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10 Thoughtful and Sentimental Gifts For Grieving Widow

  • Gift ideas for someone who lost a loved one is never an easy task given the sensitivity of the occasion;
  • Find appropriate gifts for a widow in our selection of 10 thoughtful and sentimental gifts for grieving widow;
  • Also important to remember is that more than gifts, a grieving widow would also appreciate your time and help whether by cleaning out their house or mowing their lawn or just spending an afternoon with them.

The loss of a loved one is a tragedy that shakes up even the strongest of us. And it’s no less for your friend or family member that just lost her husband. Gift ideas for someone who lost a loved one is never an easy one because you just don’t know where to start or what to give that would not heighten the grief of the griever. And it’s no different for a grieving widow that just lost her husband or indeed a widow whose husband may have passed away for some months or years. Given the sensitivity of the situation, the sticking point is knowing what to give a grieving widow that is both appropriate for the occasion and would not heighten her grief. 

In this article, we take the hassle out of the search for you, by giving you a list of appropriate and thoughtful gifts to give your friend or family member who is a widow. Whether the occasion is the wedding anniversary of the widow’s deceased beloved or gifts for a grieving widow who just lost her husband or Christmas gifts for widows, you will find a suitable gift or two in this article.


The main key to gifting a widow is to give her keepsakes and memorial items that would always remind her of her beloved. As is commonly said in such times, “you will forever remain in our heart.” Such sentimental gifts help in bringing back fond memories of her beloved. In this directory, we list ten very thoughtful, sentimental, and appropriate gifts for a widow, whether she is newly widowed or has been a widow for some time.

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Quick Overview: Gifts for grieving widow

1. Sympathy Gift Baskets.

These gift baskets as their names go are packed especially with love for those who have lost a loved one. (You can read our article on what goes into a gift basket for more insight on gift baskets).

Three sympathy gift baskets come highly recommended – the Wine Country Sympathy Gourmet Gift Basket for gourmet rich foods or Fruit Sympathy Gift Basket for a fruit-themed sympathy basket packed with fresh and succulent fruits. Or you could go for the Mixed Sympathy Gift Basket that mixes the best of both worlds to give a balance of gourmet food and fruits.


  • They come with a rich diversity of food items.
  • They help the widow with providing alternative food supplements.
  • They provide good nutritional value, especially fruits.
  • They will put a smile on her face.


  • There are no cons to good food packed with lots of love and sympathy.

Customers love the packaging, especially of the gift baskets. The mixed basket was a favorite because it contained both the sweet stuff and the healthy stuff. The fruits are fresh and nutritious. If however, the recipient is on a no-sugar diet then the fruit basket is the better option.

2. The Pavilion Terracotta Memory Candle Holder.

This unique memory candle holder is a great gift, especially for anniversary celebrations. It is also good for a newly widowed woman. It comes with a very thoughtful and sentimental message etched on it, that is sure to always warm the widow’s heart every time she lights it with a candle. It is a beautiful reminder of the life of her deceased husband. It comes with a metal lid cover, meaning you can cover it when it is not in use.


  • It comes in a sturdy and beautiful box. 
  • It holds a tea light candle perfectly. 
  • It can be covered when not in use.


  • The material is terracotta and can therefore not be engraved.

The customers love how the message on the candle is a beautiful reminder of a life well-lived and fondly remembered. Most of the customers purchased it as an anniversary present in the memory of the deceased and were very happy with it.

3. Celebration of Life Memorial Lantern with Flickering LED Candle.

This is another great anniversary gift. The gift comes with a thoughtful message for remembering the deceased. It is good memorabilia that can be placed on the mantelpiece or anywhere prominent in the house


  • It comes with a beautiful message. 
  • It is a perfect size and can fit anywhere. 
  • The lantern is beautiful.


  • The glass is fragile and carries with it the risk of breaking on transit.

Customers love the message on the lamp because it is a beautiful reminder of the life of the deceased. The size was also found to be perfect whether for the mantlepiece in the house or to decorate the table during an anniversary/memorial service.

