What Not to Put on a Baby Registry

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It’s not easy to decide on How Many Gifts to Put on Baby Registry. Of course, you need all the stuff you can get, from bottles to diapers, but will you use all of them? With a baby on the way, you might feel that you have a hundred things to do and get to welcome it properly in your home. Although you should get everything you can to make things easier around the house, piling up stuff you’re not going to use can be contra-productive. You’ll find yourself swimming in the sea of baby bottles and clothes without knowing what to do with all that unnecessary stuff.

That’s why it’s smart to keep the list short and put only the items you’re going to use. We know, that might be harder than it seems. By this point, you probably think you can’t remove anything from the list. Actually, you probably think you have forgotten to put a bunch of things on it! Take it steady. Breathe. We’re here for you. To help you avoid all the hassle that comes with too many gifts, we have broken down everything you need to know about what not to put on a baby registry. We also highlighted why not include everything you ever thought about, despite the strong temptation. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading our article!

If you’re in a hurry, we have a list of questions for quick decision-making. The answers will tell you what things you shouldn’t put on your baby registry.

  • Do you need it? Consider whether you really need all that stuff you put on the baby registry. Get back to the list several times just to make sure you added everything. While revising it, consider scratching a thing or two from the list if you are to avoid piling unnecessary stuff.
  • Do you want it? It’s completely normal to want some of the things you probably won’t use. We all want to try out new things even when it’s almost certain we’re not going to use them in the future. However, try to avoid adding too many of the new items you never used before. They’ll probably just end up lying around the house, collecting the dust.
  • Will it last? Try to avoid getting too many pieces of clothing or at least stick with the larger numbers. Babies grow fast and those things that were perfect yesterday might not fit tomorrow.
  • Will you use it? Last but not least, answer honestly to the question of will you really use an item you put on the registry. Once you determine whether you need and want an item, and will it last, you should be able to conclude how useful it will be for you.

Budget: Why to avoid gifts under $25?

When putting together a list for a baby registry, the first thing you should consider is the price range for the gifts. That can be quite a challenging task. We understand people feel uncomfortable and don’t want to be perceived as rude if they set up a high price range. Still, you should avoid putting gifts that cost less than $25. Why is that, you may ask? Well, it’s simple. If you put up a lot of things that cost next to nothing, you’ll end up with those little things you won’t use at all. You’ll get a bunch of pacifiers and other funny little things that won’t make your life easier, won’t be useful for the baby, and will also pile up in the house. So, don’t waste people’s money and deprive yourself of the possibility to get one amazing gift. Remember, sometimes one thing is more valuable than lots of small stuff.

Bottles: How many and do I really need them?

You’ll hear a lot of people say you should get as many bottles as you can, so putting them on a baby registry seems like the best idea. However, a lot of parents dismissed this as completely wrong and unnecessary. The thing is, your baby might reject some bottle types. If you buy a bunch of them from the same brand and your baby doesn’t like it, you practically wasted the money. Think about it before you make a list. Our suggestion is to buy a bottle or two, see whether your baby likes it, and then opt for more to have just in case. There are plenty of things you can put on a registry, so you won’t be missing a lot if you don’t put bottles on the list.

Bath Essentials: What and why to avoid some bath items?

As much as some bathroom stuff seems useful to you now, the truth is, you won’t use most of it. For example, a baby bathtub. It’s a useful item that can help you bathe your baby and a lot of new parents love it. However, there are also those who don’t like it at all. They say it might even make things harder. For instance, some parents think that bathing in a large tub with a baby is a better option. It helps not only with connecting to the baby, but it also makes bathing easier. Consider this before you put a bathtub or any other similar item on the list.

Keep in mind that we’re not saying you don’t need all the bathroom essentials. Some of them can be quite useful and make your life way easier. You can take a look at this article Gift Sets for New Moms. It might tell you more about the things you’ll actually use having in the bathroom.

Clothes: Will all of it be useful?

