13 Things to Do on a New Moon

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There are several things to do on a new moon, but first, we must ask, “what is a new moon?” A new moon refers to when the cycles of the moon and the sun align such that the moon passes across the sun and makes the sun shine from behind it. This makes the moon invisible to us on Earth, but this only lasts a moment.

The new moon is even more remarkable in that two weeks after it occurs, the moon will be the brightest it can be in the sky by transforming into the full moon. These two weeks will see the moon constantly rise in brightness until it reaches that point and represents a period of unbridled growth.

The new moon is celebrated in several cultures, and why not; it is accompanied by spiritual energy rarely found. You can tap into this energy by making some affirmations about your life and things that you would like to accomplish.

The new moon is celebrated in several cultures

Therefore, the new moon is a time to sow seeds that will then grow into the future and bear fruit thanks to the strong beginning they had by being started on a new moon.

This article will include some new moon activities you can engage in to tap into the power of the new moon.

1. Engage in something new

To symbolize the new beginning that is the new moon, you should engage in something new that the new moon’s energy will bless. You can start up several things, such as things that will advance your career, things you’ve always wanted to do, and even things that can keep you occupied when you are bored.

Some examples of things you can do include signing up for a new class, engaging in a new workout regimen, starting a new DIY project at home that will beautify the place or serve some good use, starting a new book, getting some knitting done, or on a more serious note, starting a business plan for an idea you’ve always had.

2. Rest

Instead of looking for what to do for new moon, you could simply take the opportunity to rest and get yourself ready for this new period. Rest has several benefits, such as improving your mental health, reducing stress, and improving the immune system’s health, which will be very handy in taking advantage of the new moon energy.

Top activities to reduce stress among Americans

You can throw in some relaxing activities into the day, such as meditation, which have been known to enhance the benefits of resting and reduce stress as shown by the graph above from The American Institute of Stress.

3. Avoid negative energy

Close to the top of that list should be to avoid negative energy when it comes to what to do during a new moon. You are welcoming new energy during this period, and this negative energy shouldn’t contaminate it.

Therefore, you should try to avoid negative energy regardless of the source, be it friends, family, or work. Promote positive vibes and avoid people and situations which constantly try to bring you down; if you find that you cannot avoid them, simply avoid allowing them the power to affect you.

4. Go out

While thinking of things to do on a new moon, might we suggest that you go out? Going out means several things in this instance. For instance, you could go out on a date either by yourself or with someone else, like a significant other or a friend.

You could also engage in other activities that are fun, such as going to theme parks, events, the skating rink, and other fun places. And if you meet new people while doing this, it would be a good time to relate with them and get some new connections in your life.

The goal of going out during this period is to start it off with happiness so that you can fill the rest of the period with joy as well.

5. Engage in some brainstorming

High on the list of what you should do on a new moon is to engage in some brainstorming to work out what you want your next moves in life to be. If you haven’t come up with a one or five-year plan before, you could use this opportunity to do so and bless your plan with the positive energy of the moon.

You don’t have to be too specific; you can just think about how you want your life to change and what you hope to accomplish by a particular time, and then you can focus on how you plan on going about that.

6. Put your goals in writing

Continuing from the above, it is not enough to simply think about what you want to do, but rather to write it down as well. This brings a higher level of seriousness and commitment to it and reduces the chances of forgetting what you thought about.

So take a journal – hardcopy or digital – and write down those plans ranging from your goals, promotion or new career path you want, plans for getting a house, projects at work, and even plans on improving your social/ romantic life.

Be sure to write these things down in a place that you are constantly exposed to, as this would act as a reminder to work on them.

7. Create an affirmation

Speaking of affirmations – there aren’t many better times to engage in some than on a new moon. Affirmations are essentially you making declarations about your life and blessing yourself, which, according to several faiths, can have a massive effect on how your life turns out.

Some affirmations you can make include; “I am great,” “I am confident,” “I am light, and I will share it with others,” “I am beautiful,” “I am successful,” and any others you can think of.

