Gifts for Physician Assistant Students

22 Helpful Gifts For Physician Assistant Students

  • Physician Assistant students and Medical Assistant students are studying to play an important role in the frontline of health work. Gifts to them should, therefore, assist them in their studies and quest in joining the league of lifesavers.
  • Gifts like textbooks would need you to ask them and find out what would be the best textbooks to buy. Alternatively, you can give them a gift card from a bookstore that sells medical textbooks for them to buy their preferred choice.
  • Find the best gift of either useful study materials or personalized gift items in our list of 22 Helpful Gifts for Physician Assistant Students. Our gifts cover both Physician Assistant students and graduates, and Medical Assistant students and graduates.

You may be a little confused about what to get your friend or loved one who is a Physician Assistant Student because you don’t know whether to get them a medic gift or a student gift. In this article, we give you the perfect gifts for both a Physician Assistant student and graduate and a Medical Assistant student and graduate.

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Physician Assistants (PAs) are general medical doctors/practitioners. They are usually the first port of call in diagnosing and treating an ailment. A Physician Assistant student is a student enrolled in a Physician Assistant course.

A Medical Assistant (MAs) on the other hand is someone who does both clinical and administrative work in a medical establishment. They carry out varied functions from checking your blood pressure to booking your next lab appointment. A Medical Assistant student is therefore one who is studying to be able to carry out these functions.

A Medical Assistant is not the same as a Physician Assistant. While a Physician Assistant can diagnose and treat ailments, a Medical Assistant cannot do the same without the supervision of the physician.

Both health professionals play an important role in treating patients and ensuring that sick people are attended to quickly and on time. And this is why the students studying to play such important roles also need to be encouraged and helped as much as possible. This is all the more so because studying for any medical course is expensive and the Physician Assistant and Medical Assistant courses are no different. And one such avenue you can assist them is by giving them the right gift that can assist them in their studies and even after they graduate.


The best gifts to give them would be a gift that helps them in their studies and also gives them a headstart in practicing their chosen career. Such gifts are the following:

  • Textbooks;
  • Stationery;
  • Learning aids and working tools;
  • Bags and other things to carry these items with.

In addition to the above, you can also give them small personalized gift items and mementos. Every professional likes personalized item that proudly shows what their profession and field is and students and graduates in the Physician Assistant and Medical Assistant field are no different. Such gifts could be any of the following:

  • Coffee/beverage mugs;
  • Personalized jewelry;
  • Wallpapers/art.

To give them the best gift item, you can start by asking them what they want. This is especially important if you are thinking of buying them textbooks because you do not know what the textbooks they might be needing would be. If you don’t want to ask them directly and also do not want to give them cash, you can buy them a textbook gift card from a bookstore that sells medical textbooks. You can also consider making a financial donation towards paying off their student study loan if you can do so.

For any of the other types of gift items, we have selected the best ones for you. The gifts will be beneficial to both a Physician Assistant student and a Medical Assistant student because even though they do different things as practitioners, they tend to use the same things when it comes to studying implements such as stationary and learning aids.

The gifts are divided into the two categories of gifts that help them with studies and personalized gift items. In each category, we have also further divided them into gifts for students and gifts for graduates who are moving into the world of work. Whatever category your Physician Assistant and Medical Assistant student falls into, you are sure to find a gift for them.

We have excluded books from our list because as stated earlier, it is always best to find out from them what their reading materials and textbook needs would be.


In our list of perfect gifts, you will find gifts for students and graduates alike.

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Quick Overview: Gifts for Physician Assistant Students

Study Helpful Gifts For Physician Assistant Students And Medical Assistant Students.

Students in both fields make use of these study materials and stationery and would find them good gifts.

1. Dickies 37-Inch Unisex Laboratory Coat.

Every student in the medical field starts getting a feel of their profession all the more with a laboratory coat. This gift is especially cool for a Physician Assistant because of the relatively new tradition of the White Coat Ceremony where they are inducted into the profession. In some institutions where the students start interacting with patients early on, this ceremony is carried out in their first year. This would, therefore, be a perfect gift to give them as they would start wearing it right away.

