Signs a Woman Is Interested in Your Husband

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  • This article throws light on issues regarding women who are interested in other women’s husbands, and how to deal with this issue.
  • It also addresses the issue of husbands who flirt with other women apart from their wives, and how to handle that situation.

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Have you or your partner ever been unfaithful? (U.S., 2012). Source: Statista

Have you or your partner ever been unfaithful (U.S., 2012)

Another woman’s interest in a married man if not handled properly and checked on time could turn into a full-blown affair, whether of an emotional kind or in the worst cases a sexual one. As the above 2012 survey seen on Statista shows, as much as 35.6% of partners (including spouses) were found to be unfaithful to their significant other. And infidelity almost always starts with a little interest here and there. That interest was then fed and allowed to grow until it became an affair.

And so, we understand your anxiety about another woman’s seeming interest in your husband. And maybe the issue has got you so wound up that you are even starting to ask yourself if it’s all in your head. Don’t worry, we will help you out with it in this article. At the end of reading this article, you would have answers to the following questions:

  • How to tell if a woman is interested in your husband or simply put, the signs a woman is interested in your man;
  • The signs your friend likes your husband;
  • What to do when another woman is after your man;
  • Signs a woman is flirting with your husband;
  • How to handle a woman flirting with your husband;
  • How to tell if your husband is flirting with another woman; and
  • How to confront your husband about flirting and How to handle a flirting husband.

Let’s dive straight into it. And don’t forget to check out the Frequently Asked Questions section because we also answer some very important questions about women who flirt with your husband at the workplace and girls who flirt with your boyfriend.

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How to tell if a woman is interested in your husband – 12 Signs a woman is interested in your man.

When another woman has her eyes set on your husband and is looking to dig her claws into him, you will see most, if not all, of these 12 signs.

1. She’s always calling him or texting him at odd times.

She chooses to call him at times when no woman has any business calling or texting a married man knowing full well he is married. You could be having a good family time and she calls him or texts him. Sometimes these could happen during the weekend so it would not be a question of a work emergency or any reason like that.

Pay attention to those calls and messages at odd times in the day and who they are from. If it is frequently from one particular woman, do not doubt that she has her eyes set on your husband.

2. She makes it a point to dress seductively when she’s around him.

You will also notice that she has a penchant for dressing seductively around him. It could be by wearing very tight-fitting outfits or skimpy outfits. And as if it wasn’t bad enough, she makes it a point to strut her stuff directly in front of your husband in your presence no less.

3. She’s always complimenting him effusively.

If you paid attention to the things she tells your husband, you will notice that it is always filled with compliments. If she’s not complimenting his sense of style, she’s complimenting how he speaks. Her agenda is simple. She knows that men also love being doted on with compliments and made to feel on top of the world. She hopes to get him hooked to her with her effusive compliments.

4. In a group, she wants to monopolize him to herself even when you’re there.

Notice how in a group she appears to be focusing all her attention on him. Even when everyone else is present and maybe someone else is trying to engage her in a conversation, she isn’t interested. She would be dismissive to every other person who wants to take her attention off your husband. And it doesn’t matter to her that you are there. She still wants to take his attention off you and to herself.

5. She is intentionally mean and passive-aggressive to you.

And this should not come as a surprise because she sees you as a threat and the one standing between her and your husband. You would notice that she would either be dismissive of you. Or, she makes it obvious that she is intentionally ignoring you and refusing to acknowledge your presence or existence even in your husband’s presence. She could do this by greeting only your husband and waving you off in an offhand manner.

6. On the flip side, she is way too friendly with you and asking too many personal questions.

And then you have the woman who decides she would be overly friendly to you. She is extra nice with her compliments to you, a bit too over the top. And then she starts asking you personal questions that may seem harmless at first about your husband.

You may not even realize that you are disclosing personal details about your husband because she disarmed your defenses with her extra niceness.

Her agenda here is two-fold. Firstly, she doesn’t want you suspicious of her and her devious agenda. And secondly, she wants to gather enough information about your husband to know how she can make her seductive agenda and plan work better.

And so, watch out for that woman that suddenly becomes a friend and is suddenly very interested in your family, and especially asks about your husband. She has her eyes on him and is interested in him.

7. She imitates you and it feels like she’s competing with you.

You may not think too much of this at first because it may have appeared like a surprising coincidence. Until you realize or notice that these coincidences are becoming one too many.

You notice that when you wear your hair a certain way, she copies the style and then tries to add something else to it. She imitates everything you do and then tries to one-up you too.

She does this because in her mind, trying to imitate you would get her your husband’s attention and he would notice and start to think that she is better than you.

8. She always has advice to give your husband about what you could be doing better as his wife.

This would especially happen if this woman happens to be friends with your husband or is already on speaking terms with him. She would be able to do this if your husband confides in her about any issues he may have with you.