One of the things you don’t need on your baby registry is a pile of clothes. Yes, it’s cute to have different outfits and it might seem you need that stuff. The truth is, you don’t. First of all, babies grow fast, and most of those clothes won’t fit in a couple of months. Secondly, most baby clothes are poorly designed. It’s better to go shopping for babies firsts on your own and get a few quality things, then stock up on many pieces you won’t use at all. Lastly, remember that your baby won’t get that dirty in the first couple of months, and he/she will mostly live in pajamas. Pilling up other types of clothes is just not that smart at all.

Chairs, Seats, and Carriers: How to narrow down the choices?

Think about all the situations in which you might want or need to use a baby chair, car seat, or carrier. Do you need one for the house? Are you traveling a lot and want to get an infant carrier or a baby car seat? Do you want to get a one-in-all seat you can use in different situations or switch between different ones? Think about all this stuff before you put any chair, seat, or carrier on the list. Sometimes, it’s smarter to ask for one high-budget and high-end chair or seat than put several inexpensive and low-quality ones on the list. Either way, consider your options and your needs and then opt for a particular item. Remember, keep it simple and don’t overload!

Cribs: Why not blankets, pillows, and bumpers?

One of the baby registry mistakes to avoid includes putting blankets, pillows, and bumpers on the list. We’re talking about the ones designed for the crib. Why is that a mistake, you may ask? Well, your baby’s crib or bassinet should only have a fitted sheet in it. The American Academy of Pediatrics forbids putting anything in the crib, from stuffed animal toys to pillows. That’s why it’s completely unnecessary to put these things on the baby registry.

Toys: Why to avoid them completely?

Toys are probably at the top of the list of things you shouldn’t put on your baby registry. The logic is quite simple on this one. First of all, your baby won’t play with them anytime soon. You’ll have at least several months to gather some toys for your baby and years to accumulate them. Your baby is going to get toys for every occasion in the following couple of years, from Christmas celebrations to birthdays. Putting toys on the baby registry is, therefore, unnecessary as you’ll go overboard.

Wiper and Bottle Warmers: Are they really that useful?

No, they are not. The truth is, many parents bought wiper warmers due to their growing popularity on the market. Most of them never used the warmers more than two or three times. So, as it turns out, these items are not very useful despite all the praises and recommendations. Of course, you should buy it if you feel tempted to try it out. One extra item won’t break the bank nor it will make a huge mess in your house. However, keep in mind that you might throw money down the drain.

Skin Care: Why is it not safe?

First and foremost, you want to avoid piling up different skincare products before you know what would be best for your child. That includes all kinds of shampoos, conditioners, creams, oils, and more. We all react to these products differently and babies are even more sensitive than grown-ups. You want to make sure you have just the right products for your baby. In that case, getting a lot of skincare products is just a huge risk. You could end up not using any of them!

Wrapping it Up

Don’t Forget About Yourself

You’re all set! With our suggestions, you can make a perfect baby registry and get just the things you need. As we mentioned earlier, feel free to expand the list and take all the unnecessary things off it. You can always buy the extra stuff you need on your own. The key is not to overwhelm your house with items you won’t actually use. It’s a hassle to gather them up, clean the mess left behind, and also see what to do instead of just throwing them away in the garbage. Not to mention that you’ll be wasting other people’s money on things you won’t even use!

In the end, we only have one last thing to remind you of – be kind to yourself! We know you have lots of things to do, but you’re a human being that has been through a lot lately. You should treat yourself and think of the things that would be useful for you, not only for your baby. A lot of new moms completely neglect their needs and focus on their babies. Don’t make that mistake. Remember, a happy baby is the one that comes from a happy environment. To be the best mom for your baby, you also need to rest and take care of yourself.

To help you with that, we have an article to suggest. Relaxing Gifts For New Moms is an article we wrote with new mom’s needs and wishes in mind. Don’t miss checking it out! You might find quite some things you would use having too. In the end, now that you know what things you shouldn’t put on your baby registry, you can easily make some room for personal stuff.





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