7 Top Tips on How to Be a Gentleman to Your Girlfriend

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A gentleman is described as a person who is polite, courteous, and honorable.

Being a gentleman to your girlfriend is not as simple as it may sound. Growing into a gentleman is a lifestyle choice, a day-to-day practice that requires patience. But most importantly, the willingness to learn and constantly evolve positively.

Qualities such as opening a door for a lady or dropping her home after a night out are more traditional ideas on how a gentleman should treat a lady.

However, gentleman love is more than your physical attributes, dressing well, or opening doors to cars or restaurants for your lovely lady. How to be a gentleman to a lady and others involves being mindful of how you treat the people around you and the community at large. Respectfulness, good leadership, and empathy are non-physical attributes expected of a gentleman.

No man is born a gentleman; it is a quality learned from home and your peers, nurtured by your guardians, parents, or figures of authority, and passed down over time. It is also more effective when the qualities of a gentleman are instilled in boys from their youth. It makes the transition into adulthood more navigable.

Therefore, the people who surround you every day influence the qualities of a gentleman in a relationship. Different cultural practices also affect how we approach how to be a gentleman.

Boys and young men alike should know how to act like a gentleman for their growth and development and the community’s benefit.

The benefits of being a gentleman cannot be understated. Embracing the qualities of a gentleman can help you bring the spark back in your relationship, win the girl of your dreams over, create and sustain better quality relationships, or become more influential amongst your friends, workmates, and acquaintances alike.

According to a recent survey, at least thirty-five percent of women believe that honesty takes the crown of the essential qualities of a gentleman in a relationship.

Qualities That Women Look for in a Man

In this regard, one sure way to be a gentleman to a girl is, to be honest and authentic; a girl is more likely to take you seriously or value your presence in her life if you are honest with her from the get-go.

It’s no secret that a gentleman handles his romantic relationships outstandingly. There are multiple approaches on how to be a gentleman to a woman.

A gentleman will not only remind his girlfriend that she is attractive, but he will also demonstrate it through his actions. He listens to his girlfriend and always looks at her lovingly.

Moreover, he is willing to go the extra mile for his girlfriend. A true gentleman knows that it takes two to tango in a relationship. He will show his appreciation and gentleman love by treating his girlfriend to her favorite meal, taking her out on dates, and being of service by helping her in her day-to-day errands where he can.

There are many ways to try on how to be a gentleman to your girlfriend. Below, we detail seven top tips for being a gentleman.

1. Treat her with respect.

First and foremost, how a gentleman should treat his girlfriend with utmost respect.

Respect is often misconstrued as exerting one’s dominance over another person, creating a culture of fear. On the contrary, respect involves actively listening to your girlfriend when she shares her life and experiences with you.

A true gentleman understands that respect means being courteous and allowing someone the space to be themselves.

One quality of a gentleman in a relationship involves effective communication. Communicate your thoughts to your girlfriend in a kind manner, even when in a heated argument.

Sometimes, being a gentleman to a girl is more than just giving her the world. It also means making her feel like she is the only one in it.

2. Be thoughtful

When your actions are thoughtful towards your girlfriend, you are aware of her needs and her presence in your life.

Always consider her point of view in any matter.

You can be thoughtful to your girlfriend by disagreeing, arguing calmly, and staying on topic.

3. Always show your appreciation.

Showing your appreciation to your girl as often as you can is an additional way on how to be a gentleman in a relationship.

It is vital first to understand how your woman likes to be appreciated. You can start by taking an interest in what she is involved in during her free time. Does she like to volunteer at a charity? Or maybe she loves the adrenaline rush from high-impact activities.

If she prefers to wine and dine, there are some gentleman things to do on a date. Start by making a reservation at her favorite spot. You can add a horse drawn carriage if you want to give a fairytale experience. You can hire a limousine for a special ride if your budget allows.

After all is said and done, be sure to bring her home after the date.

Taking the time to carefully plan a date at a restaurant or a romantic getaway shows that you appreciate your girlfriend, putting a smile on her face as a gentleman would.

4. Respect her family and friends

Before being your girlfriend, your woman is an individual with independent thoughts and relationships that form her support system.