This particular lab coat is durable and made from good materials (a blend of cotton and polyester) and is suited for both male and female students. You can make the coat extra special by embroidering it with their name to give it a more personal touch.


  • It has sizes up to X-Large.
  • It is made with durable quality material.
  • It is easy to wash and maintain.


  • It is usually big and would need to be fitted a little if the wearer is small and slim.
  • Some customers have said the cut especially around the shoulders is made more for a male wearer.

The cons are not enough reason not to purchase this quality coat, as the issues can be easily rectified by small tailoring adjustments. Almost all medical practitioners who use this coat are in agreement about its quality and durability and that is why we recommend it.

2. Inspirational Medical Gift Pen.

A good pen to write notes during lectures without worrying about the ink running is important. And what better pen to give a medical student than one with a beautiful medical creed message on it to motivate them as they write.


  • It comes in a beautiful packaging.
  • It comes with a light.
  • It writes well.


  • Some customers have said it looks more plastic than is to be expected.
  • Some customers have said it is pricey given the low quality.

The reviews on this pen have been mixed with some customers saying it is more of a light instrument than a pen. Others have said it is a good pen to gift a person in the medical field especially because of the message on it. Given the message on it and the light it comes with, it is a good gift to give since the light will always come in handy for a student during studies.

3. Medical Instruments Stationery Set.

This set comes with stationery that looks like medical instruments. The sticky notes look like plasters, the highlighters look like syringes and the pens look like vitamin pills and syringes. Talk about the perfect medical school writing materials with a difference for a student.


  • The materials are designed as medical instruments.
  • It comes with 28 writing materials.
  • It comes in a good packaging.
  • The pens and highlighters do not run dry easily.


  • The materials are small in size.
  • Most customers complained that their package arrived broken or with scratches.
  • One customer was not impressed with making the pens look like syringes because of incidence of drug abuse in society.

The appeal with this gift for every parent that bought it for their child going off to medical school has been the medical instruments theme that they are made out of, which almost all found to be cute. And that is what makes it a good gift.

4. Medical Professional Large Tote Bag.

Every medical student needs a bag big enough to carry all their writing materials, lab coat, stethoscope and books, and this particular medical tote bag do just that. It has enough room to take all that a medical student needs to carry with them for classes and practicals.


  • It is roomy.
  • It has several compartments for staying organized.
  • It is made from strong material.
  • It comes with the option of a black color.
  • It does not show dirt easily.
  • The straps are the perfect length.
  • The straps are strong and sturdy.


  • It is a bit pricey but worth the purchase.
  • Several customers outside the medical field have taken issue with naming it specifically for medical persons when it also works for other professionals.

The compartments the bag comes with will greatly help a medical student with getting very organized and not leave out anything they need for each day in school. Other persons outside the medical profession taking issue with the name tag and wanting it renamed just goes to confirm the value appreciation that customers have for this bag.

5. Littmann Cardiology Stethoscope.

A medical student like a physician assistant and a medical assistant’s arsenal would not even have kicked off without a stethoscope. This is what they start to use first and it’s always best to give a good quality one that would last longer and do the work well. This particular stethoscope ticks all those boxes.


  • It reads accurately.
  • One customer said it comes with a 7-year warranty.
  • It is said to be great for isolating background noises. 
  • The tubing is comfortable and sturdy.
  • It picks up sound and heartbeats very quickly.
  • It has different colors.


  • It is pricey but nothing beats a quality stethoscope to give a medical professional the confidence they need in doing their work.

This stethoscope and this particular company is highly rated in medical circles by all medical professionals and that is why we know you won’t go wrong with this purchase. Even though it is pricey, it is a good investment to make in a budding physician assistant especially.

