17 Fun Things to Do When You Have No Friends

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  • At one point or another, we all have found (or will find) ourselves with no friends. We might begin to feel lonely in these moments, especially when we are outgoing and expressive.
  • This article will show you the different ways in which you can make the time you spend with yourself meaningful and enjoyable. You don’t always have to be lonely when you are alone.

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Research has shown that a lot of millennials, even though connected with thousands of people on the internet, claim that they have no friends and feel lonely. In a study conducted by YouGov in 2019 showed that millennials registered the highest number of loneliness as compared to other generations.

Three in ten Millennials say they always or often feel lonely. Source: YouGov // Vox.com

Three in ten Millennials say they always or often feel lonely. Source YouGov Vox.com

Research specialists say that they do not know yet why millennials, who are aged between 24-39 years old, are lonelier than older generations.

However, you do not have to be a millennial to experience loneliness and friendlessness. There are many factors that contribute to a person finding themselves friendless – moving to a new town, having a falling out with your friends, and having friends that are always too busy to do anything with you are some of the reasons a person might find themselves without companionship.

But even without friends, you will still find yourself wanting to do more with your life and your free time. It is quite okay to do things on your own, to explore new places alone, and to discover yourself in your own time. Additionally, just because someone is friendless, it doesn’t always necessarily mean that they are lonely – some people flourish alone and need time for themselves to create the life they want.

With that being said, we have come up with a list of activities that you can do on your own whether you have become friendless by choice or by chance.



Taking a vacation on your own is probably at the top of fun activities for people who have no friends. Traveling to a new place on your own can help you take a step back and appreciate what you have, think about your journey in life, and help you find yourself in times of doubt. This is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.


Treat yourself to your favorite restaurant with your favorite meals. This will teach you how to comfortably be yourself in public. Most people are scared of being judged when they eat out alone, this is actually a good exercise for you to overcome this fear and anxiety that people are watching and judging you for being alone. Remind yourself that nobody is watching, nobody is staring, your anxiety of being seen eating alone in public is scarier than the reality of it. Once you eat by yourself twice or thrice, you will find yourself looking forward to your lunch dates to get some quality alone time – just you and your food.


Another fun activity to do on your own with no friends is meditation and/or yoga. This is good for both your body and mind. Meditating gives you peace of mind and eliminates fears and anxieties, while yoga strengthens your body and teaches you to be fluid – not only in your poses but also in your life, with the decisions you make, your friends, family, and everything in between. Meditation and yoga also teach you patience and resilience and the art of being comfortable in silence and alone.


Learning a new language is something you can easily do without friends. There are numerous apps that let you learn different languages at different levels, all in your own time. Make use of the time you have alone to learn a new language that might help you in your career field – or just for fun!



Creating content for social media is exactly how you have fun in life without friends – well, at least not real-life friends. With so many social media platforms to choose from, it can be very easy to find one that caters to your niche. If you like art and painting, then you can use platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram and if you like making short videos you can use platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram to build a following. The good part about this is it will take you some time to create your content which means you will spend less time thinking of how alone or lonely you are. You might even get paid for making videos on platforms such as Tiktok which has a creator’s fund. Read more about it here.


Gardening is such a relaxing activity that can take up your time. You get to plant, grow, and nurture your garden every day. This is highly satisfying and will leave you feeling accomplished and proud of yourself. Here are some tools that will help you start and maintain your gardening journey.


How can you be happy when you have no friends? The answer is simple; wine. It is scientifically proven that drinking wine improves your overall mood, adds longevity to your life, gives you healthier skin, and improves eyesight among other things. Who needs friends when you’ve got glowing skin and a 20/20 vision? [LOL]


If you are wondering what to do if you don’t have any friends, then DIY projects just may be the thing for you. The thing about DIY projects is we all have some saved up in our phones or on our Pinterest boards but we never get around to doing them. If you find yourself friendless and looking for activities to do, start by going through all the DIY projects you have saved – and start with the easiest one. Soon enough you will be going to your local arts and supplies store to get more materials for your DIY projects.


