Gifts for Someone who likes to travel

Unique Gifts for Someone who likes to travel

If you are looking for gifts ideas for people who travel, with the market that is overflowing with many different items that are ideal for any and all types of travel, it is a really difficult task to figure out what will make the perfect gift.

To help make finding travel related gifts more effortless for you, there are a couple of things that you can think about first before deciding on your final gift. Take some time and make yourself a list of questions that you will need to either answer yourself or find out from the person who you are looking for a gift for.

First, start off by thinking about the actual person themselves, think of things like, what type of person they are, and why would you buy them gifts specifically for travelling? Ask yourself, are you looking for gifts for people who travel for work, gifts for someone going on vacation, or are you looking for gifts for friends going traveling soon?

Think about the reasons why they like to travel so much, some questions that you can ask and get answers for are:

  • What attracts them to strange and unknown places?
  • Why would they leave the comfort of their homes, friends, and families and venture into the unknown? which is a really nerve-wracking experience for a lot of people that do not like to travel.

When you ask a friend, family member or even a work colleague the reason why they enjoy traveling so much, these are some of the answers that you could expect to receive.

  • They love meeting new people from different cultures.
  • They enjoy experiencing and learning new things.
  • Travel inspires them to explore new and unusual places.
  • They love tasting new and different types of food.
  • They find that traveling is a way to escape reality and to relax
  • They love having adventures as they create unforgettable memories.

Next, think about and ask yourself when trying to come up with the best gifts for travelers, what are the ways that they like to travel? Do they like to travel by:

  • Car
  • By plane
  • Maybe they like to travel by a cruise ship, boat or enjoy sailing vacations for couples
  • Their favorite way to travel could be by backpacking from one place to the next

Think about how long they like to travel for, and if they are planning on going somewhere for at least five days, then it will help for them to know and read what to pack for a 5-day trip checklist.

Depending on how well you know the person that likes to travel it would also help to know the things that they already have and use for traveling. It will make it a lot easier to get them something that they don’t have yet or maybe you have heard them talking about certain items that they would like to get to use on their travels but just haven’t got around to buying the item.

If you find yourself still stuck for ideas then maybe think about getting them something to have in their home that reminds them of the places that they have been and where they would still like to go. Knowing some or all these things will help you in deciding on perfect gifts for people who travel a lot.

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Quick Overview: Gifts for Someone who likes to travel

Gifts for someone who likes to travel

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Gift idea for home of someone who likes to travel

If you are looking for a gift ideas for a travel enthusiast who just got home from travelling to a couple of exciting and interesting places and are looking for a fun way to remember and display all the places that they have visited, then a great idea would be to get them a world poster that they can place in a beautiful frame and hang on their wall.

Scratch Off World Map Poster 

This detailed scratch off map with the certain flags and landmarks that the different countries are known for makes the perfect gift for the homes of those who like to travel. They will love the idea of displaying and keeping track of all the places that they have already been to and have fond memories of. It will also lay out a clear picture for them of the different places that they would maybe still like to travel to, making it easier for them to plan their next trip.



Customers that have purchased this Scratch off world poster have found that it is a fantastic way to keep track of all their travels and love the quality, the size and the colors.

Gift ideas for travelling for work

Sometimes travelling for work frequently could be an experience on its own, especially if the location might be to a country or town that is under developed and have limited access to electrical outlets. And other times the person travelling for work might have so many back to back meetings that it is challenging for them to keep their phones charged and stay in touch with their boss or other work colleagues. An excellent gift idea for someone in this situation would be a powerful portable charger.

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger

This portable charger is a great addition for someone who is travelling for work, especially if they travel to places that electrical outlets do not work properly or there is limited access. They will be able to charge three devices at the same time with it 3 USB ports really fast. This charger can hold its charge for days when not in use, making it readily available to use for when their devices really need a charge.



Customers who have bought this Anker PowerCore Portable Charger have found it is extremely powerful and the battery life is impressively long-lasting.

