What is a Thoughtful Gift for Someone Going Through a Separation

What is a Thoughtful Gift for Someone Going Through a Separation

When your friend is going through a divorce, you see him/her hurting a lot. Naturally, you want to help as much as you can. Unfortunately, you can’t “fix” his/her broken relationship but you can help him/her move on and ease the pain of separation.

A wonderful way to cheer up somebody is by giving a surprise gift! If you’re having trouble finding a thoughtful gift for someone going through a separation, check out our list of recommendations. We tried to include everything that can help you encourage your friend to move on and start a fabulous single life.

Besides giving gifts, you can show your love and support in other ways. Before getting to our recommendations, think about these tips for both man and woman going through a divorce:

    • Making comfort food might sound like a cliché but sharing a tasty meal with somebody can be very helpful. Your friend will see that you care about him/her and at the same time you’ll both enjoy wonderful gourmet treats.
    • If your female friend is going through a separation, you can cheer her up with a wonderful gift basket or a gift box full of beauty products. You can encourage her to take care of herself by picking things that will boost her confidence. You’ll find lots of divorce gift basket ideas for her online like this one:

  • Men going through a divorce can often withdraw from social events. Your role would be to get your friend out of the house, so he won’t “drown himself in sorrow”. Pick his favorite activity (camping, fishing, etc) and don’t take “no” for an answer.
  • The most important thing is listening carefully to your friend. Don’t try to be a therapist and give advice. You’ll just need to be there for him/her.

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Quick Overview: Thoughtful Gift for Someone Going Through a Separation

SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer

Organize your life and start with your desk! It might sound silly but it actually helps with getting your life under your control. Hence, a good gift for a friend going through a divorce is a desk organizer. You can help your friend go through the papers and other things his/her partner has left. It’s a very stressful process but it’s a needed one. To prevent your friend from finding some piece of the past now and then, help him/her clean out the house. After replacing the stuff left behind, fill the space with useful items like this desk organizer.

SimpeHouseware’s desk organizer is made to keep files, letters, and office supplies under control. It has convenient trays and a stylish drawer. A rubber bottom ensures there’s no slipping or unnecessary moving of the organizer. A compact storage can be easily set up because you don’t need any tools for that. By sorting things with a breeze, you can turn a tiring task into a healing activity. When your friend tidies up the desk, he/she will feel a bit of relief for sure.



Sort files with style using this mesh desk organizer. You'll have enough space to organize files by class, importance or frequency of usage. Everything will be at your reach with just a little effort.

Way Out West Aromatherapy Scented Candles Gift Set

A separation is a very stressful and difficult period. Although there are no remedies for a broken heart, some things like aromatherapy can help a person going through a tough time relax a bit. Way Out West Candles made this wonderful set that can simply ease all the stress. Just light these scented candles, close your eyes, and relax.

Way Out West aromatherapy candles are made of the soy candle wax blended with essential oils. This candle set includes one lavender and one eucalyptus mint candle. They can deliver more than 80 hours of tranquility time! Lavender is known for having calming qualities while eucalyptus scent is great for stress relief. Help your friend reach inner peace with these decorative scented candles.



If you don’t have any gift ideas for someone going through a separation, take a look at these aromatherapy candles. Both lavender and eucalyptus mint candles are made of high-quality essential oils that can provide a relaxing spa experience much needed in this difficult period.

Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine

Instead of “letting yourself go”, use divorce as an excuse for getting in perfect shape. Encourage your friend to lead a healthy lifestyle and start exercising. You can offer him/her company in sporty activities, talk to him about a proper diet, and get him/her a stepper machine. When you introduce an idea of a home gym to your friend with this gift, he/she will surely embrace it and make fitness a priority.

Sunny Health & Fitness has made a stepper that can engage the muscles without putting immense pressure on joints. You can work on your whole body while putting an accent on the thighs. This kind of exercise will help you keep your heart strong, increase your lung capacity and burn calories for weight loss. You can track your progress on the LCD monitor that displays time passed and calories burned. In addition to the handle that helps you keep the balance, this machine is the perfect fit for beginners.



Step into the bright new future with this stepper machine. It will give you a chance for a fresh beginning and help you start a healthy life. A heavy-duty steel construction will enable you to use this piece of equipment for a long time, so add it to your home gym without any cares.