A great tie to improve yourself greatly is when you are alone because you have no distractions. Having friends is great but it comes with a lot of plans – birthday dinners, getaways, group picnics, etc. these activities may leave you feeling drained and rarely have time to do other things in your free time outside your friend group. When you have no friends, however, you have the time to pursue other things and one of the things you can use your time for is to find online classes and gain a skill or advance your qualifications. With websites and applications such as EdX and Udemy providing certification from Ivy league schools, you can definitely step up and make good use of your free time. The good thing is most of the classes they offer are free!


10. GYM

Going to the gym requires only you and your determination, it is one of the simple stuff you can do when you have no friends that does not get looked down on in society. Exercising is a great way to get rid of your boredom, but not only that – it is a great way to get in shape and achieve your body goals, and also maintain your health.


Another place to go when you are bored and alone is at the movies. Get to see a blockbuster with people who share the same taste in movies as you – we know you can watch movies at home in the comfort of your own house, but come on, nothing beats the movie theatre experience. The audience’s feelings of anticipating, and rooting for justice! It is an electric atmosphere.


If you are in a new town and you haven’t made any friends yet, the best thing you can do for yourself when you get bored is to explore your new surroundings. It will help you get your bearings and also meet new people along the way. Just remember to take safe and clear paths (as opposed to dark and dangerous alleys) and always get back home before darkness sets in.



You can always go hiking on the weekends when you have no friends. There are usually trail guides in most areas that you can take with you on your hike if you are scared of going alone or if the hike is too dangerous to go solo. However, most places are safe for a one-person hike – you just have to bring your dog with you, if you have one.


Reading is a quiet activity you can do over the weekend when you have no friends. Nothing beats the coziness of snuggling in your favorite blankie on the couch, lost in a good book that takes you to different places and makes you experience different emotions. If you are an avid reader, then this is the perfect weekend activity for you.


Playing video games is something you can do when you have no friends and are bored. The good thing about video games is that you can play interactive games that let you talk to other players in real-time (irt) which not only eliminates your boredom but also your feelings of loneliness because you get to interact with other people other than yourself.



A spa day is one of the many things you can do when you have no friends and are single. This is such a relaxing activity that you do not need a plus one for. Treat yourself to a spa day and unwind after a long hard week – you deserve it.


Lastly, you can always start a blog about anything that you are passionate about or that inspires you. There are so many platforms that will allow you to express your opinions on pretty much anything that you choose. Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share with people your experiences, opinions, and lessons – especially if you are just coming out of a relationship, it can be a great outlet for reflection and growth.

Find out in this article what other fun things you can do when you are single and alone.


  • Is it okay if I have no friends?

Yes, it is very okay if you do not have any friends nor have the need to make any friends. Now that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have people you can interact with but you do not necessarily need to have a group of people to share your social life with. Building friendships is hard and it takes time and hard work to make and keep friendships – some people do not want that responsibility and that is quite okay. There is nothing wrong with wanting different things from the norm, as long as you are okay with how you are and comfortable with being on your own.

  • What to do if you have no friends?

If you have no friends but you want to make some, the best thing you can do for yourself is going to public places in your area where people in your age bracket hang out. Visit cafes, bars, theatres, libraries, and parks to meet people with the same interests as you who are also your age.

You must also be nice and willing to be the first one to strike up a conversation. The best bit of advice we can give you is to approach people of the same gender as you, they are more likely to be friends with you than people of the opposite sex who will either view you as a threat or as a potential romantic interest.

It is very easy to make friends because all you have to do is make friends with one person and if this one person has a group of friends, they are likely to introduce you to them and voila, you have yourself a group of friends – people who share the same likes and interests as you.

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In conclusion, if you have found yourself friendless for whatever reason, there are a lot of activities you can do on your own that can be as fulfilling as they are enjoyable. Do not let the fact that you do not have any friends stop you from exploring and experiencing the world in all its forms and beauty.

NB: If you feel overwhelmed and lonely because you have social anxiety, please book an appointment with a therapist in your area to get the best help you can so that you can live your best life.





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