19 Exciting Things to Do for a 30th Birthday

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How do you feel about turning 30 in a bit? Amazing right?! While you might be missing your ‘20s, your ‘30s can be way better. For many people, their 30’s gifts them a stronger sense of self and the determination to take steps that will lead them to live a life filled with true happiness, contentment, genuine relationships/friendship, true love (if they haven’t yet found it), and a good dose of personal achievements. Do not let the thought of “Oh I’m getting old” overwhelm you nor stop you from grandly ushering in your new decade. Here are some interesting things to do for a 30th birthday you won’t regret.


Whether you are camera shy or the “oh take me a pic” person, it’s a great idea to keep a good record of yourself through pictures or videos. Looking back at them will feel like looking at the evolution of a beautiful plant and these records always come in handy. For your thirtieth birthday, explore your classy/funky fashion sense uniquely. Mimic, reach or beat top fashion trends in a fun photo or video shoot. Start by selecting a good number of unconventional outfits, pair them with colorful accessories and shoes, and take mind-blowing pictures, or cool videos. The world is waiting to see them. Join a photo and video trend on social media and there are a number of them on TikTok. The whole experience will be fun and fulfilling. Hey! Don’t forget to show us your birthday cake.


What is that thing you’ve always wanted to get for yourself? Is it a car, gadget, pricey jewelry, a piece of furniture, an exotic meal at a fancy restaurant, or a new wardrobe? Getting that item will be a good way to celebrate your 30th birthday. Spoil yourself, you deserve it. If you don’t have the funds to get it on your birthday, you still have a whole year to get it. Hey, what if you have a couple of friends and family that might be willing to get you that gift? You might find our articles “polite ways to ask for birthday gifts‘, and “how to ask for money instead of gifts for birthday” helpful.


There are many amazing places around the world, and your 30th birthday is a good excuse to see a couple of them. We are truly not getting any younger. Take a trip to another city, country, or even continent and experience a different way of life. Breathe a different air, eat different food, dance differently, sing new songs and meet amazing people. Binge travel if need be. You owe it to yourself to explore the rich beauty and diversity of this world. Click to find some of the best places to go for 30th birthday.


Are you one of those people that put off birthday celebrations completely? If yes, be nice to your 30th. Celebrate your 30th, you never know, your 30th may be nicer to you. It doesn’t have to be a big birthday party although that won’t be a bad idea either. You can do something small and personal, a dinner party maybe; just have a good time. Get in the habit of celebrating yourself no matter how small or irrelevant you think the occasion might be. Hey, if you do not wish to spend much on a birthday party, check our article on How to throw a cheap birthday for an adult,


While birthdays are a good time to pay attention to oneself, you could decide to donate your time and resources to support other people and causes. You could participate in a charity marathon, volunteer at children’s shelters, or elderly homes, donate to victims of abuse, get little gifts for strangers, choose to mentor some teenagers, contribute towards paying a person’s student loan, or plant trees. Nothing is small or irrelevant. Since it is your 30th birthday, you could decide to do 30 lovely things for others.


No better time to detox and relieve stress than on your birthday. Get pampered; get a pedicure and manicure, hot stone massage, facials, scalp massage, and deep conditioning. While you are on it, spoil yourself with your favorite wine and some finger foods. Feel the royalty in you and get used to it too.


If perhaps you feel like catching up on yourself and thoughts or just want to breathe and free your mind from many things, hiking is a great idea. It will provide you with enough alone time you need. Hiking is great for the body and mind. It will be a great idea to hike with someone close to you. Company is always great for moments like birthdays. A cupcake cake or protein bar birthday celebration won’t be a bad idea.


Many of us have bucket lists and in them are some adrenaline-pumping activities. Have you ever fancied swimming with marine deadliest predators, bungee jumping, skydiving, or climbing some of the highest mountains on earth? Your 30th birthday should record some of these sporting adventures don’t you think?


If you want a packed and exciting day without any party, try to go to exhibitions/trade fairs. The environment is rich and stimulating and there is so much to gain from exhibitions. Start your 30th year by interacting with interesting people, making valuable relationships, and broadening your knowledge.


Are you a sports lover? Do you love football, cricket, basketball, rugby, or any other athletic games? Which team do you support? Who is your favorite athlete? Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you traveled to watch your favorite team or players compete for victory? You might even make amazing friends while at it.


No better time to dance and watch intriguing performances than on your special day. Is there an upcoming concert around the country? Do you fancy going? Make it your birthday gift. Get some friends to tag along too. The great thing about concerts is that it attracts lots of amazing and informed people. They help you to broaden your activities and network.


