How to Tell if an ENFP Likes You - 17 Signs That an ENFP Is Attracted to You

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According to data compiled by Personality Max, ENFPs are relatively common, which means that the chance of you meeting one is quite high. I suppose this is why you – and many other people – are looking for help on how to tell if an ENFP likes you.

First things first, let’s find out more about ENFPs.

Who is an ENFP?

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), an ENFP is one of the 16 personality types that all humans fall under. The acronym stands for “Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving.”

An ENFP embodies charisma, creativity, and a high degree of energy that pushes them to explore the society around them. They also exude a high degree of independence and innovation that drives them to be good leaders.

An ENFP embodies charisma, creativity, and a high degree of energy that pushes them to explore the society around them

ENFPs are particularly good at being around people because they have a good handle on picking out how others feel. They also care for people around them and try to make them feel welcome as much as they can. This is why they are often said to give off signs of attraction even when this was not their intention.

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17 Signs an ENFP likes you

Regardless of how complicated they may be to read, ENFPs are still human and will give off signs of attraction that can be picked up. Here are some ways to know when an ENFP is romantically interested in you.

1. Tries to be near you

A sign an ENFP male or female likes you is that they will always want to be around you, be it as a group or just the two of you. Of course they would prefer to be with you alone, but they wouldn’t mind being with others if it meant that they got to be around the person who is constantly on their mind.

Popular means by which ENFPs try to get to be with their romantic interests include asking them out on dates and inviting them out to hangouts. They might even ask them for help with certain projects, so don’t be surprised if your ENFP reaches out by asking for assistance with something.

2. Unusually shy around you

A person who is an ENFP is the embodiment of confidence. They can strike up conversations with different people and are generally calm in most situations. However, all of this can sometimes fly out the window when they are with someone they like.

If your ENFP gets shy around you and can’t help but get either tongue-tied or overcompensate by talking a lot, that may be the ENFP sign of attraction that you were looking for.

3. Experience swings in confidence

As much as an ENFP can be shy around you, there are also times when they will be very confident – see, they are indeed complicated to read. But here’s the thing, there is a pattern to their complicated nature.

An ENFP will generally remain confident around those they have no romantic interest in, but with those they like, this isn’t the case. One day they will be flirtatious and confident around you, and the next, they will be shy, nervous, and sometimes even moody. That confidence swing is, therefore, very important in knowing whether an ENFP likes you.

4. Flirt with you constantly

An ENFP flirting with people is a common sight because it is part of their nature even when it is unintended. Outside those they harbor romantic feelings for; however, they will take steps to limit it so as not to send the wrong message.

If the ENFP of interest is therefore constantly throwing flirtatious statements your way, they may be sending you a message saying, “Hey, I like you.”

5. Try to involve you in activities

The high levels of independence, charisma, and creativity present in ENFPs often drive them to engage in various activities. For instance, they could be having brunch with friends one moment, and the next, they are hiking through mountain ranges.

It is also known that ENFPs prefer to engage in some of these activities alone due to their strong desire for independence. If you find that you are being invited to engage in these activities, it is a good sign that you are in someone’s heart in a romantic way.

6. Ask a lot of questions to get to know you better

How to spot an ENFP in love 101? They cannot stop themselves from asking you a million questions to get to know you better. ENFPs consume information, and what better information to acquire than that of the person they like.

If an ENFP likes you, they will ask you about your likes, interests, dreams, and background. They will want to know the deep things that drive you and make you who you are. They don’t see it as intrusive; they see it as understanding the person who gives their stomachs butterflies.

7. Make time for you

ENFPs are busy beings who jump from one activity to the next to stimulate themselves. Therefore, it can be hard to nail them down due to their random yet busy schedule.

When it comes to someone they like, though, that schedule tends to miraculously adjust to make time to hang out with that person. So, if you want to know if an ENFP likes you, try to observe how easily they make time to be with you. The easier it is to get them to see you, the better.

8. Be on the lookout for little details to show you they care

When an ENFP falls in love, they will try to impress the person they are attracted to with their listening skills. They will pay extra attention to everything you tell them in conversation, especially the minor details that you least expect.

They will then repeat this in future conversations to prove to you that they care so much about you, that they listen attentively when you speak.

