7 Amazing Birthday Party Ideas for a 70 Year Old Woman

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She’s probably not hyped about celebrating her 70th birthday or maybe she is but either way, your mind is made up to make this milestone a memorable one for her. Well, we’ve got just the right party ideas for you to choose from. First, we will like to send a big birthday shout out to that special woman. We wish her so much love and happiness.

  • In this article, you will find a list of unique 70th birthday ideas to help you host a special birthday party for her.

Before we jump into it, there are a couple of things you need to remember about a 70 year old woman that will guide you when choosing a birthday theme for her. The goal is to host a party that your celebrant will enjoy alongside her loved ones. What’s the fun if everyone else has a blast at her party while she just watches? Not fair!

What to remember about 70-year-olds that will help you plan a good party

  • At age 70, a person has undergone a lot of physical changes that impact their daily life. These physical changes make them limit their social and individual activities because they often worry about injuring or getting unnecessarily stressed. This is perhaps one reason why they may not want you to stress yourself with organizing a party for them.

Whichever party theme you choose, it is important to establish how fit she is before planning activities for her birthday party.

  • For older women, physical changes sometimes affect their perception of self. Activities that reassure them of how beautiful and valuable they are to us are always a great idea. Spoil her to new party clothes, beauty treatments, and beauty sessions.
  • Older people report feeling lonely and socially isolated which is not good for their mental health and physical health. In an article by HRSA, it was noted that there is a 45% increase in mortality for seniors who reported feeling lonely. Although it’s more common for men than women, both genders are not spared. Sadly, statistics also show that America has the second-highest number of older adults that live alone in the world.

Whether she stays alone or not, when organizing a party, consider bringing her friends and family together to spend time with her, even if they are few. It will also be a great idea if she could make some new friends at the party, especially if she lives alone. Studies suggest that having good friends to interact with is very helpful to older adults.

The U.S has the second-highest number of older adults that live alone in the world. Although nearly 4 in 10 older adults around the world live with extended family, those in the U.S rarely do. Source: pewresearch.org

% of people ages 60 and above in each household type
  • It is important that 70-year-olds stay physically and mentally fit because it affects their overall wellbeing. When planning for their party, incorporate exciting activities that are mentally stimulating and that keeps them fit.


There are a couple of birthday themes and ideas that are best suitable for a 70-year-old woman. Some of these themes are common, while others are not so common.


What better way to get her relaxed and feel pretty on her birthday than to organize a good range of spa treatments for her and her friend/s? Whether she wants to have a birthday party or insists on not having one at all, spa parties are a great option since you can make it as small or as big a party to suit her tastes. More so, this party theme can be easily merged with other party themes or activities to make her day a blast.

Are you worried about her getting spa treatments? Well, your concerns are legitimate. Some of your biggest worries might be centered on her safety and the competence of spa professionals that will be handling her. Apart from those hectic massages that you are probably imagining at the moment, there are a couple of spa treatments that are suited for seniors such as detoxifying body treatments, manicures and pedicures, and facials. There are also professional masseuses that give seniors great massages. You can choose to employ their services.

For a detailed explanation on how to host a spa party, check our article titled “things to do at a spa party”. It provides you with a couple of options you might find suitable if you decide to choose this theme. Try not to forget that a spa party is fun when it is shared with friends and or family.


This is probably one of the best themes to work with. There are a lot of ways to make a picnic party memorable. It could be an overnight camp picnic party, a Hawaiian themed picnic party, a game-themed picnic party, and many more. This party can be as small or big as she wishes. You can choose to organize it in a place with beautiful sceneries because they love it, or in the comfort of her backyard with the help of great decorations. Some tips that will help you in organizing this party are;

  • Decide how big you want this party to be
  • Choose a venue.
  • Select guests and send invites
  • Plan for decorations. There are many picnic amazing decors online. Check amazon for affordable decors.
  • Decide on the type of drinks and food to serve
  • Are you getting her a big cake?
  • Choose activities that will entertain everyone. There are lots of games you can incorporate as activities. You can make it more interesting by adding little prizes to be won. Uuh! Don’t forget music and a little dance. Get everyone grooving to lovely music and simple steps.
  • Plan for birthday gifts. Are guests allowed to bring gifts for her?