4. Memorial necklaces.

Memorial necklaces are a great way for a grieving widow (or one who has been a widow for some time), to carry the memory of her beloved with her as frequently as she desires. Two of them come highly recommended – the Heart Urn Personalised Memorial Remembrance Necklace which is perfect for a widow that may want to carry a small part of her deceased husband’s ashes or something that reminds her of him. If she’s not into carrying the ashes and the likes, then the Cring Coco Memorial Necklace comes highly recommended.


  • They are stylish. 
  • They come with a beautiful memorial message. 
  • They are durable and long-lasting. 
  • The material is compatible with all skin types.


  • There are no known cons; all customers have only good things to say about it.

Customers loved that the Heart Urn came with a birthstone that was significant for the birth month of the deceased husband. Customers also loved that both products were made with high-quality stainless steel that makes them durable and long-lasting and gives good value for money.

5. Always With You Mink Fur Memorial Blanket.

This warm blanket is made from good quality mink fur and has a beautiful memorial message written in leather and patched on a side of the blanket. A great way to keep the widow warm with a beautiful message. It also makes for a good accessory for either the couch or the bed.


  • It is made of good quality material. 
  • It is warm and very soft. 
  • It looks chic and very beautiful. 
  • It is beautifully packaged.
  • It has a beautiful memorial message.


  • There are no known cons, only great reviews.

The softness of this product coupled with the beautiful memorial message written on a leather material is an absolute favorite of all customers who have purchased this product. All the customers assert that it is a great gift whether to celebrate the anniversary and life of the deceased or for a newly widowed woman.

6. VILIGHT Memorial Picture Frame.

This memorial picture comes with a beautiful message and space for a picture of the deceased. It makes for a very good sentimental condolence gift for a grieving widow or on the deceased’s anniversary. If you have a picture of the widow’s late husband, you can add it or simply leave it blank for the widow to put her favorite picture of her deceased beloved husband.


  • It is sturdy and stays perfectly on any surface. 
  • The size is perfect. 
  • The message is beautiful.


  • There are no cons, all customers have a 100% satisfaction with the product.

This product has received consistent 5-star reviews. Customers love that it is a great sentimental gift that shows the picture of the deceased and is of a great size that can be displayed on the table and any prominent place in the house.

7. Memorial Garden Stone.

This is another great memorial gift. And this cool piece is great because it is for the garden or any stone pavings in the house. Placing it in a conspicuous place outside the house where the widow and loved ones will always see it, is a sure way to keep the memory of the departed with them always. It comes with a beautiful message and the size is perfect.


  • It comes with a beautiful message. 
  • It is easy to clean. 
  • The size is perfect for the garden or outdoors. 
  • It is weatherproof.


  • There are no known cons, only great reviews.

Customers love the message on this product and have found them a beautiful reminder of the lost loved one. Also loved is the size of the product and how it fits well in a garden or the front of the house. The product is also easy to clean.

8. Gift spa sets.

These spa sets are the easiest way to treat a widow to spoiling herself by soaking in aromatic body fragrances. This would be a good way to have her pamper herself and forget her grief. You can go with the Bath and Body Christmas Gift Spa Set or the Jasmine and Honey Scented variety.


  • They smell great. 
  • They would pamper her skin. 
  • The item is returnable in case she prefers a different fragrance.


  • The fragrance may not be her type, although this is highly unlikely especially with the Jasmine and Honey fragrance.

Spa bath sets are always a great way to pamper any woman, and the widow is no different. Customers loved the fragrances although the Jasmine and Honey fragrance is particularly favored because of its sweet smell. The fact that they are returnable also makes them a favorite because it means that she can return it and get a fragrance that she prefers.

9. Vintage Memory Boxes.

Collecting items of her deceased husband can be quite daunting. These memory boxes allow her to organize all his important stuff neatly in the three labeled boxes. It allows her to keep them safe and always revisit them whenever she wants a reminder about him.


  • It is great for keeping pictures. 
  • The material protects the contents inside.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • The size of the boxes are small and cannot take big items.