Your girlfriend’s family and friends are critical figures in her life; they are more than a support system and a shoulder to cry on when life becomes overwhelming.

As a gentleman, treat your girlfriend’s family and friends with the same respect that you treat her with, if not more.

Always make a point to ask her about their well-being. They are especially very helpful to you when you want to plan a special surprise for your girlfriend or if you want to take your relationship to the next level with a marriage proposal.

5. Become an active listener

Take the time to listen and pay attention to what your girlfriend says. Listening to reply is ungentlemanly; it confirms that you do not have the patience to understand and improve your decision-making skills.

Active listening is when we listen to understand. Maintain eye contact with your girlfriend when she shares her most inner thoughts. Take the time to understand what she is communicating and how she may be feeling.

Give her the space to share; try not to interrupt her as she is speaking. Take the time to ask her questions once she is done expressing herself; this is reassuring to hear that you are paying attention and want to help.

Becoming an active listener is an excellent way on how to behave like a gentleman.

6. Practice openness and honesty

A relationship built of lies is over as soon as it begins. A lot of men may feel the need to lie about their financial status and capabilities in a relationship.

However, this will work against you because you will have set an expectation that you cannot meet. Therefore, always be open and honest with your girlfriend.

Being open and honest is how a gentleman should treat a lady; this is an essential quality in any existing relationship or one that you are actively pursuing.

Openness and honesty will build trust and strengthen the relationship between you and your lady. A gentleman always keeps his word. When you cannot keep your word, make sure that you are open and honest and communicate the same to your girlfriend.

Not only will you improve communication between you and your partner when you are open and honest, but you are more likely to enjoy a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

7. Be patient and understanding.

True to the adage, patience is a virtue, and change is inevitable. As a gentleman in a relationship, you and your partner are constantly evolving.

One way on how to be a gentleman to a woman is to extend your grace towards her; being patient will help you understand and embrace every different version of your girlfriend as she grows within the relationship.

When you are patient, you will experience positive growth together and learn from each other.


Being a gentleman to your girlfriend strengthens your relationship; this is especially true if you are trying to maintain the sparks that set off your relationship initially.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that being a gentleman takes personality, perseverance, and persistence.

It is a continuous and conscious lifestyle choice that men should take on. A courteous gentleman purposefully sets out to continually work on his attributes.

Above all, a gentleman does not brag about his life or feats; an appropriate way on how to act like a gentleman is always to be humble.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a gentleman treat his girlfriend?

A gentleman treats his girlfriend respectfully. He does not undermine her efforts; he supports her dreams and ambitions.

A gentleman will go out of his way to make his girlfriend feel loved and appreciated. He takes an interest in what she likes to do and tries to involve himself as much as possible.

2. How can you tell if a guy is a gentleman?

You can score the man of your dreams by looking out for these gentlemanly qualities.

A gentleman is a good listener. He actively engages with what you are saying and he asks you questions to show his interest. He expresses himself with confidence without tooting his own horn.

A gentleman will always do thoughtful things for his girlfriend. He will send her sweet text messages throughout the day to show how much he cares.

3. What are the qualities of a gentleman in a relationship?

The qualities of a gentleman in a relationship are not only physical acts, but also involve contributing to your partner’s emotional well-being.

A gentleman in a relationship is a team player; he actively listens to his partner and stands by her through the good times and the bad.

A gentleman in a relationship knows that it takes hard work to keep the relationship exciting. He will open doors for you, always stand by his word, and bring you back home after a date night.

4. How can I be a better gentleman?

It is possible to be a better gentleman. Start by surrounding yourself with people who treat others with kindness; this will positively influence your character development and make you a better gentleman by association.

It would be best if you remain mindful of your personality too. Take pride in how you dress. A gentleman is always reliable, and he keeps his word.

For additional help, you can involve yourself in men’s self-help groups. Choose one with values that also resonate with you as an individual.

5. How can I turn him into a gentleman?

Being a gentleman can be learned. However, it also takes conscious effort to embrace being a gentleman. You can turn him into a gentleman by expressing your expectations on how you want to be treated from the very beginning.

Be open and honest and let him know just how important it is for him to treat you with kindness and respect.

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