What to Write in a Father’s Day Card From Daughter - 7 Things to Write About on Father’s Day

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It is a good thing that you are looking for what to write in a father’s day card from daughter because father’s day is quite unique in that it only comes once a year which is not the case for mother’s day.

This means that you get only one day to officially celebrate the achievements of your father in fatherhood as well as other good and present fathers everywhere and it would be prudent to not let the chance to show appreciation to your father pass you by.

There are honestly several father’s day greetings you can write on a card for fathers day and they generally depend on different factors such as your relationship with your father and the type of person he is.

There are honestly several father’s day greetings you can write on a card for fathers day and they generally depend on different factors such as your relationship with your father and the type of person he is.

For instance, your father might be a simple man who would prefer a simple father’s day message or a man who smiles a lot and would thoroughly enjoy a funny father’s day message.

Whatever the case, we have included a variety of things to write as father’s day card messages to help guide you and we sincerely hope they help you in showing appreciation to your dad.

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1. Tell him that you love him

The best father’s day wishes are those where you tell your dad that you love him. Men enjoy being told that they are loved by their children as it shows that they did a good job of raising their children.

Father’s day card notes where you tell your father that you love him can either be simple or a bit long and sentimental, any is fine so long as the basic message is communicated.

Some fathers day greetings to show you love him include:

  • Happy Father’s day to the best father in the world. I love you, dad.
  • You were and are nothing short of my guardian angel and for that, I will always love you. Happy father’s day pa.
  • I honestly don’t know how far I would have come without you dad. I love you. Happy Father’s day.
  • Superman exists and he is my dad. Happy father’s day to you my Kryptonian father. I love you.
  • I love that you love me and so I love you for it. Happy father’s day dad.
  • I may be your little girl but I am also your biggest fan. You traveled miles to come see me in college when I was having a breakdown. You took care of me through all the heartbreaks and did not judge me a single time. Most people have a father, I got a dad. I love you dad. Happy Father’s day.

2. Tell him that you appreciate him

As shown by this chart from Pew Research Center, Fathers are generally thought of as those who instill values and morals in their children. They are also relied upon for emotional support and discipline amongst other roles.

A Father's Role According to Americans

The good fathers did this and deserve to be appreciated for it. If you are looking for what to write on a father’s day card, simply tell your father how much you appreciate him taking care of you, having your back, protecting you, spending time with you, and any other specifics you can think about.

Some father’s day card quotes appreciating your father include:

  • You protected me from all of life’s hardships and did it with a smile on your face. I can never thank you enough. Happy Father’s day dad.
  • You were one of the hardest working people I knew at your job but that never stopped you from one day showing up to be my father. I will always remember and cherish that. Happy Father’s day dad.
  • For all you did for me, both those I know and those I will never find out, I thank you. Happy Father’s day dad.
  • Sure we didn’t agree on certain things growing up but I know with a hundred percent certainty that everything you did, you did because you loved me. Thank you dad. Happy father’s day.

3. Praise his character

There are fewer things that can make a person smile more than knowing that they are admired for their character and who they are at the core of their being.

A nice thing to say to your dad in a card, therefore, is that you appreciate him for who he is. That you appreciate how he carries himself, the way he does things and how he relates with other people.

Regardless of how confident your father already is, he will get even more confidence from knowing that you, his little girl, believe that he is fine the way he is and does not need to change to fit whatever narrative.

Father’s day card sayings to appreciate your father’s character include:

  • When you step into a room, everybody turns to see you. You have a powerful presence and I am proud to be your daughter.
  • You are honest and exude integrity. This is why lying did not come easy to me because every time I thought about lying, it made me seem as though I was not your daughter.
  • You have a lovely face and a lovely soul. It is no wonder you draw people to you. Happy father’s day to a born leader.
  • I am confident only because you showed me how. I am assertive because I saw it in you. All I am, you were first. Thank you for being my dad. Happy Father’s day.

4. Bring up an old memory

Is there a memory that you have of your father that makes you so proud he is yours whenever it pops up in your mind? If your answer is yes then you need to let him know and what better place to do so than in a card for father’s day – well his birthday is good too but let’s just pretend only father’s day exists for now.

Just give a brief summary of the event and talk about how it made you so proud to be his daughter. It doesn’t only have to be pride however, it could be that the event was funny, made him more relatable, made him proud of you, or even taught you a lesson or two. Point is, reminiscing works.

Some father’s day card sayings from daughter include:

  • Whenever I look at you, I remember that day you worked overtime just so we could have Christmas toys, if there were Grammys for best dad’s, you would have won it 259285624452542 times already.
  • When it comes to things to write on father’s day cards, how can I forget the day you bravely captured that spider because I was terrified of it. You were terrified too but it didn’t matter to you. For that time and for all the other times you saved me, thank you. Happy Father’s day.
  • I remember how badly Arsenal lost the first day you took me to watch them. You didn’t care though. You were just happy I was with you. Happy father’s day dad.
  • I remember you taking me back to school to apologize to the teachers when you found out I cheated on a test. I hated you for it but you taught me the value of integrity that day. Thank you dad and happy father’s day.