Although sometimes it would not always be the case that your husband confided in her for her to do this. She could make it a point to do this when she compliments your husband. She could say things like “If I was your wife, I would not let you leave the house dressed like that!”

What she is trying to do here is start to plant seeds of doubt in your husband’s mind about your role as a wife. She wants him to start to see her as a good alternative.

You would notice that this is happening when your husband starts to take issue with things he never used to take issue with and say things like “why can’t you be like other women and do things this way.” Except he doesn’t mean other women, but one particular woman that has ingratiated herself with him.

9. She can’t seem to keep her hands to herself when she’s around your husband.

Notice how she finds any excuse to touch your husband. She makes it a point to touch his arms or “accidentally” rub her body against his. These are no accidents. She is trying to get comfortable around your husband enough to get his attention.

10. Your husband seems to be the one she always turns to when she needs someone to help her out.

This happens so many times you start to ask yourself if she has no friends or even loved ones who she can turn to. Chances are that she does. But she prefers to call on your husband because of her interest in him.

11. She’s almost always flirting with him.

You will find that she shamelessly flirts with him even when you are there. In the third section of this article, we give you more clues and signs she’s flirting with him.

12. Your gut instincts tell you she is interested in your husband.

And this final sign is one that you should not lightly ignore. Your gut instincts are the 6th sense given to you to protect you from harmful things.

If your gut is telling you that something is off and not quite right about her and her interactions with your husband, trust your gut instinct, and don’t let your guard down. Watch her carefully and her interactions with your husband.

4 Signs your friend likes your husband.

Sometimes the other woman who is interested in your husband happens to be a friend. And given her closeness to you, it becomes very risky and dangerous. Here’s how you know if your friend likes your husband and wants him for herself.

13. She always comes around the house when she knows he’s around.

If you pay close attention to when she always happens to visit, it would be at the time when she knows your husband will be around. She rarely comes when she knows you’re home alone. But the minute your husband happens to be around, she would somehow “be in the neighborhood” and popping by to pay a visit.

14. She makes it a point to hang around your husband and wants to talk to him alone.

And when she comes to visit, she is always focusing all of her attention on your husband and what he is saying. She may act like she is paying attention to you but you can tell that she is distracted and hardly listening to you. She seems more engrossed in what your husband is saying.

15. She has a knack for pointing out something she thinks you should be doing for him when he’s within earshot.

This one is a low blow. She may say it in a seeming joking manner to make it seem like she is simply trying to make humor. But in doing so, she is subtly planting seeds of doubt in your husband’s mind about you. She hopes that he can start to think of her differently and start to see her differently.

16. She tends to take his side if you happen to get into any form of disagreement with him when she’s there.

When she’s not telling you what she thinks you should be doing for your husband, she is taking his side or at least not actively taking yours. Her indifference or taking your husband’s side is also meant to make your husband look at her differently and start paying more attention to her.

5 Signs a woman is flirting with your husband.

Flirtation with your husband is one of the signs of a woman who is interested in your husband. And how do you know she is flirting with your husband? She will show most, if not all, of these 5 signs.

17. Her texts and communications with him are always suggestive and laced with innuendos mostly of a sexual nature.

If you happen to stumble upon her messages with your husband or accidentally hear any of their communications, you would find that it is always sexually suggestive and packed with sexual undertones and innuendos. This is her way of sparking your husband’s interest in her sexually.

18. She is more touchy around him and seems to always find an excuse to make physical body contact with him.

Physical contact is one thing we tend to do a lot when we are attracted to someone and want to flirt with them. By making physical contact we are trying to ease any tension and create a comfortable vibe, and also try to gauge the person’s reaction. When you see her doing a lot of “accidental” body contact with your hubby, it is her way of flirting with him.

We discuss more of these signs of attraction in our related articles on Signs someone is hiding their feelings for you and How do you know if a guy likes you secretly.

19. She gives off seductive non-verbal cues around him.

If you pay attention to her body language and non-verbal cues when she is around him, you will likely notice that she does some or all of these seductive non-verbals like

  • subtly licking her lips or having pursed lips,
  • pushing back her hair,
  • long and deep stares even in your presence,
  • a naughty wink in some cases,
  • reducing the tone of her voice to a bedroom voice, or
  • Sitting in a way that shows off her legs and curves.

20. She laughs extra hard at everything he says.

This is another way she hopes to draw his attention to her. She is hoping that by laughing extra hard at everything he says, he will be curious to know who she is, and in that way have his attention.

21. She shows all the other signs listed in the first section of this article.

And finally, she will give off all the 12 signs listed in the first section of this article.

What to do when another woman is after your man and How to handle a woman flirting with your husband.