Soduku Rustic Wood Countertop Wine Rack

Before you get any strange ideas, we’re not suggesting that you should encourage your friend to drink excessively. However, enjoying a nice glass of wine is more than welcome. With a classy and stylish way to store the wine, like this rustic wine rack, you’ll be encouraging your friend to find a new hobby. Wine and cheese gatherings, wine tastings, and many other wonders of exploring the grape beverage are interesting distractions from divorce struggles.

Soduku has designed a wood wine rack in vintage style. It is made of metal and wood, so it’s very durable. It can hold 6 bottles and be positioned horizontally or vertically as it suits your friend’s décor. Add a bottle of quality wine and you’ll get one of the best divorce gifts for him.



Keep a fine selection of wines in your reach with the help of this wine rack. Put it on the countertop to add a bit of vintage décor. This combination of wood and iron makes a wonderful rustic wine rack that will surely wow your friend.

Travelpro Wheel Luggage

Traveling can be a way to escape the current stress from divorce. You can explore the wonders of your surroundings and in the process, you will also find yourself again. Enable that experience for your friend by getting him/her this wheeled luggage for convenient travels.

Travelpro’s suitcase can perfectly store essentials needed for traveling. It has a lock that allows you to protect things with a code of your choice. The zipper is very durable, which means it can resist damage from usage at the airport, bus station, etc. An aluminum handle helps you carry the suitcase with ease. With adjustable height, it makes the luggage suitable for everyone.



A durable suitcase is a great gift for a friend going through a hard time. It will protect his/her luggage, so he/she can relax and travel safely. Join your friend in traveling and you can together overcome his/her stress from the separation.

Canon Digital Camera

Photography is not only a wonderful hobby that distracts a person going through a tough time, but it’s also a great way to capture memories. A set of wonderful photos can cheer your friend up when he/she is feeling under the weather. You might even encourage him/her to date by enabling him/her to capture stylish selfies. Various possibilities come with a Canon digital camera!

A convenient point-and-shoot camera provides notable image and video quality. It has a 20.0MP 1/2.3″ CCD image sensor that, together with 8x optical zoom, enables clear shots in various environments. A small LCD monitor helps you navigate the menu, choose appropriate settings, and review captured photos and videos. The kit also includes a battery pack, memory card, small tripod, screen protector, and other things to make photo experience much more convenient.



This camera will help your friend go through a difficult time by catching memories of the new single life. It has a long-lasting battery, so you can be sure it will be there throughout every new experience that occurs.

Catalonia Oversized Hoodie Blanket Sweatshirt

If you don’t know how to comfort someone going through a divorce, we suggest you take a look at this blanket hoodie. It’s the ultimate gift for coziness that will surely help your friend relax a bit. Catalonia has designed a sweater and a blanket in one product. It’s oversized, so you can be completely covered, snuggly and warm.

Sweatshirt blanket has two sides: a white sherpa lining is on the one and a colorful microfleece is on the other. Various color options will add style to everyday comfy experience. You can wear the Sweatshirt blanket around the house, in front of the TV, while camping, enjoying a concert, and anywhere else you want!



Perfect sweater and blanket all in one keeps you warm and cozy, so you can easily go through tough times. When your friend sees how a hoodie blanket fits his/her needs, you can be sure it’ll become an irreplaceable household item.

Frequently asked questions

How do you help someone going through a separation?

Be there for him/her and listen. Invite him/her out, show up with a meal, help with house cleaning, etc. Overall, you’ll help someone if you offer strong support.

What do you give someone going through a hard time?

If you know someone going through a tough time, try to give gifts that can help him/her forget about dreaded questions. You’ll find many recommendations in the article above.

What to say when someone is going through a divorce?

You don’t have to say a lot. Just say you’re sorry to hear about the divorce and try to encourage him/her to see the world in a brighter way. State that you’ll be there for everything he/she might need.


We hope that now you have all the tools you need to help your friend. We tried to include various products in our list of recommendations, so you can find the perfect thoughtful gift for someone going through a separation.

Take care of your friend because your support means everything to him/her right now. Your friend is still looking for the signs for reconciliation and you need to give him/her strength to move on.







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