5. Praise the impact of his wisdom on your life

Any normal person would want to be praised when they did a good job and the same goes for your father. Fathers are able to, from their past experiences, give great advice on life and its many issues and they always try to impart this knowledge to us at an early age.

Sadly we didn’t always listen and even though that worked out well sometimes, for the most part not listening to daddy dearest ended in regret and disappointment. For those times we listened and things worked out, our fathers deserve praise which works out well for you because now you have some more things to say to your father on father’s day.

Some nice things to say to your dad in a card on father’s day to praise his wisdom include:

  • The Greeks had Socrates, the Romans had Lucretius, the Egyptians had Ptahhotep and I have you. Thank you for your wise counsel as I grew up, dad. Happy Father’s day.
  • I sincerely do not know how to say happy father’s day without thanking you for showing me the right way to be treated by a man. Happy Father’s day dad.
  • It was thanks to your wise counsel that I have come this far. I dread to think of my life without your knowledge to guide me. Happy Father’s day dad.
  • Your words are like a compass in my life. I would be so lost if I didn’t have you whispering advice in my ear. Thank you and happy father’s day dad.

6. Make a joke

You simply cannot go wrong with funny happy father’s day wishes especially when your father is a cheerful soul with who you have a strong bond because the stronger the bond, the more offensive and funnier the card can be.

So if you are looking for what to write in a father’s day card from a daughter, make jokes. You can refer to old memories or just make fun of him in a respectful manner.

Some funny quotes for father’s day cards include:

  • I love you more than I love Arsenal dad. Okay maybe not more but around the same level. Okay maybe more. Yes, definitely more. Happy Father’s day dad.
  • I have a picture of you at my workplace but I always tell people that you’re my uncle cus you are just so ugly. Happy Father’s Day dad.
  • Admit it, I’m your favorite child. Forget those other siblings of mine. You love me the most. You don’t have to say, I know. Happy Father’s day dad.
  • I mean, you should really be thanking me for being able to celebrate this day right? You know my account number, I’m waiting. Oh and, happy father’s day daddy.
  • I mean sure you’re a great father but I am a better daughter. There you go. That’s a funny father’s day wish from your daughter. You may laugh now. Happy Father’s day dad.

7. Go religious

If your father is a religious person, you can write a religious-themed father’s day saying for cards to show him that not only do you appreciate him but so does his Supreme Being for a job well done taking care of the gift of a daughter they gave him.

Some religious things to tell your dad on father’s day are:

  • The Bible shows how fathers are instruments of blessings in their child’s lives and you have truly lived up to it. Thank you dad and happy father’s day.
  • You are wise not only because our Heavenly Father gave you wisdom, but because you decided to share that wisdom with your children. Happy father’s day dad.
  • I have received many gifts from Allah but you are one I am most thankful for. Happy Father’s day dad.
  • When I pray to Allah, I always thank him for giving me a father like you. Happy Father’s day dad.
  • I must have done something great in my past life for Brahma to give me a father as good as you. Happy Father’s day dad.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I write in my daughters Father’s Day card?

Here are what to write in a father’s day card from a daughter:

  • Tell him how much you love him.
  • Tell him how much you appreciate his wise counsel and advice.
  • Talk about a memory that made you glad he was your father.
  • Make a joke based on how close you are to him.
  • Tell him you love him for who he is.

2. What to say to your dad to make him cry?

  • Tell him that you would not be where you are today if he wasn’t in your life.
  • Tell him that he did a great job as a father.
  • Tell him that he is the most important person in your life – after your spouse if there is one but he doesn’t need to know that.
  • Tell him that you are only beautiful because he gave you great genes.
  • Tell him that you both noticed and appreciated all the work he put in to raise you.
  • Tell him that even though you may not have agreed with all his decisions, you know he only made them out of love for you.

3. What should I say to my dad on Father’s Day?

  • Tell him that you are celebrating him on that day.
  • Tell him that you love him.
  • Tell him that you think he is the best father anyone could have.
  • Tell him that you appreciate all the good advice he has given you.
  • Remind him of a memory that made you proud of him.
  • Thank him for his efforts at being a great dad.


Fatherhood is not an easy job and so we believe that fathers should be celebrated when they do it right. We, therefore, hope that you find something here to help express how much you love and appreciate your dad for a job well done.

And if you don’t believe he did a good job, you need to know that it is okay not to send anything and if you do, no one should judge you for making it simple and concise. For what it is worth, we hope that you find your peace.





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