It can feel pretty awful and frustrating being in a situation where another woman is after your man and shamelessly flirting with him. And the burning question is always what you should do when you see her show you some or all of the signs listed above that she is interested in your man.

As hard and awful as it is, these 4 methods will help you greatly in nipping the issue in the bud.

1. Do nothing as regards the other woman – don’t approach her or confront or attack her.

We know this would be very hard. But as tempting as it is to go in guns blazing and telling the other woman where to get off, and to stay away from your husband, this is not advisable.

It is not advisable for two reasons. Firstly, it paints you as a jealous, insecure wife. And this is the last image you want your husband to have about you. A jealous and insecure woman can be a turn-off to any man.

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Secondly, your husband would not appreciate it. He would see it as you questioning the trust you have for him and also trying to fight his battles for him. And no man likes these two combinations. He wants you to trust him and also let him fight his own battles.

It is important to know that this woman isn’t even on your level. Your husband is with you because he loves you. And so, attacking her is you acknowledging that she may have some form of power and edge over you. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Do not acknowledge her or give her that much power. Ignoring her entirely and focusing on your relationship with your husband and building it would put her on the back foot. She is counting on your reaction. Don’t give her that satisfaction.

2. Watch your husband’s response and actions to her actions.

This is the most important step. Always remember that your issue shouldn’t necessarily be with this woman but with your husband’s response to her advances. This is because it is your husband’s response that would determine how bold and brazen she would be with her approach.

If he encourages her advances or does nothing to stop it or bring her to order, this would embolden her to continue unabated. It would make her pull out all the stops. But if he does not encourage her and makes it a point to let her know that he doesn’t appreciate her actions, she would get the message and back off.

And this is why the person you should be taking to task, should be your husband.

3. Have a conversation with your husband about the issue and your concerns.

This becomes important when you notice that your husband is either encouraging her advances or not doing much or anything to discourage it. Let him know that you are not very comfortable with her closeness and with his seeming encouragement of it. Point out all your observations and encourage that he limits his interactions with her to the barest minimum.

You can even go as far as suggesting that he can ask her to instead ask you to help her, especially for those things that do not need a man’s help.

4. Assess your relationship with your husband and work on areas you feel may be lagging in your relationship, together with your husband.

And this is important because marriage, like any relationship, may start to feel stale if the partners don’t keep working at it. Pay attention to those things she is doing that seems to be getting your husband’s attention. Those things could be an indication of lagging in your marriage in some areas.

If for example, you notice that her complimenting your husband draws him in, it could be because he feels like he doesn’t get any or enough compliments from you. You can then work on countering this by showering him with compliments to show him that you appreciate him greatly.

Find more ideas of how to show your husband you love and appreciate him, in our helpful article on How to make your husband feel appreciated.

How to tell if your husband is flirting with another woman – 15 Telling signs your husband is flirting with another woman.

It is not always the case that it is another woman who wants your husband or flirts with your husband. Sometimes, it could be your husband fancying another woman and dangerously treading/towing the path of an affair by starting flirtations with her. To know/tell if your husband is flirting with another woman, look out for these 15 telling signs:

1. He is almost always on his phone and has suddenly become secretive with his phone.

This is something to pay attention to if he’s never been secretive with his phone. If he suddenly changes and suddenly gets very defensive and combative when you want to touch his phone, it is most likely because he is flirting with another woman and does not want you seeing his flirtatious messages with her.

2. He seems to have a mischievous/naughty glint in his smile when responding to a certain message on his phone.

Is there a sudden change and excitement to him when he gets a particular message? You may notice that he has a hidden naughty smile or smiling sheepishly as he reads and types a response to the message. That is not something to make light of. Usually, we get excited and animated when we receive a message from someone we are attracted to.

3. He suddenly takes some calls outside where you can’t hear him.

Maybe he is the kind to take all calls outside. In which case you have nothing to worry about. But if he isn’t that type of person and suddenly he becomes that person, pay attention to the change. And pay attention to the particular calls he steps out to answer and the time those calls come in. There is most likely another woman in the picture that he is flirting with behind your back.

4. He doesn’t spend as much time with you anymore.

You will notice that the time he spends with you has dwindled greatly. He seems to be spending more time on his phone or at work than he does with you. And that is because his attention is now taken up by the woman he is flirting with. He is starting to enjoy and prefer her company more than yours.

5. On the flip side, he may start giving you more attention than he used to give you.

This is usually done out of guilt. He feels guilty for spending more time flirting with this other woman. And so what he does in trying to compensate for it, is by giving you too much attention. Much more than he used to.