6. Venipuncture Practice Kit.

This kit is great for a physician assistant and medical assistant student to start learning the art and skill of drawing blood since they would be doing this on the field. This kit comes with a lifelike practice arm to make the experience even more real.


  • It comes with syringes and a bottle for fake blood.
  • It is a good practice kit.
  • The arm has a relative lifelike feel to it.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is relatively easy to use.


  • The liquid has been said to leak.
  • The bottles have been said not to have strong handles.
  • One customer said the instruments are outdated and not in step with current materials being used in the US.
  • The make-believe veins have been said not to be deep enough.

The positive customer reviews on this product are very many, and all the positive reviews agree that it is perfect for a student to practice and learn with to stay ahead in their class. We recommend it.

Career Helpful Gifts For Physician Assistant Graduates And Medical Assistant Graduates.

These gifts would help the graduate as they step into the world of work. These gifts are an addition to the study materials such as the stethoscope, the blood pressure monitor and the digital thermometer which would be part of their professional arsenal.

If you have not bought them any of these as students, you can start with any of those three gifts first. We would recommend the stethoscope if you have to choose one especially for a Physician Assistant because every Physician Assistant will always carry their stethoscope. And for the Medical Assistant, the Venipuncture Set for practicing how to draw blood since they would be doing it as part of the frontline duties they carry out more often than the rest.

These additional gift items would also be nice and helpful for them as they step into the world of work.

7. Personalized Medical Pen.

This really cool pen comes personalized with the name of the graduate and when they graduated together with the medical emblem. It is a pretty graduation gift to give your physician assistant and medical assistant graduate.


  • It can be customized with the recipient’s name.
  • It can also be customized with the medical emblem.
  • It comes in beautiful packaging.
  • The engraving is well done.


  • It is a bit pricey but is to be expected given the personalization.
  • It looks smaller than shown in the picture.
  • One customer complained that the ink ran out quicker than expected.

The customization of this gift with the receiver’s name makes it a hit as a graduation gift. And the medical emblem on the box just completes the perfect look. Almost every medical graduate that has received it absolutely loved it.

8. Personalized PA Mini Notepad.

This cute writing mini pad has the name Physician Assistant beautifully engraved in front of it and comes with a space for the name of the physician assistant to be written on it as well. It is the perfect graduation gift for when they start making their rounds at their workplace.


  • It can be personalized with their name.
  • The name is laser engraved.
  • It comes with a small ballpoint pen.
  • It has 50 sheets of blank paper.


  • It is small but the perfect size for their lab coat pockets and easy to reach.

The customers who bought this as a graduation gift at the time of writing could not be happier. The quality has been praised and we are sure it will make a wonderful graduation gift for a Physician Assistant especially because it comes with their name, thus giving it a very personal touch.

9. Foldable Clipboard for Medical Personnel.

Every Physician Assistant and Medical Assistant would make notes while seeing their patients. This clipboard provides the support to hold their writing pad and writing on the go rather than having to always look for a hard surface to do so since they may not always have that time.


  • It is foldable.
  • It can fit in a wide lab coat pocket.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It comes with illustrative medical pictures.
  • It is sturdy.


  • Some customers have said the quality is not the best.
  • Some customers also find it overpriced given the low quality.

The illustrations on this clipboard make for good reference material for a Physician Assistant and Medical Assistant. The fact that it is foldable and able to fit in a wide lab coat pocket is another plus.

10. Customized Medical Lab Coat Hanger.

This is a cool piece to give a Physician Assistant Graduate especially. You can have it personalized with whatever message you want to have written on it. It’s a great gift to display their lab coat in their workspace. It also makes for a great White Coat Ceremony gift.


  • It is made of quality wood.
  • You can engrave it with your own message.
  • It comes with a bow.


  • A great deal of everyone who purchased this for a Physician Assistant is very happy with it.

This is a beautiful graduation gift for a Physician Assistant. It is also great as a White Coat Ceremony gift.

11. Medical Instruments Wall Art.

This illustrative and beautiful wall art shows the 4 main medical instruments – the syringe, thermometer, stethoscope, and sphygmomanometer – with notes on each.


