13 Games to Play with Your Boyfriend over the Phone

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According to a survey conducted in 2010 by Tatango, over 80% of 16-17-year-olds use SMS daily as a form of communication followed closely by 20-24-year-olds with 78%. This means that if you are in your dating years, chances are high that you and your partner’s primary mode of communication is through texting, so why not make it fun and challenging by adding texting games to your daily text routines?

Percentage of Respondents Who Use SMS Daily. Source: www.tatango.com



20 questions is one of the easiest games to play with your boyfriend over text. It is a great game to play when you have just started dating someone and you would like to get to know them more. To play 20 questions, you (or your partner) have to think of a thing (place, animal, movie, etc.) and your partner has to try and guess what the thing is by asking questions to which you can respond with a yes or no and they have 20 tries (hence the games name 20 questions) to get it right.


Truth or dare is one of the most exciting text games for couples to play together. The rules of the game are very simple, you present your partner with two options; truth or dare – if they pick truth, they have to answer a question you ask them truthfully. And if they pick dare, you have to dare them to do something and they have to do it. There are many things you can dare your boyfriend to do and make sure that he has done it over text, for example, you can dare him to take a picture of himself wearing a spoon hat, or make him post silly videos of himself on his socials.


If you and your boyfriend love texting games, then you are going to enjoy Fill in the Blanks. This is like finishing each other’s sentences but through text. The rules of the game are pretty straightforward and easy; one of you will type an incomplete sentence and the other person has to guess what the completion of that sentence is going to be. For example, “I like to __with my___” and your partner has to fill in the blanks to complete the sentence. This will also show you how much your partner knows your thought process. You can keep it clean or make it R18 depending on how comfortable you are with your partner and how long you have been together. and how long you have been together.


If you and your partner prefer If you are more into flirty texting games, then Would You Rather is the game for you. The rules of the game are relatively easy to follow – to play, you have to give your boyfriend two options and he has to choose which one he would rather do. For example, “would you rather kiss my hand or my neck out in public?” The questions can start off easy and get progressively hard and weird the further you go into the game. This is such a great game because it reveals things about you and your partner that you may have once just assumed. , then Would You Rather is the perfect game for you and your partner.


Celebrity Friendship is the best game for couples who love to roleplay. To play this game you and your partner have to pretend to be a celebrity but you are not supposed to tell each other who you picked. You will then proceed to text each other as your chosen celebrity, dropping hints here and there of who you might be, and at the end of the game, you have to reveal who you thought you were texting and your partner has to reveal who they actually were texting as (and vice versa). This is such a fun game to play and a great way to find out the people that your significant other looks up to and admires.


One of the most accessible and easy games to play over WhatsApp is Emoji Translation. You can probably guess what the game entails by the name of it. Yes, the rules are that simple, you and your partner send each other messages but instead of using words or abbreviations, you use only emojis to communicate and you or your partner have to guess what the other person is trying to say by interpreting the emojis. The best thing about this game is that you can sext your boyfriend in code and no one will be the wiser. You can even spice it up by assigning different meanings to emojis so that only you and him get what the text is actually saying. Talk about going incognito!


If for some reason or another you still talk to your ex and you like texting games, then the best game to play with your ex boyfriend is Never Have I Ever. The rules of the game are simple, in the form of a statement say something that you have done (or haven’t done but suspect the other person has) and the other person has to agree or disagree with you depending on whether or not they have done said thing. For example, you can say “Never have I ever cheated on someone I was dating” now if your ex (or you) has cheated, they have to say “I have” and if they (or you) have never then they have to say “I have never”


If you are looking for fun and easy message games then Two Truths and One Lie is the perfect game for you. The rules of the game are pretty straightforward, one party says three statements about themselves – two of these statements are true and one is a lie. It is the responsibility of the other party to try and decipher which one of the three questions is a lie. For example, one might say “I have a brown dog” “I jog every morning” and “Green is my favorite color” and it would be up to you to determine which one of the three statements is a lie. This is a great game for couples because it shows how much you and your partner know about each other and each other’s lives.


Kiss, Marry, Kill is one of the good games to play over text because it requires very minimal resources. All you need is another willing player at the end of the line. To play, you will pick out three people (this is the popular choice but you can mix it up and choose things, food, cartoon characters, etc.) and the other person has to pick which one they would kiss, which one they would marry, and which one they would kill. For example, you can choose three celebrities such as Bono, The Undertaker, and Cher – your partner then has to choose out of the three which one they would want to kiss, marry, or kill.


What if is definitely one of those games to play with your boyfriend over text at least once during your relationship. To play this game, you are going to present a make believe scenario – one which is or is not likely to happen – to your partner and they will have to give you an answer on what they would do based on the scenario you have given them. For example, you may say “what if I didn’t have both my legs, would you still want to take me out?” Their answer to your questions will tell you a lot of what you need to know about them and what kind of person they are. You can switch up the questions to scenarios that will show you how they are likely to act under pressure or when backed into a corner.


Questions is such a fun game to play with your partner through text. To play the game, you have to ask your partner a question but instead of them answering that question with an actual answer, they have to answer it with another question. To make it even more interesting, you can add the rule that states the other party can only begin their question with the last letter of the previous question. This game really shows you how bright and sharp your partner is. It is also a great way to decipher what kind of thought process the other person has and if or not they put any thought into the things that they say or do.


Personal Trivia is one of those text games for couples that has to be played whether intentionally or not especially if it is a new couple. You play personal trivia like any other trivia game with the exception that all the questions are about you and your partner and you have to give answers to your partner for any questions they may have for you and vice versa. Personal trivia is a great game to play especially when you are just beginning to get to know the other person, it can determine whether or not you would like to move forward with the relationship or if you believe not to be compatible with them. You can ask them small questions such as “do you have a pet?” “where did you grow up?” to big questions about the future such as “do you want a family someday?” and “what is your 5-year career plan?” Their answers will tell you if you and this person are looking for the same things in a relationship.


Another one of the good games to play over text is Guess the lyrics. This is such a fun game to test your partner’s knowledge – and taste – in music. To play, you and your partner will send each other lyrics to songs – you will not mention what song it is or who it was sung by – and the other person has to guess and finish the lyrics. You may however, give hints about the song like “we first heard it when we went shopping together last weekend” just to make it more special and also challenging. Good luck!


1. How to play mind games with a guy who broke your heart?

It is not easy letting go of and forgive someone who broke your heart, especially if they do (or did) not acknowledge what they did to you and taken responsibility for it. It is only natural that you would want to play mind games with them just to get a reaction out of them or even to make their lives a little bit uncomfortable and cause them to hurt (just so they feel what you are feeling). Check out our article on how to play mind games with your ex-girlfriend to get some inspiration.

2. How can I entertain my boyfriend over the phone?

There are many ways to keep your boyfriend entertained over the phone. Relationships are hard work and you work even harder when they are long distance – even for a short while – and you cannot be with your person physically and do activities together. To keep both you and your partner interested and entertained, you can text each other constantly, call each other, facetime, and as mentioned above, play games with each other to keep each other entertained and interested in each other until the next time you see each other.

3. What games can couples play over the phone?

This article has provided you with 13 different games that couples can play over the phone including; never have I ever, truth or dare 20 questions, and would you rather. You can also check out our article on Question games to play with friends to get more ideas on games you can play as a couple.


In conclusion, this article has presented you with 13 good games to play over text with your boyfriend. These games can be played just for fun or as a way to get to know the person you are dating better. Whatever the reason, we hope that you have fun playing, and may the odds be in your favor.





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