6. He rarely confides in you anymore.

His new confidante appears to be the new woman he is flirting with. Because he fancies her company, he would also resort to confiding in her. And so, if it feels like your husband is now sharing less and less with you, chances are there is another woman he is sharing them with. And given how much he flirts with her, he has gotten comfortable to the point of confiding in her to your exclusion.

7. He always has an excuse not to be intimate with you or engage in any form of intimacy with you.

Your husband who couldn’t wait to get things going between the sheets suddenly has a thousand and one reasons why he can’t enjoy intimacy with you. Men (and women too actually) generally tend to withdraw intimately from their partners when there is another love interest in the picture. His withdrawal is a sign that there is most likely another woman in the scene that he is flirting with.

8. He suddenly seems to pay extra attention to his appearance when going to certain places.

This is a different case if he’s always particular about how he appears fashion-wise. If however this isn’t the case and he suddenly spends more time in front of the mirror checking out how he looks before stepping out to see a “friend”, it is a red flag. Men generally fuss over their appearance when they are hoping to impress somebody.

9. He suddenly is obsessed with his physique and working out.

Your husband has a great physique, at least as far as you are concerned. And you used to think that he thought so too. But lately, he has been particular about working out in the gym and spending more time at the gym. It is most likely because there is a woman with who he is flirting at the gym.

10. He tends to overreact to questions of a seeming personal nature because they all now seem to come across as personal attacks.

You may ask him for something as simple as using his phone to make a call, and it becomes such a big deal. He may even start accusing you of trying to keep tabs on him, and yet it was an innocent question.

11. He is suddenly a workaholic where this was not the case before.

If he wasn’t one to always go early to work and come back late, and he suddenly becomes one, rest assured there is a woman at the office he is spending time with and flirting with.

12. He appears to not take certain calls when they come in while you are there and ignores them.

And this is because he knows that he cannot flirt with her the way he would want to because you are there with him.

13. Her name tends to come up more often than not in your conversations.

Have you noticed that one particular female’s name appears to always come up? Even in small talk? This is no accident. His flirtation with her has blossomed to open admiration.

14. He starts comparing you with other women.

When you start hearing him comparing you with other women, have no doubts. He is flirting with another woman and comparing you with her.

15. In worst cases, he flirts with her in front of you.

This can be plain rude and disrespectful. A loving husband will not disrespect his wife in that way.

How to confront your husband about flirting and How to handle a flirting husband.

Confronting your husband is not advisable. If you confront him, he will clam up, become defensive, and despise you.

Rather than confront him, do the following:

1. Have concrete evidence that there is another woman involved.

You don’t want to make baseless accusations that would only push him further away.

2. Have a conversation with him about your findings.

Try to be as calm and less confrontational as possible even if you are fuming with rage. These will help you have a meaningful discussion with him.

3. In your discussion let him know how hurt you are by his actions in flirting with another woman and putting your marriage on the back burner.

In this way, you communicate to him that you are not okay with his actions.

4. Let him know that you want him to stop hurting you in that way by putting an end to his interactions with her and working with you to rekindle the fire of love in your marriage.

By telling him you want to work on your marriage, you show him that you still love him very much and have not given up on the marriage.

5. Watch his actions to see if there is any discernible change and/or effort to try to rekindle the fire of love in your marriage.

Ultimately, this is something that only he can do.

6. And if there are no discernible changes and he continues hurting and disrespecting you by continuing in his actions, take the bold step of taking a break from the marriage.

You should not be with a spouse/husband who continues to disrespect you by flirting shamelessly with another woman.

You may also find this related article helpful in dealing with the issue – How to make him forget the other woman.

Frequently asked questions.

1. A woman is flirting with my husband, boyfriend in front of me, what should I do?

Watch your husband’s/boyfriend’s response to her flirtations. If he is encouraging it, compose yourself and try as best as you can to remain calm. Do not show the other woman that her actions are affecting you.

Rather wait when you are in a private place with your husband/boyfriend and talk with them about it. Let them know that you were not pleased with the fact that they were encouraging the woman to openly disrespect you by encouraging her flirtation with them.

2. My husband is flirting with a coworker, what should I do?

Take the 6 steps listed in the last section of this article.

3. A woman is flirting with my husband at work, what should I do?

Take the 4 steps listed in the fourth section of this article.

4. How do I get another woman to stop flirting with my husband?

Ignore her. If you want to actively go out of your way to confront her, you will only embolden her in her flirtations. Ignoring her and giving your husband all your attention and following all the 4 steps listed in the fourth section of this article will disarm her.

When all is said and done, always remember!

An interest here and there, and a flirtation here and there, is almost always how extramarital affairs start. It is therefore important to be on high alert when you spot any of the signs listed in this article. Don’t take things for granted or leave them to chance. Take all the steps listed in this article to curb it, and hopefully, you can save your marriage from the downward pathway of infidelity.





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