The U.S has a lot of exciting destinations for wine tours and tasting. Make friends with sommeliers and improve your wine tasting skills. Did you know that Virginia had the highest average monthly number of visitors to wine tasting rooms in the U.S in 2019? Source: Statista.

Average monthly visitors to wine tasting rooms in the USA


Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when we mention the word ‘casino’ is gambling, however, casinos offer much more than that. The ambiance, the characters, the performances, the food, and the exhibits are part of what makes a casino worthwhile. If you’ve never been to a casino, you might want to spend your 30th birthday in one.


If you are still wondering what to do for a 30th birthday that does not involve a party, try to reorganize or upgrade your space. Studies suggest that the quality of your space could affect your overall feeling of relaxation and happiness. Your 30th birthday is a good time to reorganize/upgrade your space. Make your space to work for you.


Apart from what you already know how to do, which other hands-on skills do you wish to have? You could register for professional make-up lessons, fashion designing, painting, plumbing, shoemaking, wiring, carpentry, etcetera, becoming an expert before hitting 33. Hands-on skills can serve as an extra source of income for you and you can also use them to help other people.


If seafood is a big thing for you, perhaps it is time to check out how they are caught. Fishing is an exciting adventure to embark on. It offers you an opportunity to learn about water creatures and their seasons and tricks on catching some heavy-weight fish. If you think you can handle the tough job of fishing, get your fishing gear ready for the adventure. It is a fun way to celebrate your 30th birthday. Check out our article “gifts for ice fisherman”, you might find some useful gadgets. Speaking of fishing, did you know that according to 2018 fishing statistics, the USA is among the top 10 fishing countries in the world?

Source: Statista


Start your day with a rock-climbing challenge. Rock climbing is a great way to stretch your body and mind. This challenge is demanding and quite often, a lot of people never get to the peak before giving up. If you are the active kind of person, rocking climbing with friends is a fun 30th birthday outing idea.


If you don’t mind a lavish 30th birthday party, party in a LIMO! Limos are usually show stoppers. They are very attractive and announcing. They are the grand occasion go-to vehicle and partying in one is a fun and unique way to celebrate your 30th. Get your friends to help you organize it. Order champagne, cake, and finger food, get your camera and games ready, get your playlist ready, map out fun photoshoot destinations to checkout within the space of time you will be renting the Limo, and lastly, get your grooves ready. A limo party is perfect if you want a small number of close friends for your occasion.


Have you considered a camping party? This is one of the best outdoor party themes to work with. It allows you to include all your favorite activities like grilling, movie night, storytelling, treasure hunts, and loads of other fun games. However, it requires loads of planning no matter the number of friends you will be inviting. It’s not cheap either.


1. How do I celebrate my 30th birthday on a budget?

Organizing a party can slap your pocket big time. This is why it is advisable to make a budget well in advance before you commence organizing your party. To celebrate your birthday on a budget,

  • Specify how much you are willing to spend on your party and stick to it.
  • Make a list of what you will be needing for the party and check their cost.
  • Adjust your party activities, menu, and guests to fit your budget.
  • Depending on your party theme, try to identify items you expect guests to bring along to your party (for example, pool party).
  • Ask friends for support if they have certain items you will be needing for the party (eg, griller).
  • Check out our article “How to throw a cheap birthday for an adult”.

2. What should I do for my 30th birthday?

We’ve mentioned 19 fun activities you could do for your 30th birthday and they are;

  • A fun photo or video shoot
  • Rock climbing
  • Limo party
  • Themed dinner party
  • Fishing
  • Camp party
  • Wine tasting
  • Acts of Altruism
  • A visit to a casino
  • Take a trip
  • Get a hands-on skill and become a professional before you are done with your 30’s
  • Upgrade/ reorganize your space
  • Concerts
  • Extreme sporting adventure
  • Visit your favorite sport team
  • Go for exhibition
  • Hiking
  • Get something new for yourself
  • Spa treatments

Take out a few days and celebrate your birthday. In one day, you could go do three activities on our list; a spa treatment, wine tasting, exhibition and shopping.


Growing old is part of life, therefore do not let the thought of turning 30 weigh you down. If anything, be excited about the new possibilities ahead of you. With renewed consciousness and determination, your thirties could gift you a fulfilling life. Start your third decade with a blast and we’ve made a list of 19 exciting activities to help you do that. We hope that you find something exciting on our list.





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