This is a lovely theme to work with, and if it is done right, it would probably be one of the best birthday gifts to her. This theme focuses on the celebrant’s life from birth till her 70th birthday. It requires you to gather pictures and information about her life from friends, family, and even herself. It would be nice if you could merge her life story with historical events that occurred throughout her life period and then present it in the form of a movie. This theme will get her to appreciate how far she has come, how valuable she is to people around her and more importantly, it will get others to appreciate her life’s journey. To pull off this theme requires you to start your research on time.

How you present this gift is the best of the party. Invite her to a movie. She will think you guys are going to watch just about any movie but unknown to her that she is about to be wowed. Before you guys get to the venue, ensure that all her friends and family members are already seated. The room can be made dark so that she would not be able to identify other guests. Get her seated comfortably with soft snacks and get someone to start the movie. Perhaps towards the middle of the movie, she would be able to tell that it is her life story and get really emotional. Please hold some tissue, just in case. At the end of the movie, switch on the light, and get everyone to sing a happy birthday to her. Bring in the cake and let the celebration begin. Don’t forget to take enough pictures because she would love them.

You do not have to rent a cinema to pull this one off. A local church or any theater would do.


An alternative to ‘down memory lane’ is ‘pick a memory’. This requires you, other family members, and/or friends to choose a few favorite moments you’ve shared with her and act it out. This can be done in a simple house party or you can make it an outdoor event. How you set up this party is important, ensure you choose the right decoration. It will help you to create the right mood for the party. An old school ‘feel’ will be a great idea. You will need a lot of pictures of her alone and with friends and family. It will also be a great idea to add her favorite quotes to the setup. Her favorite quotes are those words, phrases, advice, or philosophical statements that people know her for. Strategically place her pictures and quotes around the party venue for everyone to see and appreciate. Set up a stage for renditions. Get the right costumes for everyone acting and don’t forget to rehearse. It will be a great idea to add as much comedy to the presentation. However, there are no rules to this.


This is an interesting birthday theme any lady will love especially if she loves flowers and letters. It requires you to give her roses and notes that add up to her age. In this case, you will randomly send her 35 roses and 35 notes using different actors. If you feel like making it 70 roses and 70 notes, why not? Hey, you are free to spoil her as much as you want, it will keep her smiling for weeks. Don’t forget to add boxes of gifts here and there. However, you need the help of people to pull this one off.

Get everyone who knows her to write something special about her and if the number is not up to 35, use your friends. Tell them about her and ask them to help you write down something sweet to send to her. They could write special poems, lovely jokes, stories and many more. It is important that all these actors sign the notes with their own names or initials. This is to let her know that she is loved by many people. Put these notes in identical envelopes, addressing it to her. The only hassle is finding 35 people that will randomly drop off a rose and envelop on her birthday. You can get in touch with some offices in the community where she lives. If you have friends in the police department or local church that could help out in sourcing people, great. The people that deliver these gifts should be good/reliable.


This is a fun themed party and certainly a great way to celebrate the 70th birthday. Make it an outdoor party or even a bbq game party. All you have to do is to choose a couple of exciting games, invite friends and family, add little cute prizes, and encourage everyone to bring a dish. Some games you could consider are; chess, checkers, dominos, spades, scrabble, crosswords, pickleball, bocce, and lawn balling. Find more game ideas in our articles games for two people, game for four, and game for six people


Take the fun back to the ’70s and give her a disco party. Make it a night of all round merry. Invite her friends, family and your friends too. Make it an adult thing. Play songs like love magic by John Davis, Rock with you by Micheal Jackson, and brick house to get everyone grooving. You can roast the guest of honor or get her friends to do that. Get her a disco cake and don’t forget to make the guest of honor look really cute.


  • What is a good gift to give a 70-year-old?

You can find some ideas in our articles what to get mom for 80’s birthday and present for 60-year-old mom. Generally, anything that centers around healthy living will make a good gift. Quality sketchers, air fryers, comfortable blanket, lovely jewelry, mentally stimulating games, photo album with cool pictures, and many more.

  • 70th birthday themes for mom

We’ve mentioned 7 and they are; a spa party, picnic party, down memory lane, pick a memory,  70 roses and notes, game party, and 70’s disco party.


When planning a party for a 70-year-old woman, ensure that the activities you choose are ones that are comfortable for her. It is important you consider her health or physical wellbeing. Incorporate activities that are mentally stimulating and that elicit good memories. Bring her friends and family together if you can and do not forget to add her to the fun when preparing for activities. There are various party themes you can work with and we’ve listed 7. We hope that you find them interesting and helpful.





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