15 Exciting Games To Play With 6 People

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  • This article covers all the fun games to play with 6 people, ranging from card games, to board games, golf games, and party games.

Playing games remains a favorite pastime activity for a good number of Americans. In 2016, 28% engaged in playing card or board games as their night time campfire fun activity. And a year later, at least 40% played card or board games more than once in a week, with 57% having between 1 and 25 cards and board games. This tells you how much we enjoy playing games.

Most popular nighttime activities of campers in the United States in 2016. Source: Outdoor Industry

Most popular nighttime activities of campers in the United States in 2016. Source Outdoor Industry

How Many Card And Board Game Does The Average Gamer Own? (2017) Source: Print Ninja

How Many Card And Board Game Does The Average Gamer Own (2017) Source Print Ninja

How Often are Card and Board Games Played By Americans? (2017) Source: Print Ninja

How Often are Card and Board Games Played By Americans (2017) Source Print Ninja

In this article, we give you a helpful list of fun games to play with 6 people, both in the card and board games category, whether you want to play the games by the beach with the family, or at home during the holidays with friends, at a house party, or after hours with coworkers. Some of the fun games listed here can also be played with nothing more than a paper and a pen, and in some cases with nothing at all except the people present.

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15 Exciting Games To Play With 6 People.

Some of the 6 player games listed here can be played by 6 or more people. They can also be played by adults and children from ages 6 and above. All the games listed here are fun games to play with 6 people. Here are our top picks of exciting games to play with 6 people.

Party Games For 6 Players.

Exciting Games To Play with

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Parties are about letting down our hair and having loads of fun. Party games, depending on your crowd, can be funny and filled with wicked humor games. Some of the games on this list will not be suitable if your crowd of 6 players can’t take wicked jokes and are a little touchy with certain words. Whatever your crowd, you will find something exciting to play at your next party of 6 or more people.

1. Codenames

This is a fun party game that can be played with up to 8 players. The game is an exciting game of strategy where players in each team have to help their “spymaster” decipher the code names on the cards. You can divide your group of six players into two teams of three, one team red and the other team blue. One of the three will be the spymaster, and the other two will be his/her operative to help him/her decipher the codes.

It has an Adults Only Edition with sexually explicit content for your adults-only hangout with no young ears around.

2. Hot Seat

This is another fun party game that is very simple to play. The game has a stack of cards with 200 questions and writing pads. A chair is put in the middle of the room which is known as the “hot seat”.

Each player takes turns sitting on the “hot seat”. The player on the hot seat draws 3 cards and then chooses the one they want the rest of the group to answer. They can then pass one of the remaining two cards to the next player and discard the other, or they can choose to discard the remaining two. Where they pass a card to the next player, that player has to play that card on their turn and cannot draw three cards.

The remaining players, including the player on the hot seat, write the answer to the question of the player on the hot seat. All answers are folded up and put in a pile. The player in the hot seat reads out all the responses, and the rest of the players have to guess which of the responses was written by the player on the hot seat. The one who guesses it right wins the round.

It’s a fun game to see how well you all know each other in a group and will be a fun party game for 6 players.

3. Never Have I Ever

The fun of this game is in guessing what your friends have never done. It is a game that is fun and exciting but can also become a little boring if your questions are not as fun and exciting.

You don’t need anything to play this game, although if you want to keep scores, you can have a writing pad and pen.

The game is usually played as a drinking game to spice it up. You ask a question and persons who have ever done what the question says drink. So, for instance, you could say “never have I ever made out in the men’s bathroom with my boyfriend”. And anyone in the group who has made out with their boyfriend in the men’s bathroom gets to drink up.

It’s a fun party game that lightens up the mood and well, gets everyone drunk. Remember that the fun of the game is in the questions, so come up with exciting and interesting questions to make it fun.

4. Cards Against Humanity

This is one fun party game that is not for the faint of heart or for persons who take offense easily or cannot handle crude remarks. It is hilarious in a wicked way but is the perfect party game for people with a wicked sense of humor. The manufacturer even labeled it a game for horrible people so that tells you already that it is not for everyone.

It is another easy game to play. It comes with 500 white cards and 100 black cards. Each player asks a question on a black card when it’s their round, and the rest of the players have to give an answer they think is funny and fitting from the white cards they have. And some of the answers are, for lack of a better word, not to everyone’s tastes and liking.

If your group of 6 players is elderly people or parents who are not very relaxed, you may want to reconsider this game, but it is great fun for those who love its contents. 

5. Joking Hazard

This is another party card game similar to Cards Against Humanity as regards its contents. It is also not for persons who take offense or do not have a wicked sense of humor. The manufacturer’s of this game also called it an offensive party game that is not for kids. But where your group of 6 players fits the bill, it is a fun and exciting party game. The game aims to create a comic story to an end from a drawn card. The player who starts draws a card and the story starts to run from that card with each player adding their cards to the story.

Best Card Games For Six Players.

These are card games for 6 adults, but there is no reason why you can’t also include players of other ages who can grasp the playing principles and play along.