9. Reply you promptly

One way you can get an answer to how to tell if an ENFP likes you is by observing the speed at which they get back to you when they miss a call or a text.

Even though they might be busy, an ENFP would not want to keep a person they like waiting and so will try by all means to respond to them as quickly as they can.

10. Tease you often

ENFPs have several love languages, and one of them is the art of the tease. An ENFP male or female in love will make a lot of jokes – not the mean kind – at their crush’s expense as a way of showing that they are comfortable around them.

It shows that they trust their crush enough to be able to make fun of them because ENFPs don’t just go around teasing random people; that’s how fights start.

11. Compliment you

Any person who likes you will compliment you, but with ENFPs, this is on another level. Indeed when an ENFP is done with you, you will feel like the most attractive person on the planet.

This is because they will not only compliment your looks in a very endearing manner, they will also compliment other things about you. They will talk about your personality, humor, hopes and dreams, and any other things they picked up from observing or communicating with you.

12. Try to make you laugh

A person who has an ENFP personality loves to see those that they like laughing. It fills them with joy to elicit such reactions from a love interest, and to this end, they will make a lot of jokes to get them laughing.

There is, therefore, no need to look too far on how to tell if an ENFP likes you when they keep making jokes around you to make you laugh out loud in glee. This is a sign that they really do like you.

13. Laugh a lot

ENFP secrets when they like someone – they laugh a lot around them. Several ENFPs have confirmed that they tend to laugh and smile quite often when they are around a person they have a crush on.

There could be several reasons this could happen, such as being nervous and trying to laugh the nervousness away. They could also be comfortable around you, which allows them to easily have a good time.

14. Try to impress you with their knowledge

A notorious trait of ENFPs is that they try to impress people they are interested in with their mastery of knowledge.

Once they begin to talk about subjects and other things they know of, it would be best to grab a popcorn bucket and enjoy the show. They also tend to offer a different perspective on various topics and situations to flaunt their analytical minds.

Essentially speaking, if an ENFP was a male peacock, their knowledge would be their beautiful feathers.

15. Touch you a lot

Physical contact is usually a must with ENFPs when they are with someone they like. They will take any opportunity to subtly touch areas like the shoulders, arms, and even the face if you’re comfortable enough with them. While this is a fully conscious action with some, others are so used to it that it comes naturally.

ENFPs will try not to be intrusive by first engaging in basic touches such as an arm brush. Your reaction will then inform them of your comfort level with their tendency to touch, and they will react accordingly.

16. Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is a well-known physical cue given off by people who like someone, and this is more so for ENFPs.

They can’t help but maintain eye contact with you in an intimate manner, such as by looking at you from the eyes to your chest and back. The length of time they will spend gazing at you is also worthy of note because an ENFP will try to maintain eye contact for a longer period with a romantic interest.

17. Want your attention

ENFPs tend to be huge attention seekers – in a good way – around people they like. Attention-seeking behavior you might notice include making jokes and observations and talking about interesting things.

The goal is simple – keep your eyes on them. They will also make you know that you are the subject of their attention by constantly glancing in your direction. Also, if you are at an event, they will try to insert themselves into the groups you are in with their superior interpersonal skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do ENFPs show their interest to someone?

  • They make a lot of eye contact.
  • They flirt constantly.
  • They try to involve you in their event.
  • They try to be around you constantly.
  • They reply to your calls and messages promptly.
  • They compliment you.
  • They try to make you laugh.

2. What do ENFPs find attractive?

  • A strong will and independence.
  • A passion/ conviction for anything they are willing to pursue fully.
  • A great laugh and eyes.
  • A great personality.
  • Confidence and honesty to the point of bluntness.
  • Intelligence.

3. How do you show an ENFP you like them?’

  • Listen to what they have to say.
  • Talk about yourself and your interests.
  • Flirt with them.
  • Compliment their physical, mental, and emotional attributes.
  • Tell them that you like them if they don’t take the hint.

In conclusion

When an ENFP is in love with you, they will be more of themselves than normal. They will be more flirtatious, funnier, more(and less) confident, and more physical. They will try to gain your attention and compliment you often. At the end of the day, they are just humans in love trying to use their strengths to get the person they want.





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