The product is hailed for being a great keepsake for pictures and any small items in memory of the deceased. They were however regarded as being too small for anything. While they remain a great alternative to photo albums and smaller items like cufflinks and the likes, they would not be suitable for big items.

10. Books.

Books can help a widow in processing her grief, especially when there may be no one readily available when she needs someone to talk to. You can gift her with any of these 6 books that come highly recommended for a grieving widow or one who has been a widow for some time:


  • It is a good way to relax. 
  • Their contents are therapeutic and full of hope. 
  • They are written specifically with widows in mind.


  • There are no cons to good books.

All widows who have read these books praise them for their invaluable content and how it helped them through their grieving process and continue to help them as widows.


For the newly widowed who is grieving the loss of her husband, it is important to remember the following even as you shop for a gift for her:

1. In times of grief, gifts that help alleviate the troubles of the family are preferable. What this means is this. Given the state of the widow, she may not be able to pay as much attention to details such as preparing meals and going grocery shopping. The following gift items would, therefore, be very useful for her and her family in this trying time, and all the more so if she has children that need to be taken care of:

Frozen food items.

Consider stocking up some essential frozen food items for them. This would make things easier for her especially when she is unable to prepare food for herself and the children.


Also important for the family, and especially the little children, are groceries like milk, sugar, canned and packet foodstuff. Consider buying a basket of grocery items for her and the family 

2. Giving the widow and her family your time in whatever capacity is very invaluable, if not more so than gifts. Consider giving the grieving widow and her family your time in the following ways:

  • You can assist them with mowing their lawn;
  • Help them in cleaning out their house. However, if you’re unable to help them clean, you could consider engaging the services of a house cleaning company;
  • You can help them walk their dog if they have one;
  • Or help them babysit their children either yourself or hiring a reputable babysitter to do so. This would give the widow one less thing to worry about;
  • Spend the afternoon with them either preparing a meal together or watching an action or comedy movie together; or
  • You can invite them over to your house and you prepare the meal with them at your house and spend time with them while at it.

3. Flowers are always thoughtful and heartwarming. You can send her a fresh bouquet with a thoughtful message that tells her that she is in your thoughts.

4. Consider throwing a surprise birthday party or get-together with her close friends to cheer her up and celebrate her life.

These points, especially point 2 to 4 are also applicable to your friend or family member who has been a widow for some time.


1. Do you have any ideas for Christmas gifts for widows?

When it comes to Christmas for a widow, remember that she most likely used to celebrate it in a special way with her late husband. The trick therefore to giving a good Christmas gift to a widow is to know what her Christmas tradition with her late husband was and try as much as possible to give her gifts that would make Christmas as closely memorable as it was for her before her husband’s passing. You could ask her close friends and her children what sort of Christmas celebrations they normally had. The Christmas tree is however usually commonplace in every family Christmas tradition, and you could gift it to your widow friend. The National Tree Christmas Tree with Prestrung Lights would make for a great gift. The Christmas tree would give her a perfect opportunity to decorate and remember her deceased beloved as she decorates it. Or if you want to go for smaller versions, you could go for the 3-Pack Mini Desktop Christmas Trees for the tables in the house.

2. What sympathy gift ideas for loss of husband can you recommend?

The sympathy gift baskets listed in number 2 are great sympathy gifts.

3. What kind of sentimental gifts for someone who lost a loved one can you recommend?

All the gift ideas in this article are great sentimental gifts for someone who has lost a loved one, especially the memory items listed in numbers 3 to 8 and number 10.

4. What gift for widow on anniversary of her deceased beloved can you recommend?

The gift items listed in numbers 3 to 8 and number 10 make for great anniversary gifts.

5. What is a good sympathy gift for a woman?

The sympathy gift baskets in number 2 and the Spa gift baskets in number 9 are good sympathy gifts for any woman.

6. What gift for newly widowed can you recommend?

All the gifts listed in this article are great gifts for a newly widowed woman.


Giving a gift to a grieving widow and a woman that has been a widow for some time is not always easy. But giving her any of the 12 thoughtful and sentimental gifts listed in this article is sure to make her very happy and show her that you are thinking about her.







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