How to Introduce a Newly Married Couple - 5 Wedding Reception Introductions.

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It’s the wedding of your favorite persons in the world, and they’ve given you the honor of announcing them as a couple for the first time at the wedding reception. You are unsure how to introduce a bride and groom and are looking for helpful pointers. We help you out in this article with helpful tips on introducing the bride and groom and how to go about it at the wedding reception.

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8 Factors to consider in deciding how to announce the bride and groom at the reception and tips for bride and groom introduction.

A great bride and groom introduction wording are one of the important highlights of the wedding reception. And so, you don’t want to jinx the introductions by committing an avoidable faux pas. Take these 8 tips and factors into account as you craft the bride and groom announcement:

1. Ask the newlyweds if they have any specific preferences.

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider because you obviously don’t want to use an introduction that will leave them baffled. Find out from the couple if they want to be introduced with their full names or just their first name or last name alone. Maybe the wife won’t change her last name or add her husband’s last name to hers, or perhaps it will be the other way around. Whatever the case, find out from the couple and factor it into your introductions.

The couple may also have a preference about how they want the announcement to be made and at what point in the occasion it should be made. They may prefer to have a little fanfare and grand entrance to the introduction, or they may like to have it kept simple. This is why it is very important to ask the couple first for any preferences they may have.

2. Ask for their names and full qualifications and titles, if any. Also, ask for the names of everyone who will be part of the bridal train/party.

It is particularly important to find out their qualifications and titles, especially for professionals like doctors and political figures, and persons holding public office. You will also need to know the details/names of the persons on their bridal train/party because they usually march in before the newlyweds. Knowing their names and calling them out will make it easier to understand whose turn it is to march in.

3. Find out if there are any surname issues to consider in the introductions.

This is important because in recent times not everyone changes their surname on getting married. Other more progressive couples even have the husband taking on their wife’s surname. For others, they may have not decided as yet on their surname dynamics by the time of the wedding and would prefer to just be introduced by their first names only.

4. Come up with creative intros that reflect the personalities of the newlyweds.

For the couple to have chosen you to do the introductions, it means that you are close to the couple or at least know them well enough. Your knowledge of the couple and their personalities should also be reflected in their introduction.

5. Find out if there are any special family situations you need to be aware of that may impact how introductions for members of the family are made.

Maybe one or both of their parents are divorced and may be coming alone or with a partner. You don’t want to commit the faux pas of calling out such parent(s) as though they came as a married couple when they didn’t. Whatever the intricate family situation might be, find out from the newlyweds so that there are no embarrassing moments during the introduction.

6. Make a list of at least 5 possible introductions and run it by the couple for their vetting.

This will save you the stress and hassle of losing sleep worrying if they’ll like the creative ideas you’ve come up with. It would also make things easier for you on the day.

7. Come up with a draft of what the introduction before and after program will look like and discuss it with the newlyweds.

In this way, you ensure they are carried along and are happy with how the entire wedding reception will play out. By sharing it with them you also get their approval for any creative additions you might be considering making.

8. Keep it simple and to the point.

We get the temptation of wanting to be a little extra and over the top. However, that may not work well for wedding introductions. Keep it simple and to the point.

How to introduce the wedding party – 5 Wedding party introductions.

How you introduce the bride and groom and their wedding party will depend a lot on what the couple wants. The introduction is usually done as the first item on the wedding reception agenda. Some couples may prefer that their introduction is done first and they walk in before the bridal train/party. Others may prefer that they come in last after their bridal train has gone before them.

Whether the introduction of the couple is done before or after the bridal train has gone in, the following are examples of unique bride and groom introductions to consider:

1. “And now, for the grand entrance and the reason for this auspicious occasion, ladies and gentlemen let us all stand and give a round of applause for the newest Mr. and Mrs. in town, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Jennifer.”

This introduction works perfectly if they want to enter last after their wedding party has gone ahead. Also, note that this introduction does not include their surname in case they don’t want a surname at the end. If they however would want to include a surname at the end, then don’t omit the surname.

2. “You’ve always known them as the life of the party but today we see them become man and wife. Let’s give it up for the newest couple, Jane and John Augustus-Caesar assuming they are keeping both their surnames.”

If they are not keeping both surnames then be sure to reflect the surname they are keeping. And if they would prefer to omit the surname entirely, then leave it out entirely.

3. “Stepping out for the first time officially as a newlywed couple, it gives me great joy to present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Doe.”

This is usually the traditional way of introducing the newlyweds that use either the name of the man alone or just his surname. This traditional approach is no longer as popular in present times.

4. “Let’s give it up for Julian and Julie Doen as they make their grand entrance for the first time as newlyweds.”

Some couples do not want the traditional/typical “Mr. and Mrs.” attached to their introductions and thus opt for this option if the couple in question prefer it. If they also prefer to not have the surname attached, be sure to remove reference to the surname too.

5. “We’ve watched their love soar from one greater height to the next. And today we have the singular great pleasure and honor of watching them move to Mr. and Mrs. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s rise and give it up to the newest Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Lawrencia Brown.”

And your audience will rise to give a standing ovation to the newest couple.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How do you refer to a newly married couple?

Traditionally, it is usually “Mr. and Mrs. and then followed by the first name and last name of the man. For instance, Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. This traditional approach is however now becoming fast outdated with more progressives opting for having the names of both spouses. Other progressive adaptations now omit the surname at the end, especially if the couple hasn’t yet decided how they want to go about their surnames. For others, they remove the “Mr. and Mrs.” and simply opt for their names. Depending on preference, you can introduce a newly married couple as follows:

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith (traditional introduction);
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith (also traditional introduction);
  • Jane and John or John and Jane. Some couples might prefer to have the woman mentioned first while others may not mind the man’s name being mentioned first.
  • Floyd and Lancy Smit or Lancy and Floyd Smit.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrencia and Lawrence Black or Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Lawrencia Black.

2. How do you introduce newlyweds to the reception?

Again, this will depend on the couple’s preference. Some might prefer to be introduced first before their bridal train while others may prefer to be introduced at the tail end. The wording you choose will depend entirely on you. Choose an introduction that takes into account all 7 tips listed in this article. And if you are still looking for ideas for words to use, you can borrow any of the 5 suggested wordings used in this article.

3. How do you introduce a family member at a wedding?

To get the introduction of the bride and groom’s parents, you will need to be aware of any particular family circumstances such as whether they are divorced and the like. Also, find out if they have professional titles and the likes such as doctors or political figures. These details are very important if you want to get their introductions correctly.

4. Who gets announced first at weddings?

At the wedding reception, traditionally, the wedding party gets introduced first and then the bride and groom last. Some couples may however prefer that they come in first before their wedding party. Depending on the preference of the couple, you could go with the traditional method of announcing the wedding party first or the bride and groom first.

If the traditional approach is preferred, you could announce the wedding party in the following order – 

  • the parents of the groom;
  • followed by the parents of the bride;
  • and then the flower girl and ring bearer;
  • next after will be the bridesmaids and the groomsmen escorting them;
  • closely behind them will be the maid of honor and best man;
  • and lastly the couple.

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Getting the bride and groom introductions right is as important as any other part of the wedding reception. Following the tips in this article will ensure you make the wedding introduction of the bride and groom a very memorable one for the couple.





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