Gift idea for travelling on a plane

If you know someone that likes to travel a lot, then you can be sure that they will already have many different items to help make them as comfortable as possible while on the plane. But anyone travelling by plane could always use a little more space in their luggage to either take a few extra items with them or to bring gifts home with them for their friends and family. A gift idea to help make packing easier for them would be some really nice packing cubes.

BAGSMART 6 Sets Packing Cubes 

This set of 6 packing cubes makes a wonderful gift for someone who likes to travel by plane. They will help them keep their carry-on suitcase neat and organized by compressing different types of clothing items in each cube. These beautifully designed cubes will also help give them a lot more space to pack more items if they need to.



Those customers that have already purchased this set of 6 Packing Cubes have found it to fit perfectly in a carry-on suitcase and helps them keep things organized as well as helps them to save a lot of space.

Gift idea for travelling adventure seekers

Most people who like to travel, love to have adventures, they see travelling to new and different places as one gigantic adventure. Having fun and exciting adventures does not always have to be as extreme as jumping out airplanes, it is about going and experiencing and exploring something entirely new, something that they would not usually do at home. A perfect way to remember all these wonderful adventures is to take some amazing photos or videos of the experience, so a gift idea would be an amazing camera that is built for the outdoors. Check out these other great gift ideas for someone that likes to travel by plane.

GoPro HERO 7 Black

This GoPro Hero 7 Black is a must-have for those who enjoy having many adventures while traveling. It offers many added features, high-quality photos and extremely clear, smooth and stable video footage. This tough compact device is in a waterproof housing protecting it from those fun water-related activities that someone who likes to travel might have, making it a perfect gift for any traveler.



Many customers that have purchased this GoPro Hero 7 Black have found it to have every feature that they need for an amazing travelling adventure without having to cart extra components with them.

Gift ideas for travelers who enjoy backpacking

Knowing and trying to understand someone who enjoys backpacking might be a little difficult for some. They can’t seem to understand why they would go somewhere with only the minimal items in a backpack out in what most people call the “middle of nowhere”. But for backpackers that is the fun of it all, surviving with only the essentials, meeting new people as they explore one place after the next. Perfect small travel gift ideas for someone who enjoys backpacking would be a water purifier so that they can have clean and safe drinking water wherever they go or an emergency survival kit that will come in very handy if they get themselves in a bad situation.

SteriPen Classic 3 Water Purifier with Pre-Filter

This water purifier is a perfect and essential gift for someone who enjoys going backpacking, hiking or traveling to different developing countries and may be looking to have safe drinking water while they are there. This purifier is super easy to use and works quite fast sterilizing water that has been collected from almost anywhere without them having the dreaded stomach problems.



If you are looking for gifts for travellers who enjoy backpacking, Join the many satisfied customers that have purchased this SteriPen Water Purifier with Pre-Filter who have found it to be a very portable and very handy item to have when travelling or backpacking allowing them to have safe drinking water anywhere they go.

Emergency Survival Kit, 12 in 1 Outdoor Survival Gear Lifesaving Tools 

This makes an extremely valuable gift for someone who likes to travel, especially while out in the wilderness. This little compact kit has everything that they would need to survive if anything should go wrong while on an adventure camping or hiking. Every item has been carefully thought out and are all really good quality.



Majority of customers that have purchased this Emergency survival kit found it to be filled with very useful good quality items that will come in very handy in an emergency.

Frequently asked questions 

1. Is an experience gift a good gift idea?

A traveller would almost always like a ticket to a new destination so you can definitely get them a free ticket to a destination they enjoy going to, or have always wanted to go to.

2. Are the gifts mentioned above suitable for both genders?

Yes they are appropriate to be given to a male or female travellers of any age. However, what you should be putting into consideration when choosing a gift is knowing the destinations the person is going to and the type of environment they will be staying at..


When it comes to finding gifts for someone who likes to travel, take some time to think about the person themselves, think about some of the reasons why they like to travel and how they like to travel. Your answers to all these types of questions will help to choose a great gift for them a lot easier.







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