6. Uno

Uno is a classic fun card game that gets everyone excited. It is easy to play and comes with easy to follow instructions. The goal is to see which player gets to finish playing their deck of cards. When a player is down to one card, they must shout “Uno” or they may be penalized if they end up winning the round.

It has a wild card that is bunkers. The player with the wild card can exchange their deck of cards for a smaller deck of cards from the player next to them. So, for instance, if the player with the wild card has ten cards in his hands, and the next player has just one, he can play out the wild card and exchange his ten cards for that player’s one card. 

7. Double Ditto

The goal of double ditto is to see how well you know each other. It comes with a stack of cards and a 15-second hourglass timer. A player picks out a card and reads out what it says. Everyone has 15 seconds to write out their best answer to what was read out. Two people with the same answer say “double ditto” and win the round. You can have as many rounds as possible and it can be played with as much as 10-15 players.

8. Wizard Card Game

The Wizard Game is a little more complex than your normal Poker game and comes with 60 cards. It is a slight variation to the Poker game because of the wizard and jester cards it comes with. These two cards play different roles. It comes with instructions that will be easy for poker players to follow. It is a fun and exciting game that will be loved by anyone who loves to play poker.

9. Oh, Fruck Card Game

This is another fun variation to your normal deck of cards and is hilarious to play because the rules change depending on how the players feel. The aim is to be the first player to discard all the cards on your hands without getting caught up in the frucky rules of the game.

8 cards are dealt to each player and 3 rules picked from the rule deck. The rules will govern the way the game is played and how the cards are handed out and played. The instructions are also easy to follow, and it is bound to bring lots of fun, laughter, and excitement.

Best Board Games For 6 People.

Some of the board games listed here can also be board games for 6 or more players.

10. Rummikub 6 Player Edition

This exciting board game of strategy that used to be for 2-4 players, now has a 6 player edition to allow for more players. It cannot however be played by more than 6 players. It comes with 160 tiles, 4 jokers, and 6 racks.

With this game, the aim is to make a set of either a group or a run with all the tiles on a player’s rack. A player who can accomplish this shouts “Rummikub” and wins the game. A set is formed when three or more tiles of the same color are played together, while a group is created when three tiles of the same number are played.

All tiles are placed face down and each player draws 14 tiles from the pile on their rack. After each player has drawn their tiles, the remainder forms the pile from which each player draws for each turn. On a first play, the first player must form a number that totals to 30 or above 30, with his tiles. If he/she is unable to do so, then they skip their turn by drawing a tile from the pile and the turn goes to the next player.

Once a 30+ has been formed, each player can then take turns creating groups or runs with their tiles until a player has completed the tiles in his rack to shout “Rummikub” to win the game. The points on the tiles of the remaining players are then added up and allocated to the winner, and the game can continue again if the players so wish.

There are 4 joker tiles and they have an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that you can use it to represent anything you want to play. However, a player who has a tile that represents what you used the joker for, can then replace the joker with their tile but must play the joker in their next turn. The disadvantage is that if the game ends with the joker tile still in your possession, you are penalized with 30 points.

It is an exciting fast-thinking board game of strategy that is very enjoyable. The only downside is that it is not a board game for more than 6 players.

11. Aggravation

This is a game for 6 players that is also very family-friendly and good for family game night. The aim is to position your marble on the home section of the board before the other players do. You can move marbles and jump over your opponent’s marble and hope not to get aggravated. It’s a fun and engaging game for a group of 6 players.

12. Sequence

This cool game is a combination of board and card. It comes with a deck of cards and a board for forming sequences. The goal is to score a sequence before the other players or team. A group of 6 players can be divided into three teams. Each player is given a set of cards whose number is predetermined at the start of the game. The player then plays their card by placing their die on the part of the board resembling their card. If however, another player’s die is on that part of the board, their card will be considered “dead” and they’ll need to draw another card from the pile. They continue in this fashion until a player or team forms a sequence of 5 dies either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

13. Jokers and Marbles

The object of this game is to be the first player to finish moving all 5 of your marbles from the start of the board to the finish line. The game also comes with a deck of cards and interlocking game boards that act as the tracks for the marbles.

Golf Games For 6 Players.

Now, golf players can play golf with cards in the following two exciting golf games for 6 players.

14. Play Nine

This card game imitates golf moves, and the player with the lowest number loses, just as in golf. Golf players will enjoy this card game because they have to make the same moves they would make on the golf course, except this time on their cards. Scores are kept and the player with the highest score wins.

15. Golf Poker Chip Game

Another exciting variation to the game of poker that is played with golf rules. The objective of the game is to have as many green chips as possible by the end of 18 holes. It comes with easy to follow instructions and will be loads of fun for golf lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you know of fun games to play with 6 people?

All the games in this article are fun games to play with 6 people.

How about board games for 6 or more players?

Jokers and Marbles can be played with more than 6 players. Sequence can also be played with more than 6 players because you can divide all the players into 3 teams.


Games are an exciting way to hang out with friends, families, and colleagues. In this article, we give you the best selection of card and board games to play with 6 people (or more in the case of some of the games).





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