In a healthy relationship, it is expected for the couple to express their love and appreciation to each other regularly. This time around, you want to make an effort and get your boyfriend a priceless gift that is unique and memorable.

You want the absolute best for your boyfriend because seeing him smile with genuine appreciation at that special gift that you have given him is enough to make you happy. However, sometimes it could be quite challenging to achieve, especially if you do not have the budget for an expensive gift.

You might end up feeling confused and frustrated because you have no idea what gifts to buy him that somebody else hasn’t thought of or gotten for him yet.  Besides, the gifts that you are considering might cost way over your budget, adding in even more to the frustration of picking the best priceless gift for your man. 

The good news is you don’t have to break the bank if you want to buy priceless gifts for your boyfriend. Instead, there are plenty of affordable gifts that you can purchase then have customized to make it unique and special for your boyfriend. Any gift can be personalized by engraving his name, a special message or have a special photo printed on the gift. Your gift will also show him how much you care for him by the amount of time, thought and effort that you have put into planning and finding a unique gift.

Another great priceless gift idea is trying to find gifts to make for your boyfriend. It will be a special gift that you make yourself that cannot be bought in any store. Some of you might think that DIY gift is impossible because you feel like you lack the time, creativity and talent but, how will you know if you never try? Plus, these days, you can get a lot of help from all the different types of arts and crafts kits that are available to buy online or in-store. 

Also, remember the common saying “It’s the thought that counts” which is always so right. So what if your efforts don’t come out perfect? Your boyfriend will love the effort and personal touch that you put into his gift, he may even find it funny and have a good laugh. Whether he likes your gift or not, it will be the type of gift that he will treasure and never forget.

Below is a list of priceless gifts for him that are affordable and special at the same time. You can choose from gifts with engravings, DIY gift ideas more!

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Gifts that he can use on a daily basis

A great idea is to give him gifts that he can actually use on a daily basis, like a special and an unusual watch that is stunning, a great wallet that is a little larger than an ordinary one or a customized bracelet. With these types of gifts, your boyfriend will constantly be reminded of you and what your relationship means to both of you.

Custom Engraved Wooden Watches for Men Personalized Gifts for Men Leather Strap Double-Sided Engraved

Give this unique Eco-friendly Original Wooden Watch to your boyfriend. It is a beautifully handcrafted piece of design, making it one of  the perfect affordable gifts for your boyfriend. Engrave it with a personal message or phrase like “ I love you more every second of every day” from you on the back, so that every morning when he puts his watch on, he will read it and think of you.



Customers that have purchased the Custom Engraved Wooden Watch have had mostly positive things to say as the recipients of the watch seem to love it because it looks great, it is lightweight and comes with their personalized message engraved on it.

Personalized Men”s Wallet

This leather wallet is one of the best affordable gifts for your boyfriend, and its can be gifted on any occasion. It comes with an option to laser engrave his initials on the outside and gives him an extra surprise when he opens the wallet with a personalized phrase on the inside which will make him smile every single time he reads it. Making this wallet the best priceless gift for boyfriend that he will love for a very long time.



Majority reviewers that have purchased this Personalized Men’s Wallet, have had positive things to say as they find that the wallet is amazing quality and craftsmanship with zipper compartments for coins and cash to be an added bonus.

Personalized Leather Men’s Bracelet

If you’re looking for unique gifts for your boyfriend, buy him this customized leather bracelet with a message or name engraved in it so he will be reminded of your love every time he is wearing it. The bracelet is a simple design made from pure leather, meaning it can go with any clothing and season and will never go out of style.



All in all, customers have been very satisfied with the quality and look of this bracelet. It is a simple and affordable gift for any important guy in your life for any occasion.

Braving creativity with a little help

If you would like to try a little creativity and need a little help doing it, then a great gift idea would be to buy a scrapbook and turn it into a love journal with lots of pictures and written notes expressing your love, personal stuff of dates you went on or adventures and/or  you have had together

Pulaisen Our Adventure Book Scrapbook Pixar Up Handmade DIY Family Scrapbooking Album with Embossed Letter Cover Retro Photo Album

With this, Our Adventure Book photo album you can record all your special moments of your relationship with your boyfriend on the elegant pages. Place all your special photos, write dates, comments or even special messages and give it as a priceless gift for your boyfriend which he will love and cherish it.