Reciting these affirmations every day can have a positive effect on your mindset such that you develop the confidence to push yourself more than you have before.

8. Treat yourself

It’s a hectic world, and we all need a break sometime; why not use this opportunity to treat yourself to some nice things. Take the day off work and engage in some self-indulgence if you can.

You could do something simple such as sleeping in, taking a long scented foam bath, playing some video games, or catching up on your favorite series. You could also step out and check yourself into a hotel for the night and book yourself for a spa day.

The idea is to get yourself refreshed with the beginning of the period so that you can be ready to tap into the energy of the new moon.

9. Clean up

Looking for what to do on the new moon? How about cleaning up? Activities on the new moon are all about getting yourself ready to tap into the energy of the period, and what better way to do this than organizing your space.

Space in this contact is not only physical but can also be emotional and mental. Clear your mind – or try your best to – from the burdens that have kept you down so that you can move into the new phase decluttered, refreshed, and ready to conquer.

Bonus tip about clearing your space – you could rearrange your work or home environment using ideas on the internet that you find yourself drawn to.

10. Satisfy your urges

We all have things that we want to do and can do but are either not brave enough to start or too busy to engage. This is the perfect time to take that leap forward; clear your schedule and take the first steps towards doing that thing you wanted to do, and watch as the new moon energy gives you the assistance you need.

So yes, that class you’ve always wanted to start, and that hobby you think you would enjoy are just waiting for you to engage in them with that new moon energy.

11. Have some sex

Several people believe that having sex during a new moon can be immensely empowering because orgasms can tap into the energy around them and store it up in your body for future use.

As the focus is to get an orgasm, you can find a partner – if you don’t have one – to have sex with, or get to work by yourself; ideally speaking, you should pick whichever method gives you the strongest orgasm.

12. Experience the great outdoors

The new moon is part of the wonders of nature, so why not take the time to appreciate other aspects of nature by visiting the outdoors. Several psychologists have also noted that being outdoors and engaging in activities can lead people to experience increased energy levels; imagine how energized you will feel when you add the new moon’s energy to the energy you get from being outdoors.

Some things to do on a new moon to enjoy the outdoors include: taking a walk, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, swimming in lakes and rivers, and even going to the beach.

13. Reach out to people with good vibes/ energy

The new moon is a time of positive energy, so why not use this opportunity to spread that energy to your loved ones by reaching out to them and catching up to them. You can call your family members from your siblings to your distant uncles and aunts who you relate with but haven’t found the time to talk to recently.

You could get in contact with friends that you don’t hang out with a lot and find out what new things they have going on for them, or you could check in with the neighbors – if they don’t find it too weird – and chat with them for a bit. Sending this positive energy out is all but guaranteed to ensure that you get some back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What rituals should be done on a new moon?

  • Have a new moon bath.
  • Create some new moon affirmations and declarations about your life.
  • Have some new moon sex.
  • Declutter your space.
  • Come up with goals and put them in writing.
  • Rest and meditation.

2. What do you manifest on a new moon?

During the new moon, the cosmos gifts us the energy of new beginnings and renewal. This allows us to go through the magic of rebirth such that we can shed anything that does not work for us while looking into things that will. The energy that comes with the new moon will propel us to greater heights so long as we take the first step to engage in something worthwhile.

3. How do you do new moon intentions?

  • First, find an area in your home where you would be comfortable making affirmations.
  • Clear out that area so that your mind can be at ease as you set your intentions.
  • Engage in some meditation to get your mind in the proper mood.
  • Write down what you intend to do in this period – the new moon to the full moon.
  • Visualize those intentions you wrote down.
  • Express gratitude for the knowledge that your intentions will be fulfilled.

In conclusion

The new moon comes along about twelve times a year, so it’s not common. Be sure to seize the opportunities that this cosmic gift affords to make some improvements to your life by imbuing whatever plans you have with its power to improve your chances of success.





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