How to Make Fun of Someone Who Is Making Fun of You: 7 Witty Comebacks

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The truth about being bullied is that anyone at any age can get bullied – it is not isolated to tweens and teens. Even people in their 20s and 30s get bullied and are bullies. Most people would assume that for an action to be considered bullying, there has to be a physical aspect such as shoving or pushing. However, a study conducted by study.com shows that the highest form of bullying is name-calling followed by teasing and spreading rumors.

Bullying Type by Percentage

As clearly shown in the graph above, you can see that the more subtle ways of bullying are the highest and the more obvious ones the lowest. Bullying has a lot of negative repercussions but perhaps the worst one is that often people who are bullied will go into a state of depression whether as an immediate effect or something that hits them later in life. If you are a parent and you are worried and wondering if your child is depressed, here is an article on how to know if your teenager is depressed. And if you have an inkling that your child might be getting bullied at school, please intervene and inform the school authorities before it affects their mental health a lot more.


Just because someone is making fun of you doesn’t mean that you have to let them get away with it. You can and should always fight back when someone attacks you based on your looks, race, interests, religion, or sexuality – among other things. Always stand up for yourself and don’t let the bully win by trying to be “the bigger person.”

Here are a few ways you can stand up for yourself against a bully without getting in trouble with any authority figures, or the law.



When someone makes fun of you and you want to humiliate them in front of the very same people they were trying to humiliate you in, just ask them “what do you mean?” with your face as straight as you can make it. Everyone knows that the joke seizes to be funny once it has to be explained, so what better way to unravel them than by asking them to explain their own joke and why they think it is funny. 9 out of 10 times, they will give up and walk away because they do not want to explain themselves and when they do try to explain themselves, they will realize that their joke wasn’t as funny. Sure, they may try to sleaze around and make other jokes but every time they do, there you will be armed with the same question; What do you mean?


If you are one of those people that constantly think ‘everyone makes fun of me’ then this trick is for you. First and foremost, you have to understand that the joke is funny as long as they get the reaction they think they are going to get from you. For example, when someone lies and says that you smell bad, the reaction they are looking for is for you to be defensive or ashamed. But what if you weren’t? What if instead of running away or crying, or defending yourself with an “I don’t smell bad, take that back!” you replied with “not my fault we can’t afford soap” this will catch them completely off guard because they will not have gotten the reaction that they were expecting from you making their joke flop and as a bonus, now everyone thinks they are a meanie who makes fun of poor people.


If you have friends that make fun of you all the time, the best thing you can do whenever they are making fun of you is to passive-aggressively make fun of them back. Being passive-aggressive means that you covertly say things that will hurt them while being super nice about it. For example, if your friends are making fun of your clothes, you may rebuttal with “aw, but your style is so much better though. Nice shoes” make sure you put emphasis on a few words to really sell it.

Not only does this register to them as if you like their style, but it also doesn’t seem like a mean thing to say and unless they catch onto what you are doing, your mind doesn’t know the difference and you will be less likely to take their comments to heart because your brain will register the rebuttal as a success therefore effectively not making you the butt of the joke.


Sarcasm is a great way to come back at someone who is making fun of you. Your tone of voice and witty saying can have that much of a sting when said sarcastically all the while making the person who is making fun of you look dumb because let’s face it, not everyone is quick-witted enough to catch on to a sarcastic comment.



If you are being made fun of by someone in a large group setting, the best thing you can do for yourself is to go off-script. But what does going off the script mean? Well, simply put, do not play along with what the bully is expecting of you. Whatever reaction they are expecting (or they have gotten from you from the past, do the opposite). For example, if every time someone says a mean thing to you you get visibly sad, try laughing in their face the next time they say something and watch their reaction. It will be totally priceless because they will not have been expecting you to react any different and therefore they will not be getting the satisfaction that they would normally get from your normal reaction. Find new ways to defeat the bully, don’t play into their games.


If someone is making fun of you and you are tired of being the butt of their jokes every time, you can always turn the jokes around on them. You can either agree with them too much to a point where their jokes aren’t funny anymore and they stop trying, or you can stop giving them the attention they want by not laughing at their jokes at all. This would be really effective if you got other people who are equally tired of their jokes to join you into boycotting laughing at their jokes. That should stop them because if there is no one laughing at the jokes they make on behalf of other people’s expenses, then maybe they are not as funny as they thought they were, to begin with.


The mature thing to do to people who like making fun of others is to completely ignore them and make it obvious that they are being ignored. Do not give them any form of reaction, good or bad. Do not acknowledge their joke or rude comment, and if they make a comment in the middle of you talking, do not skip a beat, just keep on talking like they didn’t say anything or you didn’t hear them say a thing. Eventually, they will get the idea and stop bothering you and making fun of you at your expense.



1. Why do my friends make fun of me?

If you have ever found yourself wondering “why do my friends constantly make fun of me?” you are not alone, and you are also not in the right friend group. It is one thing for friends to tease each other jokingly – back and forth, and it is another thing entirely to feel like your friends are constantly putting you down or making fun of you in one way or another – leaving you feeling drained, unsure, and insecure about yourself.

The main reason why your “friends” are constantly making fun of you is that they are insecure about themselves and they subconsciously believe that you are better than they are in one way or the other.

The main reason why your “friends'' are constantly making fun of you is that they are insecure about themselves and they subconsciously believe that you are better than they are in one way or the other.

Next time they make fun of you, focus on what part of you they make fun of the most. Is it your looks, your personality, your clothes, or your overall lifestyle? Whatever it is, you will know that is where they feel inadequate the most and that is why they are attacking you. They want you to feel as small as they do on the inside.

We would suggest that you stop calling these people your friends because they clearly do not value you as a friend and they only use you to make themselves feel better about their shortcomings.

Real friends will not make you feel insecure about anything and they will not gaslight you into believing that verbal abuse and bullying is humor and not as malicious as they intend them to be.

2. How can I get people to stop making fun of me?

There are many ways in which you can get people to stop making fun of you but two are the most effective. The first way is to ignore the people making fun of you, do not give them any time of day. If they are making fun of you via social media, block them. If they are making fun of you in person, wear headsets when you walk past them, find a new route where they do not hang around, just find alternatives to where they may normally be found.

On the other hand, your other option is to fight back. Call them meaner names when they call you mean names, disrespect their ancestors when they disrespect yours. Just fight fire with fire until one group runs out of smoke. Sometimes the only way a bully is going to leave you alone is when you show them that you can be just as mean and tough as they are.


In conclusion, this article has brought you 7 ways on how to make fun of someone who is making fun of you.

To close this off, here are some ‘making fun of others quotes’ that will help you cope through the days:





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