  • It comes in a set of 4 pictures.
  • It is printed on quality paper.
  • The pictures are descriptive.


  • It does not come with a frame.

The absence of a frame means you get to choose the frame you want to put it in before giving it as a gift. It would be a beautiful art piece for them to decorate their room or workspace with.

12. Compression Socks.

The line of work the Physician Assistant and Medical Assistant is about to embark upon is one where they would be standing most of the time. A compression sock is a necessity they would need if they would not hurt their feet.


  • It comes with 8 pairs.
  • It is not too thick.
  • They are easy to wash.


  • It slips and drags down after some time.
  • The length has been found by some customers to be short.
  • They wear after several washes.

Customers have asserted that for the price of this sock, the quality is not too bad. Another quality which some customers liked was the thin feel which meant that it could easily be worn with other shoes. It’s not bad for a first time compression socks use for a graduate who just started on the job.

13. Classic Crocs.

Medical personnel who stand a lot love crocs because of the comfort levels they come with. They are comfortable and easy to walk around with especially when one is moving up and down. And since the Physician Assistant and Medical Assistant graduate will be doing a lot of this at work, what better gift to give them than one that would make their first day at work smoother.


  • It comes with a soft fur lining for warmth and extra comfort.
  • They are comfortable to walk around with.
  • They are roomy.
  • They are unisex.


  • It is not easy to clean because the soft padding does not come off.
  • Some customers have complained about the size chart being inaccurate.
  • Some customers have also complained about its durability.

The soft fur lining of these crocs is what makes it somewhat different from the other crocs. It makes it comfortable and enjoyable to wear. The difficulty with washing it however is rather unfortunate but it is still a good item to have.

14. Work Sneakers.

This is another good alternative to crocs. They are also comfortable and meant for walking around for extended periods.


  • They are comfortable.
  • They are a good fit.
  • They are sturdy and have a good grip.
  • They provide good support for the feet.


  • Some customers have questioned their durability.

For the Physician Assistant or Medical Assistant that prefers sneakers to crocs, this is the perfect gift to give them. It has glowing reviews for being very comfortable and good for standing on one’s feet all day.

15. Fossil Gen 5 Watch.

This simple and sophisticated piece is perfect for a busy medic like a Physician Assistant and Medical Assistant. It is not your typical watch but a smartwatch with a very simple interface that has all the info a busy medic needs. It tells time easily and provides notifications and keeps track of important things like heart rate.


  • It can provide important notifications.
  • It is easy to sync with one’s cell phone.
  • It is a touchscreen.
  • It has GPS.
  • It can reply to text messages and emails.
  • You can turn it off.
  • The battery lasts relatively long.


  • It is a little pricey but worth the purchase.
  • One customer has said it is a man’s watch and should not be labeled as a woman’s watch.

This is the perfect assistant for a Physician Assistant and a Medical Assistant and the perfect graduation gift.

Personalized Gifts For Physician Assistant Students And Graduates.

The gifts in this category range from coffee mugs to jewelry items like necklaces and keychains specifically made for Physician Assistants. They can be given to students or graduate alike.

16. Cool Coffee Mug.

Every professional loves a coffee mug that proudly displays their profession. This particular mug has a really cute message with high definition printing.


  • It comes with two handle options.
  • It is dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • The text is high definition and bold.
  • The design is printed on both sides of the mug.
  • It is made with quality ceramic material.


  • It is fragile.

This is a definite cute gift for both student, graduate and practitioner alike.

There are other cool and pretty PA mugs too which you can still check out like these –

17. Funny PA Wine Glass.

This is another cool personalized gift with a PA text on one side and a funny message on the other side.


  • It is made of quality glass.
  • The diameter of the glass is perfect.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It is very fragile and careful handwash is the preferred cleaning method.
  • The print is not too bold and may come off after some time.
  • One customer found it to be smaller than they expected it to be. It is however 17oz in size.