Those customers that have already purchased this Pulaisen Our Adventure Book Scrapbook had mostly positive things to say as they find it to be of good quality and feel it is the perfect scrapbook to fill with memories of your relationship. This scrap book is a unique and cheap gift idea for your boyfriend and will let him cherish every memory he has with you.

Your own Gift Box filled with lots of small goodies

Another great idea for priceless gifts for your boyfriend would be to plan and come up with some ideas that you can use in a gift box that you make yourself. Think about a couple of small gift ideas for a boyfriend that he would love,  then jot them down on a piece of paper under the heading creative gifts for boyfriend.

Then make your own gift box with an ordinary shoebox that you decorated yourself and then fill it with lots of little gifts for your boyfriend. You can mix and match with bought goodies and homemade goodies, really anything that you would like by placing a couple of bought useful goodies which you can have engraved like a beautiful pen, a pocket knife, a handy torch and add some hand-made goodies too.

Suppose you don’t like the idea of putting all your gifts in one gift box or basket because you are thinking about having a little fun with the whole gift giving part then a creative idea would be to hide all the small goodies all over the house then make some cards with riddles and clues to where he can either find the gifts or guess what they are, like a treasure hunt type of game that you can to make the whole gift-giving process interesting.

Dayspring Pens | Personalized Cross Calais Gift Ballpoint Pen, Lustrous Chrome.

This beautiful black swivel-action ballpoint pen makes a great priceless gift for your special boyfriend. It looks very elegant, stylish and is of good quality. It will become his favorite pen to write with as it writes very smoothly and he will want to read the special engraved message that you left for him as often as possible.



Customers that have bought this Personalized Cross Calais Gift Ballpoint Pen have had mostly positive things to say as they find that the pen is everything that they hoped for with the beautiful engraving and thicker barrel. It is a simple design and is very nicely weighted.

Elk Ridge Personalized Laser Engraved Tactical Pocket Knife

Your boyfriend will love this beautiful wood handle pocket knife that is strong and sharp. He will use it everywhere he goes as it will remind him of how thoughtful you were with the engraved name or message you had put on the front of the knife for him to see every time he uses it.



Customers that have purchased this Personalized Laser Engraved Tactical Pocket Knife have had mostly positive things to say as they find the knife is beautiful, it has some weight to it, and the engraving is very well done.

Engraved Gift for that special person | 3 in 1 LED Flashlight | Magnetic base, Nylon Holster, Lanyard, and Batteries | by Blue Sky Designs

This Engraved 3-in-1 LED Flashlight comes in a gift box with Batteries, Nylon Holster, Lanyard, and Magnetic base. Making it a perfect gift for your special boyfriend to keep handy for emergencies, while camping, hiking or for whatever he may want to use it for.



Customers that have purchased this Engraved 3 in 1 LED Flashlight have had mostly positive things to say as they find that it is very bright, a nice weight, loves all the different functions and that the batteries are included.

Creative gifts for Boyfriend

If you have decided that you want to try your hand at being more creative and want to create your own gift box or basket and are looking for some gifts to make for your boyfriend to add a unique and personal touch to, here are some ideas

Some Hand-made goodies ideas would be:

  • Homemade cards
  • Love letters
  • Chocolates
  • Home-baked treats
  • A personalized pillowcase
  • A personalized mug or glass
  • A drawing or painting

Other small goodies ideas to put in your gift box are:

  • Personalized key chain
  • A bottle opener
  • A multi-tool kit
  • Music CDs
  • DVDs
  • A mixtape

You do not have to spend an insane amount of money on gifts to get a perfect priceless gift for your boyfriend, all you need to do is buy him one or two useful items that he will love, have them customized or make him a special gift of your own. They will become automatically unique and priceless gifts that will be hard for him to ignore or to forget.

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