share an iconic scene.

4. Come up with solutions to problems

Looking for what to do in the shower? Why not find a way to fix that problem in your life that has been bugging you.

Showering refreshes you and gives you clarity that you can then direct towards that issue going through your mind. You would be surprised at the solutions you come up with.

5. Listen to music

Having fun in the shower with music doesn’t have to be just about singing; you can listen as well.

Create a playlist to represent the songs that match your mood at that moment, and go wild listening to it as you wash your dirt and burdens away. You will be a new creature with old things passed away when you come out of that shower.

6. Psych yourself up

Maybe you have a big presentation coming up or a first date with someone you really like. You might even have an important exam to conquer, or you just need the strength to get through the day.

Showertime is an excellent time to psych yourself up for all of that and more. Just stand in the mirror, look yourself in the eye, make positive affirmations for those upcoming activities and watch your confidence soar.

7. Practice for event

In addition to psyching yourself up, you could also use the time to practice for the day’s activities. You could rerun that presentation in your head, practice the lines and topics you’ll talk about on your date, or mentally prepare for that job interview.

With your brain more relaxed and capable of retaining information, chances are your practicing will pay off.

8. Express your emotions

Sometimes, you want to express emotions, but you can only do so for one reason or another when you’re alone. The shower would be a great place to let out those feelings.

So if you want to cry, scream at the world, or just laugh out loud at something you shouldn’t be laughing at – let the shower wash away those tears and drown away your screams.

9. Dance Dance Dance

You are already listening to music and singing along, might as well dance along to give yourself an A+ in How to make showering fun 101.

To avoid any unfortunate incidents on account of the really wet surface, we recommend that you stick to dance moves that only require you to move your upper body and arms. Anything else and incidents could occur that would ruin showers to you for a while.

10. Get freaky with somebody

The ultimate fun thing to do in the shower is to get naughty with someone. Shower sex has several benefits, such as being fun, adding spice to the relationship, and allowing for easier cleanup. The fact that it won’t take long also adds some extra heat to it, which can make for a very pleasurable experience.

How to make showers more fun? Get you some freakiness. Oh and, stay safe.

11. Please yourself

Even if there is no one to get freaky with, the fun doesn’t have to stop. You can help yourself out by engaging in some good ol’ self-service. Not only is this option safer than sex, but experts also say that there are several benefits to it, such as relieving stress and giving you more energy.

12. Get some meditation done

Percentage of U.S. adults who used meditation, yoga, or a chropractor in 2012 and 2017

Meditation has been increasing in popularity over the years, as shown by this chart from Statista. Why? Because it is a self-care idea that comes with a host of benefits such as stress reduction and reduced risk of some health problems.

Meditation achieves this by putting you in a state of relaxation, which showering does as well. Therefore, combining these two makes sense if you want a truly relaxing experience.

13. Watch a series or movie

A bit unusual, but if you plan to be a while, watching movies and series could be a thing to do in the bathtub alone or with someone. Notice how I said bathtub and not shower because we wouldn’t want you to spend too much time showering, therefore contributing to the rising water crisis.

Set the laptop or tablet up a safe distance away – so there are no mishaps – and have a good time.

14. Work out

Another entry in the list of what to do in the shower when bored is to get yourself a decent workout. Picture this – you’re in the shower, and you want to do more than just stand there and let water pour over you, so you grab some toiletry bottles and begin to do bicep curls and tricep extensions.

It may not seem like much, but your muscles will thank you when they grow even the slightest inch. Feel free to dry yourself off and throw some squats in there as well, using the bathroom mat to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

15. Plan the rest of your day

Still on the list of things to do in the shower when you’re bored, why not use the shower to plan your day out. Having a plan lets you accomplish more because you have set targets that you need to meet, and the inactivity of showtime allows you to do just that.

You can come up with your work schedule, the errands you need to get done, and even the items that belong on the shopping list. There are even waterproof notepads you can write down these plans on.

16. Take some selfies

Another tip on how to make showering less boring: take some shower selfies. A waterproof camera would best serve this purpose as it would allow you to take some truly iconic pictures, be it in the shower or in the bathtub – way more exciting.

Feel free to take some pictures with your partner as well, so long as you keep those pictures secure enough that they don’t end up in places they shouldn’t.

17. Have a romantic bath

Use the bath to score some points with your significant other by setting up a romantic bath with rose petals, candles, wine, and music to set the mood. Depending on their mood, you can either join them or let them unwind. They will appreciate the gesture, and who knows, you might be on the receiving end in the future.

Check out other Romantic evening ideas for couples.

18. Massage anyone?

This is best when done with a partner so you can both be the other’s masseuse. It can be done in either a shower or a bath, especially those whirlpool bathtubs that come with water jets to soothe your muscles. Bonus tip – scalp massages are simply divine.

19. Catch up on current affairs

If you’re in a hurry and need to catch up on the news, you can do so while in the shower. Crank the volume up on the television or relevant device, and get your daily dose of current affairs in the news, sports, and technology sections, so that you’re all caught up by the time you’re done.

20. Facial and Exfoliate

You’re showering and wondering how to have fun in the shower; wonder no more. Get some exfoliating done to cleanse your skin of their dead sibling cells for a fresher and cleaner you, and then cap this by giving yourself a facial.

You can get your partner involved as well so that you can be the freshest couple there is.

21. Drink some beer/ cold drinks

Here we have an unusual yet totally fun thing to do in the shower by yourself that applies to all sexes. I am not sure what was going through the mind of the first person to try this, but I thank them for it. Mixing that cold beer – unless you’re British – with a warm shower is bliss, and you should get in on it.

If you’re worried about water getting into the beer, place the beer outside the shower and pop your head out when you need to take a sip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my shower more fun?

  • Listen to music.
  • Engage in some karaoke.
  • Dance your heart out.
  • Psych yourself up.
  • Reenact your favorite movie scene.
  • Take some selfies.
  • Get freaky with someone.

What should I do while taking shower?

  • Plan out the rest of your day.
  • Prepare for upcoming activities such as presentations.
  • Meditate.
  • Sing along to some tunes.
  • Act out your favorite movie scenes.
  • Give yourself a showerhead massage.

What should you not do in the shower?

  • Don’t take too long showering.
  • Don’t use water that is too hot.
  • Reduce your use of loofahs.
  • Don’t let the shower run for too long before you get in – wastes water.
  • Don’t use a dirty towel – keep your towel clean as much as possible by getting it washed weekly.
  • Install a shower mat to avoid accidents.

In conclusion

The shower is a fun place to be under the right circumstances, and we hope that these tips we provided will create just that. Whether alone or with someone else, we again urge you to use water wisely as you enjoy your shower.





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