Almost all customers who purchased this as a grad gift or White Coat Ceremony gift for a PA said it was the perfect gift to give. We are in no doubt that it would be loved as a gift by your PA friend or loved one.

18. Personalized PA Travel Mug.

This is another cool PA gift that allows you to customize it specifically with the receiver’s name. It is made of quality material with an inner stainless steel to keep the temperature for both hot and cold beverages. The name is laser engraved meaning that it would stay long.


  • The name of the receiver can be written on it.
  • The name is laser engraved.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It keeps the contents hot or cold.
  • It has a lid.


  • At the time of writing, aside from the one comment that it was small and the lid could be better, there is no critical review of this gift item. The size is 16oz.

Every single customer who has bought and reviewed this gift item said that it was the absolute best gift they gave their PA. The extra personal touch of engraving the receiver’s name on it makes it extra special.

19. Personalized PA Pin and Brooch.

This is a cool vintage-looking quality brooch that comes with both the medical emblem and a PA sign together with a stethoscope and charms.


  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • It fastens well.
  • It is durable.
  • It is stylish and classy.


  • It is slightly small.
  • It is for women only.

This is another cool gift for a White Coat ceremony or just to give a PA.

20. Physician Assistant Keychain.

This nice keychain is a beautiful memento for a PA to have. It comes with a quality Swarovski birthstone. It also comes with nice gift packaging.


  • It is beautiful.
  • It comes with a birthstone.
  • It comes with a PA medical emblem.
  • It is skin-friendly.
  • It is made with quality materials.
  • It is stylish and classy.


  • It is a very beautiful product with no negative reviews as at the time of writing.

This is a PA keychain with a difference. It stands out from the rest.

(If you are however interested in comparing it with other PA keychains, you can check out the Yoda Star Wars PA Keychain and A Great PA Keychain).

Personalized Gifts For Medical Assistant Students And Graduates.

These also range from coffee mugs to jewelry items designed specifically for Medical Assistants and also suitable as gifts for students and graduates alike.

21. Personalized Medical Assistant Keychain.

This beautiful MA keychain comes with a heartbeat charm, a stethoscope, and a syringe.


  • It is beautiful.
  • The size of the charms and other attachments are perfect.
  • It comes in beautiful gift packaging.


  • The reviews on this gift at the time of writing have been nothing but 5-stars consistently.

Every MA who has purchased this gift loved it and we have no doubt it would be loved by the MA you give it to as a gift.

22. Medical Assistant is Here Mug.

The text on this mug is both cheesy and cool and that’s what makes it really nice as a gift. The printing is also bold and stands out.


  • The design is printed on both sides.
  • The printing is of high quality and bold.
  • It is microwave and dishwasher safe.


  • At the time of writing, there has been no negative review of this gift, only 5-star ratings.

Every single MA who has received this as a gift absolutely loved it and your MA friend or loved one will love it too.

(You can also check out this Best Ever MA Mug that is also pretty nice).


  • What are some gifts for PA?

A Physician Assistant may not find the study material gifts useful since they would have already transitioned from school to work life. But any of the personalized gift items would still make a good gift for them. The inspirational pen would also be a good gift since they continue writing even as professional workers.

  • What are good gifts for PA students?

All the gift items listed in this article for PA students would be good gifts.

  • What kind of gifts for white coat ceremony?

A white laboratory coat is the perfect gift for a White Coat Ceremony since it is the symbolic attire of such a ceremony. The Dickies Unisex Laboratory Coat listed in this article is a good quality laboratory coat to give them for the occasion. You can couple it with the Personalised Lab Coat Hanger in the Graduation Gift Section.


The best gifts for Physician Assistant students and graduates, and Medical Assistant students and graduates are gifts that would help them in their study and help them as they step into the world of work.

Our list of 25 Helpful Gifts for Physician Assistant Students gives you just the perfect and helpful gift for your Physician Assistant student and graduate, and Medical Assistant student and graduate.







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